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The undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns... Who said the dead never come back to talk about it? William Shakespeare? They have come back and are talking about it! Skeptical, closed mined debunkers beware!


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Approximation of a scene from an Astral World or Sphere.

The Afterlife Realms Are as Real as the World You Are in Now

Dark matter comprises 23% of the universe, and atomic matter only 4%. Could dark matter actually be astral matter? Sri Yukteswar in Autobiography of a Yogi said the physical universe hangs like a miniature basket beneath the much finer and more expanded realms of the astral universe. Other names of the afterlife include the hereafter, paradise, astral world, astral plane, spirit world, next world, eternal home, kingdom of heaven, afterworld, Elysium, Shangri-la, life to come, great unknown, nirvana, promised land, pearly gates, firmament, eternity, and the happy hunting ground. Please click on image on left for a much larger landscape from a scene of one of the astral worlds. This article and web page was written and created by Russell Symonds.

12-1-2006, Article 41 (Updated 12-9-2019)

Listen to Life After Death Experiences and Connect to the Reality of the Afterlife

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Helen Duncan Yielded Overwhelming Evidence for Afterlife - Scientists Proved Survival After Death By Experimentation

You can now listen to a massive collection of absolutely genuine and lengthy (some lasting up to 50 minutes) paranormal voice recordings taped by George Woods, Betty Greene and many others from the mid 1950's to early 1990's. After extremely carefully analyzing all their work and all other recordings, I have to say, they are the most substantial breakthrough evidence in afterlife research ever. However, before listening to any seance please listen to and read this page this page for a better understanding of the subject of Leslie Flint and direct voice mediumship. Also please listen to the recordings of radio programs, lectures, etc. explaining direct voice mediumship, and interviews with Leslie Flint which can be found here.

It is best to keep an open mind and try to avoid any preconceived ideas, notions, and misconceptions, because direct voice mediumship is an extremely serious, delicate and intricate subject that very few understand or even take seriously. The dramatically varying paranormal voices have to go through several stages of thought to etheric to sound translation through the intermediary of ectoplasm before they can be physically heard and then recorded on tapes of varying quality. The original personalities, information, and various accents often come through extremely well and usually sounding very similar to how the person sounded while still alive. To learn from a spirit's perspective of how communication works, go here.

Many of the personalities that come through are often channeled through a spirit much closer to the Earth vibration, because the levels of vibration or spheres that they come from are often too far removed (out of range) from the vibrational level of the voice box. Rather like a relay system with Leslie Flint being the physical medium or channel on Earth, while possibly the spirit guide Dr. Marshall, and spirit control, "Mickey" (John Whitehead who passed away at age 11 near beginning of the 20th century) provides the mediumship on the etheric level. Spirits from much higher spheres can then communicate, however some of their original voice is lost. This is why many of the souls from the higher spheres may sometimes sound similar to Dr. Marshall or Mickey. The process is complex and tricky. The astonishing thing is that we are able to hear anything at all, and that anyone in the world with a good computer and an internet connection can now listen to a huge selection of them right here from this site.

If You Are Skeptical, Then It is Only Because You Have Not Yet Listened to and Carefully Studied All the Tapes - Albert Einstein once said, "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

It is an overwhelming tendency even among the most brilliant and professional scientific minds to completely dismiss a subject such as alien visitations or afterlife as completely false long before knowing anything about it. Such prejudice and ignorance is like the person who naively declares that all spiritualism is completely false without first carefully understanding what spiritualism really is all about in the first place. Those who in a closed-minded way condemn a subject solely based on what far too little they know about it already are indeed ignorant in the worse way. "Condemnation without investigation" kills knowledge. I also find the long held, dark age Christian belief that spiritualism is the "devil's work" equally irksome, absolutely non-scientific and frustrating. When it comes to realization of truth, especially regarding the afterlife, humankind has been extremely poor at it.

Rev. (Church of Spiritualism) Leslie Flint (1911-1994) has to be one of the most authentic, most closely scrutinized, and verifiable sources of afterlife information ever, and was one of the most prolific mediums of the 20th century and the most thoroughly tested. I will explain to you why I think there is no way these voices could have been a hoax and why I am 100% convinced that the information that came through is real, verifiable and precise! You will see why it would be more incredible that they were somehow faked than actually be real souls speaking through in the candid, honest, from-the-heart, natural and casual manner that they had spoken in.

After very carefully listening to over 200 recordings (out of a collection of one thousand old tape recordings most of which are not yet available on the internet and taped by the sitters George Woods, Betty Greene and others from the late 1950's to early 1990's) and many more recently released, I can with 100% certainty guarantee that all of the recordings are of absolutely genuine people claiming to be dead! The whole effect is simply impossible to reproduce fraudulently. One would need numerous professionally trained child and adult actors and actresses just to recreate these tapes without copying them! Quite ordinary and natural sounding disembodied personalities have been caught on tape! Regardless of the fact they were spirits or not, they were definitely real, sincere, honest-to-goodness sounding people claiming to be spirits from another existence, and definitely NOT actors and definitely NOT those attempting to contrive or fraudulently represent spirits.

You must listen to all recordings carefully yourself to fully understand exactly what I mean and why I know they are genuine; by how the personalities presented themselves, how they sounded, the descriptions they conveyed, how they conversed very intelligently with the sitters, how they answered questions only the person would know, how some seemed to be able to read the sitter's mind(s), how some were able to see things going in a completely darkened room and recount the events of the day only the sitter had known about, the 100% meaningful and inspiring spiritual subject matter and wisdom they eloquently expressed, their life after death experiences, their unique mannerisms, the heartfelt reunions of old friendships and loved ones, their genuine sense of humor and funny, eccentric quirks, the difficulties some had communicating, the limitations they faced, the odd and unusual effects caused by the ectoplasm they were using, the different accents, foreign and/or long forgotten dead languages and songs, and how they concluded their talks, etc.

Even if somehow the voices were faked, how on this Earth would Leslie Flint get hundreds of 100% honest sounding actors and actresses to spontaneously come through out of thin air and correctly answer all questions from sitters and from audiences as large as two thousand people in lecture halls and theatres (such as Kingsway Hall) throughout the UK? Countless correct names and addresses of dead relatives were given, including countless details only the living individual(s) addressed to would know about. If they were faked, where would all the "psychically gifted" (they would have to be!) actors and actresses needed to answer all the sitters' questions come from? Then who paid all these actors and actresses to create these highly relevant and intelligent conversations with complete strangers for over a period of sixty years, even answering questions sometimes just before they were asked as if they were reading one's mind and then often speaking at length about the importance of unconditional love, forgiveness, honesty, humanity, service to others, and an all embracing "Christianity" without any bias or dogma? Because of the extraordinary nature of Leslie Flint's "powers," there are still many, many people who do not accept or believe in what he had achieved. Somehow they are not convinced enough in spite of the recordings, the overwhelming evidence, the information that came through, and all the witnesses who where in themselves definitely convinced. What I have found regarding nonbelievers, is they usually had the following attitudes in common: a strong prejudice or conviction in their negative opinion of Leslie Flint, poor information or knowledge in general about the subject of spiritualism and spiritism, no personal spiritual or psychic experiences of any sort, an overall lack of open-mindedness, and finally an inability or unwillingness to fully investigate the possibility of the afterlife.
Often it is one's religious beliefs that get in the way of allowing a more compassionate and understanding approach to the validity and innocence of spiritualism, or it is often due to an opposite view steeped in atheism and an overwhelmingly materialistic and mechanical view of life.

Let's assume that somehow Leslie Flint was just a fraud, I don't know how he could have fooled everyone who attended his seances for 60 years, and he would have to be a magician many times more subtle than Chris Angel combined with the wisdom of King Solomon and the insight and psychic power of Edgar Cayce along with a photographic memory and an unusually creative and consistent imagination! If he really was just a stunning and ingenious parlor trick showman as the skeptics would want you to believe, then why did he not simply perform as an incredibly unusual magician and/or ventriloquist for a multimillion dollar income at places like Las Vegas? Or why did Leslie Flint, the so-called parlor trick showman, not acquire a multimillion contract with Hollywood or Walt Disney Productions? Instead, why did he leave his beloved dance partner and successful dancing career only to be an oftentimes broke direct voice medium spiritualist mocked by skeptics, condemned by devil phobic, closed minded Christians, and then bound, gagged and intimately scrutinized repeatedly for years and years by skeptical scientists, doctors and researchers?

The only way I could imagine it being a parlor trick (and it would have to be the most elaborate one ever in the history of humankind to have convinced so many people for 60 years of scrutiny and then never be exposed as a fraud) one would either need some sort of two-way hifi quadriphonic radio (because the voices often could be heard moving in mid air all around the room!) along with a hidden studio to hide away all the different personalities coming through and then imagine trying to do this in the 1930's, 40's, etc., (with what little technology available then) and with none or little financial support. Leslie flint was relatively poor throughout most of his life especially when others first discovered his mediumship. - Back to Top

CAUTION: Because this website contains so many links to so much convincing and compelling evidence of a truly wonderful existence after death, in NO way whatsoever is the author of this site nor the authors of any of the other sites I have linked to are implying that suicide is the answer to life's problems! On the contrary, anyone who thinks that suicide is a convenient way out of what may seem to be a hopeless situation is sadly mistaken. First of all, there is no such thing as a hopeless situation, there is an answer, there is always an answer, however difficult or long it may take to find! Those in sincere need are always surrounded by loving forces and wonderful guidence whether they know it or not. The problems that really challenge one the most are often an essential lesson the soul has chosen for itself to overcome, and are often the greatest opportunities ever in the history of the spirit for its growth and ability to create for itself and others the highest good and therefore the greatest happiness. Escaping from life's problems by suicide will not only delay the soul's fulfillment, it will also quite likely have to return back to Earth and start all over again as soon as possible the very same challenges it intended to face and overcome in the first place. The soul returns to the afterlife when it is time for the soul to return! The fruit of one's labor of life on Earth will drop from the tree only when it has ripened. If one simply can't wait to get on over to the "other side" it would be far, far better to learn how to "die daily" through the advanced study of diet, meditation, yoga, transmutation, and astral projection, and a pure, abstinent lifestyle. Go here for more vital information on suicide.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: By accessing this website - You state that you are in a fit and proper condition and will not make any claim against "Science of Wholeness" or the author(s) of this site in regards to any and/or all material presented on this site or an individual's interpretation of them. Even though great benefits can be achieved through the correct following of the principles of wholeness, the author(s) cannot be responsible for any losses or damages incurred on the reader as a result of trying to use any of the material presented on this site.

Assuming no electronic equipment was used and yet was somehow still some sort of magician's trick, Leslie Flint would obviously need some very clever trap doors, hidden hallways, vents, ropes, pulleys, etc. prepared for his "actors and actresses" ahead of time everywhere he went to hold a seance which was often in many public locations throughout the UK or more personal seance rooms that could not have possibly been "rigged" ahead of time as these were all carefully scrutinized before any event. Obviously Leslie Flint would need quite a team of very stealthy accomplices with him at all times and all of them would have to be somehow paid for, and then always be extremely well informed regarding anyone attending beforehand whose names would often not be known until the beginning of the seance when Leslie Flint's Cockney spirit control "Mickey" announced them! And if his mediumship was faked, where are all the accomplices today? How is it that not one person has yet come forward to say they had been asked or employed by Leslie Flint to fraudulently mimic a huge number of different personalities?

