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Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, the Queen Consort of King Edward VII, Came Through to Speak in a 1960 Leslie Flint Seance

Some time in 1960, Queen Alexandra of Great Britain (1 December1844 - 20 November 1925) came through into the seance room with an astonishing description of her passing into a room utterly familiar to her and a powerful message of international peace to all humanity. She explains that not until every country in the world embraces international interests, we cannot have peace.

The paranormal voice of the former Queen Alexandra can be listened to here. Most Leslie Flint soundtracks are originally from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust. Please support their work.

Rev. (Church of Spiritualism) Leslie Walter Flint

In this Seance Recording, the Spirit of Queen Alexandra Describes how She Passed Over and her Afterlife Experiences to the Sitters George Woods and Betty Greene

This seance starts off with a brief talk by one of Leslie Flint's spirit guides, Dr. Marshall. Then with some considerable difficulty at first, Alexandra's voice comes through and after several false starts, she answers one of Betty's questions BEFORE she even speaks it out loud! The former Queen describes her passing as simply waking up in her favorite room with a beautiful view of a garden while being surrounded by all her relatives, friends and loved ones. She at first did not realize she had died. Since her passing, she has been very concerned about international affairs and politics. She says the best way to avoid more wars is for all countries to avoid nationalism and embrace international interests instead.

Originally from Denmark, Queen Alexandra's amazing life and interests were considerably complex. "At the age of sixteen, she was chosen as the future wife of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, the heir apparent of Queen Victoria. They married eighteen months later in 1863, the same year her father became king of Denmark as Christian IX and her brother was appointed to the vacant Greek throne as George I. She was Princess of Wales from 1863 to 1901, the longest anyone has ever held that title, and became generally popular; her style of dress and bearing were copied by fashion-conscious women. On the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, Albert Edward became king-emperor as Edward VII, with Alexandra as queen-empress of Great Britain. She held the status until Edward's death in 1910." SOURCE: The complete Wikipedia article can be found here: Alexandra of Denmark The complete seance recording of the former Queen Alexandra can be found here.

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The following seance is mainly a conversation between Spirit Communicator, the former Queen Alexandra and the sitters George Woods and Betty Greene:

Dr. Marshall: . . . come and talk to me and was wondering if you can hear?

Sitter Betty Greene: Yes I can hear you very plainly here . . .

Dr. Marshall: Dr. Marshall here.

Sitters Betty Greene and George Woods: Yes.

Dr. Marshall: Several souls here who are quite new to it.

Sitter Betty Greene: Good.

Dr. Marshall: As a matter of fact I'm rather hoping that, um, we might be able to bring some of them through to you. Uh, but there may be difficulty. Um, that may take several sittings, but nevertheless we should see. Um, I know how interested you are in making contact with certain entities and souls from this side who can be of interest to people on your side and, uh, the subject matter they can discuss will be of great value. Um, but as I've already said, a number of them are quite new to communication and probably will find it very difficult at first and may need, uh, several attempts. I doubt if they will necessarily succeed on the first go, but anyway we'll see what we can do.

Sitters Betty Greene and George Woods: Thank you, thank you very much.

Spirit communicator Dr. Marshall: Just be patient, shall we say, I just hope we shall not be long.

Sitters Betty Greene and George Woods: Thank you very much Dr. Marshall.

[Short pause]

Spirit communicator Alexandra: Hello?

Sitter George Woods: Hello.

Alexandra: How do you do?

Betty Greene: How d-you do?

George Woods: How d-you do?

[Short pause]

George Woods: Hello?

Alexandra: I do not know if you can hear?

Betty Greene and George Woods: Yes, we can hear very plainly . . . very plainly.

Alexandra: It's very difficult.

George Woods: Very plainly.

Alexandra: I find great difficulty in speaking to you, but I will endeavor to try.

Betty Greene and George Woods: Yes, we can hear you.

Betty Greene: Who is speaking?

Sitter George Woods: Come along friend, we can hear you . . . quite clear . . . quite clear.

