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The Leslie Flint Recordings A-B

Unveiling the Spirit's Wisdom: A Collection of Leslie Flint Recordings

There's a growing interest in understanding the connection between the spirit world and our material reality. Many believe the spirit realm holds vital knowledge that can illuminate the darkness of conflict and confusion in our world.

This collection offers a unique opportunity to explore these ideas through the work of Leslie Flint. Here, you'll find one of the largest online compilations of his recordings, spanning the early 1950s to the late 1980s.

Please note: Due to the age of the recordings (made over 30-70 years ago on equipment considered antique today), some may have background noise or be difficult to understand at times. We recommend using headphones for the best listening experience.

Please support the Leslie Flint Educational Trust which originally provided hundreds of similar recordings.

Leslie Flint Recordings A-B

Queen Alexandra - recorded 1960 .mp3
Show/Hide Dr. Marshall comes through stating that several souls quite new to communication might need several attempts at first, so there might be some difficulty. The former Queen Alexandria (of Denmark December 1 1844, passed November 20, 1925 - Source: Wikipedia) then tries to start speaking, at first with some hesitation, yet later manages to speak a long and beautiful discussion regarding why we can no longer live with the historic barriers humans have created, and that we must now live together in peace because there is now no escape if a nuclear war takes place. The days of living securely in one's fortress are gone forever, no one is safe anymore. Science has now made life and the management of fear very difficult. She goes on to explain the many changes she's gone through and experienced in the afterlife, how she passed over, and how difficult it is to help those minds who are confined to religious dogma. For a full transcript of this seance and video documentaries, see also: Queen Alexandria.

Alfred Frost - recorded 1968 .mp3
Show/HideAlfred Frost comes through lamenting that very few people know about life after death, and even those who do often entertain all kinds of "funny" ideas. He talks about his life on Earth and then in answer to Betty Greene's question, how he passed and what he experienced. After going out to work on his garden, he felt a bit giddy and saw his body lying down on a path. His daughter screamed and ran over to his body. His wife later appeared to him as a beautiful young woman who at first he did not recognize. He later experienced his funeral and his daughter picking roses from his garden and then placing them on his coffin. The worst part of dying he thinks is the loved ones left behind who don't know a thing (religion is useless) and not being able to communicate with them to reassure them. The only hope would be through spiritualist mediums, yet even these are not always successful. His wife led him to a community like a "block of flats" with a vast square in the center with fountains, flowers, children playing on the grass, etc. There are various methods of education for everyone, especially young children. Alfred took a great interest in carving furniture to express himself and benefit others. Some substances grow and can be used to create all manner of necessities. He states this is a natural, solid world among many worlds. He explains how hauntings occur and what a "shitty" state our world is currently in.

Alfred Higgins - recorded 1963 .mp3
Show/HideTo answer Betty Greene's question, "How did you find yourself after you passed over?", Alfred said he woke up on a bank alongside a river and was approached by a very benevolent-looking monk who looked just like Jesus. Rather bewildered, he was told by that monk (or spirit guide) he recently died in a hospital after falling off a ladder. He asked the monk if he could go see his wife. He then describes how he was led up a hill, and then told to close his eyes. The next thing he knew, he was standing with his wife watching her peeling potatoes in her kitchen. After a while of immense mental concentration, he managed to get her to hear him speak her name loudly enough to shock and startle her, causing her to fly out of the kitchen and then come back inside and cry. That monk (or spirit guide) then suggested he go into a pub to try to impress one or two of his former friends there of his presence. Again, he managed to impress one of his three "old mates" there and startled him too after he heard Alfred's voice calling his name. The three of them later joked about it. Then he got his wife to attend a spiritualist church and managed to impress on the medium that her wedding ring was not the original ring he bought for her. Only she knew about that fact! He goes on to describe how he prepares homes for newly arrived souls and how much wiser, loving, and more tolerant "God's children" in the afterlife are.

Alf Pritchatt - recorded 1968 .mp3
Show/HideAlf passed over in 1918 after being hit during a World War I skirmish by a packet of bullets. He states that during his lifetime the strange mixture of religion and war immediately put him off and realized if God existed, He would not permit such horrific violence. However, a man cannot be destroyed; he simply carries on the same way he did before he was blown up. Alf came to communicate his utter distress at the horrors of war and how badly the Church has let us all down by not doing far more to prevent it! Even after being shot to death, Alf found himself still running forward only to not be noticed by a line of attacking Germans coming right at him and rushing past him. He ran and ran until he found a hole in the ground to wait for it to all be over and hope for the best.