How did Leslie Flint's always incredibly sharp and hilariously witty Cockney control known as "Mickey" in the spirit world (was actually John Whitehead who sold newspapers outside Camden Town, UK until he was killed by a truck when he was eleven) keep the same inimitable, young, childlike voice and same unique personality for so many decades? Mickey's Cockney accent and extraordinary unique characteristics show up regularly in the seance tapes which can be heard online at the Leslie Flint Educational Trust website. Listen here for a crystal clear and lengthy example of Mickey's Cockney accent and extraordinary characteristics. In this tape even the casual listener should sense that Mickey is indeed a genuine, true-to-life person (in fact a natural comedian!) having genuine conversations!

How were those who came through able to correctly answer any questions from anyone in an audience? How did they convince so many people (including lawyers, governors, industrialists and members of royalty sometimes arriving as surprise guests for private seances) they were their dead comrades, relatives and/or loved ones? And before you say "ventriloquist" how could the voices continue to sound perfectly normal and move around the room even while Leslie Flint's mouth was gagged with colored liquid in his mouth and bound to a chair and no one else could be felt or seen in the room? And when he was not gagged, then why was Leslie Flint's voice, coughing, etc. often heard simultaneously along with the spirit's voices in the tapes?

Even though a few materialistic skeptic debunkers desperately tried to discredit Leslie Flint, not one person throughout the 60 years of his mediumship could find any hard evidence whatsoever of any cheating or conjuring. Finally after months of extremely careful observation, one skeptic concluded that the voices had to have emanated from inside his abdomen and another concluded it had to be some form of mass hypnosis or hallucination! Is that possible? Could he have swallowed a 1930's two-way wireless device with a hypnotic effect and quadraphonic voice output? Read more about how he was tested here.

I would love to see how the world-famous skeptical debunker magician James Randi try to explain all this! He dares not because he cannot. The best he could do is come up with another hard-to-swallow explanation as ridiculous as the gastrointestinal radio or mass hypnosis. (No wonder I get indigestion sometimes while listening to some of these debunkers!) Even then, who or what would have provided all the personalities and information that came through? And then why would Leslie Flint commit hours and hours of his valuable time nearly every week of his life and go to such incredibly eccentric and absurd lengths just to "conjure up the dead" when Mr. Flint was already quite content in his twenties to be a dance instructor and award-winning professional dancer with his beloved dance partner? - Back to Top

Voices in the Dark - Leslie Flint
My Life as a Medium As Told to Doreen Montgomery

A convincing introduction to direct voice mediumship and spiritualism, this book (which I could not put down and had to read cover to cover) contains a most charming, honest and humorous story of the most tested medium in the 20th century. No one was ever able to disprove Mr. Leslie Flint who not only performed excellent mediumship, but was able to fully understand and present in various lectures a most remarkable comprehension of what good mediumship really should be, how to tell frauds from the real thing and why it is essential to be free of greed, materialism and selfish motives. His early life in Great Britan (UK) was fillied with hardship and poverty, and had to fulfill some of the most menial tasks such as grave digging, cleaning grates, working in a cinenma, a pub, a men's clothing store and during the Second World War as a bomb disposal officer. My only disappointment was not finding more books like this one on Leslie Flint and/or a second volume!

I am astonished that Leslie Flint is not more widely known for this absolutely irrefutable, most amazing, and most complete evidence ever (in the history of humankind) of the afterlife and the immortality of the soul. The direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint is a triple miracle. It is a miracle enough that any sort of manifestation from the afterlife came through at all. The second miracle is that the length and quality of communication is the greatest and highest I have ever heard in the history of mediumship. The third miracle is that other great souls such as Dr. Marshall, John Whitehead (Mickey), etc. managed to help bring through souls from rather high planes of consciousness who would not otherwise have been able to come through at all such as Rabindranath Tagore, St. Matthew, and Mahatma Gandhi. Great spiritual truths rarely heard of in seances were spoken of at great length and recorded on hours and hours of tape.

You can Order Directly from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust or order a rare (valuable) edition hardcover or paperback copy at Amazon.com. Before reading any further, please support the Leslie Flint Educational Trust by ordering CD's of the above recordings and/or making a donation. They are a non-profit organization in need of much support for their incredible hard work and effort in making their incomparable tapes available to the world through the internet and as CD's at none or very little cost to you. Their goal of digitally mastering, preserving and making available for all time thousands of tape recorded seances is stupendous and requires an enormous amount of effort at great cost to the foundation. - Back to Top

BadPsychics.com Forum Administration/Members Hate my Website!

The Bad Psychics website administration and members hate my article on Leslie Flint! It is because all the "evidence" I am presenting naturally clashes against the world views of those who cannot possibly accept the existence of unusual "unproven" phenomena such as ectoplasm and other exotic states of matter such as astral or dark matter. Spiritualism is just too far outside of the box of their traditional way of thinking and therefore makes them very uncomfortable. I can also be quite skeptical and would not accept anything myself unless there was adequate evidence to support it. I first had to spend thirty-six years of critical research and analysis of countless books, videos, personal experiences and other such material before I was fully convinced of an afterlife. The Bad Psychics website is one of the most "skeptic" websites (authored by those who obviously had no direct experiences of true mediumship, near-death experiences, after death communications, etc.) I have ever seen and people need to be highly critical of anything before accepting it as real anyway. In fact I would be concerned if no one was at first skeptical in one's approach to any new and unusual phenomenon. Therefore, I have no problem with those who are still skeptical as long as they remain compassionately open-minded and are tolerant of those who claim to have experienced paranormal phenomena.

The Bad Psychics website administration's "evidence" against Leslie Flint is that Mahatma Gandhi's voice sounds different from when he was alive. Imagine dying and of course having to leave one's physical vocal cords behind to either be cremated or buried along with the body and then having to come back as a spirit talking through someone else's ectoplasm in the form of an artificial "voice box" wouldn't you sound different or at least a little hoarse and even possibly quite similar to many other spirits having to use the same ectoplasmic voice box? Not only that, Gandhi's level of vibration is most likely an extremely high vibration far removed from the Earth's vibration, and most likely another spirit much closer to the Earth's vibration had to have been present to act as an "astral" medium or channel sensitive enough to pick up Gandhi's thoughts yet still low enough in vibration to expresses through the "voice box." The whole process is anything but simple. Under these conditions, it is an enchanting miracle that anything like Gandhi's voice or accent comes through at all!

Who knows how many actual "BadPsychics" may be featured on the website, (www.badpsychics.com)? However Leslie Flint, the ultimate antithesis of a "bad psychic" and one of the greatest direct voice mediums ever, absolutely and definitely does not belong there! The only reason (if you can call it that) they put him on that site is simply because of the kind of phenomena he was involved with, no other reason! He is prejudged "guilty" by association alone and incorrectly stuffed in the same "Crackerjack box" with all the other "bad psychics" making me quite skeptical of the validity of their judgement. - Back to Top

Leslie's "Etheric" Guests Never Coughed or Sputtered

After careful analysis of over 200 direct voice recordings, I have noticed some interesting facts. Even though Leslie Flint himself often coughed and exhibited many other cold symptoms (he seemed nearly always to sound like he had some kind of upper respiratory illness), not one of the "etheric" guests have ever coughed, cleared his or her throat, sniffed, or sneezed. Nearly every resident of the UK in those days often had severe colds so if these "spirits" were somehow accomplices/actors/actresses/etc. how was he always able to get voices - and often the same guide, Mickey - who never coughed or sniffled? With the exception of the occasional stutterer, and some whispering voices (some spirits who had not yet mastered the etheric voice box could only whisper and breathe heavily), the souls showed no signs whatsoever of any upper respiratory aliments, lack or excess of saliva, or any other disease or unhealthy condition. Another thing: the souls are rarely short for words, they are often immensely articulate, amazingly brilliant, and always filled to overflowing with genuine enthusiasm to communicate their message of life eternal and life after death experiences with profound love, wit, wisdom, and inspiration going on and on for up to 20 to 45 minutes at a time without stopping to take a breath. However a rather bizarre change in pitch occured when one lady (Jenny Wilson - recorded in 1971) went from sounding like a young lady to an old man in one session which may have been due to what she explained as drifting off a few times - causing a change in frequency. Note also right at the start of the recording, Jenny Wilson sounded as if she was reading from some notes, even after directly answering some questions! Probably just her way of speaking when first getting started which, like most souls speaking through the ectoplasm, is a little slow and deliberate at first and then speeding up in tempo later on in the seance as they seem to "warm up".

The fact that Leslie Flint is on that website proves that the authors of that website consider anyone who is a psychic a bad one! Even more disturbing is how some of the posters doubt the intelligence of anyone on the internet (calling mine and other such "woo" websites "stupid") who believes in spirits coming through seances. And if that were not bad enough, the posters would also condemn anyone with such an ability as almost criminal and always fraudulent completely regardless of who they are or what sort of phenomena they can or cannot produce when actually it is a clear indication of the posters' bias, poor study, complete lack of appreciation, lack of knowledge and lack of interest in the extremely rare phenomenon of ectoplasm and the direct voice. This website's inclusion of Leslie Flint in the "bad psychic Crackerjack box" is a classic example of prejudicial condemnation without careful investigation.

Regarding those who are still very skeptical, it is only because they have not yet studied carefully and been able to identify the most honorable sources of this subject closely enough with an open mind, and with enough dedication and interest. They also lack personal experience of afterlife phenomena, which unfortunately is rarely or never experienced by those who are mentally and emotionally closed off to such things. Of course I do feel sorry for all those who never had any personal experiences like I have encountered, because such experiences are almost always extremely positive and provide personal proof and tremendous reassurance. The fact of its rarity unfortunately helps to keep this material world trapped in its own darkness.

Some of the most materialistic skeptics just don't want to accept that there is life after death anyway because it contradicts their personal interest and personal outlook and/or religious beliefs. Because any mediumistic phenomena would clash sharply with their life-long materialistic belief systems, no matter how obvious the evidence, nothing whatsoever will ever convince them otherwise; it would be just too far of a quantum leap for them to jump! Therefore any alleged seances with ectoplasm, trumpets whirling in mid air, disembodied voices, spirit lights, etc. are too weird and too "Hollywood" to be allowed in their concept of reality and are therefore instantly dismissed as utter nonsense!

