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Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861 - 7 August 1941) came through one of the seances saying that everyone has their own aspect to the truth peculiar to themselves. Although he differed with Gandhi on one issue, Tagore said he was a great follower of Gandhi and respected him immensely. Tagore also said that while still living, he could travel by astral and achieve amazing results with the power of thought, devotion and introspection. He was able to transcend the limitations of the flesh.

In the above video, Rabindranath Tagore speaks about the power of thought, the power of the mind, astral travel and meditation. We all have an inner power to change our lives and create a better reality. Date of recording not found (but most likely around early 1960s). Video generously provided by The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Channel

Rev. (Church of Spiritualism) Leslie Walter Flint

In this Powerful Seance Recording, Rabindranath Tagore Claims that Anyone Can Change his or her Life with the Power of Thought

Tagore explains that all suffering, strife and confusion in the world are ultimately caused by wrong thinking. Uplift your thinking and that in turn will uplift your entire life.

Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861 - 7 August 1941) was Asia's first Nobel Laureate. Tagore was a Bengali polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian art with Contextual Modernism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Author of Gitanjali and its "profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse", he became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. In translation his poetry was viewed as spiritual and mercurial; however, his "elegant prose and magical poetry" remain largely unknown outside Bengal. Tagore introduced new prose and verse forms and the use of colloquial language into Bengali literature, thereby freeing it from traditional models based on classical Sanskrit. He was highly influential in introducing the best of Indian culture to the West and vice versa, and he is generally regarded as the outstanding creative artist of the modern Indian subcontinent.

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In this seance, Tagore spoke the following message: (Starts out slow as the spirit of Tagore gets used to the voice box and used to communicating in this most unusual manner.)

Communicator Rabindranath Tagore: Good morning, good morning.

George Woods: "Very pleased you came through."

Communicator Rabindranath Tagore: I am very happy to come here to speak to you. [Pause] I am very interested in everything that is is happening in regards to this work. I have been a long time endeavoring to assist from this side. Many people come, some you, of course, know very well, but many people you do not know who come, many who assist and help. Of course if it is possible some of the other souls will eventually make themselves known. But it would be impossible for everyone to speak, because if it were so, it would mean you would have to come sit every day, many days, many years because there are so many people who are very interested.

I was interested in this subject myself for a very long time before I come here. When I was in India, I listened to many of the souls who were interested in religions, in communication. Oh, it was not quite like this of course, but in India there are many, many prophets, many seers, many very wonderful people who are in touch with the infinite. Though I did not know as you know exactly as spiritualism, I was interested in the occult. I am interested in all the aspects of this tremendous subject, and ooh, it was possible and I have the experience possible to have communication, but our idea was rather different, but nevertheless it is all the same truths, different aspects of it is visible to various people in different ways, but each and every one has the aspect of the truth peculiar to themselves. You have been very fortunate that you have for yourselves so much been given so much of this knowledge.

I was a great follower of Gandhi, but not altogether. I had great respect and admiration for Gandhi. But there were others I was interested in, in Banaras where I spent much of my time, I listened to various souls. There was one extraordinary person there who I would go to who was a remarkable man, but he was completely unknown outside India. Just a few people know of him, among, among the rest of India, but outside India he was not known to the white, to the Europeans.

I was myself something of an occultist. I was able in my self to transport my self thousands of miles away. In this trance state, I could travel in my astral body and visit places and people, and I was learning a great deal of astral travel. Also being able to use the power of thought to achieve results which in themselves were often quite striking. I don't think the western world knows sufficient indeed knows very little of the power of thought of the inner soul of the power that can be achieved by devotion, by introspection, by sitting calmly and placidly for a length of time each day in contemplation, in being able as it were to learn how to overcome the limitations of the flesh. Man has very little realization of how to overcome the self, how to release the self, the real self from the physical body. Far too much thought is given to the physical body. Far too much concentration of idea is given to material things. Whereas if man would learn to use the power of the self, the inner self, and concentrate on that, he would learn how to overcome, how to do many of the things which are recorded in the great books of past times.

The great Buddha and Jesus all understood these truths of the inner self which was how they were able to achieve and to do the things which has been recorded in history. In other words, they knew of the power of the inner self, the inner soul, how to use that power to overcome all the limitations of the body. There are no limitations of the body once you begin to realize the power of the inner soul. To use that power, and to manifest it, and to learn to overcome, far too much restriction is placed on man because he does only think materially and does not think spiritually. He does not think of the inner power of the soul, the indestructible, how to overcome the limitations of the flesh. Indeed it would be a great thing if people would learn these truths, because it would change not only themselves individually, but it could change, of course, the whole world and the thinking of the whole world and in consequence the world itself would truly become a much better place. But there is so much destruction in man, there is so much bad thinking, wrong thinking. So much time and effort is given to the things which are unimportant, and no time at all is given to the things which are vital and real lasting things, the things of the soul, the things that are indestructible.

