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A Cacophony of EVPs Are Being Captured on MP3 (YOU MAY NEED HEADPHONES)

First Published: 1-18-2018 - Last Updated: 8-18-2022 - New Section Added

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Various kinds of bizarre and mysterious EVPs are being picked up and recorded from my latest communication device experiments on a regular basis. These strange voices were carefully picked from much longer 5 to 60 minute recordings of mostly miscellaneous crude noises and sounds. This process takes hours of my time. It is vital to listen to these sounds with one's full attention and with an excellent high quality amplified sound system and high quality headphones because a surprising number of people I've shared this page with so far miss out on most of the words that I can hear so plainly and clearly. You may need to have good hearing and able to hear a range of much higher frequencies than mormal as well.

Always keep in mind that (especially at this early stage in "communication") these rather peculiar phrases or "voices" come in random bits and pieces and are often as hard to understand as they are cryptic and mysterious. Even though I find most of the words coming through to be loving, positive, supportive, and edearing (often addressed to me personally) I also feel the need to make it clear that NOT ALL of these messages are positive nor represent my own personal values!

I also need to mention the "pareidolia effect" that must be seriously considered while trying to interpret these so-called messages. Unfortunately, most or even all of these "words" could just be attributed to pareidolia, phonetic coincidences, stray radio broadcasts, computer audio processing quirks, etc. and can't say for sure these messages alone constitute a proof of an afterlife yet, but it's still very interesting nevertheless, and I'm still hoping it could still lead to actual communicaton.

One may find that most of the EVP messages posted here sound quite loving and pleasing, but sometimes someone (similar to a "troll" on social media, email or by any other method of communication) might come through with a rather negative statement. I could simply edit it out, but very rarely do I ever come across negative messages anyway. Yet I could speculate that earthbound souls, and any similarly unaware spirits who happen to be hanging around in my neighborhood or those brought up in a strict religious family background are likely to completely misunderstand the truly good nature of spiritualists such as my most favorite medium of all time, Leslie Flint, various associates and my self.

For example: I did not bother to edit out the rather confusing statement near the middle of #8 that seems to sound like: "Those spiritualists: they're all wrong philosophies" and the one at the end of the #5 recording: "I don't like spiritualists" because I prefer to try to be objective and evidential as possible.

Most of these recordings are best listened to with headphones without any background disturbances, because they are quite subtle and many are buried in a cacophony of other noises I have not been able to cancel or filter out. The messages are often not very clear, and some I've even had to guess at, but all the words I heard or seemed to understand, I have written down in their correct sequence directly above each of the following audio files:

#26 - I'M SO HAPPY NOW! - August 18, 2022: I now channel my EVPs using a compact SONY AM-FM radio with "Audio in" option, but completey switched off. Yes, that's right: completely switched off, but with phone jack still attached to the earphone outlet and connected to an iMac running two different versions of "Audio Hijack" feeding directly to the older version first with two sound filters on under very high volume, which then feeds into the newer version with one sound filter. This method seems to create the purest results so far.

"That is something . . . are simple . . . oh simple . . . Hi Russell . . . That's impossible . . . impossible . . . oh impossible . . . Oh that is lovely! . . . The whole family's here . . . The whole family's here . . . I miss your writing . . . oh fascinating . . . I'm impulsive . . . Shut up! . . . I'm so so happy . . . I'm so happy now! . . . happy . . . I'm so happy . . . Ossif here . . . (ladies singing opera tunes: "sew, sew the atmosphere . . . could find in good time!") . . . championship pop music . . . impossible . . . I strike the spirit . . . Oh dear, fascinating! . . . Hold on! . . . We have children . . . Brothers, let him survive . . . still [have a] question . . .We want more . . . I have a question now . . . question now . . . Don't disappear."

The following recording contains a selection of the best EVPs I heard from the last two recordings. Each one repeated 3 times: "I'm so happy now! . . . [In a clear, singing voice like a couple ladies singing in an opera]: "Sin, sew, sew the atmosphere (?) . . . good tiding, good time"(?) . . . championship pop music . . . Hold on Mr! . . . That is something! . . . Hi Russell, can you hear me? . . . The whole family here . . . I'm impulsive . . . Don't disappear . . . Talk to Russell . . . Mr. Russell! Russell! . . . How are you Russell? Christine here . . . We will find our message here! . . . Hear me, Russell!"

#25 - OH WOW JESUS! - On December 28-29, 2021, from two 1 hour and 20 minute recordings that took place between 2:00 and 4:00 Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I hear references to Jesus and Christianity several times and even one rather deep male voice claiming to be Jesus himself by saying "I am Jesus". One or two even came through saying "Yeshua" which some historians would say was Jesus' original Jewish name but unfortunately I lost track of that one. Of course I will leave it all to speculation whether or not that is an actual EVP from Jesus. Like the previous recording, my name comes up quite a few times in this collection of EVPs (except this time in a startlingly clear way spoken twice) again showing they can't be from CB radio broadcasts as some people have suggested:

EACH ENTRY REPEATED 3 TIMES FOR CLEARITY: "Can you hear me? OOH I love you . . . Talk to Russell . . . Mr. Russell? Russell! (astonishingly vivid and clear) . . . FATHER! Jesus, I love you dearly. I'm Jesus. Oh wow! Jesus! . . . How are you Russell? Christine here. (sweet soundng angelic "singing" voice) . . . Christmas, merry Christmas . . . We honor Christmas . . . the real secrets . . . How dare you beat Russell up . . . WE WILL FIND OUR MESSAGE HERE! . . . I'm very sorry . . . crystal . . . Hear me? Russell! . . . I love you Jesus! . . . There's something to hear right now . . . I am being Christian . . . I'm sorry about your mother! . . . I love your nose (?) . . . he's wonderful . . . Oh wonderful . . . How wonderful! . . . Where's Russell? your Christmas, very funny . . . He's here."

Just like the previous entry, the between stations white noise from my old 9-band SW radio tuned to 49 MHz (attached to an infrared heater that I converted into a high frequency dish antenna was used as the original source of these EVP.s. It was immediately filtered in two stages (two different ways) using Audio Hijack. I then sorted out the best EVP's from both sessions and combined them into one 1:12 minute recording uploaded here.

#24 - MERRY CHRISTMAS! - Surreal and uncanny! On December 24-25, 2021, Monday morning around 11:00 and early Tuesday afternoon, I hear "Merry Christmas" many times and my name also comes up a few times in this collection of EVPs again showing they can't be from CB radio broadcasts as some people have suggested:

"Mer- Christmas . . . He aught to understand it . . . Merry Christmas (muffled) . . . Merry Christmas . . . GREETINGS MY FRIENDS . . . Merry Christmas . . . We love your house . . . Christmas . . . I left the house (?) . . . So Christmas . . . I love Russell . . . Christmas . . . I'm (in this) fellow's house (?) . . . Karl's here speaking . . . Talk to Russell . . . I see crystals around the house so clear (?) . . . Oh wonderful! . . . Oh Russell, Christmas speaking . . . Russell's house . . . Stop him! . . . Karl's listening surround us to love him (?) . . . Oh this is a tremendous truth . . . Impossible . . . I'm forty-four mommy . . . I love him . . . I miss you now . . . Where's Russell? . . . Your my mystic . . . We all love him . . . I love him . . . Christmas spirit . . . Oh it's a perfect home."

The between stations white noise from my old 9-band SW radio tuned to 49 MHz (attached to an infrared heater that I converted into a high frequency dish antenna) was used and recorded for over an hour on Christmas Eve and followed by another one hour session on Christmas day. It was immediately filtered in two stages (two different ways) using Audio Hijack. I then sorted out the best EVP's from both sessions and combined them into one 1:12 minute recording uploaded here.

#23 - DESTINY! - Oct. 20, 2020, Tuesday morning: in this collection of EVPs, my name comes up many times while identifying what source they are comming from by clearly saying "we are Spirit" proving they are NOT from radio broadcasts as I have previously suspected. They say, "Russell in sadness, sadness" becuase this whole process has been quite emotionally painful for me not (yet?) being able to speak with all my loved ones and spirit guides from the spiritual realms directly.

"Russell . . . message . . . Leslie here . . . Hi Russell . . . Leslie here (repeated three times) . . . Russell Symonds . . . Hi Russell . . . Blessings . . . . They exist! . . . We are Spirit! . . . Russell in sadness, sadness . . . Oh Russell man! . . . I miss you man . . . Russell man! . . . It's so beautiful Russell . . . Don't lose us . . . DESTINY . . . Hey Russell man . . . Hey Russell . . . Message . . . HI RUSSELL! . . . (unintelligible noise) . . . That's impossible . . . Christmas . . . Russsell Symonds . . . Two of us speaking . . . There's two of us here . . . There's two of us . . . Hey Russell man . . . Hey Russell . . . I miss you man . . . I miss you son . . . I MISS YOU! . . . Russell . . . Christmas . . . Hey Russell destiny . . . (unintelligible noise) . . . I miss you . . . Hi Russell . . . We want more . . . We're spiritualists . . . Hear me (?) . . . Greetings to you . . . HELP ME . . . TEST! . . . I'm a spiritualist . . . I understand this . . . I love spiritualists."

This latest collection of EVPs was derived from a Tuesday, 10-20-2020 morning recording that took place for one hour, 12 minutes and then was edited down to around 2 minutes and then filtered and edited again on Thursday evening, 10-22-2020 down to 1 minute 35 seconds so only the clearest messages can be heard. The between stations white noise from my old 9-band SW radio tuned to 49.5 MHz was used.

#22 - DON'T WORRY! - On December 28, 2019, from 8:30 to 10:30 AM my best method for recording and collecting EVPs was used so far which yieded the following messages which seem quite relevant to the time and situation during the recording made:

"Hi Russell . . . DON'T WORRY! . . . Russell, we're not stupid . . . We love Christmas (ringing of bell) . . . We love you Honey . . . I understand COMPLETELY . . . I miss you Russell . . . Our spirit loves you Russell . . . I love you . . . Russell I love you . . . I love Russell, Honey . . . Don't be stupid! . . . This is ridiculous! . . . I miss you (Honey) . . . Honey . . . Hey Russell! . . . Listen to me: Merry Christmas! . . . Listen . . . We love you Hon . . . God bless you Honey! . . . Bless you Honey! . . . See you around Christmas!"

This latest collection of EVPs was derived from a Saturday morning recording that took place for exactly 2 hours and then was first edited down to 4 minutes 36 seconds on Sunday and then edited again on Monday evening down to only less than a minute so only the clearest messages can be heard. I've tried countless experiments and methods so far, but what seems to work the best as far as I know is a carefully audio balanced combination of signals from a heavily amplified crystal radio carefully regulated through a small portable amplifier and from my old 9-band SW radio tuned between 20 and 21 MHz. It was recorded on Saturday, 12-28-2019 from 8:29 AM to 10:29 AM, and its editing (down to 53 seconds) was completed on the evening of 12-30-2019.