One can put definite, indisputable, obvious proof of survival right in the face of any biased sceptic, and still the prejudiced debunker would never accept it no matter what, because it violently clashes with the skeptic's deeply engraved, all too comfortable way of thinking and living. This is unfortunate, because when such people pass over, they risk getting trapped into long periods of self-delusion, and earthbound states (clinging to Earth because materialism is all they have known and accepted) could otherwise be avoided. However, regardless if one likes it or not, there is life after death! And for those who are humane, nonjudgmental, kindhearted, good natured, and know what to expect, it is extremely good! - Back to Top

There is Life after Death (From www.LeslieFlint.com)

Listen here to some of the most amazing and clear descriptions ever given by the late Douglas Conacher of the extraordinary states of existence beyond the grave:

Mickey describes his job as a control. Hospitals, reception area and conditions of newly arrived souls, architecture, effect mind has on colors used for architecture in afterlife. Soul's need to eat on lower spheres is genuine but as they progress they find food is no longer necessary.
(From www.LeslieFlint.com)

Certain qualifications required to be a teacher just as on Earth. Education, books, and school building architecture in the spirit world. Growing and eating food in the afterlife. Way of life reflects life on Earth until one gradually becomes more developed and moves toward higher spheres.
(From www.LeslieFlint.com)

Lengthy discussion of the voice (communication) box and what spirits wear in afterlife, how their clothing is manufactured and how it reflects their level of spiritual development and cultural background.
(From www.LeslieFlint.com)

First five minutes Leslie Flint and Mrs. Conacher talk about the cold weather. First half is really funny: Mickey's hilarious nature and wisdom comes through. Second half: Douglas Conacher talks about religion, space, salvation, and then mentions how Jesus from higher spheres visits lower spheres, his great wisdom and the great peace that he projects to others.
(From www.LeslieFlint.com)

Gardening in afterlife, flowers grow as high as trees, colors, perfumes, and auras of flowers. People sow, plant, and reap in natural soil. Materials (such as for clothing and building) same in spheres nearest Earth. Trades, skills, and small businesses exist in afterlife. How it all becomes much more "mental" on higher spheres.
(From www.LeslieFlint.com)

Here is a Slection of These Amazing Voices from Beyond Starting with the Medium Himself and Explaination of How Direct Voice Works

 Leslie Walter Flint   Direct Voice Explained   Lectures by Leslie Flint   Introducing the Flint Recordings   First Flint Recordings   Queen Victoria   Queen Alexandra   Mahatma Gandhi   Rabindranath Tagore   St. Matthew the Apostle   Lucillus, Lemuria and Atlantis   Florenz Ziegfeld on Sex   Dr. Charles Marshall   Sir Winston Churchill   Thomas Jefferson   Dorcas, a Former Poltergeist   Annie Nanji   Bobby Tracey   Brother John   Cook Sisters   Cosmo Lang   Douglas Conacher   Stephen Ward   Frederic Chopin   Lucius Lucillus   Lynn Russell   Dr. Marshall   "Mickey" (John Whitehead)   Rudolph Valentino   William Stainton Moses   Recordings A-B   Recordings C-F    Recordings G-H    Recordings I-L    Recordings M-R    Recordings S-Z  

How the Voices Came Through

Most of the voices have either British, Scottish, American, Indian and Italian accents, and some are clear and others are not. Some come through in foreign languages, and sometimes even in dead lanquages. The voices come from both men and women and some are from children such as Bobby Tracey. Bobby Tracey was an inimitable British 5-year-old school boy who naturally communicated simple honesty yet remarkable intelligence, candid humor and an absolute uniqueness of character. He actually would had to have "died" first to come through just the way he did! If he was just an actor fraudulently mimicking a spirit, then who directed this downright fantastic sound track? Who dreamt up the soap bubbles comming out of George Woods' "funny" head and why even choose such a weird subject? Who wrote the script? Who's overworked imagination was this? How did they get him to sound so authentic, so natural, so impulsive, so spontaneous and so happy and carefree if it were all just a lie? Where did all the money come from to create this effect and why even go to all the expense and trouble in the first place with just average quality recording equipment? How did they get him to sound so spontaneously silly, happy and honest about having died with his mother in a fatal auto accident? How were they able to keep his unpredictable, natural, innocent and playful spontaneity and awesom serenity fully within the context of a remarkably realistic "life after death experience" perspective (consistent with all the other recordings) throughout this entire 20 minute uninterrrupted, unedited 1967 soundtrack? Where is this actor now? Who paid him to keep quiet when he could have made a pretty penny exposing Leslie Flint as a charlatan? Go figure. Anyone with enough common sense studying this subject carefully and close enough should have no recourse but to know it simply has to be genuine!

It is best to use headphones and to turn down the base or adjust and process the sound through an electronic equalizer if possible. However, the subjects are so utterly interesting, it is far more than worth the trouble of listening and some are actually very clear. Links to the clearest and most interesting voices are listed on the left. Many of the voices start out slow and cumbersome, speed up to a crescendo and then tend to putter out right at the very end as "the power" runs out. Because they are communicating directly from their subtle bodies, some of the spirits do not stop for breath and start speaking unusually rapid, making themselves sound a little strange or unworldly, while others do breathe (yes spirits do breathe!) but rarely stop to think because access to their own thoughts and memories are so much clearer than when obstructed by the physical body. The medium, Leslie Flint, usually fully conscious and conversing with both the spirits and sitters, provides most of the ectoplasm and energy for the spirits to create the voice box to speak through. What is ectoplasm? Go here for an excellent explanation of ectoplasm. The deceased Douglas Conacher explains ectoplasm and the voice box to his wife (still living at that time) in this most extraordinary recording. Unfortunately, any actual manifestation of ectoplasm tends to be so uncommon that most scientists conveniently dismiss it, saying there is no such thing. As if to make matters worse there are and have been plenty of hoaxes created by unscrupulous charlatans.

Leslie Flint's direct voice is a form of physical mediumship of which there are several different kinds and is, for many reasons much rarer than mental mediumship (channeling). Go here for more information on physical mediumship and why it is so unusual. Only a percentage of one in a million can be a physical medium and of those who are potentially gifted, very few may even realize it.

In some cases, especially during a physical manifestation or materialization seance, the spirits use an ectoplasmic larynx directly molded over and therefore resembling and instantly creating a temporary physical counterpart of the soul's vocal cords and mouth as is done in the David Thomson seances. However, the voices through Leslie Flint used an etheric box that receives a spirit's thoughts which is somehow transmitted to an ectoplasmic larynx having the qualities drawn or "molded" from Leslie Flint and the sitters. This method saves much energy for more rapid, clearer communications however they do not always closely resemble the original voices of the spirits when they were physically alive on Earth. When using this method, a spirit has to remember how he or she sounded on Earth, while maintaining a certain level of energy, vibration and concentration on the voice box which often wavers or fluctuates. A huge book can be (and should be!) written on this subject alone being as wondrously complex as it is unbelievable. At first it seems so amazing that they sound as natural as they do, however after closer study of this subject I now realize that it is because their world, being even more natural than ours, also has an atmosphere (or many atmospheres) and their natural (astral) bodies seem to have a beating heart and breathing lungs just as we do. People never lose all the "physical" aspects of how they were on Earth when they pass over.

Communication is a complex process requiring loving dedication and cooperation on both sides of life. Just as with any complex system, occasional "technical" difficulties with the ectoplasm do occur. Voices sometimes come through only as whispers, or the pitch may go down or up, making the person sound rather hoarse or like he or she has laryngitis.

Once in a while, two distinct voices can be heard at a time (in addition to the sitters voices with Leslie Flint often coughing) with all conversing naturally with each other. When or if two or more spirits share the same voice box, they may tend to sound exactly the same especially when or if one spirit acts as a channel (medium) for another spirit existing on a higher vibrational level. - Back to Top

The Exciting Reality of it All

Listening to all these life after death experiences and descriptions of "the undiscovered country" is always incredible, thrilling, breathtaking, and astounding. When I first heard some of this material I could not contain my excitement, I became a raving maniac and to the annoyance of my associates, it was all I could talk about for weeks! It is so fantastic! It is so much like being in "The Twilight Zone" or in some other science fiction program, or seeing for the first time full color panoramic photos of another planet, or realizing that a miracle of biblical proportions just took place as if Moses himself just came back and divided the Red Sea again. In fact Saint Matthew himself did come back to speak (click on 3rd from bottom of left column). Then again, I was just as dumbfounded by the almost universal lack of interest, and sometimes even complete rejection, fear and/or hatred of this subject of spiritualism. I have no doubt whatsoever of Leslie Flint's mediumship, and the only real darkness in this world comes from the darkness of those who's belief systems are too closed-minded, materialistic and restricted to know the real truth. Don't you just hate those closed-minded materialistic skeptical debunker "professors" who always seem to "officially" condemn a subject without first carefully studying it? They have to be the ultimate practitioners of "professional" mental laziness!

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
- Albert Einstein

Apparently, even Albert Einstein hated prejudiced debunkers. Anyway, I can now confidently enjoy the excitement, awe and wonder of learning everything I can about this amazing "undiscovered country" that lies beyond all the horizons of our physical reality here on Earth. Now that I have been listening to the "Leslie Flint" voices for several months, I fully realize the sheer enormity and gravity of the need to establish communication between the worlds as easily as calling someone in a different country would have to be the greatest breakthrough in the history of humankind. This possibility is not science fiction or some fantasy.

The afterlife is as real as you and I and in many ways is even more real because of its finer nature, intelligence, texture and subtlety of consciousness. Therefore, the astral planes are not at all the dreamy, fairylike, wishy-washy worlds often populated with the spaced-out beings that are described by so many popular authors and books on the subject of the hereafter. - Back to Top

The Scientifically Proven Reality of Life After Death

E-Book: The Scientifically Proven Reality of Life After Death, based on 40 years of lifetime research including personal spiritual, psychic and astral experiences is now available on Amazon. Discover astonishing facts About the afterlife! There is a reality beyond death more beautiful than you ever imagined!

What is the actual evidence for life after death? How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? It is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife otherwise ignoring Spirit and remaining materialistically closed minded could have extremely negative consequences. Follow this link for a fast download.

Those who have written about their astral travels to these planes are often limited in their descriptions because the physical and astral brains operate on a different level and so much gets lost in the translation to physical memory that the subconscious mind and dream states get in the way. I do a little astral projection myself, but tend to forget most of it! In spite of all these difficulties, astral projection can still be a reliable and wondrous way to discover what the truth is regarding the afterlife.

The reason the astral and spiritual worlds are far more natural, free, superior, alive, and comprehensive than anyone or anything on Earth is that the reality of the afterlife consists of much finer atoms, particles, energies, higher dimensions, and intelligent laws and forces than all the heavier, more massive and awkward material atoms and laws of physics physical things are made from and subject to. Life on Earth is only a pale reflection of the life to come. Far from being the highest, the physical level is actually one of the crudest levels of existence there is. There are many, much higher and finer levels of existence or vibration (spheres) to ascend into, and endless numbers of places, things to do, discover and explore, and vast amounts of information on every subject available and an expansion of awareness and knowledge that goes way beyond materialistic, earthly concepts. - Back to Top

An Absolutely Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling Existence

These vast, and often inconceivable worlds are filled with absolute thrills and marvels many of which, especially on the higher planes are very hard to describe, in fact are too beautiful to describe. The planes or spheres of existence closest to Earth tend to be the easiest to describe in terms the average person can comprehend. But there is much activity and amazing civilizations on all spheres, on all levels. There are beautiful cities, towns, villages, art colonies, art galleries, movie theaters, stages, operas, museums, schools, stores (not commercial), libraries, vast natural landscapes, continents, forests, gardens, huge flowers, very tame loving animals, mountains, meadows, plains, seas, boats, ships, yachts, lakes, waterfalls, and anything and everything else really wonderful and good that one can imagine and not imagine. (God I wish I could go there, take some photos, come back and upload them to this website!)

Regarding what it is exactly like to live in even higher spheres beyond the ordinary astral worlds: imagine all the above but with an extra dimension or dimensions added, with even more colors along with even higher and deeper levels of sensitivity, sophistication, beauty, love, opportunity, and levels of consciousness with the absolute beauties of nature multiplied hundreds and hundreds of times over evolving on to infinity. No mystic teaching or religion can or has correctly foretold the actual life after death experiences we will all one day so intensely enjoy! God knows how much I have distorted it in my own feeble attempts to describe it. Trying to explain this form of existence is even harder than trying to talk about colors with a blind person, because there are so many new levels of experience that these souls are trying to convey that simply do not exist in the limited materialistic terms and concepts that we on Earth are stuck with. Many of the souls would never want to go back to live on Earth which is in comparison to heaven, a very limited, elementary, primitive state of life indeed. - Back to Top

Explore the Realms of the Afterlife Through Astral Projection

I have created my own "Science of Wholeness" website on astral projection. You will find on my page, a unique and fascinating resource to higher levels of consciousness, wholeness, and out-of-body exploration of subtler realms.

