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Dr. Charles Marshall on How Fear, Dogma and Materialism Cripples the Great Adventure of Life

On January 30, 1973, one of Leslie Flint's closest spirit guides, Dr. Charles Marshall (February 13, 1864 - May 22, 1940), came through one of the seances speaking on the tragedy of closed-minded materialism and religious dogma and how vital it is to open one's mind to newly discovered truths. Life is meant to be a great adventure of discovery, but the world oppresses the spirit of discovery with various opposing creeds and dogmas. Life is not only meant to be a material adventure, but also a mental and a spiritual one. There is nothing wrong achieving material gains, but humanity's thinking and approach to it needs to be balanced. And if we are to really progess most rapidly, he tells all to forget self in service and you'll begin to find your real self, and that one must give one's self completely and absolutely in love.

In the above video, Dr. Charles Marshall speaks on the Great Adventure of Life. Video generously provided by The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Channel

Rev. (Church of Spiritualism) Leslie Walter Flint

In this Seance, Dr. Charles Marshall Comes Through Speaking About the Dangers of Allowing Organized Religion to Make One Narrow-Minded and Static

According to what was announced on the recording, there was much personal information exchanged between Rosie Creet and Dr. Marshall, and therefore that part of the seance was removed. Only the information that is of general interest to the public remains on the tape.

A Huge Number of Souls Conveyed a Beautiful Life Eternal!

Dr. Charles Frederic Marshall was born February 13, 1864 in Birmingham. Marshall studied at Owens College M/C and at St. Barts Hospital and became a British surgeon, cancer researcher and medical text writer. On October 10, 1908 he married Blanche Emmett. Marshall developed a strong interest in Spiritualism, joined a home circle with his wife, learned automatic writing, and channeled the book, "A New Theory of Cancer and Its Treatment". He also wrote the book, "How I Became a Spiritualist". On May 22, 1940 Marshall passed away from pneumonia in London at the age of 76. More recordings of Dr. Charles Marshall can be found here.

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In this seance, Dr. Charles Marshall spoke the following message:

Sitter: Rosie Creet

Communicator: Dr. Charles Marshall

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Such a pity, such a pity, when you think back, you know when anyone for that matter thinks back, one realizes particularly how stupid it is for people to allow themselves to become, as it were, so affected by things such as creeds and dogma in particular. It narrows their vision, narrows their understanding. It makes them static."

Rosie Creet: "That's it. That's the thing I can't understand at all." [Rosie Creet overlaps Dr. Marshall]

Dr. Charles Marshall: "You see, I think the most terrible thing that can happen, in a sense, to an individual mentally, is to be static . . ."

Rosie Creet: "Yes"

Dr. Charles Marshall: ". . . and to have a closed mind, not to be receptive, not even to accept or to listen, and this seems to me extraordinary that a person can allow themselves to become static. All life is so vast in its many, many fields and many aspects, and the tuth is so tremendously wide in its concept. A person may have some aspect of truth, but it's only a minute particle. It's like a grain of sand in the desert. If only people realize the tremendous possiblities which lie ahead. If only they realize that which they have, which may give them great comfort--nobody denies that. It's only a particle of the reality; one doesn't want to stand still. Unfortunately many people stand so still. Because of their backgroud and upbringing, they do not want to aventure forth, as it where. Life is a great adventure. Many experiences which are necessary and essential to one's evolution and to one's development, not only materially, but mentally and spiritualy."

Rosie Creet: "Yes, I know, I was surprized . . ."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "One of the worse things that can ever happen to a person is to allow themselves to become sort of tied down by dogma and creed and all the rest of it. Unless the person's mind is free, they cannot assimilate truth and knowledge and experience. They're hampered and shackled to such an extent, and I use this as one of the worse things, if not the worse thing that can happen to a soul, to a person. One must be freed (freedom to express) freedom to assimilate truth, knowledge, experience."

Rosie Creet: "She had great intelligence, you know doctor, dear, that aught to make her free." (referring to someone previously mentioned before this recording began)

Dr. Charles Marshall: "This is the tragedy, this is the tragedy."