#21 - BLESS YOU MAN! - On January, 12, 2019, around 8:30 PM my new breakthrough experimental configuration picked up many more and generally much clearer mysterious voices that seemed to say, "Hear me, Russell! I am Joseph here, I salute you, I wish you well!" and many other astonishing messages:

"Many blessings! . . . more blessings . . . Please understand Russell . . . Say Russell. . . . Ossif here! . . . He's very touchy now . . . Hey Russell . . . They love you people . . . BLESS YOU MAN! . . . We also keep you in my thoughts . . . It's settled man . . . Now, he's a (?) . . . . Don't tell me, Ossif . . . Ossif here . . . fascinating . . . We fast through December (?) . . . How wonderful . . . The spirit fascinates--fascinates him . . . What a wonderful family . . . Help me, Russell . . . Hear me . . . One has to be patient . . . I'm frisky . . . I've been here for years . . . I was the messenger . . . Yes he's the man . . . that is equal power to (?) met Joseph here . . . We are beautiful, Russell . . . love spirit . . . Let it me first spirit hear me (?) . . . Russell, I love you Russell . . . I'm seeking (?) . . . secret now . . . love him . . . Ossif here . . . I love you . . . Ossif . . . Hear me Russell . . . Hear me, Russell! . . . I am Joseph here, I salute you, I wish you well! . . . blessings . . . We are beautiful . . . How you help me . . . Will you help me? . . . Ossif here . . . I bring his philosophy . . . Ossif . . . Russell, love you . . . He's so funny, so funny . . . He loves to be miserable/miserable . . . (?) miserable . . . Ossif here . . . I love . . . You hear me now . . . I will speak for everything . . . I'm not stupid . . . I'm fed up . . . wonderful"

This rerecording was taken from a breakthrough experiment set up using a delicately balanced combination of white noise from a white noise generator and my homemade Tesla crystal radio (attached to an antenna while bringing in a broad range of AM frequencies) both fed into an amplifier and then into the computer's "Audio Hijack" software where the garbled combination of radio and white noise is carefully filtered out. I also placed many quartz crystals inside the Tesla crystal radio hoping that might help too. I usualy keep as many quartz, other minerals, stones and crystals in and around my experiments hopefully to help attact more of the "spirit" vibration. It was recorded on the evening of 1-12-2019 around 8:30 PM and its editing was completed 1-14-2019.

#20 - I'M BESIDE HIM! - On December, 31, 2018, at 8:26 PM I hear a strange voice clearly say "Don't be foolish!" and other bizarre words, tunes, short phrases and what sounds like a rather unique tune either whistled or played on a flute:

"Daddy . . . Russell, come through . . . I'm beside him! . . . I'm in the spirit . . . Hi Russell . . . very spirit (?) . . . Don't be foolish! (stupid?) . . . We need Russell . . . Don't be stupid! . . . I love him! . . . Hi Russell . . . Russell . . . Russell . . . techically . . . Hey Russell . . . They love him . . . He's not understood! . . . Let's not pick him out (?) . . . I love him . . . I love him so! . . . They love Spirit . . . They love him especially (socially?) . . . I'm another spirit . . . Now Russell . . . (mysterious whistling tune) . . . I always study . . . That's the spirit . . . Hear us speaking . . . Leslie here (ring) . . . God bless Spirit . . . (another mysterious tune)"

This recording was taken from an experiment set up using a combination of a large tank of water with large aluminum and copper electrodes at each end of it in combination with my homemade Tesla crystal radio and Raudive mic with a special "phantom" quartz crystal directly above it and moldavite all around the top of it. In a "round-about way" this experiment was particuarly important because it indirectly led me to become aware of a much better, more efficient way to recieve EVPs, leading to a breakthrough: a carefully BALACED COMBINATION of a broad band of faint AM radio signals AND white noise. That seems to be the key to or the source of actual EVPs. Also, many quartz crystals have been placed inside the Tesla crystal radio if that makes any difference. I often try to keep as many quartz, other minerals, stones and crystals around my experiments as possible hopefully to help attact more of the "spirit" vibration. It was recorded on the evening of 12-31-2018 at 8:26 PM and its editing was completed on 1-14-2019.

#19 - MERRY CHRISTMAS! - On December, 23, 2018, at 7:03 PM I heard the spirits say "Merry Christmas" and other short messages:

"Hey Russell Merry Christmas! . . . Christmas . . . Merry Christmas! . . . We love crystals. . . . Let's go round and round the Earth! . . . Don't get screwed up! . . . Crystals will help him. . . . We love Christmas . . . Merry Christmas. . . . Crystal . . . I love you Russ. . . . I love you Russell! . . . Russell . . . How many breakthroughs?"

This recording was taken from white noise from an experiment set up using a combination of a radio tuned to 174 Mhz sent to a transmitter array received by a Raudive mic and a Tesla crystal radio fed into an amplifier and then into the computers "Audio Hijack" software where it is filtered out. There are crystals and stones set up all within and around this experiment including 20 pieces of moldavite placed directly on top of the Raudive mic and many quartz crystals placed inside the Tesla crystal radio. It was recorded on the evening of 12-23-2018 at 7:03 PM and its editing was completed 12-26-2018.

#18 - WE THE GHOSTS ARE AMAZING! - This somewhat recent collection of EVPs came out surprisingly clear while giving me much more information regarding who is helping me out with this research from the other side:

"We the ghosts are amazing! (repeated four times for those who have trouble hearing my EVPs) . . . . Russell help me. . . . We are so blue! . . . We love to surround you! . . . So hi Russell! . . . bless you, bless you Russell . . . love you . . . You must hear me. . . . Stand by Russell, help him. . . . Russell . . . It's a relation, Russell. . . . I understood, set an easy task. . . . here's this morning . . . Earth Watch . . . I'm here to express love. . . . Earth Watch . . . He's so technical. . . . God bless your father. . . . Hold the spirit . . . your family . . . A lot of people are . . . your family. . . . I love to watch! . . . He's understood. . . . I love your family . . . your mother."

My late dad, my mother, other relatives, etc. apparently had to be in the room with me while recording these messages. I'm amazed how clearly "He's so technical." came up because my Dad was advanced in engineering and supervised the design and production of various kinds of faucets, optical equipment, binoculars, projectors, etc. throughout his lifetime. I discovered the name, "Earth Watch" which seems to come up often in my recordings and believe it might represent an organization on the other side who's name is self-explanatory.

This recording was taken from white noise from a Panasonic 6-band radio tuned to 88 Mhz FM while operating a transmitter feed-back loop. It was recorded on 5-30-2018 and its editing was completed on 7-11-2018.

#17 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSSELL! - This latest collection of EVPs is extremely evidential to me personally beyond a shadow of a doubt that these messages are NOT just random words but proof of an afterlife intelligence that's very responsive, alive, aware, witty, loves to joke around, loves my crystals, and even remembers that it's my birthday:

"Oh let us study the power of crystals. . . . Happy Birthday Russell! . . . Happy Birthday! . . . Happy Birthday to Russ! . . . Crystal power to go to me. . . . Hi Russell, Dad. . . . Happy Birthday. . . . There's Russell! . . . He knows. . . . It's a secret Russell. . . . a secret . . . I'm so happy. . . . It's a ghost, Russell! . . . kind of stupid . . . oh stupid. . . . I love joking. . . . I love your crystals. . . . They're so varied, how much? . . . Happy Birthday. . . . Happy Birthday. . . . There's Russell. . . . two-hundred sixteen--pocket! (?) . . . There's the power of crystals. . . . I love your home."

My late dad was indeed present in that group along with several others! It seemed they were all celebrating my birthday in a most jovial manner while showing great interest in my crystals and how important the power of crystals seem to be for communication! However, I'm still not quite sure which way exactly to boost EVP reception with these crystals. Anyway and from now on I am keeping them around as close a possible to all my experiments.

I was almost in tears after finding these messages on my computer. I can definitely recognize my dad's voice. This was a mind-blowing life-changing experience for me. This conversation happened using the white background noise from the blank side of an old cassette tape from around 1987 while being played on my "Singalodeon" amplifier with it's signal being processed through an audio program on my computer called "Audio Hijack" which can filter out white noise into strange sounding voices in real time so that I can actually converse with these voices.

This recording was originally captured on my birthday and its editing was completed on 7-10-2018.

#16 - WATER DISTILLER! - This is the first actual two-way conversation I've recorded where voices could be heard repeating what I requested them to repeat: "Can you hear maybe? . . . Hello Russell . . . Hi Russell . . . Oh Russell . . . SPIRIT PLEASE COME THROUGH . . . CAN YOU PLEASE SAY, "WATER DISTILLER"? . . . water distiller (repeated four times for clarity) . . . THANK YOU SO MUCH! . . . I love Joseph . . . CAN YOU PLEASE SAY, "CRYSTAL"? . . . crystal (repeated four times for clarity) . . . THAT'S WONDERFUL, THANK YOU SO MUCH! . . . HOW ABOUT RAUDIVE, SAY "RAUDIVE MIC" (a diode I use for some of my experiments) . . . I want crystals . . . RAUDIVE MIC . . . I love crystal stones . . . WHAT ABOUT THE CRYSTAL? HA, HA! . . . crystal . . . I KNOW . . . CAN YOU SAY, "SOLAR PANELS"? . . . I say panels (repeated four times for clarity) . . . That's funny . . . CAN YOU SAY, "PYRAMIDS"? . . . pyramids (repeated four times for clarity) . . . CAN YOU SAY, "PYRAMIDS"? . . . pyramids . . . pyramids (repeated four more times for clarity) . . . Hi Russell . . . Hey Russell"

This conversation happened using a white noise generator with it's signal being processed through an audio program on my computer called "Audio Hijack" which can filter out white noise into strange sounding voices in real time so that I can actually converse with these voices.

This recording was originally captured on 6-14-2018 and its editing was completed on 6-15-2018

#15 - I'M A FLYING SAUCER! - 'I'm a flying saucer! . . . How wonderful! . . . Can you hear me? . . . Who said you were hallucinating? . . . oh spirit . . . I understand that. . . . Let's talk to Russell. . . . your father. . . . Russell, we love your place here. . . . We love your place here. . . . Russell . . . We love you Russell, your parents with you. . . . We really miss you Russell. . . . Russell . . . I am . . . I'm so happy! . . . Russell, you're amazing. . . . I love Russell. . . . Amazing . . . I love your search for helping. . . . I'm glad he feels spiritually. . . . The question is . . . Joseph help a spirit. . . . He loves you. . . . Russell . . . Who is it?'

These "voices" came through my Panasonic SW radio tuned to AM at 160 Khz while using the outside ficus tree as an an antenna. The oringal recording was nearly and hour long, and, as in all of these recordings, edited down to just the clearest sounding words I can hear.

This recording was originally captured on 5-27-2018 and its editing was completed on 11-14-2018

#14 - OH RUSSELL SAY SOMETHING! HI! - In the following audio file, mysterious "voice messages" come through as follows: "I sure need Russell . . . Why bother everybody? . . . I have a question . . . Oh Russell, SAY SOMETHING, HI! . . . You are so mean! . . . a lot of things . . . They love you . . . I'm so clear . . . Can you hear me? . . . I love your home . . . Oh really? . . . Oh we're talking now . . . Hey Russell! . . . Earth Watch . . . It's separating . . . I love this bouquet right here . . . Hey Russell, I'm so happy! . . . Is anybody home? . . . We understand . . . I love your house . . . I struggle . . . I am so puzzled . . . I love this morning . . . Hi Russell . . . He's meditating . . . Earth people hear me? . . . COME THROUGH! . . . Come THROUGH--What happened? . . . Hey Russell, frustrated? Don't be frust-/missed you Russell . . . We love your place here . . . Earth Watch . . . OH LOVELY . . . Impossible . . . I'm a wavering . . . Don't get frustrated . . . There's something you have to know! Don't get frustrated! . . . Hi Russell . . . Pyramids . . . We [Where] are your children Russell . . . I'm a spirit . . . a logical conclusion . . . Can someone help me? . . . Can you hear me? . . . Bless your heart . . . Don't get frustrated . . . Hey Russell . . . our celebration . . . on less power . . . You're amazing! . . . you are amazing . . . amazing . . . Now Russell help me. It's a long road [ahead] . . . Not now! . . . bull's eye . . . questions . . . NOW you rest in Spirit! . . . my blessings . . . St. Paul loves Maureen . . . Earth power"

This collection of EVPs came from over an hour long FM radio feedback loop experiment while I was sitting deep in meditation while listening to the sounds coming through. An FM radio transmitter was set to the frequency of 107.9 and plugged into a stereo FM radio set at the same frequency while being tapped into from the computer amplifier and sound processing software thus obtaining a dynamic feed-back loop. It had to be carefully tuned and balanced so as not to get too much of the high-pitched squealing sound so often heard in feed-back loops of this nature yet at same time still sending back to itself in the same way that many ITC experimentalist would set up a video camera in front of a live screen looking back into itself.

