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The Annie Nanji Recordings

The knowledge and messages of the spirit to this material world of darkness must come out! We cannot ignore the vital importance of these messages not only as a presentation of powerful evidence and proof of survival after death on higher spheres, but also vital knowledge that this materialistic world of darkness, conflict and confusion desperately needs. Therefore I have uploaded one of the largest online collections of Leslie Flint recordings ever compiled originating from the early 1950s up until late 1980s. Because these recordings were made over 60, 50, 40 and 30 years ago and often on what would now be considered antique tape recorders, the quality of some of these recordings may be very poor, have much background noise and/or difficult to understand. In some cases, it would be best to use headphones.

Please support the Leslie Flint Educational Trust which originally provided hundreds of similar recordings.

The Annie Nanji Collection of Leslie Flint Recordings

From October 22, 1970, until November 18, 1983, Dr. Dinshaw R. Nanji, a retired Swedish doctor of chemistry (from Birmingham University) sat in at least 61 seance room sessions with the independent direct voice medium, Leslie Flint where he was able to casually converse with his late wife, Annie Ottilia Nanji via an ectoplasmic voice box in a darkened room within the auric emanation of the medium. Annie had passed away from cancer at the age of 53 in 1966, which was four years previous to her husband's first session with Mr. Flint. Contained in these recordings are some of the most convincing evidence ever of a solid, absolutely real and tangible life after death where life goes on indefinitely almost in the same way as it does on Earth except in a timeless fashion and without all the material limitations, struggles, and annoyances.

Annie Nanji - recorded 10-22-1970 .mp3
Show/HideDr. Nanji's late wife, Annie (who succumbed to cancer at the age of 53) comes through (starting with a whisper) for the first time along with their stillborn children Sevina and Peter. She is overcome with excitement and emotion as she is finally able to speak with her husband for the first time since passing. Able to see Dinshaw's other relatives visiting him in spirit as well as being able to sense Dinshaw's work on Earth as a chemist, Mickey intervenes to explain to him more of what is going on including Anne's immense love for him.

Annie Nanji - recorded 10-23-1970 .mp3
Show/HideAnnie and Dinshaw (then 70 years old) discuss plans regarding Dinshaw's business as a chemist, retirement, and the possibility of future writing. Annie describes some of his items, the location of his hotel room, and other details only Dinshaw would know about, such as having his name already engraved on his tombstone! She also notes he had not changed anything at his flat, except that one of his bed covers was put on the wrong way around! She states that during sleep they are often together. His son, Peter also briefly comes through confirming his love for his dad, Dinshaw, and will wait with and look after his mother in spirit until he passes. Mickey comes through conveying her present age of 57, how lovely Anne thinks the flowers around her grave are, and the beautiful blue and silver sari that she is wearing today in spirit. Mickey encourages him to write reassuring books regarding the afterlife.

Annie Nanji - recorded 4-28-1971 .mp3
Show/Hide(Tape sometimes picks up interference from local air traffic) Annie reveals intimate details from her husband's life only he would know about. and can pick up his thoughts. She thanks him for the roses and feels overwhelmingly excited. Mickey again helps with communication. She jokes he is too healthy and won't come over for quite a while yet. They discuss the possibility of creating a film on their communications and the afterlife. Regarding thoughts, she insists they are one, and that it's not his imagination but that she can answer him whenever and wherever he talks to her. She asks if he is planning to go to a museum, and he confirms that too. She also points out that the medium, Leslie Flint has a cold.

Annie Nanji - recorded 4-30-1971 .mp3
Show/HideAnnie and Dinshaw discuss tapping at his flat, and agree on a code: one tap for yes and two for no. She suggests trying everything, including automatic writing and playing a tape recorder to pick up EVP impressions. She has the impression that Dinshaw may go to Paris and suggests he might contact someone by the name of Robert Florey and his wife, Madame Florey. She suggests that he write down his first impressions upon waking in the morning. The wavelength 7.07 MH on the SW band is a frequency Annie recommends Dinshaw tries. She would also like to try to manifest to him, saying that if she does, she will look like 25.

They share the dream of a documentary film that could help bring the two worlds together. She laments how much people don't want to think of death, but only of the life on Earth. They share their amusement regarding someone she and Dinshaw noticed while walking along a street who resembled Annie's appearance.

