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Sir Winston Churchill Warns Us: Self-Serving Egotistic Leaders and Out-of-Control Science Could Push Us Beyond the Brink of Destruction!

Sir Winston Churchill (November 30, 1874 - January 24, 1965), came through in this seance to warn the world that we are on the brink of destruction because there are too many self-serving leaders in high places hell-bent on destroying the Earth and its peoples through greed and abuse of scientific power. He is also concerned that instead of benefiting the human race and improving our quality of life and connection with Spirit, the latest and greatest scientific achievements often end up serving a sinister or materialistic purpose of a temporary value.

In the above video, Sir Winston Churchill speaks on the horrific dangers of being too powerful and clever without being spiritual. Most Leslie Flint soundtracks are originally from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust. Please support their work. The complete seance recording of Sir Winston Churchill can be listened to here.

Rev. (Church of Spiritualism) Leslie Walter Flint

In this Seance, Sir Winston Churchill Warns Humanity of the Stupidity of Those with Immense Power

The foolishness and stupidity of those in power and those with access to immense scientific knowledge without wisdom and spirituality can cause havoc, disease and destruction on a vast scale. We are at a tipping point on the brink of destruction. Rather than wasting it only on the material or trivial, mediumship is desperately needed to help save the world! It must be used for spiritual purposes: to uplift humanity and bring spiritual enlightenment for those who search and comfort for those in need.

Sir Winston Churchill was born November 30, 1874 in Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Churchill was a British statesman who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. Widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century, Churchill was also an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer (as Winston S. Churchill), and an artist. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature, and was the first person to be made an honorary citizen of the United States. More information on his amazing life can be found here. On January 24, 1965 Churchill passed away from a massive stroke inside his London home at the age of 90. The complete seance recording of Sir Winston Churchill can be listened to here.

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Please note that this recording was of such poor quality that in many parts of the transcript, I had to make an educated guess on some of the words. To more fully understand what is being said, please listen to the recording while reading the transcript at the same time. Churchill's unique British accent and sometimes rather unusual choice of words made the creation of this transcript even more challenging. Words most likely intended by the speaker but omitted were added where needed in [brackets].

This recording claims it could be sometime in the 1980s (exact date unknown) however, after transcribing this tape, I came across a few statements in this recording indicating that it had to have been recorded shortly before the first moon landing which occurred on July 20, 1969. Sometimes I could also hear a voice in the background sounding like George Woods who sat with Leslie Flint during the 1960s and 1970s but not during the 1980s after he passed away.

The following message is from Spirit Communicator, Sir Winston Churchill:

My point of view in regard to coming through, in speaking, conveying our thoughts, impressions, clarifying situations and endeavoring, as best it may, to give you a clear picture as it is possible of a world in a light so far removed from anything you can conceive of.

You in your world today, possibly more than at any other time in its history, are going through a condition or phase which by its very nature means that you are breaking on the very brink of destruction. Man this present time is truly hovering on the brink of self-destruction. A false move could entail great loss of life, catastrophic confusion, and the same time much of the world could be made uninhabitable. I don't think man today, apart perhaps from a few scientists who should know better, realize what a sorry farce the world has come to by man's interference with natural law.

It is as well, perhaps, he should know so little. We on this side are prepared to such an extent that [we] are constantly around your Earth endeavoring to influence souls in high places, in particular the lower levels, on the behalf of the human race, in many respects must be by its very nature, puny. We have not the power [to] change the thoughts of men when they are determined at all costs to pursue dangerous courses.

The world of spirit, for centuries upon centuries of time has endeavored by influence, by impressions, by thought force, has endeavored to change the thoughts of men with very, very little result. Man's gift of free will, enables him, like the wayward child to do most stupid and childish things. Man is standing at this present moment on the brink of destruction brought about by a few so-called brilliant minds. There are those in your world who support these people who are thought considered extraordinarily talented and clever and wise. I know it is man's natural instinct to be curious. Indeed one might say that if it had not been for the curiosity of man through centuries of time, man to some extent would still be on the same level as the animal. Perhaps the time may yet come when man might wish he had stayed on that level.

But I do not come necessarily, that it must seem like it despite the extraordinary note, I do not come deliberately with the intention of depressing you, but I do come with a sincere message, with sincere hope, with the desire that in some miraculous way (it would have to be miraculous) we may be able to avert that which seems imminent: the devastation of various parts of the world could be brought about by a mistake.

The world must remember that all science is but found on the Earth to reach knowledge. This was all very well thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred years ago, but not today. A certain peak has been reached, where it is exceedingly dangerous, and they do not know what the results may be. It must sound in the ordinary individual a remarkable thing: man on moon, man in communication with other planets, space travel; all this must seem to the ordinary man in the streets the most wonderful, the most miraculous achievements in the history of mankind, but it is not so.