Over time, I seem to have the best results and longest EVP messages using this feed-back method but could never stabilize it and was always tricky to set up and re-tune in all the frequencies, but this time I've refined, simplified and finely adjusted this method in many ways for maximum clarity, including using much better radio receiving equipment and tapping directly instead of indirectly into the feed-back loop getting much more consistent effects. As a result, there are definitely some clear EVPs worth noting here!

The messages that came through acknowledged the fact I was often quite frustrated with this nearly impossible project taking so many years of hard work, expense and dedication often without much success or progress. However I can't help but notice just how loving, personal, flattering, supportive, uplifting, understanding and humorous these messages often are.

Someone came through also acknowledging I was meditating and I was in fact sitting and enjoying very deep meditation for the entire hour of the recording. On the other hand, a lady clearly stated, "I love this bouquet right here" but I had none around at the time, so that message was quite puzzling.

The phrase "Earth Watch" often comes through. Even though it's the name of an environmental group on this side, it might be an organization similar to "Time Stream" on the spirit side. Regarding the word "Pyramids" is that a vital clue? I'm wondering about that. There are many comments, words, and a couple names on here that might need explaining, but nevertheless quite relevant to my personal life. This recording was originally captured on 5-13-2018 and its editing was completed on 5-21-2018

#13 - KARL MARX HERE! - In the following rather astonishing audio clip "voices" can be clearly heard saying: "Hi Russell . . . Russell, can you hear this message?/Robin . . . Russell, can you hear this message?/Robin . . . All those messages, oh well . . . Hi Russell . . . Russell, can you hear this message?/Robin . . . Hi Russell . . . oh well . . . Hi Russell . . . All those messages, oh well . . . Let's go, love . . . Russell, can you hear this message?/Robin . . . Joseph, you out of line (?) . . . message, oh well . . . Russell, can you hear this message?/Robin . . . Joseph . . . out of here! . . . All those messages, oh well . . . Hi Russell . . . All those messages, oh well . . . Robin here . . . Hi Russell . . . Karl Marx here . . . Hi Russell . . . Hi Russell . . . Karl Marx here . . . I love you honey . . . Relax/All those messages, oh well . . . Russell man . . . Russell . . . Hi Russell . . . Where's Russell? Woof! (a dog barks) . . . Robin here . . . Russell, can you hear this message?/Robin . . . Joseph here . . . All those messages, oh well . . . Robin here . . . Russell, can you hear this message?/Robin"

Most of these "messages" repeated themselves over and over for several more hours, some even for days, but gradually faded out. The above transcribed voices are the result of an experiment using a continuous source of grey noise from a tone generator running on one computer fed into another while running AudioHiJack very carefully fine tuned to ampllfy greatly along with noise reduction. Most of the rest of the background noise in this audio was then later carefully cleared in two different ways and in several stages using Audacity. This latest recording has some astonishing features: 1) It's clarity; 2) Most of the messages repeat but some do not; 3) Someone with a very strong voice introduces himself as Karl Marx; 4) One message that does not repeat itself clearly sounds like a lady saying "Where's Russell?" followed by the barking of a dog: "Woof!" It's ASTONISHING! Some messages overlap or sound as if there are animals and/or other people in the background. I am utterly convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am receiving and recording personalized direct voice messages from the afterlife. It seems to me that scientists on the other side of life are making serous attempts to contact me using repeated messages as a homing signal to help me fine tune my methods of reception! WOW! Originally recorded 3-28-2018 and edited on 3-28-2018

#12 - IT'S A GHOST RUSSELL! - In the following audio clip, although they are often very subtle (you have to listen very carefully) the mysterious "voices" seem to say: "Russ . . . I'm your honey most by now . . . Russell flinch (?) I love you all . . . The spirit runs your body . . . Russell we love you. We love you! . . . We love your message . . . I really love you, love you, lovely end (comes across like part of a song) . . . The spirit body . . . Let's spook him . . . Oh wonderful . . . I love you Russell . . . Russell . . . Russell . . . How you burn me . . . Oh Russell, I'm blessed . . . Leslie's message . . . Come back my love! My love! I love you Russell! (sung beautifully and in perfect rhythm) . . . HI RUSSELL! (extremely clear!) . . . It's a ghost, Russell (ha, ha!) . . . Is anybody [earth plane]? . . . I miss you Russell . . . I MISS YOU HONEY! . . . I'm in slow motion/hear me? . . . Let's fall IN LOVE! . . . How wonderful . . . I'd vote for that! . . . God bless you . . . How are you? . . . He's one of your family . . . I love you! . . . Got to love him . . . There're most wonderful ways to love . . . They're loving . . . a lot of things . . . My heart, I love you dearly! . . . Can you hold him? . . . Can you hear me, again? . . . Can anybody hear me? . . . I love this . . . I love to hear this . . . Oh does any deserve you? . . . I love those places . . . How are you doing? . . . Bless your beautiful abode . . . I am beautiful . . . a lunatic! . . . I love you dearly . . . Oh yes you're wonderful . . . actually love your room . . . I'm glad you feel good . . . I love music . . . Can you talk to me; anybody hear me?"

The above written voices heard in the above audio clip came from a unique electronic circuit consisting of 12 Super capacitors attached directly between and on both sides of a line between an FM transmitter set at 107.9 Mhz that directly feed-backs to a radio tuned to 108 Mhz FM. In recordings like this one, I often discovered more than one layer of sounds and voices. You will most likey need to play these sounds over and over and you will find you do hear what I've been hearing, but often times, you may hear something completely different. I am quite frankly taken aback by all the romantic and musical messages I found in just this one recording! I often enjoy very romantic dreams of beautiful women. Are they coming back through my recordings? Recorded and edited: 3-19-2018

#11 - MORE POWERFUL TRUTHS! - In the following audio clip, mysterious "voices" seem to say: "More powerful truths . . . Russell, listening . . . listening, haunting . . . HAUNTING! . . . Russell . . . my spirit . . . This is AWESOME! . . . Russell! . . . Russell . . . Russell! . . . Russell . . . In a wonderful way, don't make me do this! . . . The spirit whispers: 'I love him!' . . . And you must be out of words . . . Drop that line . . . clear voice . . . . Not now . . . Here's Mother . . . Not now! . . . We're hogging his questions . . . You hear this? . . . Can you sit, Mother? . . . No! . . . You MUST hear this! . . . Russell, let it come! . . . Leslie . . . LESLIE! . . . Just not now . . . ask more questions . . . Russell . . . My favorite monk! . . . SPIRIT . . . My spirit night! . . . Must you hear this now? . . . my music? . . . Where is this placement? . . . The Earth disappeared . . . Now Russell . . . Jesus . . . Earth watch . . . The spirit must give . . . Save my mom . . . Help her mother . . . The spirit emulates! . . . wonderful . . . Help her . . . wonderful . . . That's right: wonderful! . . . My brother . . . Russell . . . I hid this . . . mastermind brother . . . That's awesome! . . . Russell, I'm here . . . Somebody listening."

Many of the sounds in the above audio clip came from the electrical bursts generated by a small solar panel placed near a window during daytime. Recorded and edited: 1-26-2018

#10 - CAN YOU HEAR ME? - In the following audio clip, etherial "voices" seem to say: "Can you hear me? . . . Why? . . . Don't blame me! . . . They're watching me! . . . ask questions. I'm so witty! . . . The MUSIC! . . . I am . . . LOVE! . . . Come with me! . . . Somebody watching me . . . questions . . . questions . . . we're spirit . . . we're spiritualists . . . ask questions . . . I love him . . . my brother! . . . I love him! . . . my half brother . . . I love Jesus . . . I love him . . . I love him too . . . questions . . . I love him . . . Your brother could help me . . . Russell? . . . we love him . . . RUSSELL? . . . Come easy . . . so embarrassing . . . Russell, I'm your father . . . How is your brother? . . . Joseph? . . . I love you both . . . Hey brother . . . Hi Russell"

Many of the sounds in the above audio clip came from the electrical bursts generated by a small solar panel placed near a window during daytime. Recorded and edited: 1-24-2018

#9 - WE GOT NELLIE! - In the following audio clip, strange sounding "voices" seem to say: "We got Nellie . . . We have Nellie . . . We sure do . . . Where's Russell? . . . Russell . . . RUSSELL! . . . We love you . . . Change our world! . . . Charles here . . . We love you . . . blessings . . . MERCY . . . BLESSINGS . . . We love you . . . It's her, isn't it? . . . Russell! I miss you dearly! . . . I knew your type, love: it is your own way . . . Joseph, my thoughts, nothing for me . . . Russell? Can you hear this? . . . Although he's not sure . . . Russell . . . Brother Russell . . . MERCY . . . yes"

Many of the sounds in the above audio clip came from the electrical bursts generated by a small solar panel placed near a window during daytime. Recorded and edited: 1-22-2018

#8 - LESLIE FLINT! - In the following audio clip, phantom "voices" seem to say: "Leslie FLINT! . . . is spiritualist . . . I'm easily SHOCKED . . . Russell you are wrong, you need help! . . . Maybe . . . allow me . . . I love him . . . How dare you! . . . This is good! . . . I love him . . . We're close again . . . COME ON! . . . Where are you then? . . . Leslie . . . He loves him . . . I love Harry . . . How are you my friend? . . . Russell! . . . Hello my . . . How are you doing? . . . Russell, you are always alone . . . Those spiritualists: they're all wrong philosophies . . . How are you doing? . . . Are you sure of this? . . . Yes . . . HI RUSSELL . . . I saw motion . . . Honey, I love you . . . Same . . . Russell [has] the same goals surely!"

The sounds in the above audio clip came mainly from the electrical reactions between an aluminum and copper coil immersed in water and separated by a plastic screen membrane. In other words, a crude, homemade battery. Recorded and edited: 1-17-2018

#7 - I AM WILFRED! - In the following audio clip, mysterious sounding "voices" seem to say: "Shut up! . . . Don't hate him . . . Nellie! . . . OH SHUT UP! . . . Why? What? Leslie is the best . . . Yes it's a recording machine . . . I'm Stephanie Hawkins . . . Is that her? . . . I am Wilfred . . . Russell!"

Using same crude homemade "battery" method described above. Recorded and edited: 1-14-2018

#6 - HEY! I LOVE YOU DEARLY! - More sound clips seem to say: "Are you, are you sure of this? . . . Love you dearly, honestly . . . What are you doing? . . . for I love you . . . HEY! I LOVE YOU DEARLY! . . . all this wonderful . . . dear me . . . We love you . . . well, well . . . You sure of this? . . . Not now, alright? . . . Are you sure of this? . . . Are you out of your mind? Are you SURE of this? . . . Anyway, are you SURE of this? . . . I love you . . . GHOSTS! . . . I love you . . . ghosts . . . Don't make me do this . . . Anybody home?"

This time the voices were distilled and extracted from the white noise from an old TV set between channels at UHF 69. Recorded and edited: 11-20-2017

#5 - TALK TO RUSSELL: BARK FOR ME! ROFF! - More sound clips: (Important Note: I was really astounded by the spirit who came through with the dog: "Talk to Russell: bark for me! Roff!" Note also a religious sounding fellow by the name of Joseph came through in this and other sound clips with his blessings!) "Hey Russell Man!. . . I'm coming for Raymond now . . . Can you see what all this . . . ? . . . Blessings, Joseph . . . BLESSINGS! . . . Relax . . . Can somebody hear this? . . . Talk to Russell, bark for me! Roff! . . . Absolute Spirit continue now . . . I don't like spiritualists"

In a similar manner as above, the voices were distilled and extracted from the white noise from an old TV set between channels at UHF. Recorded and edited: 11-13-2017

#4 - CAN YOU HEAR ME AGAIN? - More sound clips: (Important Note: This clip was taken from an EVP expirement done near the time of the deadly Iran/Iraq earthquake that killed 445 people late Sunday night on 11-12-2017) "Can he hear this?. . . Wonderful! . . . Can you hear me again? Can you hear me? . . . Russell, Russell . . . Love you . . . Joseph . . . is ghost . . . really . . . Can you hear this? . . . somebody . . . four hundred missing! . . . I'm ghost! . . . four hundred missing?"

