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The Cook Sisters/Brian Hurst Recordings

The knowledge and messages of the spirit to this material world of darkness must come out! We cannot ignore the vital importance of these messages not only as a presentation of powerful evidence and proof of survival after death on higher spheres, but also vital knowledge that this materialistic world of darkness, conflict and confusion desperately needs. Therefore I have uploaded one of the largest online collections of Leslie Flint recordings ever compiled originating from the early 1950s up until late 1980s. Because these recordings were made over 60, 50, 40 and 30 years ago and often on what would now be considered antique tape recorders, the quality of some of these recordings may be very poor, have much background noise and/or difficult to understand. In some cases, it would be best to use headphones.

Please support the Leslie Flint Educational Trust which originally provided hundreds of similar recordings.

The Cook Sisters Collection of Leslie Flint Recordings

Who were the sitters Ida and Louise Cook? Learn more here. Ida Cook (August 24, 1904 - December 22, 1986) campaigned for Jewish refugees and wrote romance novels under the pseudonym, Mary Burchell. Ida Cook and her sister Mary Louise Cook rescued Jews from the Nazis during the 1930s. The sisters helped 29 people escape while using funds mainly provided by Ida's writing. Source: Wikipedia

Cook Sisters - Bill Cook - recorded 3-23-1969 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook. Spirit communicator: their brother Bill Cook. The sound quality of the first quarter of this recording is very poor, and one or two male voices try to come through (Clemens Krauss, Arthur?) rather muddled, often with a loud, harsh shrill in the background mainly for the first five minutes. However, Mickey soon announces that Bill is here to speak and the background noise starts to clear up. Bill's voice sends his mother's love, and he suggests writing a book about their marvelous experiences with spiritualism, mentioning something wrong with one of the sisters' feet, a photograph, etc. He asked them if they remembered their pet rabbits, a nipping parrot, etc. After several more minutes, Bill's voice becomes clearer and clearer and less muddled, saying that he used to struggle quite a bit with piano music when he was still on their side, but now he is immersed in music and meeting all sorts of wonderful people. He says he can now really play quite well. He says Krauss has been a tremendous help. Through him, he met all sorts of interesting people, including many singers and musicians, even Mozart, whom he says is an absolute genius.

He says he's seen great composers perform magnificent concerts in vast auditoriums filled with thousands of people in the open air. The extraordinary thing is it's visual as well, because music here is not just pure sound as such. It's as if the musicians are able to picturize what they are trying to convey in extraordinary colors. The world here is similar to Earth in a fundamental sense, with beautiful countryside and all that sort of thing, but everything is on a wider scale, with vast, vast vistas. There are flowers growing here in a variety not seen on Earth, with magnificent colors, wonderful perfumes, and scents while bathing in a magnificent glow of all magnificent colors everywhere. There are whole woods of flowers as tall as trees. Everything that is of culture, beauty, grace, and dignity continues here but on a vaster, wider scale and far more beautiful. The more advanced you become the more of the surrounding conditions you create mentally. You find yourself in an environment most suited to your own mental condition. You hear about planes or spheres of existence, one plane contains hundreds of different worlds according to an individual's understanding, progress, or lack of it. Even though the problem of eternal life is incomprehensible, when one realizes that every world here, every plane of existence contains hundreds and hundreds of strata of consciousness according to one's progress, one begins to see just how immense life really is. The joy and beauty of it is that here you realize everything is possible and that nothing is impossible.

No matter how low or degraded a person's condition of life is, there is always hope for such individuals, no one is ever lost. We have laws, organization, and standards, but there are no laws or fixed regulations, etc. in that no one ever judges you. Of course, people help, guide, and advise you, but no one forces their will on you. One clearly sees however one's own mistakes and has to face them. There is no facade or make-up to hide your true self. At first, you feel embarrassed, but somehow you go ahead and accept yourself. He said he recently has been doing some rescue work and has been helping others over during this "Vietnam business." You do get people who are not necessarily bad people but are tied to a certain extent to certain facts which although of a material nature, want to try to make good or rectify certain things they may have done to someone else. He says he found going to lower spheres (or lower depths) extraordinarily interesting and found he could learn so much even from people stuck in lower spheres. He notices the world is surrounded by and choked by fog, all around the Earth, some places more deeply than others, except here and there a clear spot where minds are tuned in, trying to pierce the darkness and trying to open up a way we can reach them. These are not always mediums as such, but people who are aware of the state of this world and want to be of service. We try to reach them and influence them. All communication between your world and our world is a mental process and there are various methods that are used. For instance, regarding your circle (the Cook sisters' group) it's beautifully attuned, it's very harmonious, we are making contact, and we are very happy about it, but these things do take time. In some way, we might be able to reach other people later on.