You may think, that I am spreading depression, that I am creating a fear in the hearts and minds of the peoples of the Earth by making these statements, that I maintain that the scientists of brilliant mind and all they've done and achieved and the knowledge that illuminated us are still the same things like children on the fringe of things of which they know not of! Well I know this may sound to some ears may be it should not be said. If man can be saved, I am hoping in vain that this landing on the moon may prove to be a disaster in the point of view of not being history, because once it happens, when further developments take place, there will be no safety for any human being whatsoever for the rest of the world's history. Man will not stop reaching the moon, an ocean will not stop a landing of man or men on the moon. It will be used, as it had always had been in the past, to the detriment of the human race, to supervise, to watch, ready to pounce. In other words, I cannot see any nation, should we succeed, using this so-called achievement to the benefit of mankind, for a personal rather than national benefit may be.

But apart from all this, what disturbs the atmosphere, what things may be brought back to Earth unwittingly, unknowingly, substances enable all manner of things which are invisible. Man with his knowledge (scientific) cannot tell, knows not how to find out yet, seemed to have achieved the impossible. Certainly, I am very much in doubt, indeed more than in doubt, as to what benefit this could possibly be! Even a single endeavor achieved, what benefit it could be to the human race? Apart from a probable colossal waste of money, untold millions upon millions of pounds or dollars: it could be used rightly, justly, honorably for the benefit of the human race and the lives involved.

Seems to me man is going too far. Taught by me, I will in fact [have] offended people who will listen yet to this total lie, and they will say, "Oh poppycock! Man must go forward, man must be first, man must experiment, science must experiment and find and develop a vast world of discovery, all these things that are hidden in the atmosphere, all these things which can be made beneficial to man." Of course there have been many discoveries in the past that have been beneficial to man. No one denies that.

But we must remember, underlying all this, what is the new moat? We have two great nations: Russia and America. The talent drawn over the path, racing one against the other, for what? A last breath. Let us not fool ourselves. Let us not be fooled by those in high places taught by seemingly those in high places who are fooled by the scientific world. We've seen it in the past, but I regret to say and I'm fully sure you can see it again in the future: how science is used by nations for the destruction of others opposed in ideology, in politics and even in religion.

All through history man has used his advancement, so-called material advancement, for gain, for the betterment (so it's been said) for instead (sometimes anyway) these peoples. Until the two nations cease the struggle one against the other, the competition to be the best, the competition to have power, more than another, whether it is in arms, whether it is in the race for the moon, all these things are superficial in as much that they have no real value on the depth of the human soul, the human betterment, human relationship, the human evolution and development towards things of the spirit and the divine.

The great men and the women of the past were the ones who contributed of the mind and the spirit. Those who had created and gave something of the spirit to the world, something that is vast and true cannot fade in time. Science has made certain contributions to this effect, but we must remember this science is generally only concerned with one thing: the material world; not concerned with the ideal spiritual world; not really concerned with the betterment of the human race, and it could be each time purely on a physical and material level.

And often in their desires, individual desires, it is the betterment of the human race. In direct field sciences, they lose their path, in that which seemed the same course, turning about eventually, coming to a crossroads and then know not which way to turn. Many of the so-called discoveries, if only set up other problems of a different nature which can offend the human mind and the human body, and you are hearing about heart cuts done. The next thing they will be doing is transplants of a different sort. You're hearing about freezing the body and bringing it back to life. This time isn't about distant things. Other peoples accordingly have been tried already. The most ghastly experiments are happening on animals! The time will come when they will be anxious to try it out on a human being.

Man has this ridiculous, nonsensical idea that the only thing that matters is the material body and the material world! Until man comes to his senses and realizes that the physical world and the physical body, important though it must be, one you inhabit, it would be preliminary, only the beginning, it's only the outer casing or shell, it's only the preparatory school, call it what you will, and to try for long life indefinitely? It's stupid to try as some seem to think they should, by experimenting to do things which are against nature, against theoretical teaching, against spiritual truth, eternal truth, until man realizes that it is good to experiment to a little point, and they say, "Well, how's the man to know? How deep that point is? How far should he go?" As to what he should do, I answer that one with this remark: that when certain things develop, and certain scientific minds indicate that they have lost all touch with humanity when they have become so obsessed by their work, that they do lose all sense of proportion, and they cease to link to eternal and spiritual truths, and their minds are set upon purely material and physical things to the detriment of all else and remain sure.