She describes her home in the countryside: It is like a large, pretty cabin or chalet in the woods with five rooms with sufficient space for themselves and their two children. One does not have to eat, nor is it necessary to drink, but when people first come here, they still find the need for such things, but this is only in their own minds. It is not far from water and a lake, there are beautiful flowers and trees, and she also states that many friends come to visit her, many new friends, and some she had known since childhood.

She states that time is no problem at all in the afterlife, and she discovers they both had previous lives together. They discuss the photos at home and the graves for each other. She says she often puts her hand in his, and while shopping she impresses on him what kinds of healthy food to buy such as fruit and herbal teas like matcha latte, etc. People can study and take an interest in things they were not able to study on Earth.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-14-1971 .mp3
Show/HideDinshaw discussed experimenting with his tape recorder while getting the right conditions for communication from his wife. He and Annie agrees darkness is necessary. Annie mentions how spirit voices on tape have been achieved before, but usually just short phrases. They recognize the fact there is a strong link (of love) they share with each other which should greatly enhance their success. They talk about radio wavelengths and the best times to experiment. Dinshaw thinks material proof by electronic means would help convince more skeptics.

Annie states that millions are afraid of this subject, and don't like to talk about death, even people with a very strong religious background. They often think it is wrong to contact the dead. People just don't understand. But Dinshaw says his communication with her uplifts him with no end, and Annie replies that there is no such thing as death. Even though not physically present but present on a mental and spiritual level, she states that, for lack of better words, her life feels more tangible.

She states that she will try to do everything, even help him remember his astral travels with her. She states that even though he prematurely had his name engraved on a stone along with her gravestone, he still has much more time left and that their connection could help and inspire many others and write a book based on all the knowledge he now has access to. They discuss why and how to sell a rare and valuable stone (a ruby) he'd rather not keep and could get good money for. Future plans are discussed, then Mickey concludes the seance.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-16-1971 .mp3
Show/HideShe recalls she was with him at the market but got to the seance room sooner than Dinshaw who had to use the bus. They both recall today it is their 5-year anniversary. She mentions in the evenings when it is quiet and often with him, that perhaps she could do some sessions with the tape recording. Dinshaw wants to try connecting the radio with the tape recorder; and that they must try everything. Even though she is grateful for the medium, she longs to have other ways to communicate, especially at Dinshaw's home. She talks about how she often meets with him while asleep, especially early in the morning. Sometimes he remembers being together with her while dreaming, and she often comes to fetch him. She recalls it was important and necessary they had to leave India and go to Sweden, and then how important it was that she had passed sooner so she could be with their children, prepare a place in the afterlife, and be able to fetch Dinshaw when it's finally time for him to pass over. The best way, she thinks, would be for him to fall asleep and wake up in the spirit realm with her. She says she now looks 20 and that he will look even younger than when she first met him, will be with their children (now grown up), and insists he will be thrilled with everything! They appreciate each other now more than ever because of what has happened.

They discuss cooking, diet, and the fact his weight is constant and is remarkable for his age. She is aware he has been buying new clothes in Kensington. They talk more about the valuable stone he has been trying to sell for a decent price, and she jokes how materialistic their conversation had been. He states "It is just like you are sitting in front of me." She answers, "But I am sitting in front of you!" She is aware of the lock of her hair he always carries around with him. She said she has been learning more and more English words. She will try to do everything possible to contact him at home and he wonders whether or not he should set up a dark room. Even though they were together on Earth, she states that their love is far removed from any ordinary, material love. She wants to put her arms around him, kiss him, etc. They discuss how his mother is still doing remarkably well even at 88.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-20-1971 .mp3
Show/HideA lady, a man and then Mickey come through saying they are interested in his experiments, and many other souls present are also very interested in helping him. Then Annie and Dinshaw discuss future seance meetings hoping she will have a chance to speak to him again before he temporarily goes back to Sweden, where he cannot see Leslie Flint (in London). He states Flint will also be going to America in October, but her birthday is November 19th. She always looks forward to speaking with him and wishes she could speak with him every day which would help so much, so she laments the times (often for months) he is not able to sit with Leslie Flint. She states she and their children are always around him trying to help in any way they possibly can.

Dinshaw's home EVP experiments would help convince others of the reality of communication, and bought a book about electronic communication called Breakthrough by Konstantin Raudive. They speak of the possibility of building a spiritual church in Sweden. She then says she will try to bring some people together to perhaps start a home circle in his flat. He assumes proof of the afterlife via electronic communication would change the world: "There would only be one great religion in the world that God intended." They state there is too much pettiness and animosity, especially from the clergy. She says, "So many people are prejudiced." They are both very happy in knowing that death is only the beginning and not the end. If only people could understand it.