You are spiritualists as you call yourselves, knowing some aspects of the truth, but even then, even among the spiritualists I have been in contact with, especially since I've been here, I have been to various places where spiritualists congregate together and very seldom do I see any realization of truth in the highest sense. It's all on a very low, material level, and in consequence they attract to themselves, many of them, souls who have very, made very little progress. Indeed many of them are very much the same as the people themselves. Indeed I would go as far as to say that generally speaking, spiritualism is not so much spiritual, it is very material, it is a very material conception of something which basically is spiritual. I mean it is very distressing.

I am very pleased when I come into contact with some people like yourselves who are sincerely endeavoring to make the contact in the highest sense so that you can not only yourselves be uplifted, but others in consequence. But I would like for you to have, which I think would be very important for you, a meditation once a day. I think if you could have a half an hour of quietude where you could gather in peace and allow yourselves to be freed from material things for that space of time. After a while you'd become much more conscious not only of the power of the spirit within you, but of those around you who are assisting you and trying to pave the way for you so that you can continue this work in a better way in a higher sense. You have done, I understand, very good work, but I think it is nothing to that which you can achieve with the cooperation of the power of the spirit which is within your selves and linking up more highly and more mentally and spiritually with those souls that come to you that assist you that many of whom you know. And as I say, there are many whom you do not know.

I am very anxious to assist you, to help you and I will be only too happy to do it.

Betty Greene: "Please friend, may we have your name?"

Communicator Rabindranath Tagore: Oh my name: it will be of no consequence to you. I was myself and indeed I had no desire to be otherwise completely unknown. But if you wish, you may call me Tagore.

Betty Greene: "Tagore?"

Communicator Rabindranath Tagore: Tagore.

Betty Greene: "Tagore. Now, may I ask you something else? You are speaking about the power of thought. Now of course we read about and of course we have been told the power of thought is very strong. Now in the spirit world if we want to think of something, say you want to think about something like a cup of tea and have it, how does that power of thought actually work?"

Communicator Rabindranath Tagore: Well, if for instance, you concentrate your mind or your thoughts upon a certain thing; you have a word for an object, that in itself can become a reality, because thought is a reality to us. It is something which can be directed in such a way that from the elements of conditions of life in which we exist there is substance which can be, by the process of thought, surmounted and used even in the fraction of what you would term a second into the actual appearance of that article which you have concentrated your self upon. But although it has to all outward appearances a physical [quality] in as much as you can pick it up, for instance if it is a teacup, it has only substance to the individual concerned, then again only as far as that power remains with the individual who, of course, obviously after being here a very short time, you cease to desire such mundane things as cups of tea.

But if you have a charlady, whoever she may be, who come here who wishes for the proverbial cup of the tea, by the process of her thought desiring, she will make it so, that it will be there, and it will not be as if it is by magic. In other words, what I mean is, that the very makeup of the individual, supplies the conditions and surroundings under which they will exist and live, and in consequence the things which are natural and essential to them will be there. In the very first instance, so what is more natural than a person who has no particular ambitions in any sense, shall we say, on Earth who has lived a very mundane, very ordinary sort of life who has been used to sweeping out a house or making up beds, or cooking, whatever it may be? They will find, that person will find, a condition so similar to their outlook or thought, that those things automatically will present themselves; they will be there and so the proverbial cup of tea will be made in the proverbial way or way in which they have been accustomed.

In other words these things are, in a sense, material only to the individuals concerned, but they are really illusions. These things are purely on a mundane vibration or mental vibration of the brain, though I do not mean the physical brain in quite the same sense. You see, a person is no more than they think they are. If a person coming here thinks it is necessary to do all the routine, mundane things which they have been accustomed, if they think their body is the same as it was on Earth, then all the functions of the body and so on will be the same for such time as they begin to realize that there is a change and that they have not fully understood it. They've not fully accepted it, but they themselves are limiting themselves by their thought vibrations, and therefore they will remain until such time as they begin to think otherwise those conditions which they themselves have created.

In other words, we are all the product, as it were, of our own creative thought, no more and no less. But, of course, a more highly evolved soul, that is why I say to you, if you're upset and have this realization of the inner power, the inner soul vibrational force which can manifest itself and in so doing, alter and change the circumstances even in which you exist, and live and work. So it is that this can apply in a material sense on your side. In other words, it can change the circumstances of life even. People do not realize, "Oh this is not good for me . . . why do these things not change?" and so on. They do not realize they have the power within themselves to alter the very circumstances and conditions of their life. It is within themselves this power to change, but until they realize this power, there will be no change. Because you can change not only your own way of thought and life, but also those near and dear to you. Of course they also must have a desire for change and they also must make the cooperation, but it is there. Within all human life, there is the power to change, to be different, to alter, to become different in a sense that one becomes more spiritually aware and conscious, and many of the draw-backs and the complications of material existence will in consequence fade. All depends on the individual thought process.