Betty Greene: Quite clear, yes.

[Short pause]

Betty Greene and George Woods: Hello?

George Woods: Hello?

Alexandra: I do apolligize. It's extremely difficult, much more difficult than one would have thought.

Betty Greene and George Woods: Yes? Who is speaking please?

George Woods: Very clear. . . . You are very clear, we can hear you quite well.

Alexandra: I'm so sorry, because I do feel that I'm . . .

Betty Greene: Can you give us your name?

Alexandra: My name is Alexandra.

Sitter George Woods: Oh yes, yes.

Betty Greene: Alexandra?

George Woods: We can hear you quite well.

Betty Greene: Well, come along, it's lovely.

George Woods: It's quite clear.

Alexandra: I have never been able to speak before in this fashion, but I have often desired to do so.

Betty Greene: You are doing very well.

Alexandra: I am here with many who . . . like my self . . . do still take a very great interest in affairs of this country, indeed with the whole world.

Betty Greene and George Woods: Yes?

Betty Greene: Um, may I ask you a question?

Alexandra: I know what you are going to ask me my dear: yes I am.

Betty Greene: Queen Alexandra . . . of course . . . ahh!

Alexandra: But I should say that I was, because I am no longer in that capacity. Over here, we are, of course, without title. We are here known for our selves as we are by our nature and our character, not because of our position when on Earth.

Betty Greene: Oh please, will you please tell us how you passed over and what you are doing?

George Woods: I remember you quite well. Yes.

Alexandra: You know . . . life . . . is . . . much more than it appears on the surface. I have discovered only too well that the only . . . important thing is . . . to do . . . God's work.

George Woods: Yes . . . yes.

Alexandra: Sometimes we do not always see the opportunity that lies at our very doorstep. Often man or woman who go far afield and yet if only he can perceive it, the opportunity is within himself and right beside him. In my life, I have caused within certain limits was able to do a certain amount for the good of the world.

But I realize that if one is to serve humanity, if one is to do the work that will bring about peace, bring about tranquility of spirit and a harmony between nations and peoples, we must above all things, look internationally rather than nationally. The days have gone when one can put one's self or one's own country first. I have come to the conclusion that we must have an international spirit.

We must break down the barriers that stand between peoples and nations. We must remember now that science has brought together all the peoples as if it were, they were under one roof. There is no distance any more. Man is almost, you might say, living on each other's doorstep. You can no longer afford to have these barriers that man has built up through centuries of time.

We must learn how to live together in peace, realizing the consequences of war, realizing that now, there is no escape for anyone, therefore those ideas of the past, when we felt we could live securely as it were in our fortress island; those days have gone forever. There are no barriers now, there is no wall of protection. The sea no longer protects this island.

In other words, man has advanced scientifically to such a degree, that he has made life very difficult, and since there is so much fear in the world, one must find the way to eradicate it. One must have faith and trust, and one must see the nations of the world united in harmony and in peace realizing of the consequences of war in itself we would have thought to be sufficient to prevent it in any nations thinking along the old lines, and yet there are still those in your world who have not learned the lessons of the past.

Wars beget wars, hatred begets hatred, intolerance begets intolerance. We must find the solution to these things. We must try to make man everywhere conscious of his inheritance--inheritance which is by nature his very own, that you are all the children of a living God and that there are no barriers, that you are all one irrespective of class or creed or color or language.

No longer can one think in the terms of empires. Today you must think in the terms of harmony among all peoples, among all nations. In fact seems to me that you must now consider yourself a member of every nation, of every race. No longer can you say that you are this or you are that. There are no barriers left, only what man makes in ignorance and foolishness within himself. You have now a great opportunity, a wonderful opportunity to form a new conception of life, a new way of life.

I feel sure that this fear that rests so strongly upon nations will be a way to something very wonderful. I feel within myself that this realization that war is now impossible, for if it were to be, it would be the destruction of all that you know and cherish. I think that this realization of power, of atomic power will, in the end, bring all men together, and fear will be eradicated, and love and harmony will prevail. Of course there are many difficulties, but they can be overcome.