She says she's often aware of him in the kitchen cooking. Mickey and another voice chime in to say there are crowds and crowds of people here interested in their experimental work. It is only a different wavelength that separates them. She explains how an artificial larynx is used to recreate her voice and how her concentration on it with her thoughts makes it speak. He discusses plans to see his mother and Annie's sister. Time passes but one loses all sense of time. She asks him what he's planning to do with the rest of the day. Regarding a precious stone or ruby, he intends to first advertise it, and try to sell it that way, and then if it won't sell, to put his ruby on auction through a jeweler. Future upkeep of their graves is also discussed. They say their loving goodbyes and finally, Mickey chimes in with a pleasant farewell to end the seance.

Annie Nanji - recorded 10-6-1971 .mp3
Show/HideAnnie thanks him for the roses while saying she saw him get them at the market. He saw flags around London in celebration of a historic visit by a Japanese emperor. They mention continuing to experiment with communication, but no one knows how to improve their chances, not even knowing what kind of microphone would be best. Dinshaw tells his wife Annie he recently visited his mother but she does not understand their communication through a medium, and can't accept the fact. Unfortunately, almost everyone is the same, they just don't know anything about it and have yet to have their eyes opened.

They discussed his job as a chemist now being part-time and an experiment he did in his kitchen. He had taken some books on astral projection to study and asked her what he did with her while he came over to her during sleep. She says sometimes they go for long (oftentimes floating) walks, go to beautiful concerts, walk through woods, flowers, vast buildings, beautiful big amphitheaters, etc. They could also listen to natural music reverberating in the atmosphere of the countryside. In that world, they are both young and beautiful too, and she often hopes he has recollection of being with her and the children. A few days ago, he clearly saw her face inside a golden circle just as he was waking up.

She asks him what he plans for Christmas. She says he had been thinking about planting some violets in a pot to get them to grow indoors, but could not find any shop that has them. They share memories of visiting an old palace garden with a Chinese pagoda and another garden where there were a lot of geese walking about. He recalls being with her at the Queen Mary rose garden. She reminds him there would soon be another anniversary and he mentions her birthday coming up on November 19th. They continue to discuss the stone and the ring made for it. She wonders what is he going to do with all her things in his cupboard! She mentioned a black bow tie she bought for him for a special occasion. He wore it for his 70th birthday.

He reckons he stays younger because of his mental union with his wife in spirit, otherwise, he feels he would grow older much faster. She talks about a boat they once had. She recommends that he write and contact a friend named Marice in Stockholm and meet other friends to help with his tape recording and start a home circle. They conclude their discussion and will try to get her children to speak to him tomorrow, and Mickey chimes in with a few final words saying Leslie Flint leaves for America the day after tomorrow.

Annie Nanji - recorded 5-3-1972 .mp3
Show/HideShe touches on the importance of remaining calm during a conversation so she does not ruin it for both of them. She wonders why he can't remember much of all the wonderful times he enjoyed with her during sleep which to her is just a daily routine! He mentions a chain of magnets embedded in a plastic foam that creates a magnetic field around his head to try to help him remember his astral travels with her. She describes places where souls (sometimes from higher spheres) show them various aspects of people's lives helping them to see where they went wrong and what they did right (as in a life review) using methods appearing like films projecting onto the atmosphere via mental manifestation. She would also with the help of others, stand around Dinshaw in the morning until he wakes up to help impress these memories on him. He remembers walking with her and one time seeing her in a long, flowing white dress. He saw his daughter in red and remembered going to a concert with them. However, she doubts if the magnetic pillow would make a difference, yet she longs for him to remember being with her much more.

After mentioning to her how he is sometimes able to reach a book and find the right page immediately, and even turn on the radio and just the right song is playing, she shares with him that she actually influences him this way and says she is very close to him, especially while listening to music. She states that they sometimes sit together (on her side of life) under a tree that is full of flowers and reminisce about many things and talk. He asks how his mother (in law?) is doing who recently passed, and she is just beginning to realize the full depth and meaning of what is going on around her. There are some people who don't wish to know about communication even after they pass over and don't want to come back at all to communicate. Many people still don't suddenly change when they pass over, and they still have their own opinions and cling to old ideas. Old souls come back to Earth to teach, but most souls come back to learn something they need to understand in order to fulfill their own salvation. There are some things they are unable to or refuse to learn on their own, so they have to return to Earth to make progress.