These men who come in your entail to the whole world in consequence to these few could suffer in consequence. We've seen this since so many different ways in the past: how the mistakes of the few men in high places whose power so obsessed that they had become shackled. In consequence, the world is being bathed in the blood of untold millions of innocent beings and being sent here before their time unready, unprepared, no opportunity to develop normal lives in a material world learning is so necessary and essential to spiritual achievement and advancement. We have seen the murderous sins in adult, ambitious men in high places, all without thought nor consideration for anyone but themselves and their experiments, whether they are political like they have been so often in the past, religious, now more so than ever, scientific.

Of course, again, the depressing message would not be honest, would not be right, because the truth, you might say, from those who from this side endeavor so much to help you, if I didn't come in this fashion in this manner. There is too much nonsense talked at seances, too much poppy-cock, too much materialism, too much of a material, because invariably the entities that come are so near the Earth themselves, and of times had leaned to little minds that listen. I am only concerned with truth. I am only concerned with the reality of the power of the Holy Spirit, and that all the human race should realize its great potential while yet on Earth without thinking about and acting in accordance with the will of the Spirit, man can so rejuvenate himself, man can [be] a conception of a result of beings from the future and the generations that are yet to come.

Yet we see how the masses of human beings are gradually, slowly, torturously being led like the sheep to the slaughter by the few who have become so obsessed with their power, with their interest in so-called scientific discovery. They want to break the barriers, they want to open up, so they say, new vistas, new worlds, new horizons, they want to do so much which they will tell you will be beneficial to the world, but it is a lie! It will not be beneficial for the world, it will be the destruction of the world, because it will lead, more and more, to the party, the game of colleagues, the game of mastery of one nation over another, the game of an achievement that the other could not do, could not reach, and the wasting of time.

All that man can give of himself [is] used wrongly, badly of wise things and good things. The world is in such travail. The world is in such need. The very atmosphere is becoming more and more poisoned every day of your lives; you get to die slowly. Many of the things you're drinking are no longer pure and natural. Your bodies gradually over a period of time in the succeeding generations yet to come will suffer: their children born without [a] liver or without legs, because of science! Science, which should be your friend, is your enemy! It does not seem possible man has lost to the enemy and realized it. Everyone talks about the great achievements, how wonderful it is, how remarkable, but I suppose in a certain kind of way one can look at it. In that aspect of man, it is. It cannot be good. It cannot do good. It cannot bring peace. It'll only bring a greater threat of destruction and war. Greater fear will descend upon the world above us.

They who do that are coming toward the end of your material lives shall be counted so blessed. Blessed if you're not born just now, because the world unless a miracle happens, and one can only hope to play in a major move. Explode the land, the world, the great flash, who this phallus condensates the gaunt mountain of liquid gold and destroys.

Man [in] his ignorance will unleash certain aspects and then of course which will in many ways destroy certain surpassing years, certainly they [will] be uninhabitable, very little food will ever grow, and also light so vegetables could barely commence, commence, commence, and the atmosphere will change, change, and change. I think of it [as] death, death of the future.

"That I am at least telling you that I am studying this truth published in texts in old publishing volumes and issues. I will speak hopefully of the power of spirit and what it can do and accomplish." And I second that, it could mean a great deal, [yet] at the same time we are not able to do many of the things we'd like to do unless we had cooperative minds unless we could reach people that dwell in high places who's minds, unfortunately, are not exactly foreclosed. They are the ones they prefer as a guest on their own. They are the ones who hope believing that man is caught up in a vicious circle of events. His scientists have become the uncrowned king of the Universe. How strange [it] is: man has always suffered from proud men when in high positions. Nations have changed hands, and untold millions have torn down all those who profess to be leaders of their people.

Old men have been led slowly but surely to destruction by the few who knew the very exact fear. This is the fear of the king of science that rules the Earth. So many in their ignorance, like the people of old, raise their voices in praise and give. And so it is today, untold numbers of peoples made their voice proclaim the wonders of science, the wonders of the achievements of science. But like all kings, they die, they had their day pass away, people will look back in retrospect and see how old generations of peoples were brought to earthly kings for few the days of science.

There is only one truth now, a new truth, spiritual truth. A new manner of friends fights leadership. [There are] many against the truth and the power of the Holy Spirit which is universal, which is indeed truly . . . power, the light eternal. Man may destroy the body, man may destroy things of the Earth that are good. He may deface the noble things of nature, eternal truths, and light on Earth, but he will never destroy the eternal Spirit.