We would like to see a universal language, if that could be brought into being. It would be a tremendous step in the right direction. I do hope that could be tried or brought into being.

Betty Greene: Could you tell us something of your, what you're doing over on your side of life . . . now?

Alexandra: My life here has been one of constant change. And by that I mean, that as I have gained knowledge and experience so I have found myself in consequence in different environments according to my progression, and during that period of time of which I have been here, I have seen many aspects of life, many changes, many peoples, will have in themselves been responsible for much of my education, much of my experience and development.

One goes through various phases, various spheres according to one's development when one has left Earth. Fortunately, although I had no knowledge and acceptance-sense of life after death, I had a great inner consciousness, a great inner realization that life did continue, and when I came here it was not as if I were in a life so strange as perhaps it might have been to some. To me it was not unfamiliar and I realize too that during my so-called sleep state when on Earth, I had oft-times traveled into the realm of spirit and had, as it were, foreseen many of the peoples and places which I should eventually meet and inherit in consequence of the transition called death.

I have seen many great souls, many whom I knew while on Earth, many who had passed before me, and they often had been of great help to me in guiding me and taking me to various spheres and various places. I have gone through many schools or conditions of education. I have learned many things, and I am now able to teach, and I have for some considerable time, as you term time, visited lower spheres to teach those who are less fortunate, to give them an insight into a way of life that they might develop themselves and lift themselves out of the darkness in which they exist: the darkness of their own minds, and thereby see and know of that which is further afield, and yet can be, if they so wished, very near.

For everything here is a matter of degree, a matter of development of mind and of spirit and the realization that comes that one can progress and that the way to progress is through learning and experience and the practice of the things you have gained in knowledge.

I have done a great deal, I feel, in that direction, and I have been able to assist many earthbound souls and many as it were on lower spheres here undeveloped and un-progressed. But among those that I have found most difficult, have been those who seemed to have clung desperately to old religious beliefs, those who have, as it were, had very fixed ideas. They to me are the most difficult people to deal with.

Those whose minds are more open, more receptive are much easier obviously to reach to help and to give knowledge to and develop. But those whose minds are closed, those who have a very strong narrow conception of religion particularly, I have found most difficult. In fact it is very extraordinary the attitude of some of these souls' doubt. There are for instance large numbers or groups of souls entirely within their own mind in which they consider that they are the only ones who exist on this sphere of life or phase of existence. In other words they are waiting for the great resurrection date when they should return to Earth and inherit the kingdom of God on Earth.

They have this narrow conception: that they are in this condition of life or suspension of time on which, until which time they will fall on Earth in their physical bodies. Very difficult to make them change their outlook and idea and way of life; I would not say they are unhappy, but they are living in such a restricted narrow confined space or condition of mind that we have great difficulty in having any effect on reaching them. In fact they to my way of thinking are the most difficult.

Betty Greene: May I ask you another question?

Alexandra: Yes, of course.

Betty Greene:Can you tell us actually when you passed over, where you found your self, in what . . . uh . . . I wouldn't say country, but how you found your self?

Alexandra: I remember very vividly awakening in a room which was very reminiscent of a room which I've been very fond of many years previously in my earthly existence. In every way, it seemed to be an exact replica: the colorings, the materials, the furnishings, in fact everything about it was a perfect reproduction, in fact so much so that I did not realize at first that I passed on at all, and that I remember only too well a very beautiful view from a window of a beautiful, green grass, lawns and terraces, and at the bottom far in the distance, the river.

It was a spot I have been most fond. And in this room upon awakening were many of my relations and friends that I have known. It was almost like a kind of reception, which of course it was, and I must admit it was a great joy to me, to meet all these friends, and all these souls that meant so much to me in my earthly life, and to have the feeling of peace and the realization that it was an environment in the very room in which I was most happy. It was a room that gave me great joy and pleasure many, many years previously.