The materialistically powerful Church preaches from the wrong angle, yet children have a natural inclination toward truth. It's very sad how religion obscures a child's natural, simple spirituality, blinding them with creeds, dogmas, and rituals. Annie states that progression is a slow business, even for people like ourselves. Jesus understood the laws of the spirit, and his methods were simple, direct, and complete and that's why he achieved what he did. He asks her how well she is getting on with her harp playing, and she states she loves musical instruments and feels she's been playing them quite well. Her daughter Sevina plays the violin and the piano, while Annie plays on the harp. Everything worth achieving has to involve striving and effort. One still has to work and make an effort in some way, even after passing over. She loves also teaching the children and helping souls in lower conditions, such as lower spheres and/or earthbound to see a new way of life. She says the atmosphere around Earth is often appalling. Dinshaw discusses the horrible conditions of famine in Bombay and Russia, with too much flooding in some locations and droughts in others. With the exception of geological activity, Annie states that everything that goes wrong in history is caused by millions of people's wrong thinking and actions throughout generations of time. And if mankind interferes with nature, nature will rebel. Man will bring around his own destruction.

Annie Nanji - recorded 5-5-1972 .mp3
Show/HideThey discuss how cold and/or mild the winter weather has been. Annie says she does many things Dinshaw is not aware of and is very close to him while enjoying music, the people, water, swans, the moon, stars, etc. She says he shared several past lives with him, including the time of the Renaissance in France, Italy, Ancient Rome, and even Ancient Egypt. It has been a gradual process in different ways, experiences, and lives. Their present and most recent life together (as Dinshaw and Annie) has been the last material incarnation they will have. They were also linked with other souls, such as Leslie Flint, etc., and were linked with some souls from an incarnation in Italy many centuries ago and under the protection of the family of the Borgia during a time of feuds and other troubles. Their names were Giovanni and Beatrice and while living in France, were patrons of the arts. It was destiny for them to be together today. She suggests Dinshaw write books about all these subjects.

Dinshaw prefers TV and documentaries that he believes would more forcibly bring this subject to a wider audience. He often tells Leslie to take care of his health when he comes to London. They talk about his health and people telling him he's looking younger and younger instead of growing older and she jokes she does not want him to become too young, or he'll never "come over here" (laughing out loud). And hopefully, he will always be fit and well and that he will pass over only in his sleep. They discuss flights to Copenhagen not always being non-stop and places he often needs to stop over at. She is aware whenever he goes to a gift shop and thinks of what his wife in spirit would like to have, she receives it in a mental way. Objects like antiques, art, etc. that exist on her side of life are there for aesthetic reasons rather than for material value. Nothing needs to be stored, because whatever is beautiful will always remain there as long as it is valued, and regarding that which is no longer needed, one would no longer be aware of it.

She says over on her side of life she loves to read because there are great libraries filled with all the best books that are good to read. Books are produced by the power of thought. When souls assimilate more knowledge, they expand their vision, and higher possibilities become a tangible reality. All life is created by thought and nothing is possible without it. Because she invariably is with him every time he sleeps, and just before fully awakening back to the material things, she says, because of their closeness, he should be able to see her at least briefly in full detail. She states they should also share their joy with others and assist people who are very sad and would like to get into communication but cannot. She has her own little place where she teaches children. Just after they lovingly conclude their conversation, Mickey chimes in to officially end this session with his goodbyes, calling Leslie Flint, "Uncle"!

Annie Nanji - recorded 5-8-1972 .mp3
Show/HideShe thanks him again for the flowers but is always with him and finds the "How are you?" routine rather funny because she is often with him, and was with him while was at the seaside, on the train, when he had lunch, listening to a tape, talking, etc., and therefore already knows in full detail how he is doing. He mentioned he wanted to clear up a misunderstanding between Leslie and others who should otherwise be agreeing with him. She feels this time around is their last material incarnation. Their children were born only one previous time when they were also husband and wife. However, Annie and Dinshaw had also been Mother and son, brother and sister, and Dinshaw was even female in a past incarnation! She explains it's necessary for a soul to have various mixes of different experiences of many things, in many bodies of both sexes. There is no sexual instinct on the higher planes where souls have evolved so much that they have become complete in themselves. Advanced souls have learned to discard the things that are unimportant and to keep the things that are. She says over time, she shall merge with him and evolve together more and more having in past lives experienced all kinds of relationships with each other. Of course, they are already one in certain ways.

