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Mahatma Gandhi

Some time in 1961, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (2 October 1869 - 30 January 1948) came through into the seance room with an urgent and clear message that all people in power need to give up their selfish, materialist agenda for the good of all, otherwise, the "touch of a finger" could mean the end of everything.

In the above video, Mahatma Gandhi gives a strong message saying that the future suvival of humanity depends entirely on leaders who serve the greatest good instead of selfish materialistic ends. Even though Betty Greene says the date is unknown, this tape was most likely recorded June 21, 1961. Video generously provided by The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Channel

Rev. (Church of Spiritualism) Leslie Walter Flint

In this Seance Recording, Gandhi States that Many Opposing Religions Create Profound Distress, Confusion and Conflict

Gandhi explains there is only one truth that is the foundation of all religions and that the Earth plane is just a training ground. Few souls who come to the other side are prepared for their passing because of their ignorance and fear about death and the afterlife.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific term, "Mahatma" (Sanskrit for "high-souled" or "venerable") was applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa, and is now used worldwide.

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In this seance, the spirit communicator Gandhi came through to speak the following message:

Gandhi: . . . to come here to speak to you

George Woods: Yes?

Gandhi: How do you do?

Betty Greene: How do you do?

George Woods: How do you do?

Gandhi: It is a great pleasure to come here and talk with you. I hope you can understand that which I say.

Betty Greene:Yes?

George Woods: Yes?

Gandhi: Recently you were discussing me. In consequence it give me a very great pleasure to come and talk to you.

George Woods: Yes.

Gandhi: My name is Gandhi.

Betty Greene: I beg your pardon?

Gandhi: I'm Gandhi . . . I am Gandhi!

George Woods: Oh Gandhi, you are . . . I'm very pleased you come . . . very pleased!

Gandhi: I . . . am . . . I . . . listened to conversation with your friends.

George Woods and Betty Greene: Yes.

Gandhi: Mr. and Mrs. Conacher.

George Woods: Oh yes.

Gandhi: They are very interested in my work . . . my poetry.

George Woods: I know. I know that.

Gandhi: I am was very interested in them because they have such desire to assist the people of your world to greater knowledge and greater realization and understanding of God's purpose for his children.

George Woods: Yes.

Gandhi: You are so have a similar belief . . . similar interest. In consequence it give to me great happiness to be able to speak to you today on this point. I understand how anxious you are to serve God and to serve the children of the earth to bring enlightenment to them concerning these truths which are universal. We are conscious on this side of the great need for the realization of God's will and purpose and you are his disciples. like Mr. and Mrs. Conacher. You are disciples in as much as you stive to infiltrate into the minds of the people of Earth. These truths which are the foundation of all religions . . . that many religions in your world which bring great confusion and often great distress to the lives of humanity.

There are many fires that have been created by man's foolishness and ignorance because of his willfulness and his desire for personal position, personal and also national pride. Until man realizes they are all of the one family, that there is only one religion, a universal religion which is Truth. Man himself has created barriers in his ignorance and his desire for personal aggrandizement, and because he consider that his knowledge is perfect whereas other people's knowledge as imperfect, whereas his religion is the only true religion and other religions are false.

There are only one truth that is the foundation of all religions. In essence, man has built around his barriers, religion, many falsehoods, many creeds, many dogmas, and in consequence there is between not only religions, but between nations great differences of opinion, great differences, in such a contrary way that cause great unhappiness for many people. In the world there is great poverty, and ofttimes the poverty is due not only to ignorance, but also to . . . to personal pride, personal desire for the individual who is in the position to suppress.

Often religion (unconsciously perhaps sometimes) is at the back of a great deal of the world's unhappiness. Religions become strong and groups of individuals create for themselves a great mass of wealth which is used not for the poor, not for the underfed, not for the downtrodden, but for the personal aggrandizement of the few not only outside religion, but inside it. Where there is great strength in religion, often is the greatest weakness. Those religions that amass great wealth are ofttimes far removed from the truth. I have seen this in so many different ways.