Much research has been done and much further research is needed in the field of out-of-body exploration. The implications of being able to master astral projection are literally infinite. There is too much at stake here not to look into all the incredible possibilities, including contact with deceased loved ones, overcoming fear of death, and learning first hand about what happens to people after they die. Another important mystery is the question of reincarnation, eternity, and how to transcend limiting desires and karmas by merging into higher and higher planes until one finds God. You will learn much about how to lucid dream and have out-of-body experiences on this page and some of the conditions necessary for astral projection.

Astral Projections - go here to discover more ...

The Colors Are Far More Vivid, Extensive and Varied

In the astral worlds the souls often marvel at all the new colors they can see! They say they can perceive and enjoy many new colors in nature that go far beyond the physical spectrum and some souls have counted as many as 77 colors. I am assuming that this phenomenon of advanced and extended color perception is due to a remarkable extension of visual sensitivity beyond violet into much higher frequencies of light such as UV, X-rays, and gamma rays and perhaps even into the lower wave-lengths beyond the red spectrum as well such as infrared and microwaves, etc. but I am even less sure of this, as I would suppose perception is much more likely extended only toward the higher end of the electromagnetic spectrum rather than the lower end, as souls often say they are much more aware of higher vibrations rather than lower ones. - Back to Top

Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife

One man (Sid Hopkins -- a rather humorous account of the afterlife from www.leslieflint.com) said his first experience right after dying was finding himself comfortably sitting in a parlor of a lovely, familiar place being served with a cup of tea by his wife who had died 15 years ago, yet looked like she was in her early twenties. At least two other times in the seances, a certain individual was welcomed to his new life with either a beautiful young woman or one's very lovely wife wearing a beautiful outfit serving tea! And in yet another seance it was a lovely woman serving a glass of lemonade from a freshly squeezed lemon! Yes, new arrivals to the spiritual life are often warmly welcomed with food and/or beverages by deceased relatives and/or friends looking many years younger and in a posh setting. One would often "live" on a light diet or fruit, soups and/or teas, etc. before realizing that eating and drinking is no longer really needed or necessary and is just a condition of mental habit however strong and real it may seem at first. Instead of possibly starving or feeling hungry, one should continue to eat a little at first anyway until one no longer feels the need. Many souls even after years of astral life still on social occasions like to eat and serve light snacks, beverages and fruit. I have not yet heard of heavier foods such as meat and/or fish being served, but if they could imagine it, I suppose they would be able to enjoy that too.

The conditions of life vary considerably from sphere to sphere. The ones nearest the Earth vibration can be quite physical and according to the famous Brazilian spiritist and author of Nosso Lar, Francisco C. Xavier, there are conditions of living in the afterlife that are so similar to Earth, that growing and eating food (agriculture) is surprisingly common on the lowest astral planes using irrigation systems, sunlight, and fertile soils just as one would do on Earth. Only difference is, eating is not as essential, and by variance of degree, always possible to gradually evolve into a state of being no longer dependent on the habit of eating which is more of a strong psychological need than an actual physical one.

The need to rest in the afterlife can also reflect one's earthly habitual patterns, which eventually wear off too. There are periods of twilight and restfulness that souls enjoy but no actual night or darkness except in the lower spheres. Those who first enter the afterlife often go through a deep, rejuvenating sleep lasting for several days, depending on the need and development of the individual. After that deep rest, one never really sleeps again except after many, many years later in preparation to enter into yet a higher sphere at the end of their interests and activities in a lower sphere. They can and often do come back to the lower sphere(s) to teach and share spiritual truths. - Back to Top

Afterlife Interests, Skills and Hobbies

Amazingly, after one has passed away, one can continue many interests, hobbies, etc. such as gardening, reading and needlework (listen to Rose Hawkins who was fairly illiterate on Earth but learned to read in the afterlife!) and pursue others that one was not able to on Earth. For instance, if a frustrated musician on Earth had not much time to learn how to play a musical instrument such as a piano or guitar or a frustrated artist to paint landscapes and/or portraits, or a gardner who never had a garden on Earth, or a woodsman who would love to cut trees to make furniture, do carving, etc; well these people and those in many other fields of activity would all find excellent opportunities to fully express their talents in the astral worlds. Spirits often say they are extremely busy with a very definite sense of deep meaning and purpose. Other skills and talents often encouraged in the astral life include teaching, singing, dancing, playwriting and acting. I am also quite sure there are all kinds of sports, games, etc. too, especially for children such as dominos enjoyed by 5-year-old Bobby Tracey -- (From LeslieFlint.com). In this most funny and remarkable (full of surprises) account of the afterlife, he said his drawing ability and perspective improved quite a bit since he died. Imagine golfing or playing crochet, football, cricket, or any other such game on an astral plane! There is also horse riding, hiking, cycling, boating and rafting etc. through beautiful natural parks. If one's more serious occupation or interest is in a creative, scientific, botanical, zoological, anthropological, historical, clerical, medical, (bio)chemical, psychological, spiritual or instructional field of endeavor, one can continue one's profession quite naturally in the afterlife and expand it to entirely new, much less materialistic levels of service.

One can still use one's own hands to create things such as clothing, curtains, decorations, musical instruments, furniture, houses, buildings, etc. from natural materials some of which are entirely different from those of Earth. Most of the souls say, except on the highest vibrational spheres, one can't just think about it and then it's there, there is a certain process to it and one must make at least some effort of some sort to create something. However work is a joy and never tedious because one rarely feels tired, bored or inept. One can learn any new skill quickly and easily as there are far fewer physical and mental limitations like those endured on Earth. Interestingly enough, one of the spirits who came through Leslie Flint (Rose Hawkins) said that she would spend her time knitting, reading and going to town to watch movies with friends. She said she even went to get her hair cut! (Would that mean that there are astral hair salons?)

There are huge libraries filled with duplicates of every worthy and interesting book or magazine or film imaginable both written on Earth and in the astral. One spirit who never learned how to read on Earth, actually took the trouble to learn how to read in the afterlife so that she could properly enjoy all those books! Even though it is possible in the afterlife for one to get information from any book or object just by touching it, it is still advisable to know how to read and write, such subjects, along with geography, science, and history are taught in many schools throughout the afterlife. Also, however, there are many, many more non-materialistic subjects taught in astral schools and universities of mainly a psychic and spiritual nature. Many classes are taught by teachers and masters from higher spheres using thought forms and thought images. - Back to Top

Lifestyles in the Afterlife

There may very well be certain forms of trade and/or barter in the various conditions of life, cultures, etc. found on some of the lower spheres, but I have yet to hear of anything to do with the actual existence of money, accounting systems, or banking, etc. An economic system is not at all needed on the astral planes because one's character, thoughts, karmic conditions, powerful innate creative abilities, and mental/emotional outlook seem to create and/or attract whatever is needed. One's desires, level of intelligence, mental/emotional outlook, and heartfelt motives determine exactly what one does, experiences and gets to have in the way of companions, housing, land, personal items, and clothing (which often resembles Roman togas and/or Grecian robes, etc.) The astral worlds seem to be a dynamic mixture of completely real, natural, material, objective realities yet strongly influenced or molded by creative, positive thought forces or intentions. This is how everything natural in the way it was experienced on Earth is uniformly combined with the most perfect circumstances and joy and happiness possible. It is quite remarkable. The spirits often say it is a perfect world and they have never, ever been happier and to never fear dying because dying is absolutely the best thing that had ever happened to them! They are quite content and are often bewildered when told that there will always be even more beautiful, even lovelier, higher places or spheres they can evolve and move into. - Back to Top

Why Some Souls Start Out Earthbound

Search and rescue of earthbound souls is a common and very much needed occupation as many materialistic souls (not knowing anything about the astral planes or life after death) still cling to the earth for days, weeks, even months after they die simply because they know of nothing better and would often try to get the attention of their physical relatives and friends or take free rides up and down the streets on a bus! The only real problems encountered are those souls with very strong misconceptions (such as deep religious and old, life-long dogmatic convictions) about the afterlife. They are very hard to reach and often stay earthbound much longer than most souls and usually end up in a colony on one of the "belief system territories" of the lower astral worlds along with many other souls of that same very limiting religion or belief system. They are in most cases quite happy there, so might as well leave them well enough alone! - Back to Top

How Government Decisions are Influenced by Spirit

An Act of Parliament in February of 1956 Tried to Abolish the Punishment of Death by Hanging

"An eye for and eye would make the whole world blind." --Mahatma Gandhi

Go here to listen to Dr. Marshall's account of how multitudes of spirits influence the decisions of government and why capital punishment in no way helps the overall situation. Dr. Marshall states, "You don't cut off crime by hanging a man, you probably only add to it." Dr. Marshall also states, "Two wrongs can never make a right." and regarding suicide... "So many people think you can escape from themselves but you just can't." He also talks about how earthbound souls (executed criminals) can have a bad influence on weak-minded individuals and how crimes are often repeated over and over following a certain pattern of behavior. Weak minded indviduals on the verge of doing something wrong can be influenced by earthbound spirit criminals to commit heinous crimes. Regarding war, he states that the results of having thousands of souls thrust over in the heat of battle into the afterlife unprepared is horrific. (Frederic Chopin drops in at the end of this unique 18 minute recording.)

Go here for Wikipedia.org information (see page on Denis Keegan, under heading, "Capital punishment") on the outcome of the debate and abolition of hanging, rejection by the House of Lords and the compromise Homicide Bill in 1957 restricting the use of capital punishment.
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The Problem with Suicide

This subject is one of the most touchy and sensitive issues I've ever written about. I sincerely apologize to anyone offended by what I am about to say. All situations are different and quite individual, therefore please keep in mind that any consequences of completing a suicide entirely depends on the circumstances leading up to the incident and that none of my statements can ever apply to all cases.

With the above statement aside, after knowing just how wonderful death really is, why don't we all just kill ourselves and go back to paradise? One would think, especially if one is in a terrible predicament or suffering or pain or some other severe hardship that one might as well take one's own life and get it over with. After all, so many of the souls who come through can't help but say how extremely happy they are to be free from all the miseries and complexities of physical living and that death was the best thing that ever happened to them. However, the spirits warn that to go before one's time would be detrimental to spiritual wholeness.

Would suicide ever be justified? An assisted suicide might make sense for those patients who are on the life support, in intensive care, who are being forced to hang around in a "vegetable" state of total or extreme disability and/or who are only suffering and having no chance whatsoever of any future purpose, convalescence, joy, healing or happiness while still on Earth. If the physical body is very old, completely worn out, completely useless, in a coma, etc. then why on Earth prolong the suffering? Why not allow the soul its freedom of choice so that it can go on if it wants to? To deliberately force the soul to stay stuck in a painful, agonizing existence in a completely worn-out body and non-functioning brain would not make any sense whatsoever.

On the other hand, if one is still young, healthy, and can still in any way shape or form do some sort of good or service to humanity while still on Earth, it could be a digression to one's spiritual progress or development to complete suicide, which would rather be like quitting school before one graduates or cutting "Earth" classes before the course is over. There is no such thing as a "shortcut" to paradise. To enter paradise, one's self-concept must be very upright or full of certainty or knowing that one has done only the best thing possible while on Earth with whatever hardship or seeming injustices thrown at one and has not overindulged in too much selfish behavior to the detriment of others. One must face one's self and that is the catch. Whatever one does, one must "live" with all the consequences of that decision, and experience the thoughts and emotions of all the people hurt by or affected in any way by the taking of one's own life.