In a similar manner as above, the voices were distilled and extracted from the white noise from an old TV set between channels at UHF. Recorded and edited: 11-11-2017

#3 - JOSEPH IS PEACE! - More sound clips: "Love you all . . . Get out of here . . . Russell . . . Love you, easy . . . Joseph is in great peace . . . ghosts . . . Joseph is . . . ghosts . . . My name is Joseph . . . Peace acts to gratify us . . . We love you most . . . almost . . . wonderful . . . JOSEPH IS PEACE . . . we help you . . . We help you . . . I know you . . . OH THAT IS GOOD . . . Russell . . . wonderful . . . How are you? . . . this is somebody . . . How are you? . . . yes are you? . . . We love you . . . We love to stand by you."

In a similar manner as above, the voices were distilled and extracted from the white noise from an old TV set between channels at UHF. Recorded and edited: 11-11-2017

#2 - SAY SOMETHING WISE! - More sound clips: "I'M HERE! . . . I have philosophy hidden . . . wonderful wife . . . thank you . . . wonderful, wonderful wife, wonderful life . . . How are you? . . . hidden, hidden philosphy . . . HOW? . . . Russell . . . I do my best! . . . Want more? . . . hidden philosophy . . . We want more? . . . MY MUSIC . . . all my music . . . Come play with me my friend . . . help me . . . help . . . Say something wise! . . . You help me . . . you help me . . . help me . . . out of my mind! . . . hope you love me . . . Russell we love you . . . Daddy here . . . a long answer . . . Help, can you hear me? Help me . . . how do you mind? . . . Ths is short."

These strange voices were extracted from a SW radio tuned to around 30 to 50 Mhz. Recorded and edited: 11-10-2017


WARNING: the following audio file contains several rather anatomically NASTY messages recomended only for mature audiences! Many souls prefer to continue to hang around the Earth plane while having the same sexual obsessions as they did while still alive.

"I love your d*** . . . I love your form . . . Lovely, lovely d*** . . . I love you brother! . . . Fascinate . . . Hey? . . . Can you force paranormal ? . . . We love your d*** . . . He loves gals! . . . OK Russell . . . We love you, means a lot to me . . . a ghost . . . I am Ossif . . . He honors this . . . the spirit . . . Ossif . . . Ossif . . . Joseph's mother" - Recorded and edited: 3-27-2018

"Oh ask some questions! . . . Action! . . . Karl Marx Here! . . . Karl Marx Here!" - Recorded and edited: 3-30-2018

"Paul's here . . . Hey Russell take note! . . . Marx here . . . How disappointing! . . . Jesus . . . Hey call Harry!" - Recorded and edited: 3-30-2018

"More to say . . . Oh Russell . . . Dark mirror! . . . Joseph, Russell help us . . . I've got ten fingers! . . . The guy's a lunatic. . . . Oh wonderful British" - Recorded and edited: 3-30-2018

"They love your philosophy . . . Hey Russell! . . . They love your philosophy . . . They are children . . . Hey Russell! . . . They love your philosophy. . . They are children . . . Russell! . . . Hey Russell! . . . They love your philosophy (repeats four more times) . . . They are children" - Recorded and edited: 11-10-2017

"It's WONDERFUL! . . . all in my wonderful life . . . Hey Wallace! . . . Wallace!" - Extracted from white noise coming from between channels of an FM radio while running an FM transmitter on a feed-back loop. Recorded and edited: 11-4-2017


Patterns Evolve and Show Themselves Everywhere Throughout the Universe - Thursday, 3-22-2007, Article 45

Afterlife Communication Theory

life after death, near death experience, spiritualism, direct voice medium, Leslie Flint

Go here for videos on

EVP, ITC, Spirit Communication & the Direct Voice Mediums

I noticed that whenever there is a random interaction of energy in nature, some sort of abstract, universal principle tries to create a shape or pattern out of that randomness such as the patterns produced by wind currents in sand dunes or that wavy effect in a sandy bottom of a stream. Nature starts off with tremendous randomness and somehow over eons of time creates atoms, galaxies, solar systems, planets, environments, trees, plants, animals and eventually the human race.

Two Plasma Lamps Interacting

My research probes far beyond the ordinary and deep into worlds transcending the physical plane. Could plasma be affected by thought? The above is a photo of two interacting plasma spheres.

In Lynne McTaggart's The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe there is a great deal of experimentation regarding an amazing "Zero Point Field" principle of how nature somehow creates order of what would otherwise be completely random energy. Patterns evolve and show themselves everywhere throughout the universe from galaxies, to the rings of Saturn, to seashells, to ripples in a pond, and to plasma lightning discharges. Creation itself always starts with random energy that somehow transforms itself through forces that follow some kind of universal law, mind or principle into an intelligent pattern or design that is often quite elegant and beautiful.

The human brain seems to operate in the same way. As billions of neurons fire throughout the neocortex, they seem at the first glimmer of consciousness to fire at random and never in any sequence that can be detected as audible thoughts by the electrodes often used during experiments to study the brain. The only patterns detectable are brainwaves such as beta, alpha, theta and delta waves depending on the state of awareness and what is audible is a white noise of some sort that comes across as a deafening roar or hum if amplified loudly enough. So why are not thoughts ever heard? Why has no one ever yet been able to actually record, amplify and hear thoughts coming from the brain?

EVPs, Ghost Hunters and Hauntings in the News

O O B E   Afterlife   NDE Research   Paranormal   Psychic Mediums   Spiritualism

Because thought is not a physical phenomenon! It only exists as a principle of nature that fuctions only in a holographic format. That means any aspect of thought or a memory seems to have no actual location in the brain, in fact not even in space, but in a dimension extending outside of time and space. Thought really is an abstract "micro" principle of non-physical mind which is closely associated with consciousness (another aspect of self that does not necessarily depend on nor is located in the physical brain) that seems to have no specific location in either time or space except for the specific effects it holographically produces. However the holographic patterns that thought emits or projects seem to guide random subtle energy to manifest in an exact shape or form or pattern in a specific time and location while guiding that shape or form to behave in a certain sequencial way (as opposed to a random way) according to the information provided by the mind. In other words an idividual mind is actually a slight modification somewhere in the universal laws and principles of nature (using 6 dimensions) that creates an individual entity that could either be incarnate or discarnate that makes itself present through slight alterations in the universal patterns or energy in a very precise way at a specific location of time and space.

The physical brain, which has hundreds of thousands of miles of randomly firing neurons is indeed sensitive enough to be operated by a ghost, and indeed it is when mental mediumship occurs. The physical senses send vast amounts of information through billions of parallel channels to a parallel processing unit or physical brain that creates a unified electromagnetic holographic field out of all the images, vibrations and other sensations entering it from the surrounding environment that can be interpreted by the astral brain and immediately transfered back into a behavorial pattern as demanded by the environment.

When the physical body dies, the thoughts, mind and consciousness does not cease to exist, but rather continues to exist without all the limitations of space and time that was forced upon it while it was in the physical body. After death, the holographically produced thought image of itself still remains as an individual modification of universal law or principle, and can still operate as an individual, but without being bound within the confines of physical limitation, time and space. As time passes, the soul can grow more and more outside of its original physical location in time and space. The open-minded disembodied soul tends to grow vaster in its capacity as it learns more and more about itself and the realms beyond the physical, while eventually discovering even higher, vaster, more beautiful 100% natural realms (worlds) of light and love to live in.

Overcome the Fear of Death

Those few brave scientists, doctors and researchers willing to risk their careers and reputation to come up front with the most helpful and detailed explanations ever as to what to expect beyond the death the physical body, are often ridiculed by their contemporaries and put aside. Even worse too many physicians just emphasize that physical life is all there is, and no consciousness can possibly "escape" the confines of the physical brain, and when the physical brain dies, that's it, no more consciousness! In this great and terrible "valley of the shadow of death" I am simply appalled at the universal lack of understanding regarding spiritualism. So little is known about the reality of life after death, it is shocking.

Now knowing more clearly what a spirit is, such a being is just as solid and real to other similar holographic projections on the same level of vibration. Spirits on the same wavelength or plane of vibration obviously can contact, talk and converse with each other quite naturally. Of course, when trying to contact someone on Earth who is of a much lower vibration or wavelength of matter, there are tremendous barriers.

To help a soul eager to communicate with someone on Earth, it would have to require some sort of random device like the brain which could somehow create and amplify patterns of order out of randomness and transmit such patterns into an audible message. The brain really is an electrochemical device that can translate one's thoughts or intentions into electrochemical impulses. Knowing that a soul is an idividualized principle of law operating within a limited field with a holographically projected form or image, any randomly generated field of energy can be modified or effected by it, especially if or while the soul is in tune with it. Souls constantly effect the energy or material in their astral environment because it is subtle enough as they are to be subject to the same mental influences. Unfortunately, physical matter seems too heavy or gross a vibration that can be easily influenced by a mind. It would take long hours in deep concentration for even an advanced mystic to move an object with the mind.

Remembering how a river bank's sandy bottom is decorated with a beautiful rippled pattern by a current of water, consciousness works in the same way as an interactive field of random energy suddenly becomes a field of harmonic energy patterns (thoughts) acting in an orderly manner. The constant firing of the neurons in the brain generates an energy field that somehow contains a state of consciousness which enables random energy to sort itself out according to some universal laws and principles acting in an individual way. The field of consciousness is the field of interaction by which the organization of random signals occur.

Two Plasma Lamps with 6-Band Radio
While using two plasma lamps with a radio as a possible medium I quickly discovered they are a great source of interesting sounding wistlers and static!

A very delicate and random source of physical energy throughout a volume of space similar to or larger than the size of a brain would have to be made available for the discarnate entity to influence. I therefore tried experimenting with plasma globes and used a radio turned to either an AM or a SW band between stations to pick up their signal. It makes for very interesting sound effects but no miraculous communications ...yet!

Another experiment I can think of at this point would be some sort of container filled with an acidic solution and steel wool as a very crude representation of a brain. As the acid attacks the steel, random electrical charges are generated that are picked up by electrodes or an antenna surrounding the container or placed inside the liquid which would be amplified by a radio. It is hoped that enough of that random noise coming through can be influenced by thought so that voices of some sort can be heard. I will be attempting to do experiments of this sort very soon.

The whole process of trying to open a channel of communication with spirits is a very ticky process--like going off to play golf late at night and then trying to aim for a distant hole in pitch darkness. There is so little quality information available on this subject and yet no margin for error. All I have to work with are educated guesses and a few hunches. Soon I will let you know what my results are and hopefully how you too could repeat my successful experiments and finally make that incredible contact!

Direct Radio Voice by Medium Marcello Bacci

This video on Marcello Bacci's amazing radio communications from beyond is translated to English

I recently studied the work of other researchers on EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and in most cases it is just mechanical background noise sounding like a word or a phrase. Actual EVP is very rare and nature spirits (believe it or not) can often be the cause. Actual spirits trying to contact the Earth plane would come from a very high vibrational level and such vibrations would have to be dramatically stepped down to levels that the physical ear can pick up. We need all the clues we can get and this is only one.

What exactly is thought anyway? It seems to exist on at least two levels or strata of reality: 1) at an abstract, universal, timeless, holgraphic level (causal and mental--6 dimensional) and 2) at an extremely high vibrational level (astral--5 dimensional). There is definitely some subtle vibrational level, because anyone can hear thoughts clearly in one's head as a matter of ordinary routine, yet no one really knows what they really are! According to the Leslie Flint seances, animals and humans alike use thought quite commonly to communicate with each other all the time on the astral planes and is audible like sound. Has any scientist on Earth ever been able to amplify thought and hear it audibly over a loud speaker? And why not? All they get is static and brain waves whenever they try to get sounds from electrodes placed around the head. Yet if they could somehow develop or invent a device that can detect and amplify thoughts so that they can be heard as spoken words as they were through Leslie Flint's ectoplasm, it would be one of the greatest breakthoughs in the history of communication ever!