The very condition of our thoughts can influence what we create physically, mentally, and spiritually. Being old souls, this time around, it was not necessary for their children to be reborn in a material sense. She recalls one incarnation in Syria in which Dinshaw was an Assiryan who was anxious to bring understanding and peace between Egypt and Syria. Even though they were in love, circumstances prevented them from being together. Because he angered so many people in the ruling class trying to prevent conflict and help the common people, they threw him from a cliff, and she committed suicide. Wealthy people in high positions cannot fully understand what it is like to be poor. She was brought up twice in noble houses and therefore had no idea of poverty. She feels Dinshaw has always been her guiding light. She says Jesus is a very old soul and had many incarnations. Many great prophets have returned and will return to help in those times most desperately in need of such saviors.

She wants him to write a book on all the material she has and intends to share. They discuss conditions and methods they might be able to record her voice on tape like Raudive did with his "Breakthrough" experiments. But she says they are very much in tune and able to receive her thoughts when he is quiet and peaceful. She asks when he shall come again because she has to go. Mickey comes in to say how marvelous she is, and to conclude.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-13-1972 .mp3
Show/HideShe overheard Dinshaw saying she has wings, but both understand it's not so. Also, she alludes to the fact that it's the 13th, but jokes that she hopes it is not "Friday the 13th" as Mickey tells her it's superstition that it's not a happy time! She says her recently passed mother is now fully awake and conscious of everything, and she is very much more settled and happy. Because she is religious and still tends to think in the old way, she is not likely to come and communicate yet, however. They comment on the warm weather, and him planning to go on a bus to where they used to go to the pogoda, fountian, and Queen Mary's rose garden. She noticed how annoyed he was that the position of some of the seats around the fountain had been removed and how he always tried to sit in the same seat where they used to sit together.

They talk about traveling around Italy, especially Florence where they experienced a past life, but he much prefers he travel to London where he has a flat and can spend the summer vacations to see Leslie Flint regularly. She wonders if will he be 80 when he finally passes over. At her mother's funeral, Dinshaw had a long talk with someone's (Oswald's?) wife regarding his direct contact with Annie and was tape-recording the conversation, and she did accept their communication and that love can make anything possible. However, Annie's sister Rita was so frightened by it, that she ran away. Dinshaw tried to give her something to help her stop smoking, but Annie felt it would not work. She continues to discuss how her mother is adjusting to her new life, and how she is understanding more and more, but her whole attitude of mind is very different from theirs. She intends to bring her with her to one of the seance meetings with Dinshaw, to give her some experience of it to make her think more deeply about it. Then she will realize that what Dinshaw was trying to tell her regarding direct communication with her daughter (his wife) was true.

She mentioned she would like him to obtain a tablecloth and some early photographs of herself, her mother and father, and when she was 17 from her late mother's collection because they would let him keep them. She says she thinks in English even on the other side. She says she has to press her face into a strange mask and concentrate on what she wants to say, which can be very tricky. She is not sure what she sounds like on Earth, yet Dinshaw insists it's her voice, accent, intonations, etc. 100%. She also would like to try to speak in her language. Souls in the afterlife are not necessarily living with everyone they see, know, and love, except someone who is very, very dear and very close. She says they have great, vast cities, and a way of life in some respects very similar to the way it is on Earth. There are cinemas, halls of learning, and libraries where there are housed thousands of books that one can read, tune into, and catch meaningful memories of past events like one is visualizing something on a huge screen. Everything that happened that was of consequence to the history of man can be reproduced.

She believes that talking about trivial things is not only endearing but also helps as proof about the afterlife, even though it is not spiritual. Even though speaking of great truths far removed from material things may be wonderful and essential, it unfortunately tends to not to be as evidential. The whole world could be changed if everyone understood it, and proof was provided through communication using an actual device. But some people will never be convinced, yet it would be ridiculous to assume somehow it's a ventriloquist imitation of someone's voice and personality along with all the intimate details that no medium could ever know of! Sitting in a dark room back in Sweden with others interested in this subject to provide more power would be ideal, but Dinshaw does not think he can find anyone. Even mediums like Leslie Flint still need other people around them to generate the power needed to allow spirits to manifest.