Regarding life on Earth, no matter how difficult, suicide is obviously a most unpleasant option, and death is not intended or designed to solve all one's problems, which are trying to teach one some very important lessons, not to mention all the very important reasons for being on Earth in the first place. Will some souls who completed suicide while still in the prime of life lament at the grief and sadness they may have caused others to go through, lost opportunities to love, grow, experience and really become the person they always wanted to be? Yes there is always that risk, but nearly all suicides are due to deep depression or desperately trying to avoid a terrible circumstance.

Every incarnated soul has a mission of some sort to accomplish, and from what I've learned, heard and read about suicide, to find one's self back "at home" without having first accomplished all that one has intended to do on Earth could sometimes result in having to gather more experiences from Earth. Life, whether here or hereafter is a responsibility. Could that responsibility ever be escaped from without sacrifice to one's spiritual evolution and progress toward finer levels of happiness, fulfillment and salvation? For more information and a brief seance recording (at ADCGuides.com) on suicide, go here - Back to Top

The Problem With Reincarnation (Not My Favorite Subject)

Very few souls ever want to go back to live (reincarnate) on Earth again. Some souls say reincarnation is possible, and there are many proven cases of reincarnation. According to a video of Betty Jean Eadie, author of Embraced by the Light there might be a form of reincarnation but nothing like what common eastern and popular western "New Age" concepts portray. According to the medium Robert James Lees (1849-1931), author of The Life Elysian, his spirit author (or ghost writer-ha! ha!), Aphraar states that the concept that one dies and reincarnates again and again is a distortion, in other words, there is usually no personal spirit that enters the body after its conception. He also states that there are many misslead souls both on Earth and in the hereafter who will say that reincarnation is essential for spiritual and evolutionary progress, just as there are many who pass over still believing in old religious philosophies or dogmas, because no one suddenly becomes all-knowing wise and perfect just because they died.

William Charles Cadwell who is materialization medium David Thompson's main spirit convener at the Circle of the Silver Cord, stated in one of the seances that half of the souls born onto the "Earth plane" have lived at least once before, while the other half are new souls with no past except as pure "God" energy. Getting exact, scientific knowledge of reincarnation even while in direct communication with spirits is still quite a challenge. Even though knowledge in the afterlife is so much easier to obtain and retain, the spirits can still carry with them many misconceptions and contradictions just as they had while on Earth. Other than for a great soul to come back as a teacher (like Yogananda or Jesus Christ), I would have to seriously question the reasoning of anyone who would want to come back and live on Earth again! My official view on reincarnation: it not only is possible, it is constantly occuring and is, unfortunately, essential for all souls who are still tied up with the Earth vibration. However, I personally dislike the idea of becoming physically restricted again after any period of heavenly freedom!

Anyway, I am still wondering about the sanity of those few souls on the other side who say they want to reincarnate! For example listen to this tape where Annie Besant, a famous Theosophist talks for a while about reincarnation and spiritual development followed by an Italian lady named Estell (near end of tape) who wants to reincarnate so she could get married and have children which was not possible for her during her recent lifetime on Earth. (Why can't she do this on the astral plane where everyone's desire is provided for?) Annie Besant, who believed she herself would reincarnate right away (but speaking through Leslie Flint's ectoplasm 55 years after her death obviously did not!) states that there are group souls who reincarnate together to express truth and to uplift humanity. However I am a little uncomfortable and worried about what she says about reincarnation as if the time spent on Earth was so insignificant which may be true from the cosmic perspective, but from my viewpoint, just my present lifetime on Earth alone has been a rather traumatic, tiresome, unpleasant experience.

My concern with reincarnation is why do we souls seem to be such gluttons for punishment supposedly having had so many past lives many of which were quite tragic and then not even remembered by the vast majority? To willingly get reborn into a new body and forgetting everything previously learned to me is simply awful! Living lives on Earth compared to living lives in the heavenly spheres is usually much harder, often terrifying, and extremely frustrating!

At least it has been for me in both this lifetime in England and the U.S. and in previous lifetimes in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East where I was kidnapped, buried alive for several years, and then murdered while trying to escape, and in another life, I died by crashing through the top of a catacomb or abandoned well while riding a camel (along with several others in a caravan) over a desert hill which gave me nightmares for years while young and seemed to lead to severe problems in my present lifetime. I also remember a vivid nightmare where saw a man in very primitive clothing running across a barren, rocky plain so fast right in front of my range of vision that it made me laugh until the next thing I knew my head was being crushed within the mouth of a sabertooth tiger! Glad I woke up right away!

I would never, ever want to reincarnate ever again! I mean to go through all that forgetting who we really are, birthing trauma, diapers, growing up, learning how to communicate, making the same mistakes over and over, working hard for almost nothing, choking on physical food, hunger, searching for a mate, loneliness, uncertainty, suffering, disease, and dying etc. over and over again--who in their right mind would want to reincarnate?! It's a wonder I didn't crawl back inside whenever I was born! The frustrating and humiliating limitations and sufferings of physical living is this main concern that has driven me nearly insane and then to yoga, meditation and afterlife research in the first place--I really need to know for sure that I won't have to leave paradise and forget my true self again through another rudely disrupting reincarnation! This is the problem of reincarnation I have been concerned about and that has prompted much of my spiritual research in the hopes of finding a way out of this rather frightening cycle of birth, suffering and death.

Another serious problem regarding reincarnation one would have to acknowledge is the fact that with the ever growing population of the earth there could never be enough reincarnating human souls to occupy all those new bodies unless perhaps they come from either nature spirits (elemental thought forces or creations), fragments of one's Oversoul and/or animal spirits, Source Energy (as Abraham-Hicks would say) or simply nothing at all except some self-aware fragment of the Universal Spirit, Prana or Shakti. The recent massive surge to nearly seven billion people proves that there can't possibly be enough reincarnations from past human lives from past history to go around unless they came from some other source or even no source at all.

According to Robert A. Monroe's Ultimate Journey it is the numerous separate fragments of an Oversoul who reincarnate and never one soul reincarnating over and over. When tuning in through meditation or through dream states, these past lives of those fragments of one's Oversoul could easily be experienced or interpreted as one's own. These fragments often exist as members of like minded individuals living together in a group or community in the afterlife. I like that explanation and prefer to stick with it rather than feel I must go on and on reincarnating! This explanation is quite realistic because Robert actually met his other "soul fragments" quite frequently throughout his out-of-body adventures who were often in all sorts of states, stages and lifetimes. So have I experienced similar encounters in my dream states including fragmentary experiences of simultaneous lives in different planets, places and times as portrayed in Jane Robert's The Oversoul 7 Trilogy.

To even further clarify this issue, there is an excellent article published here that discusses how a three-year-old boy suffered from nightmares of his previous existence as a Corsair aircraft pilot assigned to the Natoma Bay in which he was shot down by the Japanese and crashed. The rest of the article discusses how when a soul reincarnates, only an aspect of itself or a faucet of itself reincarnates, never the whole (group) soul at once. Therefore, according to Silver Birch, who communicated through the trance medium Maurice Barbanell during the mid twentieth century, when one reincarnates, the original person always stays behind in spirit, while actually it is another fragment of the same oversoul of the original person who starts out in a new physical body equipped with the memories and tendencies of the original reincarnation. However, the original spirit entity may act as a spirit guide, guardian angel, feel responsible for, or closely associated with the newly incarnated soul fragment.

To help clear up more confusion on the complex subject of reincarnation, here are a couple of recordings: the first one by the spirit Douglas Conacher and the second one by Lucillius (Dr. Charles Marshall) from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust:

NEW - Chapters of Experience
(From www.ScienceofWholeness.com)
here and here.

NEW - Lucillius
(From www.ScienceofWholeness.com)

Books Dictated to His Wife, Eira by Spirit Communicator Douglas Conacher Through Direct Voice Medium, Leslie Flint:

The spirit of Douglas Conacher with the help of his wife, Eira from the physical side did publish at least a couple of books. Unfortunately, most of the Douglas and Eira Conacher books are out of print, but these are the ones I've seen sometimes still available:

Chapters of Experience - Douglas Conacher

Chapters of Experience

There Is Life After Death

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From these tapes, it is now confirmed that souls on the lowest level of development either come back to reincarnate right away after passing over or remain in either an unconscious (sleep) state, or are earthbound (shadow being), or remain stuck in an inferior low astral vibration or state. However, most souls, and those who are more spiritually advanced live more consciously, much more pleasantly and much longer on the astral spheres before returning to Earth again. The great Christ-like yogi, Sri Yukteswar said in Chapter 43 "The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar" of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda that the average soul, after some 150 to 600 years of astral living must either move on to higher planes (spheres) of consciousness beyond the astral plane (the causal and celestial planes or spheres which are said to be the real heavens) or if not evolved enough to remain conscious in such a refined state of being, must return back to Earth or some other sphere, and repeat this cycle until the soul is in fact advanced enough to consciously exist on the causal plane after which point it will simply manifest back and forth between the causal and astral spheres until it remains permanently on the causal and finally celestial levels of consciousness as a "freed soul."

Here again is more confirmation of why it is so essential to dedicate one's life to the search for truth, meditate on Spirit for long hours, evolve spiritually, become as selfless as possible, and to free one's self from all material (earthly) desires and attachments forever. From all of the most authoritative material that I have read and listened to so far, most of us will have to come back again and again to reincarnate more lifetimes on Earth! Even Jesus (according to Dr. Marshall as "Lucillius") will reincarnate eventually but only as an advanced "helper" of humanity or "freed soul" or "avatar" as described in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

An alternative to reincarnation on Earth is the possibility of reincarnation on a much "easier" sphere such as Bashar's world, Essassani mentioned later on in this article. A very physical reincarnation can be experienced on that planet, except it is still subtle enough to not be such a traumatic limitation to the soul nor have to force one to go through any other sort of unpleasantness so often typical of life's struggles on Earth.

Interesting to see in many instances how the system of yogic knowledge and experienced astral travelers confirm all that has come through Leslie Flint and how all the more important it is to evolve spiritually or remain stuck in the quandry of spiritual ignorance and suffering of reincarnation!

The spirits say that salvation should come naturally, and to never expect it to come from some other "God," guru, or person, but only through the direct experience of their teachings, and through one's own inner growth, meditation and evolution of the soul. Just as one can never reach the horizon, absolute perfection can never be reached, only approached. One can never actually become God, one can and does however get ever closer and closer to becoming like God (perfect love, freedom, spiritual light, joy and wholeness).

The physical reality is really only a very tiny, rather backwards and insignificant part of the "rainbow universe." In the higher levels of the vibrational spheres or universal spectrum of existence, most souls seem to enjoy centuries and centuries of very idealistic living while gradually evolving into ever higher and higher spheres and expanding into ever new dimensions of great love, understanding, experience, creativity and beauty indefinitely. - Back to Top

Climates and Geography of the Astral Spheres

There is also air, wind and on some spheres (the spirits say there are thousands of astral worlds or spheres) occasional light rain, dew, mist, and even a light snow in the upper elevations just as happens on Earth. The weather patterns of the astral worlds tend to be mild and never contrary to the needs of the inhabitants. The temperature ranges from mildly cool to comfortably warm depending on the original climate and conditions the inhabitants were most used to on Earth. There are all the same climates and natural conditions of life as found on Earth including deserts, mountain regions, polar regions, forest regions, tropical areas, ocean environments, and land masses ranging from vast continents to beautiful tropical islands.