Betty Greene: "When you passed over, how did you find yourself? I thought you were [passed strangely?]"

Communicator Rabindranath Tagore: Fortunately for me I had traveled many times from the Earth body into the spheres. I'd entered into certain vibrational rates of being, and was conversant with various souls who had been here, some for centuries. It was not difficult for me. When the time come, and I realized I was drawing near to leaving the body for good, it was simple for me to release myself completely from the body. There was no pain, no suffering, there was no illness with me, because I know how to release myself, finally, [in] the end, without any of the conditions that so often appear with so many people. Disease is a thought-force which is so very prevalent in your world, because man himself, has a diseased mind. When man ceases to think in a diseased way, he will change, he will become healthy. When man things healthy thoughts, when he things spiritual thoughts, all from him will disappear: all the ailments of the Earth, all the infirmities of the condition of Earth. All these things which you suffer from which man has created. Your world was a perfect world. Man has made it imperfect by his foolishness and his ignorance and his desire for self in the wrong way. Man thinks evil and therefore draws upon himself evil things. Think pure thoughts and you will have a pure body, and your whole life will be transformed.

I wish very much for me to help you.

George Woods: "Were you a yogi when you were on Earth?"

It can be called some, but it is but a term. There are yogas and yogas. There are all kinds. Ah, in India, there are so many!

George Woods: "What is your world like? Can you describe something you are in?"

Communicator Rabindranath Tagore: So far removed from your world, words cannot describe it, and therefore you cannot picturize or imagine it because your thoughts cannot allow you to enter into that condition of life to which I belong, for you, yourselves have not sufficiently transformed your thoughts or your outlook that you can reach anything that I can convey to you in that sense. My endeavoring to transfer to you thought pictures, as that is what it would amount to, of my world would not register with you at this time. I'm afraid it would be impossible. All I can say to you, that the world in which I exist, is so far removed from your conception of life, that it is not possible, except I may say to you as near as I can give to you, that if you can visualize all the natural beauties of your world without any of the imperfections, if you can realize all the beauties that you know of beyond even that which one can describe, that which you feel within the intensity of being within yourselves, even though you perhaps do not in a sense fully see it with the eyes of the flesh, if you can realize the intensity of love and the beauty of the reality of life in the highest possible sense, that is the only way to convey which it is possible for me or anyone else to give to you the picturization of something in our life. There is all beauty, all perfect love, there is all the opportunity for loving service in the highest sense, and the conditions under which we live, are so far beyond description that one may only feel it, but not describe it; I do not know how it would be possible.

But this I say to you, I and other souls here, I Tagore will help you, and I will, if you give us the opportunity, to give yourselves at least a little time of each day to withdraw from the Earth and its conditions and transfer your thoughts on the highest possible level to which you are able to reach, we and others, many of souls will come and we will assist you. We will assist you tremendously in the work you have undertaken. I realize you are doing a great work, but you do not realize the immensity of the task which lies before you, particularly if you take it on to the high plane which I and others desire that you should do. You have received much instruction, you have received much guidance, you have received much help. Much comfort has been given, but there is so much yet left to be revealed. So much which can only come gradually, step-by-step, you will climb to the heights. But when you have reached the heights for which we have searched, desiring for you, you will see as you look back, how slow the paths to climb has been but how worthwhile it has become, because you will have gained such great and wonderful experience and the vision of the spirit that has been given to you shall be great.

We are very happy and worth it that everything has been as it has been. And as you commence with what you term a new year, which may seem so important to you and yet it is but the continuation as we know, it is all time within time, the same time, nevertheless I and others will help you, and you will see the coming months as you term them will bring you great joy. Great strength will be given to you, and great opportunity shall present itself, and we shall be with you, and we shall not fail you, for that which you have so often been told, that which we do together is so much greater than ourselves. We are but the servants of other souls greater than ourselves. We do the work of the Great Spirit. It is a great joy to come to you, my children, and I give you my blessing. Fair well!

George Woods and Betty Greene: "Thank you very much!"

Mickey: "Bub-bye!"

Betty Greene: "Cheerio Mickey!"

George Woods: "Cheerio and thank you ever so much Mickey!"

Mickey: "Bub-bye!"

Betty Greene: "See you in a fortnight."

Mickey: "Yes!" (recording ends)

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