Dinshaw states that Sir Oliver Lodge came through Leslie Flint saying that there will soon be scientific proof of actual communication with the afterlife. She says she often lies with him and even sometimes reads with him when he reads. Then they talk about the wedding ring they both share and that she still wears it on her side of life. Knowing they will be together again is the most wonderful thing and that is what matters the most. They both express their gratitude toward Leslie Flint and then she says she will concentrate on doing something to impress Dinshaw wherever he goes next. Mickey chimes in saying she is lovely and what a marvelous communicator she is and then concludes the seance.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-14-1972 .mp3
Show/HideThey start out speaking about cherry blossoms reminding them of the time between 1300 and 1400 when they shared a past life in Florence and Siena, Italy. Much has to be prearranged by many spirit people behind the scenes before a Leslie Flint communication can take place. Different people are in charge of different aspects of communication. She says she has to prepare and organize her thoughts before every one of her sessions with Leslie Flint. She wonders if Dinshaw could take a spirit photograph of her, and he says an infrared photo might be a good thing to try for getting spirit photographs. She says she loves the photograph he has of her at the fountain at Regent's Park, London by his bed. On Sunday he says he is going to meet a possible publisher of the book he intends to write. He feels he needs a lot of material to be able to create or write a book.

Even though the fundamental aspects of the afterlife are always the same, she says conditions in the afterlife vary according to the nature of the persons experiencing them. Some may be in an entirely different condition or vibration than others. She says her mother still is in the beginning of awakening to things, and like lots of other people, she needs to learn how to experience and adjust her outlook. Even when something tremendous happens such as passing over, people often still won't change their outlook much and will still need much more adjustment. It can be very difficult for them.

Deep love makes communication much more natural and flowing. A deep tie of love and affection makes a great difference. He feels one must try everything and plans to meet up with someone in the country using a diode instead of a microphone. He believes for the power of communication to build up, he must exclude light. Annie compares building up lifeforce in darkness to the darkness of a dark room for developing photographs. She says there must always be some human aspect in communication even when using a machine, and any communication, no matter what device is used, always involves some form of mediumship.

She states being deeply in love is a huge boost to communication. She says in the atmosphere there are innumerable sounds that are out of the range of normal hearing. He says in Copenhagen he met someone with super-sensitive, ultra-sonic microphones that can pick up the sounds of trees growing. He thought he might like to use one of those microphones but they are extremely expensive. She discloses the fact that if those on her side could somehow lower their vibration enough, they might be more able to communicate. She explains how her voice is artificially reproduced through a voice box she has to concentrate her thoughts on making it vibrate in the atmosphere for physical people to hear. It would not be possible to tell whether one is picking up fragments or left-over thoughts in the atmosphere or a genuine contact with a loved one in spirit until an actual intelligent conversation can take place. She states that great inventors like Thomas Alva Edison and scientific researchers like Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir William Crookes are working with groups of scientists to do whatever they can to communicate from their side of life. She then says she must go, but will come on Monday, and will come whenever there is the slightest opportunity to communicate. Mickey closes the seance again praising her for being such a marvelous and lovely communicator.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-17-1972 .mp3
Show/HideThey discuss the fact that Dinshaw went to Gerrad's house yesterday and that Mickey noticed that their dog saw Annie walking beside Dinshaw into the house. She says a lot of energy can be taken from animals when we try to manifest. He alludes to a psychic painting done by Coral Polge of Annie in spirit, and how long her hair looked compared to recent photos of her. Annie says she can make her appearance change according to her power of thought and can transmit her appearance to mediums in the same way. Everything depends on the attitude of thought or the power of the mind. All communication must be done through forces in the ether using the power of thought which then transmits to a voice box that vibrates the atmosphere. In a similar way, thought impressions might sometimes transfer to tape. Thoughts from different spirits can cross over each other, and then, like on Mr. Panda's tape recorder, or anyone experimenting one can get a combination of messages. We have many different aspects of our personality which come from many different sources, and even one individual can, in a sense, act like a combination of personalities. People influence each other and a blending of personalities can emerge as one person. Human beings are struggling with themselves, and often the material clashes with the other parts of themselves. The higher self often conflicts with the lower or worse part of oneself. It's impossible to avoid being materialistic in a material world.