The sisters say it's a wonderful talk and can't say how much it means to them. He wishes it to really be possible for his sisters to see what it is really like here and how wonderful it is. He states, "No one need fear dying. No one needs to fear death at all. It's a gateway to life, it's like going to sleep in one world and waking up in another far more wonderful, far more beautiful with greater opportunities, and meeting again all the people you've known and loved, the joy of being young, innocent, active." After saying Mother sends all her love and blessings, and that there will be much happier times still to come, he closes the conversation with "Be happy, and bless you both."

Cook Sisters - Clemens Krauss, Oscar Wilde, John Sloan - recorded 4-23-1969 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. Spirit communicators Clemens Krauss (who Mickey sometimes refers to as "Mr. Sandeman" because of his resemblance to the inconic caped figure as part of the Sandeman logo on a bottle of Port wine produced by a winery in Portugal founded in 1790 by George Sandeman), Rosa Ponselle, Champion de Crespigny, their cousin Harry, their old schoolmate Dolcy, Oscar Wilde, John Campbell Sloan, and Mary Cook come through with various personal messages for the Cook sisters. Oscar Wilde states he is still writing on his side and asks one of the sisters if he still knows his plays. He quotes himself, ". . . touch it and the bloom is gone. Fortunately, in England, at any rate, education produces nothing, if it did, it would be a serious danger to the upper classes, and probably lead to acts of violence in Grosvenor's Square." (For confirmation of the accuracy of this quote, check out the ninth paragraph of the following page: The Importance of Being Earnest.)

Cook Sisters - Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Lord Shaftesbury - recorded 9-30-1969 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. The spirit communicators who come through on this recording include Mickey, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Lord Shaftesbury, and Mary Cook. Mickey speaks about past lives of the sisters and their spiritual endeavors. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson comes through and describes how spirits work through doctors to guide them and enhance their healing capabilities as best they can. Lord Shaftesbury is pleased by how these tape recordings can be made and distributed to others open-minded enough to listen to them. Finally their mother, Mary Cook comes through in a whisper.

Cook Sisters - Marie Corelli, Clemens Krauss, Bill Cook - recorded 12-12-1969 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook. Spirit communicatos: Mickey, Marie Corelli, Clemens Krauss (who Mickey sometimes refers to as "Mr. Sandeman" because of his resemblance to the inconic caped figure as part of the Sandeman logo on a bottle of Port wine produced by a winery in Portugal founded in 1790 by George Sandeman), Mary Cook, Bill Cook, Emmy, Anna, and several other communicators. Mickey comes through first wishing everyone a happy Christmas and saying that the Cook sister's circle has very harmonious conditions. A lady's voice comes through identifying herself as "Corelli" (her actual name was Mary or Minnie Mackay) and that she was an author. She states things go in cycles and has no doubt her books will become popular again. She says many souls are extremely anxious that the Cook sisters write a spiritual book later on and that they are receiving inspiration and guidance and occasionally direct communication which can all be utilized as the central theme of the book which they say will be quite different from the ordinary book on this subject. Being such a wonderful atmosphere, she says she really enjoys their sessions and states that the souls on her side who are so attracted to it, are so numerous and so advanced, and are very happy with their circle which exudes a bright aura, and wish to convey all their love and regard to all of the members of the circle. She soon departs with blessings for a wonderful Christmas, and New Year, and ends her communication with a sweet, sincere "goodbye".

Mickey comes back asking whether or not Corelli wrote this or that title, and other questions about her like "Didn't she live at Stratford-upon-Avon?" He thinks she is a "strange creature" but no one is perfect. A male voice who identifies himself as "Krauss" says there are many, many people around in harmony and in love. He thinks very much of those happy times in their circle. Many of his opera friends are here with him now. He likes to bring many people with him concerned with music and opera, saying he used to conduct the orchestra (of the Vienna State Opera?). He tells the sisters he thinks of them always, wishes them all that is good, and will keep in touch with them. Mickey comes back again, saying he (Krauss) still conducts music, plays, and all that. Mickey discusses with the sisters how much they love listening to music, owning a large collection of records, and meeting so many terribly interesting people associated with it. Mickey predicts they will join some kind of committee or project involving children.