A Scientific Look at Spirit Communication Technology - Dr Gary Schwartz 6/4/20

This is a introductory look at the "Soul Phone", a computer program that will allow people to communicate with willing spirits that have died. The presentation runs about 30 minutes. Dr. Schwartz is a Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery. He is the Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH, formerly the Human Energy Systems Laboratory).

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The Channeling of Bashar and the Mediumship of Leslie Flint and Xavier

This material is a compilation of some amazing and little known facts about Bashar, his life and his existence as an extraterrestrial on Essassani, the Essassani solar system, and how some of his information regarding today's UFO sightings and the destruction of Atlantis compares with similar information provided many years ago from spirits during a seance with Leslie Flint. This book points to much evidence indicating that there are many civilizations existing on countless astral and semi-astral worlds throughout time and space and that some of their space-craft are actually entering the Earth's atmosphere and are trying to synchronize with our dimension of reality.

Vistas of Heaven - Justice in the Afterlife

There is an abundance of information concerning life after death. After over 39 years of personal research and experience in this most exciting subject, I have come to the firm conclusion that there is indeed life after death and that spiritualism and those who have "died" and returned from a near-death experience seem to provide the most reliable, spectacular and detailed information ever on this subject. Life after death experiences should never have been such a controversial subject, but one fully embraced and properly understood by all living human beings. The actual reality behind all paranormal phenomenon is now only beginning to be more fully accepted.

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Books on Afterlife Communication and Independent Direct Voice
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Your Eternal Self by R. Craig Hogan Ph.D. - Product Description - Since research scientists began to delve into the nature of the mind and the afterlife in the last quarter of the twentieth century, humankind has made remarkable discoveries that have left researchers in wonder and awe. Your Eternal Self contains descriptions of the results of the thousands of studies that have pointed unmistakably to the finding that we are eternal beings having a physical experience. Death is an illusion. Even hard-nosed skeptics described in the book have changed their viewpoints in light of the evidence. Your Eternal Self describes carefully controlled, scientific research done by biologists, physicists, neuroscientists, physicians, psychologists, Nobel laureates, and other renowned scientists showing that the mind is outside of the brain, people see and know things they couldn't know if the mind were in the brain, the afterlife is as real as this life, people's minds are united, and our consciousness actually changes the environment in which we live. The book cites 330 sources from many prestigious scientific, psychological, and medical journals, but distills the essence of the research without technical detail, bringing it down to practical, daily life. It is easy reading and full of fascinating anecdotes and explanations. Your Eternal Self ends by describing what our purpose seems to be in life, what true spirituality is, how people can grow spiritually to change themselves so they have love and bliss in their lives, how they can provide that loving legacy for their children's children, and what the research has shown about the world of the afterlife.

About the Author - R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., co-authored Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma with Dr. Allan Botkin (Hampton Roads 2005), co-authored the Personal Styles Inventory, wrote two books on business writing, co-authored a book training supervisors in schools to more effectively work with teachers, and developed several Web sites devoted to spiritual understanding, including 30ce.com, adcguides.com, greaterreality.com, mindstudies.com, and induced-adc.com. He has been a professor of business writing at three universities and now teaches writers through his own school, the Business Writing Center.

Voices from the Spirit World Being Communications from Many Spirits by Isaac Post - Product Description - 1852. The medium, Isaac Post, presents a collection of communications from spirits obtained in his presence and that of A.L. Fish (a rapping medium. Some of the famous individuals he received word from include: George Washington; Emanuel Swedenborg; Elias Hicks; Thomas Jefferson; Elizabeth Twining; Benjamin Franklin; and William Penn amongst others.

Talking to the Other Side: A History of Modern Spiritualism and Mediumship: A Study of the Religion, Science, Philosophy and Mediums that Encompass this American-Made Religion by Todd Jay Leonard - Product Description - Since its birth in 1848, Spiritualism as a religion, science, and philosophy has experienced great highs and lows. At the center of this purely American-made modern-religious movement are "mediums"--the people who are able to communicate, in some way, with spirit entities that are no longer on the earth plane.

Based on three years of on-site investigation, and a plethora of data and research collected on the modern Spiritualist movement in America, Talking to the Other Side focuses upon the ethno-religious aspects of the religion, mediumship, and the mediums themselves.

The first four chapters offer an expansive review of the history of religion in America, mediumship, and the Spiritualist movement. Chapters 5-7 comprise the research and data that were compiled and analyzed based on fieldwork analysis, a comprehensive questionnaire, personal interviews, and published literature on the topic of Spiritualism and mediumship.

According to Spiritualist mediums, "people don't die, bodies do." Talking to the Other Side offers a contemporary look into the lives and backgrounds of the mediums who bridge this world and the Spirit world, connecting those who have passed over with those they left behind.

About the Author - Todd Jay Leonard, PhD, holds a doctorate in social science with a specialization in American religious history. He has written fourteen books and has authored numerous academic articles in the areas of history, language, culture, religion, and spirituality. He now calls Hirosaki, Japan home, where he lives, writes, and teaches.

Voices in the Dark by Leslie Flint - Customer Reviews - Accurately describes honest mediumship., March 30, 1997 - I have reviewed dozens of books on mediumship and known personally the most famous and gifted mediums in the US. Flint has a reputation that has never been touched by fraud in any way. He is highly respected and this book gives an account of his personal life that is charming and honest. --By A Customer

One of the best books I have ever read!, April 5, 2002 - Just by chance, (and thats if you believe in chance) I wound up with a copy of this book. Once I picked it up and started it, I couldn't put it down. I finished it in one day, and was so disappointed that there wasn't a volume 2, I sat down and reread it again. I was able to find his official website to learn more about him and found and actually heard via audiotape parts of some of his sittings when some very famous people came thru to him. It was utterly fascinating, just like this book. I can not recommend it highly enough, and am sorry I never got a chance to meet him.

Buy it, you won't be sorry, and it will certainly make you rethink your entire belief system and your ideas of the afterlife --By A Customer

Voices in the dark: my life as a medium, November 12, 2001 - a convincing introduction to spiritualism --By A Customer

A convincing introduction to direct voice mediumship and spiritualism, this book (which I could not put down and had to read cover to cover) contains a most charming, honest and humorous story of the most tested medium in the 20th century. No one was ever able to disprove Mr. Leslie Flint who not only performed excellent mediumship, but was able to fully understand and present in various lectures a most remarkable comprehension of what good mediumship really should be, how to tell frauds from the real thing and why it is essential to be free of greed, materialism and selfish motives. His early life in Great Britan (UK) was fillied with hardship and poverty, and had to fulfill some of the most menial tasks such as grave digging, cleaning grates, working in a cinenma, a pub, a men's clothing store and during the Second World War as a bomb disposal officer. My only disappointment was not finding more books like this one on Leslie Flint and/or a second volume! I am astonished that Leslie Flint is not more widely known for this absolutely irrefutable, most amazing, and most complete evidence ever in the history of humankind of afterlife existence and the immortality of the soul.--By Shaktivirya, ScienceofWholeness.com

Life After Death: Living Proof by Tom Harrison - Editorial Reviews - An absolutely fascinating read, you will find it difficult to put this book down! A good relaxed Story Teller's approach -- Psychic World February 2005

An excellent and most enjoyable book, one that I shall recommend to anyone. I'm very glad you've written this book. -- Thomas Jones, International Survivalist Society webjournal www.survivalafterdeath.org 26 Jan 2005

This is one of the most exciting but fact-filled volumes I have ever come across. A breathtakingly readable book. -- Psychic News February 12 2005 --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Product Description - The author's lifetime of experiences with psychic Physical Phenomena, particularly in their spiritualist Home Circle between 1946 and 1958, with his mother, Minnie Harrison, as the medium, where he met and spoke with over 1500 materialised spirit people. A fine, readable, definitive book on Psychic Phenomena. Now revised, with many more photographs, additional material with regard to the Stewart Alexander circle and Spiritual healing and Index.

From the Publisher - Tom Harrison's easy Story-Teller's approach to this unusual subject has made this a reader friendly book. With the illustrations adjacent to the relevant text, you can absorb the incredible experiences as near to first hand as we can make it. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

From the Author - I feel I have been so privileged through out my life to have known of the existence of the world after death and the truth, that we can communicate with each other, given the opportunity, that I want to tell as many people as possible and share with them the wonder of the love that our family and friends bring to us when they return. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

About the Author - Born and brought up in Middlesbrough in the North of England throughout the difficult years of the 1920s and 30s Tom served seven years in the army throughout the second world war, before returning to Middlesbrough to help bring up his young family and there with his no nonsense approach record the weekly occurrences in the family Home Circle. In the early 1960s he moved to Cornwall with his family, to start up a restaurant. This was followed by time as the Founder Manager of the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Science. From there he moved back into management within industry, later becoming self employed. This last move gave him more time to travel the country telling groups of people about his wonderful experiences in the Home Circle, something which he is still doing at the age of 86. Now living in Spain with his wife, Ann, he has long promised his enthusiastic audiences that he would write this book. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Circle, Part 1 -Evidence of Survival After Death (Pt. 1) by Katie Halliwell - Product Description - After Katie Halliwell attended a physical séance given by Stewart Alexander for the first time in 1999, she quickly discovered that friends and relatives did not appreciate the solid reality of her experiences. She attended more of his public séances and wrote reports explaining the true and genuine phenomena of trance, Direct Voice and materialisation. She also provided excerpts of the recordings of these séances. The result of this project was an easy 'read and listen' guide for those with little or no knowledge of communicating with Spirit World, as well as for those who are interested in, and know about, the wonders of the séance room. The transcript for the CD of the recordings is included in the book. As an insight Katie has included her early experiences before she came to sit with Stewart, along with reports written by people from America, Britain and Europe explaining how they physically heard and touched the Spirit people as the two worlds met in total harmony.

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Circle: Part Two Home Circles and Public Sittings, Revised Edition (Pt. 2) by Katie Halliwell - Product Description - This book is the revised edition of the book first published 2 years ago and is the second in a series about the Physical Mediumship of the English medium, Stewart Alexander. This book covers the Author's personal experiences of the phenomena (some illustrated) which occurred during sittings in the Home Circle and includes the development of healing within the Circle as well as other peoples' personal accounts of encounters with deceased friends and family. Two CDs of 110 minutes of seance recordings are available to accompany the book and the transcript of the recordings is included in the book.

Beginner's Guide to Mediumship: How to Contact Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over by Larry Dreller - Amazon.com Review - The Beginner's Guide to Mediumship is one of few books devoted solely to mediumship that emphasizes the practical application of this ancient practice to modern life. Larry Dreller's intimacy with the art is apparent in his definition of the medium as separate from the psychic and channeler, as well as in his concern about the possible dangers inherent in this art. He wisely devotes nearly half the book to understanding the precautions that should be taken. Anyone with an interest in mediumship, from a passing curiosity to a desire to practice the art, will get something from this book, not the least of which is an awareness of how our lives interact with the realm of the spirits.

Product Description - "In reality, mediums or 'sensitives' are earnest men and women from all walks of life, just like you and me." - From the Preface For centuries, people have been fascinated by the power and secrets of mediums. And today, many are interested in making contact with the spirit world themselves - either to communicate with loved ones, heal the sick, or discover knowledge - but don't know how. Yet, as Larry Dreller writes, "At birth we all are given the gift of seeing beyond this humble Earth plane into other dimensions, but as we grow older we cast this natural ability aside. Mediums did not lose this ability and are people who act as intermediaries between this world and the 'other side'." Both an introduction to this phenomenon as well as a workbook that guides the reader through exercises to reawaken their abilities, the Beginner's Guide to Mediumship shows how to develop spiritual powers, conduct seances, harness the power of prophecy, comfort and heal others, see auras, and more. Drawing on his own experience, Dreller focuses on pure and practical day-to-day applications of mediumship and how they can enrich readers' lives.