Dinshaw's friend's dog is very sensitive and was not well that day, and he advised him he feed him fresh raw meat and some rice, but not out of cans like they do now. But Annie thinks it's so dreadful to feed anyone flesh, and believes we all must consume only vegetarian food such as nuts, but to gradually change, but not overnight. She wonders if things would be so much better if human beings did not eat animal flesh and instead just ate vegetarian food and nuts. Natural foods from vegetation and seeds might help make humans not be so material and gross and much healthier. Maybe also fish, but pollution is poisoning the fish. Dinshaw brings up how drilling for oil beneath the sea floor is causing oil to leak out and pollute the ocean, and that humans are aware of the pollution they are causing but are mostly unable to stop it. She states eventually in various different ways man will destroy himself in his so-called research for various things to try to improve his life, etc. And then Dinshaw says millions of cars are being produced every year adding to all the pollution around us. And she states the air is polluted, the ground is polluted . . . the rivers, now the seas are being polluted. Air traffic is also adding to it all. He then mentions the First Earth Summit held in Stockholm, Sweden, and what they might do to stop the pollution.

She comments on the beautiful roses he brought her today from his friend's garden, and then they discuss previous recordings of their conversations on reincarnation that were shared at the place mentioned earlier and his friend's reactions to it saying they were absolutely charmed by them. Then he discussed with his friend writing and publishing a book on communication. However, his friend said when they published a similar book, they were unable to avoid losing money on it. A novel would sell so much better. She says however she won't give up helping her husband to get the word out regarding their communications to help and inspire others and will continue trying to impress her voice directly on a tape. Dinshaw says he will create a little dark room in his house because he now realizes darkness is absolutely necessary. He remarks how quiet and conducive to research his friend's house is. Dinshaw really wishes he could recall his astral traveling and laments how little he can remember. Annie knows it's necessary to have a great sense of love for communication to be successful. They talk about his morning routine. She then says she has to go and has to say au revoir or arrivederci as she does not like to say goodbye.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-18-1972 .mp3
Show/HideShe wishes she could speak with her husband at home, at least through a clean tape on a tape recorder left on for an hour. He says he will make a dark room for it when he gets back. She is convinced it is possible because she has seen others do it. She says her vibration is so high, that the rate of her thoughts has to be slowed down by the ectoplasm so it can be understood, otherwise, if picked up directly on a tape, it sounds speeded up. Animals are so sensitive, they can sense their master approaching long before they reach the front door. Both animals and especially mediums can provide energy that can be used to step down a spirit communicator's vibrations so it can manifest in some way or other, such as on a tape.

Music that brings people to a higher level of consciousness can also be conducive to providing energy or a more ideal condition for communication. It is not the music itself, but the condition that it creates that can be most helpful. Spirit must lower its vibration while those in the material world must raise theirs in order to meet halfway. Objective, scientific experimenters need to also have a spiritual attitude of mind, otherwise their chances of success diminish. Trying to contact spirits purely from a material or scientific level won't work because the spirit realms are completely outside of it. Tragically, they often defeat their own ends.

The extraordinary paranormal phenomenon often happens around young people whose extreme vitality can be used by spirits to move things about. Exorcists don't understand that not all of this phenomenon is evil spirits, but many are ordinary souls trying to convey their presence. They won't accept communication necessarily with good spirits. All these things are natural laws known since time immemorial. Even prehistoric cultures living in the jungles had some knowledge of these things. They worshiped and communicated with their ancestors. Civilization and organized religion brought with them fear and disruption of this form of communication. The Church, over centuries of its teachings, instilled fear of sin, the hereafter, evil spirits, and the devil. The Church is responsible for a great deal of the unhappiness in the world.

She states she is not necessarily anti-church, but is anti-dogma and creed and all things which blind one to the reality of Spirit. The Church created these teachings to dominate the people to control their minds and even their bank balances too! A great deal of the misery of this world has been brought about through religion. Religion is the curse of mankind, yet there is a fundamental truth behind it that got perverted. It has ruined lives by wrong teaching and through fear. Christ came to the world to set an example and to demonstrate what could be accomplished if we worked in cooperation and harmony with the power of the spirit. All the great teachers and many of the great saints began to realize these things.

Bishops, popes, and cardinals who passed over have a harder time adjusting and must cast aside their beliefs. Many of those with strong religious convictions have to unlearn many of their ideas. The person who comes over without such strong views and is a reasonably decent human being is a much better, happier person. Children from an early age must be taught that they are spiritual beings and material beings and both aspects must work in harmony. Rather than just teaching them how to develop materially, teaching them the reality and power of the spirit, and how to develop and use their spiritual faculties can help them to live a much more balanced existence. There is too much accent on the material and not enough accent on the spiritual. Religious bigotry and narrow views also need to be avoided.