Their mother Mary Cook briefly comes through first, followed by their brother Bill, who says he brought along with him his Pekingese dog which he is now in charge of. He says has been taking a great deal of interest in children and animals on the other side since he has been here. Mickey steps in to help this conversation along a little, confirming the fact that he indeed brought along the Pekingese dog with him. According to Mickey, he seems to have adopted this particular Pekingese. Bill comes back in to say he's become tremendously interested in working with children and animals, apart from other things. People don't realize animals cling to the environment they are living in and the people they are living with, and they get really sad when no one takes any notice of them and they seem very bewildered. There is quite a line of souls on this side who take an interest in the animals. It is wonderful to realize there are quite a number of souls on this side who can take them in hand and find them a new master and home. Of course, many people don't realize what wonderful little personalities animals are, and how sensitive they can be, and sometimes much more sensitive than human beings. He says it's a great joy helping these creatures, some of which are quite advanced. Animals take something from the humans that looked after them, helping them along with their evolutionary development. He says there are crowds of animals, family members, etc. living with him on his side. Not only his room, but his house contains all manner of things related to his past including the memories of innumerable other people. He also mentions a cook he used to know named Elizabeth or "Bessie" who's always at your meetings and she was a good soul. Then he says, "just a minute." but we don't hear back from him.

A lady's whispering voice then comes through identifying herself as "Emma" or "Emmy" who's here with her husband George. Then Mickey comes in confirming there is a man here with Emma: a husband and wife. I don't know whether you know of him, but his name is Wilmot (listen to a recording of George Wilmot).

An anonymous male voice then comes through saying a few odd words with loud background interference in what sounds like a foreign language. A female whispering voice identifying herself as "Anna" comes through which was at first mixed in with the previous voice. Then Mickey says she's associated with "Mr. Sandeman" (Clemens Krauss) and there are several other Germans who sadly were in concentration camps who were truly grateful for the sisters helping many of them escape from all of it or at least some of their relatives from it. He asks the sisters about an "Ant Etta" whose health condition is not too well and that there are many trying to help her in any way they can.

Then a whispering female voice comes through who might be the sisters' mother, Mary Cook. Then a louder, clear French-sounding female voice of someone identifying herself as Marie comes through to say a few final words wishing them a happy New Year, etc., and that there are many souls here who have not revealed themselves yet. Mickey comes through to close the session wishing them a happy Christmas.

Cook Sisters - Archbishop William Temple - recorded 1-20-1970 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook. Spirit communicator: Archbishop William Temple.

Cook Sisters - Frederic Chopin, Alexandre Dumas, George Sand - recorded 4-30-1970 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. Spirit communicators: Frederic Chopin, George Sand, and Alexandre Dumas. Leslie Flint coughs while a male voice (Frederic Chopin) is trying to speak. He jokes about how temperamental mediums are! A lady also tries to speak but he shoos her off. George Sand comes through saying who she is while being interrupted by a male voice. Then some other lady speaks and sings quite beautifully in a foreign language. Mickey tries to explain what's going on. A male voice comes through and says he has been here many years and identifies himself as Dumas, an author and writer of many books. He states that highly advanced souls used him as an instrument. The sisters say they loved his books, especially "The Count of Monte Cristo". Based on the history and significant people of that period both good and bad, he states there is great fact in "The Count of Monte Cristo". He explains how the creative spirit of great souls such as writers, architects, artists, singers, and composers like Chopin lives on forever. That which is created on Earth may pass away materially but if it is based on truth and has the power of the spirit, these things are recreated even more beautiful still in spirit. He says all the good things of the mind and the creative power of the spirit cannot die. Nothing is lost that is good. The best and most beneficial creations of all time are preserved indefinitely. Nothing is lost that is beautiful and good. Mickey concludes the seance.

Cook Sisters - Charles Dickens - recorded 5-29-1970 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook. Spirit Communicator: Charles Dickens.