He woke up in a cold sweat by what seemed like a bright light in front of which a silhouette of a human figure appeared. It turned out to be his old friend, Billy Smart who had been killed several months before. He offered his hand and then they gradually floated off above the battleground and into the sky. After floating up even further above incredible views of the Earth below, he saw a luminous haze or glow which eventually turned into an elegant city where they touched down on the ground surrounded by beautiful avenues, statures, and continental-style architecture with people wearing robes and riding horses. They walked up a road where they entered a beautiful, brightly illuminated hospital or reception area in a very tranquil setting where newly arrived souls could be seen being taken care of, even eating at tables after being given food! There he sat with others discussing their regrets, the consequences of those who pushed them into war, the possibility of seeing loved ones left back on Earth, etc. His friend Billy eventually took him out onto a picturesque street lined with amazing houses and flowers, and they entered a lovely square where beautiful music was being played. While sitting at a bench in complete rapture at the music being played, his youngest sister, who died in infancy, appeared right next to him as a lovely 19 or 20-year-old woman with gorgeous long, fair hair. She said her name was Lilly and she was there to take him to her cottage in the countryside where she could look after him.

Alice Green - recorded 12-18-1967 .mp3
Show/HideAlice Green first lived in the East End of London and later Margate. After she passed she attended her funeral. She recognized many of her family and friends sitting around after the funeral and talking about her, but nobody ever took any notice of her watching them. She therefore realized there was no point in staying around and went out for a walk up and down the streets until she finally met her late husband who had been killed in the First World War over forty years ago.

He then took her hand and she found herself sitting inside a nice little place, a nice room in a beautiful, pleasant house in a suburban neighborhood. His mother was also there to greet her. They then enjoyed a discussion about things happening on their side of life. To help her "get her bearings" they took her out for a walk around the town and she was pleasantly surprised to find herself not only walking about without any rheumatic pains in her right foot, but her hair was thick, long, and black again. She could skip around like a child without any aches and pains! After going out along a flowery garden path from which she could see many other houses, trees, etc. she entered a town where she was shown art galleries, museums, buildings similar to places like St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, wonderful stages, theaters, plays, etc, but there were no vehicle traffic, actual shops, churches or factories.

People walked around in groups and did not seem to need cars. Her husband introduced her to friends and people she often recognized from the past yet looked so amazingly young--as if time never touched them! She learned how to make "curtains" for other people's houses from materials naturally available. She said there are large expanses of water, lovely tame animals, whole groves of flowers tall as trees, and buildings made from "mother-of-pearl" type materials. The sky is huge, the atmosphere of the countryside is full of music for those tuned in enough to enjoy it, and the colors are amazing, beyond description.

Amenhotep - recording date unknown .mp3
Show/HideAmenhotep.mp3 - (Poor sound quality, you must use headphones.) The sitter sounds like Rose Creet who was often present at the Leslie Flint seances. The soul of an ancient Egyptian priest came through with the help of many other souls in support of his effort to try to bring light, inspiration, and knowledge of the truth to the world. He claimed to have come from the "5th sphere" to bring to the world the illumination of the spirit and to reveal the mysteries thereof. The path shall be made clear so that those who tread upon it shall find peace such they have never dreamed possible. He states that all of the glories and powers of the spirit can be realized while still in the flesh. He confessed that during those ancient times, while dwelling in the land of Egypt, he and his group ofttimes needed to keep this great knowledge to themselves, and used the power of the spirit for "base purposes" and for selfish reasons, nonetheless, much of what they discovered enabled them to be of service in many ways. But they return to Earth today to fulfill a desperate need, and by so doing, can climb higher in the realms of Spirit. In the inner temples, they often communed with the souls usually of pharaohs long since dead. But they were concerned if others got this power, it could be wrongly used and bring disaster. All of Spirit can be said to be in one vessel and if we drink thereof, we can be sustained and well-satisfied. There is much, so much to reveal. He said he came from the time of Akhenaten (1351-1334 BC - source: Wikipedia), who was a powerful spiritual individual with mediumistic ability and was one who turned to new gods. He and his group of priests often used their spiritual powers to help Akhenaten, the pharaoh of their country to predict the outcome of battles before they occurred, and for other base, material reasons, yet they did not want Akhenaten to become all-powerful in a military sense, a kingly sense, or in a material sense. The priests were the ones meant to contain all the power of the spirit, and everyone is meant to depend on them for guidance. Yet Akhenaten, being a great seeker himself of such knowledge, started to rival the priests and gain his own power to the extent that there was some conflict, at least on a mental level.