Heart to Heart Across The Great Divide: Communicating With Departed Souls by Anita Holstein - Customer Review - This book is written from the heart. It has a unique combination of autobiographical info as well as material on others experiences. Incorporated throughout the chapters is a highlighted description of the authors and her husbands reading with a famous psychic medium. The last chapter is a particularly moving account of the connections between the author and her dying mother--connections that carry over to the afterlife. The book is very well written. --By A Customer

Genuine Mediumship or Invisible Powers by Swami Bhakta Vishita - Product Description - 1919. One of the most common misconceptions of the occult sciences student is that which is expressed by the term supernatural. This term is used to express the idea of that which is outside of the realm of nature and of nature's laws. Advanced students and teachers of the occult doctrine know that we have no direct knowledge of anything outside the realm of nature and of nature's laws. Contents: nature's finer forces; mental vibrations and transmission; thought transference; clairvoyance and kindred phenomena; clairvoyance, past, present and future; mediumship; mediumistic conditions; how to develop mediumship; mediumistic phenomena; experiences in the circle; higher spirit manifestations.

Unfolding The Lotus: Spirit Reflections on Mediumship by Eileen McGlone and Paul McGlone - Product Description - Have you ever wanted to develop your awareness of the reality beyond the physical world? If so, this book can help you fulfill your wish. Communicating through trance mediumship, an evolved spirit guide, Hai, and other spirits, offer guidance on how we can all develop mediumship. A wide range of topics is discussed; guides, mechanisms of communication, dangers of prediction, difficulties of communication and the problem of 'contamination' by the medium's mind. Guidance is given on how to approach the interpretation of spirit messages and, to enable the reader to facilitate development, a sample of meditations and a range of exercises are also provided. For those who are interested in Physical Mediumship, the experience of the medium's group in sitting for Physical Phenomena is another feature of this book.

Those who've read the authors' first book, Spirits Speaking from the Heart, will be familiar with the humour of the spirit communicators. Here again, that sense of fun is never far away, as they impart their insights and guidance.

While not everyone can develop mediumship to an advanced level, the spirit communicators indicate, that most of us can develop a degree of awareness, of the loving energies that surround us.

About the Author - Paul McGlone is a trance medium, through whom the 'Phoenix Spirit Group' has been communicating for many years. Eileen teaches Reiki and co-ordinates the regular meditation/development groups at their Stockport home. Many years of trance work and facilitating development groups has given them vast insight into the subject.

Is There An Afterlife?: A Comprehensive Overview of the Evidence by David Fontana - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - Is death the end of this existence, as some scientists seem to assume? Fontana, a British psychologist and fellow at Cardiff University, thinks not. In this manual, he marshals studies and other evidence to demonstrate the persistence of unexplained phenomena that point to the likelihood of life after death. In systematic fashion, Fontana plows through chapters on parapsychology; apparitions and visions of ghosts; hauntings (where apparitions are seen by more than one person in the same place over a long, continuous period); the history and nature of mediumship; different kinds of mediums; electronic voice phenomena; near-death experiences; out-of-body experiences; and reincarnation. Throughout, he includes case studies of alleged paranormal events from around the world, and also describes some of his own experiences, including a local Cardiff poltergeist he investigated from 1989 to 1992, and a medium who seems to have communicated with Fontana's deceased mother. It's clear that Fontana believes that many claims to the paranormal are true and that they provide credible evidence that a soul or spirit survives beyond physical death. Still, his tone is a bit more balanced than other paranormal apologetic texts. The book is indeed "comprehensive," as the subtitle indicates, and it is organized well enough that readers can easily skip to the chapters or sections that interest them rather than slogging through each chapter sequentially, since the writing can be overly detailed. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Review - 'Scholarship, personal experience and high quality always show. This highly accessible, detailed and authoritative book will become a classic. After reading it and assessing the evidence, there can no longer be any doubt that there is life after death. David Fontana's book should be mandatory reading for all those involved in the care of the dying - and of course for the rest of us who know we will have to face it one day! Dr Peter Fenwick, Britain's leading clinical authority on Near-Death-Experience

God's World, Part 1 by Cecil M. Cook and Lloyd Kenyon Jones - Product Description - 1919. A treatise on spiritualism founded on transcripts of shorthand notes taken down, over a period of five years, in the Seance room of the William T. Stead Memorial Center, a religious body incorporated under the statutes of the State of Illinois. Contains a sketch on the life work of William T. Stead and also Mrs. Cecil M. Cook, the medium and pastor. A vast collection of subjects are found within this volume such as: immortality; spirit existence; character and godly instincts; law of compensation; reincarnation; religion and philosophy; spirit healing; prophecy and miracles; and many others.

Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death by James Van Praagh - Editorial Reviews - As in the case of James Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy, once in a while a book comes along that unexpectedly soars to the bestseller lists simply because it feeds a specific spiritual hunger. Talking to Heaven is one such book. Based on the personal insights and memories of highly acclaimed medium James Van Praagh, Talking to Heaven offers comforting and startling stories about his contact with the deceased. Van Praagh could have used this text to prove that his gifts as a medium are authentic--the story about the deceased teenager who led his parents to his murderer is impressive (the result was a murder conviction)--but instead, Van Praagh offers spiritual and psychological comfort to those grappling with the loss of a loved one. He also helps readers develop their own means of talking to heaven. Even those who aren't aching for contact with the deceased will find Van Praagh's down-to-earth discussions of karma, the afterlife, and spiritual guides fascinating. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Library Journal - Lecturer, nationally known medium, and president of Spiritual Horizons in Los Angeles, Van Praagh conveys a strong message of the probability of life after death. He claims he is able to receive messages from dead loved ones and sees himself as a healer of grieving hearts. Here he tells moving stories of love and loss, and writes of relatives and friends of loved ones contacted who have left his sessions in peace, better able to understand the son who committed suicide or the relationship of AIDS in connection with the human race. Van Praagh claims everyone has an intuitive ability, and that with practice anyone can contact the "other side." He devotes a section to practicing meditation to open up that spiritual level. Written in a clear, honest style, this title captures the essence of mediumship. Recommended for public and academic libraries requiring basic information on this subject. --Lisa S. Wise, Broome Cty. P.L., Binghamton, N.Y. - Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Conan Doyle's Wallet: The Secrets Within by Patrick McNamara - Product Description - The inspiration for this book came to the author after he purchased Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's wallet, untouched since the day he died in 1930, at a Christie's auction in London. This true story is based upon the unique contents, which led the author to begin spiritually communicating with Doyle. Sir Arthur's wish was to enlighten those who have lost their loved ones or feel they are lacking direction in their lives. Through Patrick McNamara, Doyle explains that how we live our lives here on earth affects how we live in the afterlife. Sir Arthur was a great proponent of spiritualism and his consistent goal was to find 'evidence' of the afterlife, which could alleviate anxiety of people as they journeyed through life on earth to the afterlife. By communicating with the author, Conan Doyle provides his knowledge of the afterlife and the new world in which he lives. This is a fascinating and comforting insight for all readers that provides a spiritual philosophy for living.

Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game by Stoker Hunt and Abigail Sturges - Product Description - The First Book To Take A Hard Look At The Phenomenon Called "The Ouija Board"

Is it just a game? When you ask the Ouija board a question, who is it that answers? What about those stories of Ouija-inspired prophecy and clairvoyance?

What are the dangers of the Ouija board? Do you know the stories of Ouija-inspired murders, madness, obsession and possession?

Exalted by some, condemned by others, there's no doubt the Ouija is controversial. In this fascinating book Stoker Hunt investigates the history and legacy of this "Mystic Talking Oracle."

Ouija Board: Glow-in-the-Dark - Editorial Review - If you've seen "The Exorcist" lately, the folks at Parker Brothers would like to extend a heartfelt "Captain Howdy-Ya-Do?" courtesy of their newly luminescent classic Ouija Board equipment. It's the same traditional setup as it was decades ago: the alphabet-and-numbers board with "Yes," "No," and "Good Bye" spelled out in turn-of-the-century mysterious script; the heart-shaped "Message Indicator Oracle" with the readout window; the numerous coy references to Ouija being "only a game--isn't it?" So if this edition seems to comprise a bit more plastic than we remember, the promise of the board and indicator glowing in the dark for half-an-hour (after exposure to lamplight for 10 minutes) more than makes up for it. Of course, in the dark you'll never know for sure whether the person across the board is the one pushing the indicator, now will you? --Tony Mason

Product Description - It has always been mysterious. It has always been mystifying. And now...it glows in the dark! Just ask it a question and wait to see what answer the Mystifying Oracle will reveal to you. You and a partner sit on opposite sides of the board, with your fingers placed lightly on the message indicator. One of you will ask a question. Now concentrate very hard on the matter at hand - and wait for the indicator to move and begin to reveal the answer through its message window. Will it tell you Yes or No' Will it give you a number or spell out an answer' For centuries, players have brought their questions to the Ouija board. What you do with the information it reveals is between you - and the Mystifying Oracle! Game includes: Ouija board and plastic message indicator. For 2 players.

The Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board Kit by Amy Zerner - Editorial Reviews - The Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board is a practical divination kit that moves beyond the Ouija board, enabling users to tap into shamanic wisdom. The kit features a 32-page booklet and a folding full-color board. By following the simple rules in the instruction booklet and using the beautifully illustrated Talking Board, those seeking answers to life's questions can get in touch with their ancestors and spirit guides, and find the path to enduring love and success.

Psychic Circle by Amy Zerner - Product Description - Enter the realm where reality and mystery merge

The Psychic Circle

The Magical Message Board and Companion Book

Open this box and embark upon a journey into yourself and beyond. Inside is all you will need to be thoroughly delighted the next time you and your "psychic circle" of friends get together for an evening of fun, surprises -- and magical messages! The Magical Message Board$#153; and companion book are always ready to be consulted for problem-solving, decision-making, creative inspiration, and wisdom.

Here's how it works: * You may address the board alone, or with a partner
* Concentrate on your question, whether spoken aloud or not
* Touch your fingertips to The Psychic Circle's Magical Message Indicator and watch it move across the beautifully illustrated, full-color game board as if by magic
* The indicator will come to rest through the power of your mind and beyond

On the Board are twenty key words, eleven colors, and forty universal symbols, in addition to the letters of the alphabet and the numerals 0-9. The Psychic Circle may use any of them -- either individually or in combination -- to create detailed and insightful answers to your every question. You will be amazed and enlightened again and again.

You are the link necessary to complete The Psychic Circle. You can experience new dimensions of reality as you develop your intuition and decision-making ability. You can connect the incredible power of your dream state to your waking mind, your inner world to the outer world, and your past and future to your present awareness.

About the Author - Amy Zerner is one of the leading collage artists in the world. She was a recipient of a 1986 Visual Artist's Fellowship from the United States National Endowment for the Arts for her unique fabric paintings.

Monte Farber, her author husband, is also a professional metaphysical counselor and lecturer, musician, and filmmaker.

Together, they are the foremost designers of award-winning interactive personal guidance systems, with over one million copies of their work in print in nine languages around the world. Their other divination systems, CD-ROMs, children's books, and retrospective coffee-table fine art book are:

The instant Tarot Reader, The Alchemist (also available as a CD-ROM), The Enchanted Tarot (also available as a CD-ROM), Karma Cards (by Monte Farber), Cupid Cards, Goddess Guide Me

Children's books by Amy Zerner And Jessie Spicer Zerner Zen ABC, Scheherazade's Quilt, The Dream Quilt Paradise Found: The Visionary Art of Amy Zerner (by Monte Farber)

Mediums And The Development Of Mediumship by Robert G. Chaney and Gretchen - Product Description - Brief Professional Biographical Sketches Of Various Mediums, Psychics And Clairvoyants Of The Mid-Twentieth Century. Spiritualism; Occult; Psychic; Paranormal; Biography.