Cook Sisters - Clemens Krauss - recorded 7-15-1970 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. Spirit communicators: Clemens Krauss (who Mickey sometimes refers to as "Mr. Sandeman" because of his resemblance to the inconic caped figure as part of the Sandeman logo on a bottle of Port wine produced by a winery in Portugal founded in 1790 by George Sandeman), Mary Cook, Uncle Charles, and Mickey. Clemens comes through and states he has with him many people including artists, singers, and musicians. He says on the other side, he met all the great souls from the theater, opera, and music. He states that all the great musicians continue on here, with wonderful musical festivals and displays. He says he learns and thinks in different languages now, more than he used to on Earth. He asks them about their retired artistic friend, Rosa Ponselle, and says she is quite well but recovering from an illness. He laughingly states she is getting fat. He says he often visits with his friends, but some of his friends not so much because they reside on other planes or spheres. He says he noticed changes in their room, that they moved something around (which they confirmed), and also explains he mentions little things like this as proof that he can get around and see what is happening. He states he can also see what operas, performances, places, etc. they will go to in the future. Like a fortune teller, he predicts they will go to see operas in Paris. Mickey comes through describing various spirit visitors in the room including a Polish friend of theirs who sadly took his own life but overcame it and met many friends after passing. Their mother Mary Cook comes through and finally their mother's brother, Charles. Mickey describes several other relatives present such as an uncle Charles, his brother John, another Charles (who died very young), Maryann, etc. Mickey finally mentions White Feather who has been helping with their seances, then concludes the seance.

Cook Sisters - Estelle Roberts - recorded 3-9-1972 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook. Spirit Communicator: Estelle Roberts.

Cook Sisters - Mrs. Patrick Campbell - recorded 5-26-1972 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook. Spirit communicators: Mickey and Mrs. Patrick (Stella) Campbell

Cook Sisters - Enrico Caruso - recorded 9-19-1972 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook. Spirit communicators: Mickey and Enrico Caruso. Mickey starts with "How are you both?" He asks how everyone is doing in the circle (a seance group held by the Cook sisters at their home independent of and outside Leslie Flint's group), and hopes everyone is alright. One of the ladies answered back, "We do meet every Friday, but one or two are on holiday."

A deceased Italian opera singer, a male voice (Enrico Caruso) comes through saying there are several people here wanting to make a communication, but some of them are a little earthbound. He says he works with a group of souls who are specialists in the rescue work of earthbound souls and souls who feel lost. He says that time is funny for him on his side of life, so he can't tell how long ago it was since he was at one of these seance meetings, but he was very interested, and liked to be present among very interesting people. Sometimes clever scientists such as (Sir William) Crookes would show up. He states he can communicate by thought (on his side where it's possible to communicate telepathically without words), but many years ago (before passing) being Italian, he had to learn English sometimes for various reasons. He also had to learn German and French. His English was not very good, and when he visited America before the First World War, he sang in many places. But he still feels he's bad at English and still has to stop and find the right words to speak. He finally identifies his name as "Caruso" (Enrico Caruso) saying he made many discs or records but did not think it conveyed his voice very well. He said over the years on his side he met many great souls. "Over here," he says, they have much music, great concerts, plays, operas, etc. They have new productions. "Over here we can communicate entirely by thought, and if you wish you can transmit your thoughts in such a way that people will hear your voice." Sometimes he goes down to the Earth sphere where they have some special places to view some of the new operas, but he seems not too impressed. He says he would like to experiment with his voice through a medium. He says he did see a medium back on Earth, and said he was a very good man, but at first did not believe him after telling him many things about himself. He mentions he did try to make movies but was terrible at it. He thinks Rosa (Rosa Ponselle was then 75) is amazing and a good soul.

He says he met many singers on his side who were amazing. He thinks he gave too much, and felt if he had not tried too much, he would have lived a little longer. The sisters say when they play one of his records, they have the feeling he is there. He says he has visited their flat and mentions bringing many of his friends to their home circle meetings (that the sisters held every Friday). He goes on to say Rosa is a great actress and a remarkable woman. But when one of the sisters says she (after now having aged quite a bit) lost her nerve, Enrico is puzzled how this could be. Yet having seen so many of her performances, he's convinced she's a remarkable character. He then states some singers would walk down to the foyer and out of the production which he says was bad. He then states he had some remarkable experiences with two ladies (on theater backstage) which he hopes would not be reported "as it is not for me the gentleman!" "What is important is the talent, the music, which is from God." He says as instruments of the Divine, we have to develop it, we have to care for it. We have to do everything we can to use it properly as it is all from the divine source. He mentions seeing the sisters (last week or last year?--showing confusion spirits can often have regarding trying to keep track of time) holding some book full of pictures of people (including himself in a fur coat) while showing them to some people. He says he traveled to many places while still on their side. He recalls the incident with the monkey pinching the buttocks of a married woman (in November 1906), which somehow he was accused of. And then he mentions the awful problem he had with his throat (a throat hemorrhage) which happened not long before his death (Aug. 2, 1921). He feels he has to go, his voice and train of thought break up a little and finally says "arrivederci" which is "goodbye" in Italian. Mickey comes back to conclude this seance session.