Dinshaw asks his wife for the frequency of her sphere and would like to set up an experiment that could match her frequency. She states that she wonders what would happen if such experiments were performed on higher elevations or even on the Moon. Life forms may exist on other celestial bodies but at higher frequencies not visible to the astronauts.

In her condition of life, one does not need food or water, but people still believe they do and continue to eat and drink until they more fully understand. Dinshaw asks how hair grows in the afterlife and whether or not he would have to shave. She answers there's no need to shave and that everything in life is created by the power of thought, and there is nothing of any substance that is not an illusion really. Everything is created by man as a thought form. Whatever one thinks on a constant level becomes a reality. If she wants to appear with either long or short hair, it will simply appear that way. However, if there is no point in it, it is not done. She states she is exactly the same as he remembers her to be, and that age is purely material and has nothing to do with those in spirit. To conclude she says her children send all their love and blessings and asks if he is coming tomorrow. Mickey finishes up the session by saying how marvelous she is, has learned so much, and wants to say so much more about it.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-19-1972 .mp3
Show/Hide"I am not talking about false teeth, I am talking about teeth." She noticed the other night her husband knocked something over while he was brushing his teeth and that he had to stoop because the mirror he was using was not the right height. She noticed a different person there doing the flowers the last time he visited the market to get some flowers. She asks if he's going to see Mr. Peter Pander again, but supposes it's not possible because on Monday evening Dinshaw booked a direct flight home to Sweden. She's been happy that Dinshaw has been speaking with her every day but realizes he will be alone again in Sweden and unfortunately, there, he says he won't be able to find anyone interested in his communication experiments. She notices him being home earlier than usual at his flat in London. She asks him where he gets that red shopping bag from. She discusses some of his favorite records he's been playing.

She tells him not to give up on his experiments with Peter Panda, who she predicts will meet with some interesting people and scientists in the later part of the year. She feels there is nothing wrong with a scientific approach at all, but a human agency is always essential, or nothing could ever happen if it is a purely mechanical approach. It's the result that can bring conviction to the world and not the method or the individuals involved that are important. It is vital to convince the world of the reality of these things, especially with the way the world is going. We need to stop what man is doing to make him realize his responsibility, and make him very much realize there is a life that is very much mingled with the Earth. Man is creating conditions that are detrimental to the human race physically, psychically, and spiritually. A lot of these things that are happening in your world will in time have an effect on the etheric conditions around the Earth. Man is not only destroying in a material sense, he is also affecting what is also the etheric conditions. This is what he's experimenting with when trying to get voice impressions on a tape recorder. They are tapping into the etheric or impinging on conditions around the Earth of an etheric nature.

This is how she is able to talk to her husband. She has to use an etheric voice box to reconstruct her personality and some sort of reproduction of her voice which all has to be brought down to a material nature, otherwise, she would not be able to communicate anything. Dinshaw wonders why this cannot be done at home, but of course, most people cannot provide that sort of power that is needed for such a voice box to be created. But this is where experiments come in to try to find ways around this limitation. Peter may have had some success with his tapes because he may have more mediumistic power than he realizes. He has a strong mental aspect too: he senses and feels things and a lot of people do. He could develop in the traditional sense of the word, but also be able to conduct scientific experiments of an extraordinary nature.

Dinshaw is worried about how tired and drained Leslie Flint seems to get, but Annie states that he has his own group of souls and spirit doctors to take care of him. She does not want him to overtax himself, otherwise, his vitality could be drained. She says she does not want her husband to give up on the tape recordings and he asks if he should have a dark room. They agree it may help with the results. Dinshaw remarks on the angry weather they've been having. She states that conditions in the atmosphere could disrupt communication. She states the next catastrophe could be a terrible earthquake somewhere in the Far East. Although there have always been earthquakes, the extent to which science is interfering with nature is aggravating the whole condition. She predicts in the next nine months there will be changes in political thinking and there are going to be differences of opinion so great, that people who were very close will be on different sides of opinion. She predicts the Vietnam War will soon be brought to a close and the government in America is going to be very different. This year there will be many changes. The conditions of the world are so appalling, the people of the Earth are so unhappy, and very few are contented. She makes these prophecies on the tape recording so that anyone who checks these can find confirmation that indeed spirits can see ahead. Time is a big illusion. She thanks him for the flowers and says she has to go and will talk with him again tomorrow. And then Mickey softly concludes the seance with how marvelous she is and will see Dinshaw tomorrow.

Annie Nanji - recorded 7-20-1972 .mp3

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