Many of Leslie Flint's communicators say they have seen rivers, and lakes with some being quite vast and always quite placid and beautiful in a constantly warm summery afternoon environment. It is possible to go swimming and many souls do. One can also travel by boat or ship, and go diving, etc. One can also drink these pure waters as there is no pollution, bugs or bacteria in the ponds, lakes and rivers to worry about, and no water, air or noise pollution either as there is no need for cars, freeways, sewers and factories. The water is crystalline pure and very desirable to drink. Strangely enough, the souls often say that they can enjoy all the benefits of swimming, bathing, etc. yet are completely dry (even their clothes) the instant they get out!

Imagine an ordinary physical world of three dimensions of space and a fourth of time. Then add a fifth dimension (an extra direction for time and space to expand into) to this picture and then you have a rough idea of what the environment is like in the afterlife. While traveling up through the vibrational spheres (actually takes some practice and experience to do this), the whole landscape can transform into an astonishing variety of geographies, for example, above the location where a vast plain existed, now there's an alpine forest landscape and running fountains. Before it was misty, now it is cloudless, and billions of subtle colors from the extended atmosphere even further above would be prismatically refracted throughout the whole glorious sky. The astral atmosphere, being much vaster than the Earth's atmosphere, would appear much deeper and, if there are clouds, would tend to have many more cloud layers.

Regarding the surface of the astral worlds: imagine countless interacting, interconnecting layers of an onion: some below the earth's surface and many above with each one having a higher and higher rate of vibration and lighter composition than the ones beneath. This rough idea would constitute the spheres of the afterlife existence one encounters. If one could visualize a four-dimensional "earth" this would be very close to actuality. Such a four-dimensional sphere would have to have a three-dimensional "surface" that expands in size as one goes higher and higher up the scale of atomic vibration. Most matter in the universe (see "The True Nature of Dark Matter") is in fact composed of these finer substances which astronomers throughout the world can see gravitational evidence of in various parts of the distant universe and are still trying to understand what "dark matter" really is. I think it is astral matter. - Back to Top

The Beauty of Astral Nature and Spiritual Utopia

Some trees grow very high and can often be in full bloom and/or produce much fruit. Flowers of all kinds, shapes and sizes exist in the astral worlds and grow in moist soils just like they do on Earth. Because they are living things and very much alive, they are not to be picked and can often grow taller than houses. In fact there are whole forests of very tall flowers growing as tall as trees creating magnificent perfumes that are wafted for miles and miles on mild astral breezes. Gardens and gardening is a very common thing among most of the souls, as most souls who have houses have and enjoy wonderful, lush gardens. Yes, nature is a very real, abundant and natural part of the astral worlds, especially the highest worlds where the beauty of nature becomes almost infinite. In fact the astral worlds are the actual origin of all natural existence, whereas the Earth is just a dim, almost artificial reflection of what nature intends to create and manifest. To think that the physical universe is the only universe is very chauvinistic. Not only are there other existences, but far superior ones as well!

The astral planes are teaming with all sorts of both extinct and presently living plants and animals from Earth. There are no pesky insects, pests or predators whatsoever. (It is possible, however that they do exist on some of the lowest planes or spheres.) The lion definitely sleeps with the lambs and all races, creeds and nationalities definitely live in perfect harmony and peace with one another just as portrayed in those "Jehova's Witness" illustrations in their international magazines, "Awake!" and "Watchtower." The funny thing is just how similar the ideal world that the Jehova's Witness describe is to the actual descriptions by spirits. There are wonderful places or "belief system territories" in the astral worlds where even the "dead" "Jehova's Witnesses" can hang out still waiting for that ideal new Earth to come even though there is a perfectly good world right in front of their noses completely surrounding them! - Back to Top

Communication With Animals and Singing in an Etheric Atmosphere

Spirits often say that if they tuned into it, there seems to be a soft, soothing, healing vibration or music in the atmosphere generated either by nature and/or creative souls who somehow recorded (left) their songs in the either. One can talk, sing, play instruments, and create sound just like on Earth, yet one can also communicate by thought and most souls quickly find that telepathy is the most efficient way to communicate especially if the other person speaks only Spanish, for instance and you only can speak English. Astonishing as this may sound, telepathic communication between animals and humans is quite easy and common on the astral levels. One spirit came through saying he had an amazing "conversation" with his deceased canine pet. Go here to Victor Zammit's website to listen to a David Thompson seance held at Mansfield 10th October 2007 where a barking dog materializes!

Another amazing thing is that people who have never learned to read or write properly on Earth often do in the afterlife! There are so many libraries, colleges, schools, etc. on the astral planes to learn such things as well as many other subjects ranging from basic to far beyond the scope and imagination of materiality. Joy, inspiration, breathing and laughter always comes naturally and easily; one always feels light, full or energy, vitality, and one never grows old, ill or suffer from any pains. Breathing the air is a joy, "it is just like wine" says Mary Ivan (near top of list on left) toward the end of her seance. Often the air is filled with perfumes from countless flowers naturally growing in surrounding gardens, fields, etc. - Back to Top

The Magic of and Complete Fulfillment in Astral Relationships, Sex, Reproduction, Families, and the Astonishing Symptoms of Astral "Old Age"

Who has not longed to fall in love with one's soul mate, enjoying the companionship of one's true sweetheart on the highest and meaningful levels of beauty, love and fulfillment? Who has not longed for real affection, and even a fulfillment in sensuality beyond one's wildest dreams?

All of the most enjoyable aspects of marriages, relationships, etc. do not need to end at death and can go on as long as both people in the afterlife feel the need and even expand into all kinds of exciting new possiblities of love and beauty that one has always longed for but was unable to achieve on Earth. New relationships are formed all the time in the astral worlds between two souls who for some reason were unable to find love or live with each other on Earth. However, the souls say they do not give or take in marriage as there seems to be no actual need for official marriages to take place in the afterlife because one is either together with someone or not, and therefore there is no need for contracts on paper, etc. even though that is possible and does happen!

Sex of course, exists too, and on certain low planes I would have to say that from many books I have read on astral projection, that because of the sheer vitality and youthfulness of the spirit, it must be very intense and rather frequent for as long as the habit remains imprinted in the samaskaras of the psyche. Just as it does on Earth, sex does seem to drain one's spirit of vitality, sense of balance and wisdom and the soul instinctively learns to either moderate or let go of that activity for higher things - higher spheres of experience, knowledge and deeper, more fulfilling loves. Otherwise, one may feel very much drawn back to Earth and amazingly, develop a strong desire to reincarnate long before one normally would! It has been discovered that if a man from Earth tries to have sex while astral projecting, he often finds himself immediately back in his physical body. On the other hand, an astral projecting woman can more often stay in the astral during astral sex but will have more trouble later on trying to return to the astral world. What does this tendency imply for discarnate souls who have no physical body to come back to?

On the higher planes, other interests seem to take over or easily transmute sexual energy into the finer expressions and experiences of true affection, boundless bliss, inspiration, love and ecstasy. Normally, especially while away from the influences of Earth, sex no longer seems to be an issue or a great concern any more because of the intense joy, love, interests, profound beauties, and natural ecstasies always present in the afterlife. It may be that souls in the afterlife are often in a constant (balanced) state of joy, love and orgasm anyway, especially on the higher planes, so why would one crave or need sex if one is already so naturally fulfilled in every way, so full of peace, so full of so many different interests and curiosities, and so full of love anyway? There are many, many dimensions to the soul that can open up and develop into phenomenal states of being. Therefore, falling in love with someone on the astral plane can become so profound, so awesome, it would make the simple sexual relationships enjoyed back on Earth look ridiculously shallow, limited and superficial in comparison. One experiences an intense love and losing of the self into a greater Self, an absolutely fulfilling happiness that one can't even begin to describe. Amazingly, one need not even have to depend on a partner for this experience, and still experience this intense love for all humanity and as a result gradually transcend into ever higher and higher spheres of almost infinite beauty and love.

As bizarre and surprising as this information may sound, it is actually just as possible to create or have children on some of the most "physical" worlds of the afterlife in the exact same way it occurs on Earth because these worlds have only a slightly higher vibration rate than Earth. Like Earth, these planets have atmospheres often rich in oxygen (which the souls actually breathe!) and are directly illuminated by the stars they orbit around, and not always by the more etherial reflected light often enjoyed by souls on the mid to high astral planets or planes. Anything and every experience possible can be found and enjoyed in the afterlife. Only on Earth and a very few other similar places in the universe as ignorant and backwards as the Earth is there such physical limitation, confusion, suffering and darkness.

I know that nature would not have as strong a need for reproduction (replacement of bodies) in the afterlife as it does on the more rough places like Earth because of the longevity (many, many centuries before becoming "causal") of its inhabitants and the extremely benign and beautiful environments that the souls enjoy so much.

On some of the more "physical" spheres or planets in the astral universe, rebirth into their world through an "astral" pregnancy is possible. It is true that many souls can and do reincarnate on certain semi-astral or semi-physical planets like we do on Earth, except the conditions are usually not nearly as limiting, harsh or severe. Under favorable conditions and because of the excellent genetics of these beings, the life spans are often much, much longer also, sometimes extending into thousands of years. According to Bashar (a member of an etherial alien hybrid race channeled through the mental medium Darryl Anka) there is an etherial yet very Earth-like planet filled with lakes, rivers, wildlife, jungles and forests called Essassani (Place of Living Light) some 500 light years away toward the Orion constellation that actually contains a human/grey hybrid race (the Sassani) where they still have children through birth yet spirits can and do "pop in" from the higher realms to visit! It is this "semi-physical" mixture of matter and spirit that makes this location and race of beings a very interesting subject to study indeed! Their "quasi-physical" black triangular space craft have often been seen in many places throughout the Earth today. Go here to see an illustration of what might be one of their ships and an article on one of the sightings by the award winning journalist, Linda Moulton Howe on her extraordinary Earthfiles.com website. Note that in that particular sighting it appeared semi-transparent indicating a possible "vibrational" difference same way and reason a ghost would appear translucent.

A soul who reincarnates on an astral planet may be one of countless causal beings still with some astral karma returning from the highly refined mental or causal spheres. This soul is reborn as a perfectly beautiful astral baby boy or girl. According to the great Christ-like yogi, Sri Yukteswar in Chapter 43 "The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar" of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda souls returning from many centuries of bliss in the causal spheres (beyond the highest astral spheres) are actually "reborn" in new astral bodies.

The astral or "natural" body even though outwardly the same as the physical body once was in youth eventually through eons of time, loses its internal organs one-by-one until even the physical outward appearance starts to change into a sexless being of light or becomes "causal" or no longer with an external astral body. This may in fact be what a true angel is: a being of light, so advanced that no outward astral form remains, just a structure of light in a state of profound wholeness.

Also there have always been many spirit babies and young children who passed over in early infancy, stillborn, etc. from Earth who are in need of a mother to take care of them on the the other side of death. Therefore (and this fact I know is absolutely true) those who longed to be a mother on Earth but never had the chance can find plenty of opportunity for motherhood in the astral worlds! Another great wonder is the fact that spirit infants and children can and do indeed grow up in the afterlife just as they would on Earth! Alf Pritchette, who came through one of the seances was greeted by his young sister who looked twenty, but had died in infancy, yet was looked after by a spirit relative or relatives or other personal guardian and grew up, most likely having gone to school and then college, etc. similar to the way she would have on Earth and lived in a beautiful country cottage and is now there to look after Alf Pritchette!