When I was on your side and since I have been here, I have seen through and into the hearts of many of these people who are in so called high places and in high positions, and they are not concerned with the good of humanity. They are concerned with their personal pride and their personal idea of what they consider to be truth, and ofttimes they are far from truth. It is our desire, all of we who come, that we shall in time, break down these barriers that man has created in his foolishness. I am very concerned that you and others like you, should be the propagators of this great revelation which is so essential to the happiness and the welfare of the world.

Today your world stands on the bridge, as it were, of destruction. Any time that bridge, which in itself is so unreliable, that it is doubtful if it will sustain the weight that is placed upon it, because man himself unconsciously and in some ways consciously has brought into being such a condition of confusion, such a condition of hatred and intolerance--there is so much intolerance that is placed upon the world through man's foolishness, unless something is done very soon, I can see that the weight of man's foolishness and ignorance combined with his lack of spirituality will destroy the very bridge that enables man to reach in safety the shore of peace and happiness.

We on this side for a long time have striven to build between our world and yours a bridge whereby man can climb to heights and find that peace which your world cannot give. We know that it is only in this truth, only in this realization of communication between the so called dead and the living, there lies the salvation of your world. All history repeats itself. History shows the very foundation of man's happiness is in the knowledge and the realization of the life that is to come.

The Earth life is but the training ground, it is but the school in which man must learn the lesson which will in consequence give him the opportunity to inherit the kingdom of the living Father. There is so much ignorance in your world, so few are students, so few are prepared to learn, so many are selfish and willful, and foolish in the extreme. You my children are prepared to be good students, are prepared to learn, but their are many, many souls who are not prepared to learn, while not prepared in any shape or form to make any sacrifice. Those who would serve God must be prepared to sacrifice, if necessary themselves, and there are few who are prepared to sacrifice.

In all of the religious organizations as you term them, in all the creeds that you have, and all the different nationalities, there are here and there good souls who are sincere. But unfortunately many can only conceive truth from their own limited narrow aspect. They are not prepared to have their mind open and to be free and to receive inspiration. They accept only that which they have for so long accepted and believed. To them God's revelation is a closed book what they know has been revealed to them and that only. They do not realize that all through time there have been great prophets, there have been great seers, there have been great teachers, great philosophers, great souls. All these souls have in many instances, if not all instances, sacrificed themselves willingly on the alter of love for their fellow human beings. There are few in your world today who would be prepared to sacrifice themselves.

To them their religion is something that gives to them perhaps in an outer sense, a kind of peace, but it is not the real peace. It does not give to them the realization that we strive to give to you. They are often false even to themselves and even to that which they profess to believe. It grieves us when we see how in your world there so much malice, so much hatred, so much intolerance, so much unhappiness, so much fear, so much doubt. Your world is full of fear: fear in its religious aspect, fear in its realization as it feels of the things that they know.

There is no security in the minds of the masses of people. Even those who profess their particular brand of religion, many of them doubt even that which they accept or profess to believe. There is very few people in your world who have truth that can make them free, for the first thing that truth shall do when you have truth is that it gives you a freedom of mind. You are then able to receive more truth and more truth, and that accumulation of truth brings to you a security and a peace of mind that transcends all things. You have no more fear in your heart and you are then able to battle against the world that you have to exist in. There is much we want to release man from, above all fear. Life in your world is full of fear. People fear so many things.

Why is it today there is so much fear in your world? Because man has not learned the path. There is only one real path. It is the path of the spirit, and there are few people who follow that path. There are some who profess it, there are some who endeavor it, but there are few who succeed on it, because they cannot forget themselves. The first lesson one must learn is to forget one's self. To give out in love all that is possible from within your self, and it shall be returned to you. These things that Christ spoke about, and all the great teachers, and all the great philosophers down through the ages was that man himself should forget himself that he in return might find himself.