Each must be feasted on the material bondage, that man could see the world of flesh, his true perspective, and see how good it is and how man himself could change it so it is barely recognizable. There is no quietude, there is no peace. Natural beauty has been spoilt. Man madly breaks his ties. Man is selling his soul for the effort. Man is giving himself over for the things that he knows in his heart cannot be lasting or true. Man's natural instinct is very heightened best he may. Man's natural instinct is to look inward for the spirit: things that are lasting, things that are beyond all price. Man is losing the way. Man has sought in many ways, trod many paths, and still search, and yet certainly more time is gone.

Sometimes he's bedazzled by the material [to] such an extent he cannot see things of the spirit, things that are new, things that are lasting, things that are true, nevertheless, things that are found in the soul within us. Do not despair, we shall endeavor to do the power that influence. Above all you do know this: that out of all the chaos, out of all the gloom and the dust, there is a light that cannot fail: a light that leads to the betterment you want towards the goal that has been set far beyond the confines of the Earth and the material things true and blessed and solid. The more so you are blessed because you are not content to scratch, as it were, the surface of this subject which you call spiritualism.

There are untold numbers of peoples in your world who are interested in this subject, who can have evidence of the lowliest kind, who are convinced of survival and yet still stay on a very material basis. People will claim, that the outlook looms, they are content to see this truth outlast darkness, knowing of course that one day they will see immense peace. But you are trying to seek and to find and to see squarely without fail. You have gone far beyond the confines of the materialistic aspects of spiritualism. Fortunately, you've made it possible for some of us at least to come to you, to speak to you and it must give you great joy. The message of Spirit must go on and shatter the doors of ignorance that they may tumble under the blows of Spirit, that the doors of ignorance may be flung open so that mankind may walk through into the light, but it is difficult, ignorance takes many forms, many shapes, many guises.

Oft times the wise stop, and offer their wisdom to the wisdom of materialism. There are those who stop to say, that because of their religious convictions, they cannot, and must not, and will not accept the truths of spiritualism as we know it, but they're blinded by dogma and creed. They're kneeled down and chained down, bowed down by creed, and held down by "Churchianity", by false doctrines, by powerful groups, highly placed bishops, whose conceptions are far-removed from spiritual truths, who are in their ignorance the blind leading the blind. They have nullified their souls, who will not speak again, and yet the basis or foundation of all true religions surely is the fact of life eternal.

Man is foolish. Man is, by his nature, skeptical, even those who should know of these things as a big truth and demonstrate them. Indeed they should be instruments themselves of living fire and living spirit. They should be speaking with the tongue. They should be giving forth the message of the spirit. They should be healing the sick [and] comforting those who mourn. Indeed they should be leading the work of the spirit. But they do not and are blind, and they're foolish, of times can't speak it and act it: the truth here. Nobody. The power of the spirit manifests so many ways to many peoples, in many places, not only in spiritualism but in everyone. Indeed one might say in many instances the power of the spirit is not able to manifest itself very well in a spiritualist. This is the tragedy, this truth [in] mediumship. Mediumship, if it is to save the world, it must be of a much higher order than it is today.

The instrument should realize their responsibility to himself and those who search, are searching for truth in the world. And the responsibility they must have for those on this side to gather so much to love, to work, to assist in the world, but I do not want you to think that I'm unappreciative or that we are in any way disappointed in a sense. It would be wrong to suggest that we are satisfied. Of course, we are not satisfied, in all the instruments that we use, we developed, and use in the highest, best possible way. We're giving truly the instrument of a living presence, a living force, living in responsibility, in safety at each moment, and any one person who calls himself an instrument on his own needs the dedication. It's not easy, we do not ask for perfection, and we are not perfect ourselves, but we need instruments in your world who will make it possible for those souls in higher spheres to use them, not to be content with contacting the astral, the souls who, perhaps, though kind, are not particularly well-informed, are not particularly evolved.

You see so many in your world set aside the medium as you run mundane, material messages. This is ninety-nine percent of what the spiritualist movement seems to want. It is why it's not able to spiritually progress that might be done or should do, that it is not becoming a great power for good in the world. There are many spiritualist societies and churches, and there are many spiritualists throughout the world, who cannot make the impact they might have done if they had endeavored more to contact the true power of spirit, whose message which so revolutionized man's thinking and action that your world can truly be changed to be saved from itself.

You my friend, in a small way, are doing service, bringing us the opportunity for coming from time to task: to go forth in the highways and the byways and, in a sense, uphold truly the most high spreading the truth and a new light upon the world every example that I met upon you. And do not despair, for a hundred evils can be good eventually, and truly thou shall see the path, the rushing of the creek, as you inherit the kingdom of heaven.

My blessing I give to you now and always. Fair well.

(tape cuts off at this point)

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