Cook Sisters - Marie Collier, Enrico Caruso, Lilian Baylis, recorded 1-25-1973 .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. Spirit communicators: Mickey, Marie Collier, Enrico Caruso, Lilian Baylis, Sid, Doris Ricard, White Feather, and several others who did not identify themselves. Mickey comes through asking if the sisters are interested in reincarnation. Marie Collier comes through (at first in a whisper) telling the sisters she "came to your house" and that your (seance) meetings have been such a help to me. She says she met many singers and musicians, it was some of those who brought me to your apartments. She also mentions that her death (when she fell from an open window) was an accident, and not intentional. She finally says "Enrico brought me here" before having to stop, making it very difficult for her to speak. Enrico comes through saying she was very sad and earthbound before being brought to your circle. Many souls are trying to make contact with Earth because of the sisters' interest in music. Then a lady (Lillian Baylis) comes through saying and asking, "Hello, how are you?" with a loud, booming voice. (long pause) "Can you hear me?"

Then a male voice (Enrico Caruso) comes through saying many souls, even though anxious to come through are unsure of themselves. He says the sisters' interest in the theatrical and artistic world of music and opera in particular naturally draws and attracts all manner of people including professionals who are still interested in music and there are those naturally there who must protect the group from any undesirable entity. This is to be expected of course. He states their friend, Clemens Krauss whom Mickey refers to as "Mr. Sandeman" is very much in charge of rounding up all the singers, etc. wanting to come through and speak. There are also various souls not involved in the music but are in charge of the circle on the spiritual and psychic levels. He states there are many people involved in the building up of the voice box, so it can hold some level of conversation, including some involved in the scientific aspect of it. This business of using the voice box is a very complex thing. The vibration can be so variable and fluctuate so quickly, that the voice box may partly and even completely disintegrate right in mid-sentence while someone is trying to speak through it. Their thoughts don't always come through and so much of what they wish to convey is lost. They have repeated their attempts at trying to convey their thoughts several times.

He then states that during the sisters' own development in their own circle, a whistling sound would first be heard before actual communication starts. This would be a sign for them to listen for. Being able to hold a certain level of vibration and pitch is half the battle. The difficulties faced by a soul trying to communicate include having to maintain a certain focus on one particular vibration while at the same time being able to recall their life while still on Earth, and when needed, their present life in the spiritual world they now inhabit which is far-removed from the physical world. Just the manipulation of the movement of the trumpet requires tremendous energy, and tremendous power so that the ectoplasmic rods can be sustained sufficiently to move that trumpet from one point to another. The trumpet is needed only during the early stages of communication so that it might slightly amplify the voices. He mentions concentrating on the physical aspects of the sisters' circle and that they are making progress. He asks if they would know Steven Arnald.

Then that previous lady speaker tries to come through again and after a short pause clearly identifies herself as Lilian Baylis while saying, "What a strange thing this is, trying to talk through this box business." She says she's been to their meetings. They remember they did meet at least once when Lillian was still alive. She says they hope they don't change the name of a particular theater (the Old Vic) she loves. It was bad enough they had moved it. She finds trying to concentrate and speak at the same time is very difficult. Even though the theater had come a long way, in some respects it was away from her main idea which was making it possible for even the very poor to enjoy opera, ballet, and Shakespeare. But now they are charging "West End" prices. The whole conception was altered. She says she does not understand "this spiritualistic business" (and then Leslie Flint chuckles). And one of the sisters states "It must be strange trying to get over from your side". Lillian states "I must admit I find it very odd." She states she still has a great deal to do with music of course, but is not exactly involved in the organization of it anymore. After Lilian asked about her, they talk about soprano and opera producer Joan Cross still alive at the time of this recording. She then says she'll try to come and talk to them again and says, "Goodbye."