Sex tends to be a very physical, down-to-earth and biological reproductive need because of so many accidents, illnesses, old age, and other hostile conditions prevalent on Earth where the replacement of bodies is essential. Unfortunately physical attraction, backgrounds, and economics are historically the main forces that create marriages on Earth. However, love in the afterlife becomes a much more individual, meaningful, satisfying and permanent expression between two souls who are usually from the same soul group. In the afterlife, love and spirituality seem to come to the foreground while sex and materiality fall into the background, whereas on Earth, unfortunately it tends to be the other way around with the additional burdens of materialistic necessities such as housing, food, work, raising kids, etc. Entire families do exist on the astral planes, of course, but with only the positive, much more expansive, rewarding aspects of family love and community living. However, it is still possible to have arguments and clashes with one another and they do happen from time to time, as life on the astral spheres is just as natural and real, if not more so than on Earth. Therefore people who find they cannot live together in harmony simply don't and go to their separate parts of the astral spheres!

As far as the "giving and taking of marriage" is concerned, much of what was essential on Earth is no longer essential in the astral spheres. Souls freed from Earth can grow and develop in many new ways not possible or imagined while on Earth and often discover that their real soul mates (relationships based on real or spiritual love) were not the ones they had married just for economic or sexual reasons while on Earth. In the afterlife, one is naturally linked up with the person or persons they want to be close to regardless of previous Earth marriages, relationships, etc. and such "soul mates" are usually members of one's personal soul group which is a group of souls (often hundreds of people) all sharing the same oversoul often living together in the same community at the same level or strata of consciousness. Those who had married someone who they truly loved while on Earth, will most likely be a member of the same soul group and continue that marriage into the "eternities" of the astral spheres and maybe even the finer spheres beyond the astral depending on how deep and real that love really is. For more information on group souls from www.leslieflint.com listen here.

For your interest I am also including a direct link to a rare and quite remarkable www.leslieflint.com recording presented by an unknown yet quite knowledgeable spirit with an American accent (followed by another person with a Scottish accent). Listen to awesome information regarding the life cycles of the astral spheres and gradual "physical" changes that occur in the human astral body over centuries of time, and fascinating information backing up what I have written so far regarding sex and reproduction in the afterlife right here. According this most amazing recording, over centuries of time, as the astral body "ages" resulting in gradual changes in the personality and emotions move toward wholeness, perfection, spiritual and cosmic inclinations. The soul eventually over eons of time gains a more unisexual appearance as tremendous love completely replaces the lower appetites such as sex. The more physical aspects of life gradually cease to exist after successive "graduations" into ever higher and higher spheres of life. The astral body ultimately gives way to a much finer sexless "causal" body of light and according to Sri Yukteswar in Chapter 43 "The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar" in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda, the soul after the astral body completely drops off, according to its inclination, level of development, etc., either must immediately return to Earth or hopefully go on to the causal spheres to be later reborn over and over as an astral being until it no longer even needs to be reborn as an astral person. The sheer complexity, subtleties and vastness of all the cycles and dimensions of life in the afterlife is impossible to fully depict or explain in ordinary terms. One lifetime on Earth is really just a microscopic sliver in the vast ocean of all the other lives and aspects of experience that awaits every single soul beyond the veil of death. Earth too is really just another "astral" planet except with an unusual degree of density where most beings struggling to live there are strongly bound to the limiting laws of physicality. The same limitations apply to any "astral" planet anywhere in the universe at the same physical level as Earth's. - Back to Top

Illumination (Sun?) of the Astral World

The sun still seems to have some kind of effect on the lower astral spheres where souls say there is still a night and a day, fog, rain, etc. On the lowest spheres there seems to be deep fog or darkness created by all the negative thoughts and fears of the materialistically minded physical inhabitants of Earth. However, on the mid to higher astral worlds there seems to be a constant "illumination" or source of very soothing, loving, healing light of a magical and mysterious nature emanating from "God" and/or the higher realms. Souls have reported seeing a mysterious, golden light with increasing brightness toward the horizon. I did hear from some of the Leslie Flint recordings, that there are periods of restfulness and twilight but no actual nights except on the lowest spheres where it can get completely dark.

My speculation is that there are probably as many as seven main spheres or heavens (maybe extending hundreds of miles into space?) that are concentric with the earth and rotate along with the physical earth. Much of the light enjoyed in the astral spheres probably emanates from the outer chromosphere of the sun as a series or layers of etherial "suns" expanding beyond, yet concentric with the physical sun and each one illuminating corresponding astral spheres at its own corresponding level of vibration. After the sun sets over the western horizon, much of its outer chromosphere and especially its extended magnetosphere remains above the horizon most of the night, especially toward the upper and lower latitudes, therefore creating an effect of twilight instead of the complete darkness experienced on Earth. However, the souls also say that the atmospheres of the higher astral spheres extend ever further into space as they increase in vibration, reflecting the sun's rays back onto the planet no matter what time of the night it is with the effect being that of a long twilight during the night rather than complete darkness. The light or illumination in the higher spheres is quite awesome: something much more vibrant, and far more beautiful than anything experienced on Earth. Sri Yukteswar said in Chapter 43 "The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar" in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda that there are numerous astral luminaries or "suns" that illuminate the astral worlds and endless numbers of astral solar systems floating in space. Astral matter tends to be self-luminescent anyway, especially toward the higher spheres where astral material tends to become brighter, lighter, richer, more colorful, dazzling, multi-dimensional, transparent and more enchanting. I would have to say, things go far beyond description at the highest and most dazzling levels which I would refer to as being the mental, causal and celestial spheres. - Back to Top

The True Nature of Dark Matter

These astral spheres are most likely made of what astronomers call "dark matter" and "dark energy" which together constitutes about 26% and 70% respectively of the universe but is invisible to telescopes because it is absolutely transparent, does not interact with material atoms, and gives off no radiation. The remaining 4% is physical matter. The only way dark matter can be detected by today's astronomers is by observing its gravitational effect on the motions of other objects in space. This "dark matter" seems to have a very strong intragalactic influence essential for keeping galaxies from flying apart, while "dark energy" seems to be responsible for a vast expansive force causing the whole universe to expand in all directions at an accelerating rate. More information on this fascinating subject can be found here in my article on dark energy. I recently found out that a form of radiation known as "torsion field energy" (prana, shakti?) might possibly be used to study, actually see, and understand dark matter and perhaps help scientists to understand eventually the possible connection between dark matter and astral matter. I will be talking more about torsion energy later on and am just beginning to understand its incredible, universal significance. - Back to Top

Does Time Exist in the Afterlife?

The consequences of time as we experience it on Earth do not seem to exist in the afterlife, so no one ever seems to age or have to worry about running out of time. Except on the lowest astral spheres which are still under the influence of earthly rhythms, it seems that spirits can create as much time as they need for any purpose, and are therefore, when in their own environment, always relaxed and never hurried.

Imagine always being able to take as long as you need to to do whatever you want to do and never having to worry about being late! For instance, if one needed a few extra hours when only minutes remained, I speculate that one would simply raise his or her vibration rate and/or retreat into a more timeless (higher) dimension of reality or even go into a state where no time passes at all! In addition to being free of all the limitations of time, there are none of the stressful urgencies, requirements, deadlines, and/or limitations one would often have to deal with while on Earth. It seems that in most of the realms of the afterlife, one can relax and take as long as one needs to relax!

The souls often say that time in their dimension is experienced quite differently. They say there is a form of time, but not measured by the earth's rotation, but more like as an order or sequence of events experienced within one's consciousness which can vary from individual to individual depending on what strata of consciousness and/or sphere or vibration rate one is on.

Time generally seems to be quite a different thing in the afterlife and there seems to be some sort of timelessness, freedom from or transcendence to earthly time which is purely a material thing. The afterlife extends into higher dimensions far beyond the limiting dimensions of the time and space so characteristic of the physical world. The higher the vibrations of the dimension or sphere beyond the physical world, the more and more timeless it seems to get.

My speculation is that time expands at the higher vibrational spheres so that a whole week of information or experiences on the upper spheres could be contained within a few hours of Earth time. It has been said that any clocks built to measure time in the middle to higher spheres of the afterlife simply either stop ticking or don't work at all. Yet at places very near the Earth vibration such as Francisco Xavier's "Nosso Lar" clocks and other time pieces are still manufactured, and can to some extent, still remain accurate enough to be practical.

I speculate that this odd behavior of time in the afterlife can be explained by how the laws of physics and quantum mechanics behave in the afterlife which tend to have a far more liberating influence the higher the sphere or level of consciousness we get. In more rarified regions of higher vibration, the sequencial time line (having 4 dimensions) fans out deeper and ever deeper into probability (having 5 dimensions) so that instead of motion happening as an event along a single time line, it becomes more and more of a shifting of events into an endless series of possiblities which are typically governed or influenced by thought. In other words consciousness is no longer limited to one time line, instead it is able to shift through multiple timelines (going past, future and sideways!) or every possible action or probability and on the finest spheres every possible law of physics!

If a spiritually advanced scientific researcher built a "Big Ben" on one of the highest regions of the astral plane or even an atomic clock for that matter, either the poor device would simply not know which way to go, or it would have to say whatever one's mind makes it up to say! Therefore in the finest of astral realities, I imagine time (having 4 dimensions) must transform more completely to a condition of the mind (having 5 dimensions).

On the very highest spheres space and time as we know it ceases to exist. On the finest planes of existence, all of nature expresses as very abstract vibrations of an almost infinite spectrum of astonishing colors, textures and unimaginably beautiful celestial music! Everything merges toward a universal Oneness, perfect beauty or Wholeness. The higher the strata of consciousness, the higher the vibration, and the further it can go into higher and finer geometric dimensions (5,6,7, etc.). The higher the geometric dimension, the easier it gets for consciousness, energy and matter to merge into a universal, timeless Oneness or Wholeness and the easier it is for a spiritual master to send his consciousness anywhere and view any event in history instantly.

I speculate that on the very highest spheres it might be possible that years and years worth of experience could be had within one or two Earth days or even minutes! Whereas some rather dazed and confused earthbound souls while stuck on some very low vibrational levels may feel that only a few weeks have gone by when actually years of Earth time may have passed. Therefore the experience of time tends to be much more subjective in the afterlife than while living on Earth.

The rate one experiences time is really a state of consciousness anyway and nothing more. Souls also seem to have the ability to intuitively sense future events just like some prophets or fortune tellers can on Earth. They can also see back into the past to an extent as well. It is even possible for any soul with the help of a master or adept to go back and experience all the details of actual past historic events which have somehow been recorded in the atmosphere on an etheric level.

The souls say that reality is actually much vaster than just "past, present and future" strongly indicating to me that higher dimension(s) beyond time and space indeed exist and are easily accessed and/or understood by the more advanced souls of the astral planes. - Back to Top

"The more we learn, the more we are, or ought to be, dumbfounded." --Dr. Lewis Thomas

Can Distance be Measured in The Astral World?

Distance is never a problem either, as vast distances can be covered within a very short frame of time, simply by closing one's eyes and then concentrating or meditating on a new location for a few moments. No cars, trains or planes are needed although it is possible there could be a few. However, they definitely do have ships, yachts, and other watercraft that are moved about by the power of concentrated willpower or intention, if not astral breezes and water currents, usually piloted by someone who has some experience with that sort of thing. (I am amazed they do have "water" but what it really is I don't really know.) By far, most of the time the spirits get around by "physically" walking and in some odd way can also travel great distances in a short period of time just by walking.