Rosie Creet: "I can't understand it."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "I think it is a lot of people are afraid. I think fear is the basis. They are afraid, that, well, it might be a bad thing for them to branch out or to spread their wings. They like to stay in the nest instead of spreading their wings."

Rosie Creet: "Yes, afraid, it's fear.

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Very sad."

Rosie Creet: "Yea, of what they've been taught from childhood."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Well, that is one of the most important things one has to learn to throw overboard when you come here. For some people it's very difficult, and particularly people who've got strong religious convictions. I think they are the ones who find it most difficult. Sometimes I almost think it's better for people to have no religious convictions. At least their minds are not cluttered up or shuttered up."

Rosie Creet: "Oh that's it."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "I think this is the tragedy I've seen so often with so many souls over here. They cannot quickly adjust themselves. They are so full of barriers which they've created, which have been created in some cases probably for them by background. It's difficult for them to shake off the old beliefs. They realize very quickly, some at least, that these things are not so. You know there are some people, thank goodness, probably most people, really who soon begin to sort themselves out. They see the things do not apply. The fundamental truth which runs through all religions; it's like a vein which all religions have. This is alright, but I regret to say that so much is lost because people will not dig any deeper, they will not search, they will not seek. They are so afraid.

I think creeds and dogmas have much to answer for. And they're mostly, if not all man-made--that's the extraordinary thing about it. They are not things which were created in a spiritual sense by the power of the spirit, by the manifestation of the spirit. They were not things that were decreed by any entity, and indeed the extraordinary thing is that most religions base their truths on the spiritual realization that has been given to them from so-called dead people. The extraordinary thing is, that were it not, for instance, the return of the Christ after his death, there couldn't have been a Christian religion. He had to return to prove the reality of his survival after death, and all religions have this same theme: life after death."

Rosie Creet: "Yes."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "And yet when you talk about these things to people, a lot of them shy away from it as if it's something that one shouldn't discuss or delve into. Similar to fear and yet the very basis of the things they accept are based on these truths which are given from time immemorial to the Earth by entities from this world."

Rosie Creet: "But every religion has that belief."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "I wish for goodness we can do more than we do. It's really sad sometimes when we look down and see the state of affairs in your world and how much could have been changed if only people would realize these things of which we speak. The illness of the world, the mental and material illness of the world is what man has brought upon himself. And the extraordinary thing is, that vast numbers of these people, well-meaning, well-intentioned, often what you term "religious" by inclination or by acceptance of religion by background and upbringing, they themselves are so caught up in materialism, that their spiritual realization of thinking just doesn't function, doesn't seem to come to the surface, doesn't help them.

They know many times, things that they think and do are ill or bad, and yet they have no courage of their conviction. The tragedy of your world is that man has not realized the reality of this truth of which we speak which could change his whole being or way of life. People talk glibly about things, about spiritual things, but they keep them so separate and apart instead of utilizing those thoughts and putting them into action in their daily lives will change not only their own circumstances and conditions, but also the whole world in consequence. It doesn't matter whether they are Catholics or Protestants, whether they are Christians or Buddhists, whatever they are; the whole point is that all humanity is caught up in the same realization of the ultimate, which is of course, life after death. I mean no one can escape it."

Rosie Creet: "I believe the Earth life has ruined the actuality of the spirituality. We should never have been born on the Earth. It's being born on the Earth that has spoiled life altogether."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "But then, my girl, you have to come into your world: it's a training ground, it's a school room, it's necessary for the evolution of the individual. This is most important, and that's quite often why numerous souls return again and again to fulfill something that's important and essential not only in their own evolution and development, but towards making some gesture towards others in helping them in their evolution and development. The Earth world is important, but of course, the point is that man has no real balance. This is the tragedy, one doesn't expect everyone will walk around living a hundred percent spiritual existence in the material world. I wouldn't suggest that would be so or would even be possible. Although nothing is impossible, but the point is one should realize one could have balance and live in a spiritual sense or be spiritually motivated."