Another male voice comes through, identifying himself as "Sid" who was a scene shifter at the Old Vic. He reminisces about past events at the theater. He says he doesn't understand about this "business of spiritualism and all that." He reminisces about various characters he met while working behind the scenes and on the stage. His voice fades out. Another lady (a friend of the sitters) comes through who calls herself "Doris" (Ricard) and with her blessings wants to say hello. And then the male voice of "White Feather" comes through with a short message, and Mickey chimes in to conclude the seance.

Cook Sisters - Miickey - recorded 3-11-1983 .mp3
Show/HideSitters: Ida, Louise Cook, Elayne Duke, and her mother. Spirit communicators: Mickey, and family. Mickey recognizes there's a problem and tells Elayne she can't please everyone and to Just let things take their course and asks if her mother is nervous, but she says she's perfectly calm now. Mickey says a gentleman here (Louis) says she's been talking about getting rid of certain items from her home. And she says yes she thought about it. Mickey tells her mother to let things go and not try to push anything, don't try to do anything different or unusual, but just try to accept things or the situation in life as you find it. "This applies to both of you." That opera singer lady (Rosa Ponselle) is here with you saying she is annoyed with someone who rebuffed her over something she did. Rosa wanted her to have something but Mickey says Rosa was sometimes rather difficult, and things were in a terrible muddle when she finally passed because she dreaded the mere thought of dying and death, and was therefore not at all keen on writing her will, planning her estate, etc. Mickey states that there was some lost jewelry, and also mentions a fur coat and a diamond watch given to her by a famous person are some items she mentioned. Mickey states that she said 'What a shame about the portrait." (The original was lost in a fire.) Mickey says Rosa is laughing about her husband (who did not get along with her at times) because it all worked out in the end. Mickey says she is here with several other people she knew at the operas.

Mickey says she is very disappointed about a book about her life in which some things (pictures) were left out. He mentions her successful sister Carmela who "beat her to it" (as a cabaret singer). Mickey advises Elayne's mother not to move or make any big changes and that she is surrounded by love and affection. Mickey goes on to say her brother is here with their parents and has been around her for quite some time. Mickey tells her not to think in terms of getting old and is still reasonably attractive and can still get around more or less. He tells her not to give in, because once she's given in, she's had it, and she's got to keep going, she's got to keep her balance and not let things get her down. He says there are plenty of people from both sides who love her a lot and are looking after her, including Rosa, who has a strong personality that impinges on her a lot. She has lots going for her, and must not let herself down. Mickey mentions that the mother has an anniversary in the early spring and the lady confirms it's in March. He asks her if she remembers Willy or Billy who was very close at one time to the family. Mickey mentions there is someone in the family who got married twice because the first one did not work out.

Mickey allows her husband to come through, saying he is so anxious to come through, and her mother, her father, her brother, etc. are also present, like a big reunion. He comes through in a whisper trying to speak, but only minimally. They exchange a great deal of love, "Honey, honey, honey, I love you!" but can only speak briefly. Mickey tells her he's near her every day. He mentions a large photograph she has of him back at her home. Her husband mentions a watch that's had an alteration that she happens to be wearing. He brings up the fact someone he knows quite well was recently cremated. He talks about a lock of hair taken from a child's head and a lacquered Chinese box. He states she must not worry when it is time to come over and join her loved ones and that her daughter will be alright. Mickey emphasizes however she is not at all close to coming over yet especially if she stays active and on her toes, etc. He states she is a worrier, but he tells her, "Why worry? Be happy and make the most of it." And she's had a good life, a happy marriage, etc. and he jokingly insists "I'll shake you!" if she does not stop worrying. She has always been a pretty woman who's admired and respected, so why not keep it going? "Keep the pot boiling mate."

Elayne asks if Rosa's museum at her home will still continue. Mickey says her museum and foundation will still continue for a time, but nothing is permanent. Rosa however is no longer concerned about these material things and is much more accepting of the situation anyway. Mickey says he does not think she is unduly worried about it. Mickey describes Rosa's home as having a wide entrance and that Rosa recalls coming down the staircase of her home while singing and putting on an act for everybody's benefit. Mickey states how close the mother and daughter are and that they should always remain close even though not necessarily living together. "It's very important." He mentions they have a "doggy woggy" over there that the family members on the spirit side have been bringing forward. Mickey states the mother's husband is very often with and looking after her and she has something by her bed that connects her to him. She often speaks to him in her thoughts. He tells her not to be startled if she sees her husband in the old mirror on her stairway. Mickey says her husband laughs at the fact she got herself a wig that she definitely does not need. Her husband says he's been to see her daughter-in-law with the name of Elly and someone nick-named, Jumbo who was a very stout, rather tubby man. But the mother and daughter jokingly say they had a dog named Jumbo. Mickey mentions someone here who was very keen on tennis (speaks his name "Alfred" but then goes). Mickey then mentions a pen belonging to her husband that the mother still has around. She then confirms she has a pen of his but at the moment is not using or can't find it.