When you lose your self in a sea of love then indeed do you find that you love again the shores. It is as if you cast yourself into the cleansing power of the eternal sea of love, and you do not become drowned, but you become as it were lifted up, buoyed up by it, and you're carried up by it, and in consequence, your work then begins. And many a shore you may be cast about, and you will enable others to find that which you've found. Believe me my friends I know, there is only one way, and it is a way of love.

When man forgets himself in love and in service, then he begins to live, then he begins to perceive God and his purpose for him. Then He will show your path, and how you can live it, and what you can do with it, and how you can enable others to find it also. The first law is to love thy neighbor more than thyself, and in doing this, you begin to live for the first time. You begin to breathe the air of freedom, and you find the strength given to you to combat all the evils of your world. Those who have been given the task to do God's will, have always first had to learn to forget themselves. I in common with others was not concerned with house, with clothes, with position. I was not concerned with money, and yet it was provided in love by others who saw in me as they did in other disciples in past ages. They saw a path to God, a path which, in which they can help others to find peace and happiness.

There was some in your world as indeed even today consider that my desires were for power and yet I had no power, only through love over other people. I desired nothing for myself, but there were those who said my interest was not for the good of others but for my self. There were some who said my motives were political. All these things were not true. I was only concerned with the good of humanity. I tried to work not only for my own people. Of course I had a duty as I saw it to my own people to lift them out of that condition from which they found themselves to try to better them in a sense perhaps materially, but nevertheless my fundamental interest was to better them spiritually. I realize the many differences in my country among the peoples, in religion especially. It was a great barrier. Then again some people consider that I came to found a kind of new religion. This was not true.

It was only through my meditation, and my prayer, and if I may be allowed to say so, my humility, that I was able to receive the strength and the inspiration to carry on, often against sickness, against ill health and difficulties of which you know nothing. But I said to you my children, if you will follow in the steps that the great masters and teachers have shown in the past, they who have sacrificed much in love for their fellow creatures, you will enable in us through you to do a great deal to alleviate suffering in the hearts of many people. We must not expect to completely change the face of the world so soon. This I realize is not possible. No one on this side can anticipate such a wonderful thing. It will take a long time, but we need a cure--disciples here and there who will bound together and strive with us to make this a possibility. It is the few who will save the many, my friends.

We are very concerned with your world today. It does not get better, it gets worse, much worse. It only needs a touch of a finger to set your world ablaze. This I do not think needs expressing too strongly; it is obvious there is too much fear in the world. What is the basis of this fear? Is it for the good of the human race? Because of certain people's fear of other nations? No. It is because they fear the lack or loss of their own way of life, because they fear they may lose their power and strength in the world. All these things are based on material motives, not spiritual. They will give to you an interpretation that is spiritual on the surface, but when you're deep down, you find that the roots are buried deep in the Earth, in the dross material. They are not concerned with human beings as such. They are concerned with power. They are concerned with money, with investments. They are concerned with the strength of the material, not the spiritual.

If we could change the outlook and the thoughts of these people in high places and make them see the true values. But if there is to be peace in your world there must be harmony, there must be balance. We do not expect in your world that you must exist without material things. But man is concerned only with material things. He does not consider the spiritual. No one hardly is concerned with spiritual things. It is always property, estate, shares, money and all the things that consist of the earth. Whether it is this nation or that nation, I do not differentiate between them. I do not advocate one creed or shall we say, I do not advocate one particular political belief beyond another. I see fundamental good in all, but I do see that in the so-called defending of this particular political creed, untold millions of people can be brought to a hasty death unprepared for a new life, full of error in their hearts and in their characters, and that would be disastrous.