Rosie Creet: "But the [limitations of Earth life itself] makes one lose balance. You can't help it."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Well you say that, but that's not really so in my opinion. It seems as though man has this inner awareness, this inner consciousness. He has this spiritual faculty or spiritual ability, if you like, which is dormant, latent. The spirit is there in the material, physical body, bursting at the seams as it were, trying to get out, trying to express itself, trying to make something out of the material. The substance of the spirit is such that it could overwhelm, and it could overcome all the lesser and all the grosser aspects of materialism. But man, unfortunately in most cases, is not really aware of it to any extent, or if he is, his afraid of it, and he also looks upon the material world as being vitally, vitally important in a material sense and is more concerned with materialism than anything else, and he loses balance. I think it's the balance between the two. If motivation of the spirit were such it could be utilized in every aspect of the material, your whole world would be changed. There's nothing wrong with the fundamental world in itself. There's nothing wrong with the materialistic aspect of life in nature and in the beauty of the world. It's what man is doing to it, it's what man has done to it in the past.

You see the point is that man has not yet gained the full realization of the power within, [which] of course is what all the great prophets and teachers and seers have talked about for centuries, generations. Man has got to learn what he is able to achieve, what he can do from within himself. It has been said that the power of God is within which is true, God is within. I mean [when] we use the term "God" of course, when we use that, people immediately, a lot of people think of some sort of peculiar, strange creature in the shape or form of man, but highly evolved apart from man in a sense, sitting on a white throne. I mean God isn't a person in that sense. God has no shape and no form. God is a, as it were, I use again this expression, this word "God." God is infinite, God is a power which is beyond man's comprehension. But it is a living reality or force which animates all life. Life is animated by the power of the spirit--power of the Godhead, if you like, I don't how one would put this, how one would really understand it, but this is the part of man that should be developed and made, as it were, capable of overcoming the material. If one realized, nothing is impossible, really.

I mean take you, in your own self, you have within your self an inner awareness, a consciousness of these things of which we speak. You have great faith in consequence, and in consequence a faith which you have to some extent has helped to make you whole. I mean you have faith in me. You have faith in Stephen. You have faith in innumerable souls on this side. You now have a renewed faith in your doctor. You see this has also helped you. You've been given confidence, you see. You've learned confidence in all those endeavoring to serve and endeavoring to help. This is what is so important: the positive aspect of thought of which I spoke at the beginning. You have this positive attitude of mind in regard to this power of the spirit. Of course there are times when you get a little down or depressed, circumstances are trying. Sometimes material things seem rather overwhelming, but you still have a fundamental realization of these things of which we have spoken about for so long that have enabled you to keep going, that have enabled you to, well, whatever the vicissitude or the difficulty or the problems, you've come through it.

You see if only people would realize the power within themselves as such that much can be overcome, that much good can be achieved, much good can thrive in often circumstances where you think it's almost impossible. There's nothing impossible to the human being who has the faith and the realization of the power of the spirit, and you have that. Stephen has it, of course. Now, at first, when he first came, he was depressed, he was unhappy, he was earthbound. He was held down, well, by all manner and kind of thoughts and feelings which were not very elevating. They were very material. He's lost all that. He's found so much joy, so much happiness, so much achievement to be made. He's achieved a great deal already. You see this is what is so important: that people should realize that the power within themselves is such that it can overcome everything.

There is no reason why anyone should not be able to achieve in some shape or form even things which perhaps on the surface seem or would seem impossible of an achievement. Even when one perhaps--I mean you can see in your world in various ways how people do overcome great disadvantages. I mean there are people who perhaps are unable, for instance, to use their hands, especially if they had some accident at birth or whatever, and they can learn to paint with their feet, using their feet as if they were hands. This is a most simple, perhaps not comparable, but what I am trying to say is: if you have faith in your self in being able to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve, if you have a positive thought about it and work to that goal, to that end, you will achieve. Nothing is impossible to those who really put everything they have into it. And in a spiritual sense, this is the most important part, obviously: is that the achievement that can be brought into being by the power of the spirit, the realization that you can do, you can achieve, you can overcome. The power of the spirit will transform the whole of the Earth world into something which is beyond your imagination.