Mickey says it's getting very confusing with all these people on his side entering in, and an actress is now pushing in, "I'm Stella" who's a very autocratic, "laying down the law type of woman" and has exerted her personality. He says her name is "Campbell" (Mrs. Patrick (Stella) Campbell) and she is trying to come in with a Pekingese dog, However, Mickey does not allow her to come through this time because "once she gets on her high horse, everyone has had it." She knows a lot of posh people and she knows a lot of your friends, a lot of those theatrical people, but Mickey wants to stay focused on "this poor woman's old man" and would rather Mrs. Patrick Campbell come another time. Mickey winds up this seance session repeating what he said earlier that her husband really loves her and what a really nice daughter she has and for the daughter and her mother to always look after each other. He closes the session with his love and blessings and says, "I've got to go now, goodbye!"

Cook Sisters #8 - Enrico Caruso - recorded ?-?-19-- .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. Spirit communicators: Mickey, Enrico Caruso. Mickey comes through discussing with them their ability to stay organized and how well they seem to be keeping appointments on the dot, etc. yet they felt they were not, except regarding appointments. A male voice (Enrico Caruso) comes through noting only the two of them appear today yet many in spirit are here today, some they don't know. He mentions that their friend, Micheal Cohen (Mr. Portal), or "Mr. Sandeman" is here with them. He also mentions that he would love to speak to singer Rosa (Ponselle) who at that time has retired and in her 70s. Some people think it's bad to think of dying, and Rosa is therefore also reluctant to discuss it. Enrico said when he used to come here (back to Earth), he would bang on tables, move candles around at a church, and speak directly to a priest, but no one took any notice. He brings up the retired singer Rosa, saying she is very sad about no longer being able to perform, but she still has a voice. He says he will be one of the first to greet her when she comes over. Sometimes she would dream of being on stage again "on this side" and that she while in the right mood can be "confidential" with the sisters because she trusts them. She knows the sisters are genuinely sincere. She has a heart of gold. She has a souvenir, programs, photographs, pictures, paintings, portraits, etc. that she plans to leave with a museum dedicated to opera music. He mentions more things regarding her personal life, some jewelry, and a box she will be leaving to others.

He says there is no cutting or separation of past, present, and future, "what was is still." He says he finds himself to be the same person but a little different in some respects, and that he is so excited to talk to the sisters. He says that because he thinks in French and his native tongue (Italian), he has to find words to speak in English. He remembers the time he happened to be in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake which was an unpleasant experience and it was unfortunate he happened to be there (but he survived it and managed to successfully escape the city). He says there are many new operas, and that the great ones such as Tchaikovsky and Tartini still compose and perform at these great operas over on his side. He mentions there is an opera (for example) called "The Journey of the Soul" which is about a man who journeyed through different spheres to reach his goal. It is about a person with great talent who while on Earth was anxious to be creative but adverse circumstances did not allow for it and how upon first arriving on the other side, was able to open up to the wisdom of the spheres. Because he gave himself completely and absolutely for the good of others at great sacrifice to himself, he achieved far more in the spheres while inspiring the help of many great prophets, seers, artists, musicians, etc. Unfortunately in the music profession (on Earth) there is much selfishness, bitterness, and jealousy. It is very sad because there is otherwise much good in others. Enrico recalls how he behaved and performed while still on Earth including the times he had to sing even while not feeling good. He recalls an incident when someone accidentally hit him on the head and got furious and swore at the man who hit him, but then, later on, felt bad about it and then gave him a bottle of whiskey.

Regarding Rosa again, he admires the all-around greatness of this woman, enjoys singing with her the most, and he has great admiration for her. The sisters concur she was the greatest experience in their lives. He recalls deliberately standing in front of some people on stage whom he could not stand. He still finds expressing his thoughts through this voice box very strange. The sisters mention how great it would be for him to communicate through their circle. They all recall a birthday party with Rosa. He recalls meeting Sarah Bernhardt (the French actress) and others while still on Earth. He says he has to stop and think, then recalls a few names before his voice breaks up.