In fact I have realized now only too well that I was most fortunate in my passing, that I should have been so blessed, that I've often times turned over in my mind many of the things and happenings of Earth. And I've tried so often to try to realize why I should have been most fortunate. I realize of course in my own way, and in a kind of way, perhaps rather in a narrow way, I endeavored to do what I could to serve and to help, but you know it's an extraordinary thing, when one as attached as I was to a family that is called to service and has to take upon itself the weight of the responsibility of a crown, one is, in a sense, although often times serving, one is often, in a sense, doing work in a narrow field. By that I mean is, although one may serve here and there, one may be called upon to do this or that duty.

Nevertheless to some extent, you are doing things not exactly automatically, but you are doing things partly because it is your duty which one must do, secondly because it is essential and important in the state sense, but often one feels there are things one might have done or would have liked to have done that one was not able to do. In fact if one were able to endeavor to do certain things, it would have caused friction, or it would have caused comment in certain quarters, in fact, perhaps would have been resented.

Often, you know, when I was visiting, or perhaps when I was staying in a certain place, certain things would be brought to my attention, not by those around and about me in position, but by often, accident, not by design and I would be appalled by certain things I experienced or witnessed, particularly among the poor. Poverty was something which affected me very much, and yet I felt so helpless to do so little, and in a small way I did try, but you know, particularly in my day, it was extremely difficult for a person in my position to do very much for the poor.

And I was ever conscious of the poor, ever wanting to help them, and it was one of the greatest disappointments in my life, that I felt that a person in my position and with what so many people considered and I suppose can be considered power could do so little, in fact nothing, and I think it was one of the greatest disappointments of my life that I could do so little for those who needed so much.

Poverty worried me terribly. It gave me great pain, and was so much in my day. I was so used to the pomp and the ceremony, so used to the pleasanter, happier side of life. Everything was made, of course pleasant and as nice as one could possibly hope, and of course I was ever conscious of the poverty and I endeavored to help as much as I could in the hospitals too.

Over here, for instance, I take a great interest in mental illness which of course is a great deal of the cause of the unhappiness of the world, in your world I mean, and to a great extent our would too, for much of those, much of the trial and trouble here among those less developed is the mental condition, in fact I would go as far as to say, that a great deal of the world's troubles is in illness and in other ways, is due to the mind. If only we can reach the minds of people and change their outlook and attitude, if only we can do that, and that, of course, is what we are constantly trying to do.

We are trying to reach the minds of humanity, wherever they may be, irrespective of their condition of life, whatever their nationality, we are constantly working on the minds of peoples, especially those in hlgh places who hold the destiny of nations in their hands. We are striving to instill peace, instill the things that are of God, that they might come together in the future and save the world from itself, from destruction. This i am convinced shall be done, and I feel sure that man will find a new path, a new way of life where he can work in harmony and in love, nation to nation, peoples to peoples, and God's will can be brought into being. We are striving desperately for this, do all in our power to help.

George Woods: May I ask you a question?

Alexandra: Yes, my friend.

George Woods: May I ask, have you met the late king?

Alexandra: I have of course, met all members of our family.

George Woods: You have? Yes.

Alexandra: And perhaps at some future time, others may be able to speak to you. I have long desired to come and speak and I should have to come again. I must go.

Betty Greene: May I give a mesage to a friend or anybody from you?

Alexandra: I doubt if it would be received.

Betty Greene: What is the point, you see, yes.

Alexandra: But this is all that really matters, that we continue to serve and to help. In a wider sense, all mankind, no longer restricted, no longer are we in any way made to conform to politics or to religion. Here we are not tied in any sense. We are free to speak and to act completely and absolutely as children as we are indeed of one God endeavoring to serve all his children the world over. That is freedom, freedom of spirit to work, to serve and to love all the childrens of the Earth, all the nations of the Earth. We are now one great family: God's family. Bless you my friends.

Betty Greene: Thank you very much.

George Woods: I remeber you so well . . .

Mickey: Bubbye!

Betty Greene: Oh goodbye Mickey, thank you Mickey!

George Woods: Thank you so much.

[end of tape]

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