Man creates havoc, man creates misery all around and about him in your world through stupidity of thought and stupidity of action. Stupid things, terrible things ensue because man is himself, unfortunately, in most instances, caught up in such a material way with material things, putting them first. But if only there were balance between the mental and the spiritual and the material in every human being, particularly in high places, who are in a position to create, if they wish, so much good for the world, but often they create havoc and misery, and they lose balance. You see balance, balance, balance is my operative word, you might say today, in regard to everything. We do not expect perfection from the people of the Earth, why should we? We're not perfect ourselves. We're all striving for something a little more, a little better, a little wiser, a little more understanding, a little more realization of truth. All these steps, and they are steps in the right direction, they may sometimes seem slow and labored. We don't gain perhaps a great deal too quickly. But we learn slowly, but surely, and we gain confidence en route. I just feel the tragedy of your world is that man has not found balance between the spirit and the material.

There should be a driving force of the spirit in the material and every aspect of life, and whether it's in politics, whether it's in religion, whether it's in personal relationships or friends or relations, balance, balance, balance, realization of the power of love particularly makes all things possible, will overcome all things, may not always seem to at the time. But in the end, in the long run, this is the important thing, you'll find that love itself will overcome all the errors of man, but got to give one's self, absolutely give one's self in love and in service. Forget self in service and you'll begin to find your real self. This is another thing that people don't realize; if you lose your self in love, in serving, in helping, thinking of others, giving of your self as best you can, you may get hurt sometimes in the process (yes of course) and you'll get disappointments and perhaps some disillusionments here and there with individuals who are weak, and stupid and foolish. But the point is that love is the only thing that really matters. It is love that opens all the doors of knowledge and experience, that makes all things possible. I wish sometimes people would realize what the power of love can do, what it can achieve. One must give one's self completely and absolutely in love. This is what we do, and we find great joy and happiness in service and helping those less fortunate, bringing them enlightenment, strengthening when they're down and depressed, helping them to see the reality of truth and thereby climbing out of the mire and finding a real, sound footing so that they can forge ahead and find joy and happiness as we've found.

You my Rose, if only people understood this spiritualism as they call it, only understood it and practiced it, that's the trouble. So few understand and those who do often don't practice. You see this will change people, this will make them better. If we literally can uplift them, take them out of the mire of materialism, with this we can make them stronger spiritually and mentally, and then we've not achieved very much. We know how important it is for people to be comforted and we try to comfort people. We give them evidence, we give them conviction, and in many cases perhaps even save them from suicide. But the point is that very few people ever realize what it's all about. They're quite happy to scratch the surface, don't dig deep within deeply, as long as they are helped over a style for the time being, and then they go sailing along in the old material way. We want so much to make people realize the implications of what we're talking about, but sometimes I feel that we fail. Well I said, 'we fail.' They fail themselves--people I mean.

You know, Rose . . ."

Rosie Creet: "Yes."

Dr. Charles Marshall: ". . . although we don't have much opportunity these days to talk together, always know that I am near you and whenever I send out your thoughts to me, and sometimes I hear you mentally say, 'Where are you dear doctor?'"

Rosie Creet: [laughter]

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Well, I am often there."

Rosie Creet: [more laughter] "I think I can feel it."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Anyway, I'd spoken much longer than intended and I did want Stephen to have a word with you. I think that now perhaps, perhaps I don't know quite well whether the medium is getting reorganized or what he's doing; he seems a bit of a mess. But still, I hope that you'll be able to come at least once a week."

Rosie Creet: "Oh I might hope so doctor dear."

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Get him to sort himself out. Are you listening?"

Leslie Flint: "Yes!"

Dr. Charles Marshall: "Well then, so something about it! Bub-bye!"

Rosie Creet: "Bye-bye doctor dear!"

Leslie Flint: [laughter] "Bye-bye! . . . Oh dear."

Rosie Creet: "Thank you for your lecture!"

(Spirit control Mickey chimes in, followed by more laughter and the tape ends.)

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