In some cases, especially if they need to get from one sphere or level of vibration to another, they must glide or take flight "like Peter Pan" as some souls have compared it to. An intention-guided (quantum) force or energy carries them aloft. In the same way that time is affected by one's state of consciousness, distance also seems to be a much more personal thing, or rather a state of consciousness and/or mind. Regardless of what extent the afterlife is a condition of mind, the astral spheres are as real and objective as any reality, if not more so. Astral events and places, especially on the lower spheres can still be objectively timed and mapped.

I'm not saying that the astral spheres don't have a definite geography and logical, objective sequences of time, it's just that all astral distances and lengths of time can be perceived and experienced quite differently from various different "soul" perspectives or angles according to one's degree of evolution, connectedness and familiarity to various locations, and level of awareness or attitude of mind. There is a kind of objective measurement of time and distance possible in the astral worlds, but depending on which sphere of consciousness one happens to be on, no one needs to be limited by any such thing. There seems to always be a way to escape or go outside any so called "physical" measurements or "limitations" that may still exist in the astral worlds.

Imagine an ordinary physical world of three dimensions of space and a fourth of time. Then add a fifth dimension (an extra direction for which time and space to expand into) to this picture and then you have a rough idea of what the environment is like in the afterlife. While traveling up through the vibrational spheres (actually takes some practice and experience to do this), the whole landscape can transform into an astonishing variety of geographies, for example, above the location where a vast plain existed, now there's an alpine forest landscape and running fountains. Before it was misty, now it is opalescent, and billions of subtle colors from the lofty atmosphere many, many miles above would be prismatically refracted thoughout the whole glorious sky. - Back to Top

Communication With Earth

The inhabitants of the astral worlds and spiritual worlds (mental and causal planes) have always been anxious to communicate with the physical world. Among thousands of reasons one of the most common is the need of one recently passed over to tell immediate relatives and friends of survival. Globally, there are huge numbers of very wise souls who long to help straighten out all the misconceptions of the afterlife so widely held throughout most of the religions, and to help stamp out materialism, religious bigotry, racial hatred, crime, wars and all other forms of intolerance based on human ignorance. The spirits long to prove that all living beings everywhere are all children of the same Divine Parent with the same consciousness and of the same breath and that there is no death, only a great new beginning in an eternity of joy and love.

The spirits are fully aware of all the problems of Earth, and have endless insights into how to stop or alleviate all suffering, confusion, fear, and environmental problems, etc. in the physical world. Their love and compassion is almost infinite, and try to do everything they possibly can to help us. Their intelligence, knowledge, memory and sense of humor tend to be far greater than beings caught up in the physical body. They are not gods, and are not perfect (still amazingly human!), but they are profoundly talented and capable of incredible things, and are able to see far more (in all ways) than those stuck in the limitations of the physical body and world. Their contribution to the physical world would be (and already is in certain limited ways) inconceivably immense. Many inventions, creative expressions, etc. throughout history have often come from advanced souls or spirits tuning into and influencing the subconscious minds of various inventors, scientists, artists, etc. on Earth.

Scientists are working on both sides trying to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. For an excellent website on ITC (instrumental transcommunication), go here. Much of the research being carried out at World ITC is controversial, and many of the EVP recordings and photos appear to be just random sounds and images that happen to resemble words, phrases and faces. However, whenever two-way conversations were achieved, naturally I followed with great interest all those experiments! One can read and see schematics of how the experiments were carried out and read about the history of all the different methods used to try to establish two-way communication, and one can see that much serious work has been carried out for decades with scientists from both sides. One of the most successful (yet most credible) examples on WorldITC.org. I have seen so far is the work of Hans Otto Koenig. Go here to see how two-way conversation was established using some kind of delicately tuned infrared sender-receiver system which the spirits themselves helped Hans design. The following IR frequencies were given to Hans by the souls: 935.5 - 937.8 - 927.2 - 948.1 - 934.2 - 928.3 nm (nanometer) to more perfectly adjust the frequencies to the thoughts sent by the spirits.

So why is Hans Otto Koenig not world famous and no real follow-ups done on his experiments by mainstream scientists? Continuing progress is likely to be slow until enough scientists take it more seriously. Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream scientists would tend to find this subject too unbelievable and too much of a risk to their credibility and reputation. Another factor I forgot to mention is the "mediumship" factor. As with almost all the successful communication experiments shown on WorldITC.org there was someone present naturally endowed with a special sort of energy or channel that the spirits need to use even with a device. This means if a group of skeptical scientists with no mediumship ability whatsoever try to duplicate any of the ITC experiments, it is quite likely they may have no success whatsoever and just call the whole thing a hoax. No matter how advanced the device constructed, they (the spirits) would most likely still need some sort of mediumship energy to provide some of the connection. The good news is that almost any loving, vital and open-minded person can sooner or later develop enough mediumistic energy to provide whatever is needed. Of course, the most advanced and complete device yet to be invented would most likely require the least amount of "mediumship" ultimately replacing the need for any sort of medium whatsoever.

Things being the way they are, it really is up to people like us to try to support and continue this great work.

The transcendental spheres are created from much higher and finer energies and substances than the physical plane and are not of an electromagnetic source which unfortunately seems entirely confined to physical matter. It is a very challenging problem and much more work needs to be done to make the voices clearer and communication easier. The problem is the spiritual worlds are on completely different "wave lengths" and vibrations than that of physical matter.

It is amazing that any sort of communication takes place at all. My latest theory on what sort of energy does get through from the astral to the physical is what is known as "torsion field energy" which is what I understand to be gyrational quantum forces (antigravity waves?) caused by the influence of spinning planets, molecules, atoms, electrons, etc. that would somehow speed up or slow down other spinning objects. Astrological influences, homeopathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, PK energy (telekinesis), prana, and all other paranormal and ESP activity are most likely effects produced by this sort of energy. For more information on torsion fields and how to detect them, go here.

Very few scientists are open minded enough to overcome all the skepticism and prejudice so commonly held against this field of research as spiritualism has unfortunately been associated with all the wrong things by such religions as Christianity, is rejected by mainstream science, and also ruined and given a bad name by all the countless fakes, hoaxes and even mischievous spirits themselves. Even though most souls are extremely good, loving and kind, there are some who are morally deprived and unevolved and therefore of a low vibration. Special care must be made to avoid those spirits stuck on the lower vibrational spheres because of their bad temperament.

Unfortunately, it is important that seances be done in pitch darkness so as to allow ectoplasm to materialize, however a dim red light can be used to help see and photograph ectoplasmic materializations. Information regarding one of the most complete materializations that was closely studied and confirmed by the English chemist and physicist Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) can be found here. However, conversations with spirits through a spirit communication device will most likely not need to be done in the dark, unless the formation of ectoplasm were part of the design. - Back to Top

Instrumental Transcommunication Device Now Being Developed

I have designed a spirit communication system entirely from my own imagination, assuming that an electric field could be manipulated or effected by a ghost somehow. This device would not involve ectoplasm and therefore not require pitch darkness for it to work. An electric field emanating from a charged capacitor attached to a very, very sensitive microphone inside a glass vacuum chamber or bell jar would have to be used in this case. An inexpensive bell jar, decompression pump and possibly some of the other parts are commercially available and easy to find.

It might be an advantage for the microphone, ionizer and capacitor to be wireless, however, all parts must NOT be sensitive to the extremely low atmospheric pressures inside the jar. Also, of course, as depicted in the diagram, one can feed the wiring from the outside into the chamber using sealant around the holes used for the wires. I would have to do more research on this subject to more fully understand what can be used in a vacuum and what cannot be used.

The vacuum is necessary to reduce influences from air vibrations and to allow dramatically increased sensitivity to the finer and highly rarified electrical field particles (electrons), vibrations or variations which are hopefully much more likely to be influenced by spiritual entities and/or energies. My greatest hope is that I would be able to capture a clear, natural sounding voice using this method. Unlike what is often depicted in the media, or recorded on tapes, etc. spirits actually have very clear, extremely beautiful voices and, even though quite capable of telepathy, can and do still speak using their subtle vocal cords. If this experiment is successful with one unit, I might construct another, identical unit for a stereophonic (sound parallax) effect that could provide even more clarity and is much more likely to detect any possible movements of the entity or entities speaking.
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Vacuum Controlled Electric Field Subtle Energy Microphone

I am more than anxious to complete this project, however I would need some good equipment, funding for this research, and some clearer understanding of electronics to construct this device properly. Even then, I would have no idea of how successful it would be. Because the gulf between the worlds is so huge, those on the other side often have to provide their own devices, research and best knowledge available to provide the more subtle aspects of the direct link to the physical world from their side.

Ectoplasm has, throughout history, always been the very best medium to use, but even with ectoplasm spirits at first find it very difficult to get used to and often come through as just a faint whisper or worse nothing at all until they can acquire the necessary skill. The main problem with ectoplasm, of course, is its extreme rarity and extreme photosensitivity making skeptics wary of the fact that such seances have to be done in complete darkness to prevent the ectoplasm from snapping back inside the medium's body and possibly injuring the medium in a way similar to an electric shock. Very few mediums in the world today are actually able to provide ectoplasm which is said to come from the medium's pancreas and can sometimes be photographed with infrared light.

Regarding anyone trying to communicate with the afterlife, I must provide some warnings:

The law of attraction tends to work faster in the astral and spiritual worlds and more intensely than in the physical world.

Even thinking about communicating with spirits will attract other souls wanting to communicate with you or through you to others around you in the world. You must be careful to maintain the purest of motives and to be unselfish as possible in your purpose, otherwise you could attract souls who are not so pure or unselfish in their motives. There are entities on some very low planes who can give all the wrong information or mislead one in the wrong way for their own tricks or mischievous ends.

It is important anyway to be spiritual and high minded. Just as one who is spiritual tends to attract other souls of the same caliber on Earth, well this law of attraction is even more pronounced in the afterlife. Crooks will always tend to attract other crooks, and saints other saints. If you want only to attract saints into your sphere of life, you have to be one yourself! - Back to Top

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CAUTION: Because this website contains so many links to so much convincing and compelling evidence of a truly wonderful existence after death, in NO way whatsoever is the author of this site nor the authors of any of the other sites I have linked to are implying that suicide is the answer to life's problems! On the contrary, anyone who thinks that suicide is a convenient way out of what may seem to be a hopeless situation is sadly mistaken. First of all, there is no such thing as a hopeless situation, there is an answer, there is always an answer, however difficult or long it may take to find! Those in sincere need are always surrounded by loving forces and wonderful guidence whether they know it or not. The problems that really challenge one the most are often an essential lesson the soul has chosen for itself to overcome, and are often the greatest opportunities ever in the history of the spirit for its growth and ability to create for itself and others the highest good and therefore the greatest happiness. Escaping from life's problems by suicide will not only delay the soul's fulfillment, it will also quite likely have to return back to Earth and start all over again as soon as possible the very same challenges it intended to face and overcome in the first place. The soul returns to the afterlife when it is time for the soul to return! The fruit of one's labor of life on Earth will drop from the tree only when it has ripened. If one simply can't wait to get on over to the "other side" it would be far, far better to learn how to "die daily" through the advanced study of meditation, yoga, transmutation, and astral projection, and a pure, abstinent lifestyle.

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