No one could win such a war, whether it is those who live on Earth or those who come here through it. We see only utter destruction, utter desolation, utter unhappiness for those who would remain, for those who would come here, for there are few who ever come here who are prepared for death. Death is something which in your world is taboo. People are afraid to mention the word; they do not like to think about it. They run away from it. It is something they are afraid of, because they know deep in their hearts that it is a reality that they must face eventually, and they are afraid of it because they are knowing in themselves they are not fully prepared for it. They know so little about it and they are afraid to find out. Fear dominates the hearts and minds of men, and we know that unless something is done about this, before it is too late, the disastrous consequences are so tremendous, that one hardly dare think about it.

Your responsibility is great. The more knowledge you receive, the more realization that you have of these things, these truths that we give you, the greater your responsibility. It is not an easy task you set yourselves. I assure you, it will not be easy to do this work. Indeed I know you have found it has meant many sacrifices. But then again I know you do not mind because you love to serve. It is this love to serve, it is this desire to serve that matters. In this serving, you find your own salvation as thousands have done in the past. But in this present moment the most imperative thing in this present moment is how to save your world from disaster. Because I assure you that there are two great nations in your world who have such fear, that in that very fear, they can destroy not only themselves, but the rest of the world or much of it.

It is this terrible fear, this feeling that you are sitting on the very edge, as it were, or precipice, and it only needs the touch of a finger to push you over. This is something which is so terrible; after you've have had such disastrous wars and man has suffered so intensely, you would have thought that he would have learned. But no, he becomes even worse; he makes for himself a living hell, because all of the time he thinks only and solely materially. He does not envisage anything in a spiritual sense. All the religious organizations (your different religions) do little to alleviate this condition. They sometimes talk about it, "how terrible it is." But they uphold their way of life as they see it or their particular religion, as much to say, "if the worst comes to the worst, we are justified in defending our way of life," knowing in their hearts there is much evil in their way of life, nevertheless they say it, "oh well it is the worst lesser of the two evils," and yet they know the destruction that would come upon the world as such that it is terrible to think about.

There is good in all; that I do not deny. In all hearts there is some good, and fundamentally I suppose really, in the hearts of the masses of people: they only desire peace. But they are so doctrined in so many different ways, they are like sheep that are lead to slaughter. They are given the idea that they are always right, but ofttimes they are often wrong. This terrible fear, this realization that must eventually come to man that he cannot live by fear, but only by love. This is our task, this is our responsibility: that we have to give to the world the realization that love conquers all. It is the oldest creed, it is the oldest truth in the world: that it is by love that we conquer--not by hate. The power of love is tremendous, and this power of love makes possible our coming down to you to converse with you. This power of love gives us the strength to combat the evils of your world. This power of love makes possible for you a new life. For when you depart from yours, you enter into the kingdom of love, and then if you are not ready because there is not enough love in your heart, then you have to learn to adjust yourself and you have to work very hard. It is better to know these things when on Earth so you come here, you are ready and are received in love. Be of good f. . .

George Woods: Gandhi, can you hold on later? Oh he's gone.

Unknown female voice: Was it Gandhi George? [unintelligble]

George Woods: Yes.

Unknown female voice: I didn't think it was, again not familar.

George Woods: That was Gandhi.

Betty Greene: Marvelous talk.

Gandhi: Be of good faith for as Christ has said, "Thy faith shall make thee whole."

George Woods: Excuse me, it was Gandhi is speaking, wasn't it?

Gandhi: It is Gandhi.

Betty Greene: Oh . . . [unintelligble]

George Woods: My mother knew you in India. She, err, was living . . . born in India at Kalki [the temple in Jaipur?]. She remembers you coming somewhere there.

Gandhi: My friend, many people knew me and I knew many people.

George Woods: She admired you greatly for your work.

Gandhi: A privilege. Thank you very much.

George Woods: Very much so.

Gandhi: But remeber, if I do not remember myself, many names . . .

George Woods: No. She did not know you personally, but she used to come and visit you . . . out there.

Gandhi: I think more and more of the past . . .

George Woods: Yes.