Mickey softly comes through saying, "Mr. Krauss, and your mummy and your brother send his love." Mickey has to come through in a whisper because Enrico has used up all the power. Sending all his love, Mickey then closes the seance.

Cook Sisters #9 - Bill Cook, Sir Henry Wood - recorded ?-?-19-- .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. Spirit communicators: their brother Bill Cook, magazine writer Edith Nepean, and English composer Sir Henry Wood (March 3, 1869 - August 19, 1944) source: Wikipedia. Their late brother Bill (who recently passed at the age of 70) describes how one's appearance changes after one passes over, saying he looks much younger on the higher level where he now lives but starts to appear much older under the influence of the earth vibration while coming back to communicate. An old acquaintance Edith Nepean comes through reminiscing about the 20s and the 30s. Sir Henry Wood comes through commenting on how "crusty" he might be sounding and how much of a fool he considered anyone claiming to contact the dead. Operas, novels, and writing about singers, etc. were subjects discussed. He tries to convey how complicated and involved communication really is and how most mediums are such a poor show. Mickey comes through to introduce a lady named Millicent who just wants to send her love and say she is very happy over there and then he says his goodbyes to close the seance.

Cook Sisters #1 - Mickey, John Sloan, Teresa - recorded ?-?-19-- .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida and Louise Cook. Mickey comes through to reveal the names of various individuals connected with the sitters Ida and Louise Cook. He jokingly states they know too many people! He brings up the names, Margret Nemara who was a singer, Mary, Casey, Alex, Lucy, and the Cook sister's late brother, Bill, and their parents who were all present in spirit. They were all thrilled about Bill's remarkable progress after he recently passed. Mickey says Bill was a victim to some extent of himself and some extent of circumstances, and even though he seemed materialistic, he was not. One of the sisters says he was overly intellectual, a good person, and yet did not believe in the hereafter. Mickey says he was confused within himself but had values. Finally, the former Scotch physical medium John C. Sloan briefly comes through followed by a French lady by the name of Maria Teresa. She spoke about the remarkable progress of their brother who recently passed.

Cook Sisters #10 - Failed Attempts - recorded ?-?-19-- .mp3
Show/Hide Sitters: Ida, Louise Cook, and some friends including an actor/singer and his wife. Spirit communicator: Mickey. Mickey tells the actor in the group of sitters that he needs to take it easy and not work so hard anymore because his health must come first. Mickey says Marco (or Marcolo?), Ellis, Anna, Rosa, Morice, Mamuksha (means "Mother" in archaic Russian), and a few others associated with the actor try to come through and speak. Mickey tells him his mother and papa are here and a lovely young gentleman who's in love with your daughter are here. That gentleman suddenly died in a fluke car accident could have been the actor's son-in-law. Mickey says his name is Marco (Morice, Morris?) and is anxious to say he is not dead. Mickey explains there are too many people present today who are desperate and anxious to speak but are having difficulty manifesting because most have too little experience with this voice box which is very strange to them. (This entire set-up must also seem strange and unusual to the sisters' friends on Earth.) Mickey and two other much more experienced communicators have to intervene several times to help out and explain what's going on, but sadly, throughout most of the rest of the session, most of the speakers are inexperienced and struggle to come through with only a few widely separated squeaky words, whistles, names, and whispers. However, a male voice manages to come through speaking Polish for a while. Then Mickey comes through again later on in this tape, but only in a whisper while saying the visitors must come back on another day (but they can't) indicating that the power must be diminishing and/or that conditions are poor. The atmosphere gets very tense because too many desperately want to talk and find they can't. Mickey explains there are a tremendous number of people here who have very little contact experience and are over-emotional. The session must close and there is some disappointment on both sides, but Leslie Flint explains that it's nobody's fault and there are days they can get through with fantastic results and days they simply can't and we have to accept that, and that it's a miracle we can get anything. After some discussion among the sitters regarding today's difficult session, Mickey comes back in to apologize while acknowleging the fact the sister's friends had come a long way, before having to close the session.

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The Brian Hurst Collection of Leslie Flint Recordings

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Brian Hurst - recorded 2-25-1977 .mp3

Brian Hurst - recorded 10-12-1977 .mp3

Brian Hurst - recorded 8-15-1978 .mp3

Brian Hurst - recorded 4-2-1985 .mp3

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A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds - by Gwen Vaughan A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds - Gwen Vaughan

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