Opening to the Other Side: How to Become a Psychic or Medium by Craig Hamilton-Parker (Author), Steinar Lund - Product Description - Millions watched the author's televised seance to contact Princess Diana, and now you can follow his introduction to nurturing your own psychic abilities. Start with exercises to open your mind to the other side. Learn about telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis as well as clairsentience, and clairaudience. Explore the worlds of aura exercises, chakras, alpha and delta waves, and guides and trace communication. Fascinating photos and diagrams show images of hands with the aura's light flowing between the fingers, and of seating positions during a séance. Color-coded sidebars offer short "Do it Now" psychic experiments, "Hot Tip" pointers about how to improve clairvoyance, and "Famous Casebook" stories about proof of the afterlife.

About the Author - Craig Hamilton-Parker is one of the UK's leading mediums. Together with his wife Jane he gained recognition on Channel Four's The Big Breakfast as a psychic advisor, and has since made regular television appearances. The author of numerous books, including The Hidden Meaning of Dreams (0 806977736), Remembering Your Dreams (0 806943432), and What to Do When You Are Dead (0 806929960), he writes columns and articles for newspapers and magazines around the world. His website, www psychics.co.uk, attracts a community of experts who meet in its chatrooms for regular debates and practice. He lives in Eastleigh, Hampshire, with his wife Jane.

How to Talk to the Other Side: Learning How To Communicate With Loved Ones, Spirits and Angels by Dr. Gary Fearn, D.D. - Product Description - How to Talk to the Other Side is destined to open your connection to the other side and help millions connect to angels and their loved ones that have crossed over.

About the Author - At the age of seven, Gary Fearn already displayed remarkable psychic abilities. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide with an extraordinary ability to communicate with the heavenly realm beyond our won physical world with loved ones that have crossed over to bring forth their messages to their family and friends. Gary\'s ability to talk to the heavenly realms helps make him the modern day Hermes, bringing forth messages from beyond to be passed onto the living. He is an ordained minister, and for his work U.L.C. awarded him with a Doctor of Divinity degree on May 13, 1988.

The Darkened Room: Women, Power, and Spiritualism in Late Victorian England by Alex Owen - Product Description - A highly original study that examines the central role played by women as mediums, healers, and believers during the golden age of spiritualism in the late Victorian era, The Darkened Room is more than a meditation on women mediums--it's an exploration of the era's gender relations.

The hugely popular spiritualist movement, which maintained that women were uniquely qualified to commune with spirits of the dead, offered female mediums a new independence, authority, and potential to undermine conventional class and gender relations in the home and in society.

Using previously unexamined sources and an innovative approach, Alex Owen invokes the Victorian world of darkened séance rooms, theatrical apparitions, and moving episodes of happiness lost and regained. She charts the struggles between spiritualists and the medical and legal establishments over the issue of female mediumship, and provides new insights into the gendered dynamics of Victorian society.

The History Of Spiritualism by Arthur Conan Doyle - Product Description - Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Hesperides Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

A Dove at the Window: Living Dreams and Spiritual Experiences, with passages from the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg by Vera P. Glenn - Editorial Review - "A Dove at the Window" is a beautiful book for the soul. Vera Glenn's collection of people's personal loving encounters with heavenly visitors will give comfort to all who have lost loved ones. The book also contains many precious quotations from Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) about the life after death and the connection between heaven and earth. The mixture of personal stories and quotations are uplifting and enlightening. I recommend this book for everyone, not only because of its hopeful message, but it is a delightful adventure to read. -- Grant R. Schnarr, author of Return to the Promised Land and Spiritual Recovery

Product Description - Do our loved ones who have died still care about us? Is God concerned that we are grieving?

Vera P. Glenn has put together a collection of true stories from people who have been dealing with the death of someone they care about. In His mercy, God permitted brief but powerful communications between the natural and spiritual worlds -- confirmations that life and love continue after death. We are always being thought about and loved from the spiritual realm, and our Heavenly Father constantly desires to comfort us. Sometimes that comfort takes the form of dreams or of other glimpses into the life beyond.

You will be amazed at the varity of comforting messages here described. For each story, Vera has chosen one or more quotations from the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, which speak about elements of the spiritual world that are demonstrated in the dreams or experiences.

"Many people I have known have had similarly simple, yet profound and beautiful affirmations that there is a heaven and that people do become angels." Rev. Jeremy Simons

Buckland's Book of Spirit Communications by Raymond Buckland - Product Description - Buckland's Book of Spirit Communication is for anyone who wishes to communicate with spirits, as well as for the less adventurous who simply want to satisfy their curiosity about the subject. Explore the nature of the physical body and learn how to prepare yourself to become a medium. Experience for yourself the trance state, clairvoyance, psychometry, table tipping, levitation, talking boards, automatic writing, spiritual photography, spiritual healing, distant healing, channeling, and development circles. Also learn how to avoid spiritual fraud.

This revised and expanded edition of Buckland's popular Doors to Other Worlds has over one hundred new pages, including a completely new chapter on electronic spirit contact. It features additional photographs and illustrations, an index, a new preface, and a workbook format with study questions and answers for each chapter

Angels Watching Over Me: An Extraordinary Investigation into Experiences of Afterlife Communication by Jacky Newcomb - Product Description - An extraordinary investigation into experiences of afterlife communication.

Seance 101: Physical Mediumship: Table Tipping, Psychic Photography, Trumpet Seances, And Other Important Phenomena by Elaine M. Kuzmeskus - Product Description - Séance 101 explores the physical side of the spirit world and how contact with "the other side" affects you! Read this book to find out : * How spirits communicate with us by tipping tables. Learn the basics from the New England School of Metaphysics. * How spirits manifest on film and the methods for using Electronic Voice Phenomena to contact spirits. * Where to locate and safely open your third eye, that natural intuition that can be developed into a psychic tool. Learn to meditate and set up a seance. * The importance of psychic surgery, medical practices without tools, anesthesia or pain; trumpet mediumship, where spirits speak from megaphones; and percipitated painting, when spirits paint works of art , without the help of mortals. * How magic and mediumship are tied together via the spirit of Harry Houdini! The spirit lives. Will you become a believer?

Contact the Other Side: Seven Methods for Afterlife Communication by Konstantinos - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - According to Konstantinos, practicing mystic and occult author, contacting the dead is easier than you might think. All that is required is some basic equipment, an open mind and a willingness to try any or preferably all of the seven methods he sets forth. Unfortunately, a number of the "simple" methods presented here are likely to appeal to only a small subset of technologically savvy amateur occultists. While Konstantinos's first method uses a simple tape recorder to capture "electronic voice phenomena," he soon escalates to using radio static and white noise; by method four, the reader is expected to be experimenting with noise reduction software and positive video feedback loops. Konstantinos's own reports of spirit contact offer little incentive for such heroic efforts; the idea of listening to hours of feedback and white noise on the chance of hearing a barely discernible voice whisper something like "Not solid... more thought, more reality" will probably repel all but the most dedicated seekers. For those who can set aside the suspicion that methods one through four are merely 21st-century updates of the photographic techniques employed by fraudulent or credulous Victorians, the second section, dedicated to more traditional psychic means of contact, is ironically more persuasive. Here Konstantinos's strengths, his earnestness, clarity and reasonable manner of explaining technique offset his somewhat scant presentation. Thanks to these qualities, the book should still find some fans among followers of the paranormal, technologically inclined or not. (Jan.) Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description - Engage in Seven powerful methods for speaking with the dead * From the author of Vampires: The Occult Truth, and Summoning Spirits * Contact deceased loved ones and other souls - speak with them, they're walting * Catch eluslve electronic voice phenomena on tape, and open up your telephone or computer to spirit voices * Speak with the dead using your mind alone, or draw in a soul close and communicate with it through a scrying tool * Involve others in afterlife communication through seances Whether you've been frustrated in the past by afterlife books that cite case studies but no usable methods, or are just now entering the world of paranormal communication, your search for proof is over. Contact The Other Side will guide you to the most awe-inspiring experiences you'll ever have while still alive.

Speak with the Dead: Seven Methods for Spirit Communication by Konstantinos - Product Description - Modern technology has given us powerful new tools for an age-old dream: seeing and speaking with the dead. Using things you probably already own - such as a camcorder, computer, or tape recorder - you can contact departed loved ones or other spirits, record their images and voices, and establish two-way communications between the worlds. Speak with the Dead also details the more traditional methods of seance, trance, and scrying. You don't have to be a "techie" or an occultist to use any of these techniques. This book will guide you to one of the most awe-inspiring experiences you'll ever have - making contact with deceased loved ones and other souls.

Speak with the Dead is the first book in the modern marketplace to focus on practical, usable techniques for communicating with spirits. This book shows you seven methods for spirit contact:

-catching Electronic Voice Phenomena on tape
-using radio noise to provide spirits with a voice
-capturing ghostly images on videotape
-letting spirits use your computer or telephone
-scrying, establishing telepathic contact with the dead, and holding a seance

Speak with them. They're waiting.

How to Communicate with Spirits by Elizabeth Owens - Product Description - Spiritualist mediums share their fascinating experiences with the "other side"

No where else will you find such a wealth of anecdotes from noted professional mediums residing within a Spiritualist community. These real-life psychics shed light on spirit entities, spirit guides, relatives who are in spirit, and communication with all of those on the spirit side of life.

You will explore the different categories of spirit guidance, and you will hear from the mediums themselves about their first contacts with the spirit world, as well as the various phenomena they have encountered.

*Noted mediums residing within a Spiritualist community share their innermost experiences, opinions, and advice regarding spirit communication
*Includes instructions for table tipping, automatic writing, and meditating to make contact with spirits
*For anyone interested in developing and understanding spiritual gifts

Winner of the 2001 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Biographical/Personal Book

About the Author - Elizabeth Owens (Florida) was Certified as a Medium in 1984 and ordained as a Spiritualist Minister in 1985.  Since September of 2001, she has been appearing on radio shows across the nation promoting her books.  Elizabeth also has appeared on television shows such as The Other Side, CNN, Hard Copy, Now It Can Be Told, and Current Affair and participated in news shows that were broadcast in Japan, Germany, Australia, France, England and Florida. Elizabeth's previous titles are Women Celebrating Life: A Guide To Growth & Transformation, July 2000; How To Communicate With Spirits, September of 2001; and Discover Your Spiritual Life: Illuminate Your Soul's Path, February 2004. How To Communicate With Spirits won the Coalition of Visionary Resources 2002 Visionary Award for best Biographical/Personal Book. Elizabeth and her husband are the parents of four children. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating with Spirits by Rita Berkowitz (Author), Deborah S. Romaine - Customer Review - Guidance for spiritual insight, March 22, 2006 - The Complete Idiots Guide for Communicating with Spirit is a step by step, easy read for anyone interested in learning how to communicate with spirt - receive guidance - and understand the nature of how spirit works within - Rita Berkowitz explains in clear detail, outlines and guidelines for the novice to find their way on this intriguing road - a must buy and one that you will find yourself going back to again and again for answers and guidance. --By Nancy Park

God's Gift Of Love: After-Death Communications: For Those Who Grieve by Christine Marie Duminiak - Editorial Reviews - "Fascinating...life-altering afterlife stories and insights. This excellent self-help book is a must for anyone who is grieving!" -- Joseph F. Wright, C.H.T, I.A.C.T. - International Clinical Hypnotherapist, creator of the Awaken Your Inner Healer Seminars.

"Outstanding...compelling...will bring healing, comfort, and hope to those who grieve. I can´t recommend it too highly! Absolutely wonderful!" -- Sunni Welles, author: Glimpses Of Heaven From The Angels Who Live There.