Gandhi: . . . in its reflection of the present and the future. The past is like that which is in the mirror. It is the reflection of reality. The reality is the present and the future which is to come. We do not see at the time our true selves when we look into the mirror things are reversed. Ofttimes we do not see the clarity into the heart.

George Woods: I think the whole world looked at you for a lead . . . in spirit [?] . . . in . . . [unintelligble]

Gandhi: The world is in great need of leaders--spiritual leaders. At the present moment it is being lead not by spiritual leaders, but by material ones. And even they some are not outside the church but inside. I do not wish that I will be misunderstood that I have in my heart any enmity or any ill will that does not exist now at all in my nature, but I do say because now I can speak fully in truth, and therefore I am not afraid to state what I feel, that I know that until many people, particularly those in high places in politics and in the church, until they change their hearts and their way of thinking, they cannot save your world form destruction.

The church has great power and can do many things, but it must remember that the Christian church is not he only church, it is not the only faith, it is not the only way. Indeed the Christian church is small in comparison to the tremendous numbers of people who are outside it. Remember that it is not in a church, it is not in a creed, it is not in a dogma, that truth is found. Truth is found only by searching within one's self as Christ said, and the realization that you are part of a divine plan, that you are part of God's purpose, and that you should forget your self, and then you can begin to serve. Unfortunately, the majority of those who proclaim to be leaders have not forgot themselves, but only remember themselves that is why they are in the position they are in--not because of their merit as spiritual beings, but because of their merit as material ones, and that is the weakness of your world. That is where the strength of your world is diminished. It is not true strength that you have in your world because your leaders are who they are.

Your leaders have risen to a high place not because of spiritual motive or spiritual love for the mass of humanity, but only because they are concerned with material position, material power and substance. The strength of life, the strength of happiness, of joy, the strength of knowledge, peace, all the good qualities exist only when you forget yourself. These people have not forgotten themselves. They have made themselves only because they have striven materially for high places. They have not denied themselves. Ofttimes they have approached high places by graft, as you say, and also by under-handed methods where they have overcome what they have thought to be obstacles not concerned with individuals. They are concerned with themselves. While there is selfishness and intolerance, while there is hatred and malice in the hearts of men, those shall be the men who rise in high places and bring destruction upon your world.

The true leaders are the ones of the spirit, the ones of the mind. They are the ones you should look to for the salvation of your world and for the joy and happiness that should come. I assure you that your salvation lies not in politics, not in politicians, not in people in high places in church and in creed and dogma, but in true, sincere, honest people who seek not the high places of the world, but only seek God's kingdom and his love for his children. These are the people you should trust. These who have nothing, who can give you nothing materially, but give you much spiritually. These who deny the world shall save the world. These who have not shall have much, for their kingdom is of God, and that which they amass is in heaven, and that is indestructible.

They who amass great fortunes in your world, they who amass great power for themselves and their friends shall bring destruction upon the world and unhappiness. These are the people who shall lose everything. Find nothing here, you my children, do not consider yourselves too much of the things of the earth. Build, as Christ said, your treasures in heaven by your heart and the good deeds that your heart directs you to do, and in love serve his children, and you shall find peace, and in humility you shall find truth, and truth shall give you freedom.

Be of good faith my (one friend) friends. Be of good faith. I must go . . .

George Woods: Thnak you very much.

Gandhi: Peace, my peace to you. My blessings to all peoples of the Earth.

Betty Greene: Thank you very, very much.

George Woods: Thank you . . . very, very much.

Mickey [Whispering] Hi, buh-bye.

Betty Greene: Goodbye Mickey love. Thank you.

Mickey [Whispering] Buh-bye.

Betty Greene: Goodbye love.

George Woods: Thank you Mickey for bringing him through.

Leslie Flint: The best we've ever had.

Betty Greene: Who is there? Is it Leslie?

Leslie Flint: No, no, no, it's perfectly alright. I'm sort of half way you know, consciously.

[End of tape]

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