"This book is a treasure for all those who yearn to remember we don't die!" -- Judith Guggenheim, co-founder/researcher of The ADC Project and co-author, Hello From Heaven. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Product Description - God's Gift of Love: After-Death Communications (For Those Who Grieve) is a comforting and reassuring spiritual self-help book for the bereaved to help them receive and recognize afterlife visits and signs from their deceased loved ones. Over 20 common types of afterlife signs are identified, including 123 compelling stories. This book is a must for anyone wondering if our loved ones live on and are still a part of our lives.

The Afterlife Connection: A Therapist Reveals How to Communicate with Departed Loved Ones by Jane Greer - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - According to this comforting New Age primer, death can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Indeed, it seems to open up lines of "transcommunication" as never before, Greer says, and messages from beyond the grave come in a multitude of formats, including dreams, friendly animals, rainbows and electrical disturbances. She offers examples, too, of departed loved ones taking a more active role-by counseling the living on life projects, helping them find apartments, even fixing them up with Mr. Right. Greer, a Redbook online sex columnist and author of Gridlock: Finding Courage to Move On in Life, Love and Work, describes herself as a "psychoanalytically trained" therapist, but departs from Freudian orthodoxy by collaborating with a psychic and urging her patients to directly contact their deceased relatives as an integral part of the therapeutic process. Her material is drawn mostly from their case studies, and from her experience with her own late mother, a particularly voluble spirit who manifests herself in the form of rabbits, doves, butterflies, toppled family photos, stopped clocks, malfunctioning radios and serendipitous encounters with the song "La Vie en Rose." Greer offers some practical tips on communicating with the dead to enable readers to bypass mediums and seances; candles and meditation exercises help, but a simple blurted entreaty ("Hi, Mom...Please let me know you're here") often does the trick. She takes a stab at rationalizing everything by reference to relativity, quantum physics, thermodynamics and paranormal research, but grieving survivors may be happy to take it all on faith. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Review - "What a wonderful compilation of stories that shimmer with truth and beauty! Dr. Greer's intimate sharing of her experiences with her mother, coupled with detailed instructions on how to make contact with those we have loved and lost, truly make this a book you can't put down." --Sinclair Browning, author of Feathers Brush My Heart: True Stories of Mothers Connecting with Their Daughters After Death

"The Afterlife Connection is a lucid description of the survival of consciousness after death and how a deeper understanding of our connection with this transcendent consciousness can help heal and transform our lives." --Deepak Chopra, author of How to Know God

"Thank you, Dr. Greer, for adding an authoritative--yet wonderfully personal--voice to the body of evidence that there is life and emotional continuity after physical death." --Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life

"Dr. Greer has written a heartwarming and inspiring book about seemingly miraculous afterlife connections that can be observed by all of us--if we are open--in everyday life. Scientists and laymen alike should read these accounts with wonderment and appreciation." --Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., Director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona and author of The Afterlife Experiments -- Review

Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma by Allan L Botkin, R. Craig Hogan, and Raymond A. Moody - Editorial Reviews - If you want...a new way of thinking about issues connected to the afterlife read [this book]. -- LILIPOH, Winter 2005

Using a controversial technique to induce communication with deceased loved ones, Botkin compiles research on afterlife encounters. -- Venture Inward, January/February 2006

Review - "Dr. Allan Botkin's [Induced After-Death Communication] probes the profound therapeutic and spiritual implications of apparent contact with departed loved ones. This book is a must read for all serious students of death and dying." ‹Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, author of Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon--Survival of a Bodily Death and Reunions: Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones

Spirit Communication: A Comprehensive Guide to the Extraordinary World of Mediums, Psychics and the Afterlife by Roy Stemman - Product Description - Is it possible to communicate with a loved one after they have passed over? How is it done‹and who are the people who are able to do it? Spirit Communication explores methods of contacting the dead, the evidence for and against, the history of the movement, and much more. Packed with photos and amazing stories from the author's own experience, this is the only guide you'll need to spirit communication. You will discover: the fascinating history of spirit communication; the different varieties of mediumship‹including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and more obscure methods of communication such as electronic voice phenomena, musical and artistic mediumship; the lowdown on spiritual healers and psychic surgeons; how crimes can be solved with the help of spirit communication; the Spiritualist view of reincarnation and the afterlife; and revealing interviews with top mediums.

About the Author - Roy Stemman is a writer and journalist who has specialised in the field of the paranormal for over thirty years. He was Assistant Editor of the weekly Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News for eight years, and is a former Chairman and Director of Psychic Press. He is currently Editor of Life & Soul, a magazine focusing on evidence of the afterlife. He lives in Oxford.

Love Beyond Life: The Healing Power of After-Death Communications by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski - Editorial Reviews - Amazon.com Review - The authors of the popular We Don't Die discuss some 90 cases of after-death communication in an attempt to discover what happens when we pass on. This is a must read for those confused by messages from departed loved ones, those who wonder why they haven't been given a message, and those who want to know more about the mystery of the afterlife. Love Beyond Life addresses questions of love and death without crossing the boundary into hokeyness or sentimentalism. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Product Description - Despite our cultural aversion to death, two in five Americans--over 40 million people--have experienced contact with the dead. What do these communications tell us about life here and beyond? What can these glimpses beyond the veil teach us about acceptance, love, and faith? How can they help us to resolve our grief, incorporate a loved one's death into our daily lives, and draw purpose and meaning from unspeakable tragedy?

Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski, authors of the classic, We Don't Die, here explore the power of after-death communication--deathbed visions, dream visitations, apparitions, and other phenomena--to comfort us, to strengthen us, and to create a new, life-affirming notion of what it means to grieve and to die. In the midst of life we live with death, a fact we are culturally conditioned to deny. We avoid the dying, the dead, and the bereaved at every opportunity and then wonder why we feel so alone when death touches our lives. Love Beyond Life is an invaluable resource for those who have lost someone dear, and for anyone who yearns to make sense of life's final journey.

After-death Communication by Emma Heathcote-James - Product Description - Hundreds of firsthand accounts of those whose lives have been affected by messages or signs from the deceased.

From the Publisher - An After­Death Communication (ADC) is a direct and spontaneous "contact" between the living and the deceased, without the intervention of a medium. Many believe that ADCs offers dramatic evidence of life after death, with a staggering 20 percent of us estimated to have had such an experience. The stories related here are from people of all walks of life, including well­known personalities like Paul McCartney. Emma Heathcote­James believes that ADCs provide an understanding of the vastness of the spiritual dimension, expanding our minds to see a wider reality‹one that exists before birth and beyond physical death. Her book offers both a glimpse into that reality and a practical guide that can be interpreted on both basic and advanced levels of understanding‹wherever one is on their spiritual journey. Emma Heathcote­James has a Ph.D. in Theology.

Thoughts From Another World: Communications by Shirley Buck Welton - Product Description - "Thoughts from Another World" includes a description of what dying was like for my father and of what happened immediately afterward. It describes his sojourn in various "abodes" or thought states in the Spirit Realm, where the thoughts of the spirit create hallucinations, some pleasant, some dreadful, which seem absolutely real. It tells about the apotheosis and transfiguration to life on a Planet of Redemption, a utopia of unimaginable wonder and beauty, where thoughts can create anything that can be imagined and desired. The book includes discussions about the beginning of the universe, evolution, the meaning of life before and after death, reincarnation, and the divine plan for the continued evolution of man after death toward the God-like. It tells of allegorical journeys on the Planet of Redemption and into space, contacts with other planets, the life of intelligent beings that inhabit them, and how they succeeded or failed in solving their social problems. There are many characters and descriptions of past lives in this story. This book is about love, service, spiritual growth, and how we on earth can enrich our lives by developing our physical and mental abilities.

Loving Connections: The Healing Power of After-Death Communications by Jane Bissler and Lisa Heiser - Product Description - This book tells the story of love that never dies. It is written for all those who have ever loved another with the depths of their heart. It describes the continuing connections of such love between those who have passed to the other side and those who have been bereaved. In this book, we describe the ways in which these loving connections support, enable, and empower grief-stricken individuals to regain emotional equilibrium, attain a sense of peace, and acquire new vitality and unexpected joy for living again.

EVP and New Dimensions by Alexander MacRae - Product Description - This must be the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Written by a former NASA speech researcher, the book covers everything from basic questions, such as what is EVP, how it is done, to a wide-ranging discussion of new dimensions. This takes in beliefs from Christianity to Taoism, from Spiritualism to the Kaballah. After comparing EVP, Near Death Experiences, Black Holes and Wormholes, MacRae goes on to present incredible ideas for the future of EVP and "Designer Bodies." (252 pages, 30 illustrations.)

THE ELECTRONIC GHOSTS: EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) (a Novel) by NATHAN TOMS - Product Description - It is the height of the swinging sixties and Andrew Stein has more important things on his mind than whether there is life after death - that is until he meets Stan, an eccentric old man who is so vehement in his belief in the afterlife that it sparks a flame of curiosity in Stein. Twenty years on, Stein constructs a device to contact an earthbound spirit who calls herself Natasha, without realising the catastrophic chain of events he is about to unleash. Stein finds himself catapulted into the world of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) which ultimately brings him face to face with supernatural entities. But are these forces benevolent spirits with messages for loved ones or are they malevolent forces, hell-bent on destroying him and all that he holds dear? The novel takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of uncertainty until a crescendo of blood chilling events hurtles towards the terrifying climax.

Communicating With the Dead by Jeff Belanger - Product Description - Communicating with the Dead is an objective and journalistic journey into the history and practice of spirit communication devices. Practitioners, scientists, clergy, and psychics all weigh in on the various means and materials used to make contact with the spirit world.

Methods covered include: * Talking Boards-better known by the brand name Ouija Board, the historic and esoteric impact this enigmatic device has made is significant. Is it really just a game? * Tarot Cards-what began as a card game for royalty centuries ago has evolved into a spiritual system that can be used for divination. * Dowsing Rods-originally used to find underground water sources, some believe the rods can tap into supernatural energies. * Runes-based on an ancient northern European alphabet, Runecasters believe they are communicating directly with the gods. * Mirror Gazing-by staring into a clear optical depth, some believe we can peer into the spirit world. * Spirit Photography-almost as soon as the camera was invented, photographers began to discover strange, ghostly images in their pictures. Some were frauds, others believe they made genuine contact...and have the pictures to prove it! * Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)-a practice that is gaining ground with paranormal investigators. Using modern recording devices, some disembodied voices are being captured on tape.

About the Author - Jeff Belanger is a voracious fan of the unexplained. He's been studying and writing about the supernatural for regional and national publications since 1997. Belanger is the founder of Ghostvillage.com, the Internet's largest supernatural community, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. He's the author of: The World's Most Haunted Places: From the Secret Files of Ghostvillage.com (New Page Books 2004), and The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places (New Page Books 2005).

The New 2008 EVP Handbook by Dave & Sharon Oester - Product Description - Since the beginning of time, people have been asking if there was life after death. We have Near Death Experiences, but these people all come back to life. Is death different when someone does not return to the land of the living? We think of ghosts on Halloween or at Christmas when Mr. Scrooge meets the ghosts that will change his life forever.   What are ghost voices, the critics suggest that these ethereal voices are from local radio stations, our cell phones or from people chatting near the recorder. While these are possibilities, we can discard them as not being practical.   In most cases, the recording of ghost voices suggests that these twilight visitors are interactive with the living. As field investigators ask questions, the ghostly entities respond to those questions. We have never recorded music from a local radio station before nor a cell phone conversation, but we have recorded the voices of disincarnate spirits speaking.   In other cases, it is as if the field investigator records the conversation between two spirits as he or she is walking by them. The captured ghost voices display human qualities, such as emotions or fears. Each ghost voice pattern is different, some speak with local dialects, and other speaks with slang or with a vernacular speech. Ghost voices are not monotonous, but filled with emotions that tear at the very fabric of one's soul.   We believe that ghosts are the evidence of life after death; their existence is a testimony to the ongoing nature of the human spirit. We have never encountered demonic or evil spirits, but we have encountered ghosts with attitudes. Discover the joy of the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, EVP as the recording of ghost voices has entered the twenty-first century.

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