In the second part of this recording, a soul who called himself "Kakai" (possibly Neferirkare Kakai who was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, the third king of the Fifth Dynasty sometime in the early to mid-25th century BCE - source: Wikipedia) came through at first in his ancient language causing Rose Creet a combination of both confusion and amusement. He ruled in Ancient Egypt over three thousand years ago and came through to share his knowledge regarding the more recent discoveries of tombs of some of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and hoped that he would be able to impress upon modern archeologists where to find new tombs that are still untouched. He discussed what the curses used to protect these ancient Egyptian tombs were all about and how to counteract these old forces of evil. But he said any remaining psychic energies may have long since been released. They are no longer needed and he wants more of these ancient tombs to be discovered by modern archeologists for the public's interest and benefit. He said he met Akhenaten and many other great pharaohs, kings, queens, and various priests on his side of life. All manner of rituals, incantations, etc. were performed on the dead, but those influences have diminished over time and are no longer something to worry about. He said he also met Dr. Marshall and Dr. Wood, etc. on his side of life. He goes on to say he certainly does accept and believe in the existence of group souls and states that the sitter, Rose Creet is also a member of one.

Amy Johnson - recorded 1970 .mp3
Show/HideAmy Johnson was a pioneering English pilot and the first woman to fly solo from London to Darwin, Australia. She was born July 1, 1903, in Yorkshire, England, and at the age of 37, died of hypothermia and/or drowning on January 5, 1941 after her plane crashed into the Themes Estuary. Source: Wikipedia.

In January 1970, she came through to sitter Betty Greene, saying she was here with Jimmy (her husband Jim Mollison). She said she finds it extremely odd trying to talk and asked the sitter (Betty Greene) if she can hear her. She said it's absolutely fantastic what's going on regarding this business of space. (At the time of this recording, Apollo 12 had recently been launched and returned from a second successful Moon landing on Nov. 19, 1969.) When asked about alien life, she said so far she has not met anyone who has been in touch with other planets besides Earth, or at least as far as she knows.

After inquiring why Betty's friend George Woods was not present, she seemed surprised no one had found a cure for the flu yet. (Mr. Woods was not attending and was recovering from a bad case of the flu at this time.) She had not been so much in touch with the world anymore, but occasionally heard about things happening on Earth and felt the world certainly does not improve in some respects. Man on Earth knows nothing about universal laws, but Amy states she is gradually learning about these laws, and laments how shocked she was when she first came over. She thinks it's dreadful how little people know about this business of dying, life after death, and the world they will find. She said that time is most peculiar with us, and are not subject to it anymore. Time, space, distance, and so many other things that apply on Earth, don't have the same meaning here. She said there is a form of time here, but not the kind measured by the sun, moon, stars, and the calendar.

When asked what she does with herself over there, she said that regarding flying, there is no longer any need for anything mechanical to get around. She was at first still interested, but it does not appeal to her anymore. Her husband, Jim is very much into developing mentally and on an entirely different strata of work, and very interested in music and art too. She says he's become much more sensitized. Many of the things that took effort on Earth such as traveling vast distances for example, no longer requires any real effort, and one does not even have to communicate in the same way. She finds life totally different now, and as a consequence, she no longer feels the urge or need to do many of the things that previously seemed important.

When asked what is most important to her now, she stated trying to learn more and to express herself better in various ways, including learning more about evolution and opening one's experience to wider horizons. She would like to help with all the problems humanity is facing but feels that humans are going to repeat the same mistakes over and over no matter what. She feels these truths would help tremendously, but realizes the vast majority of people don't even want to know and remain blind to it. In spite of religions, people who should know, don't know, they are like the blind leading the blind. Even though everyone knows they've got to die, she doesn't think people are interested. It seems people just push aside the most important things or factors in life and don't want to think, talk, or know about it.

She said that she had plenty of time to think while flying, and in an odd way felt very close to and very much in tune with the realization of things. Instead of feeling afraid of dying, she had a most extraordinary sensation that death did not matter, and at those lofty heights away from the Earth, material weight and concerns seemed to drift away from her. Her happiest times seemed to be up in a plane away from the contamination of material things, because in an odd way, it took her away from herself, and that was to her a psychic experience.

Asked if she may have been helped or guided by someone and she felt to a point she was. However, trying to help people on Earth is a very difficult thing, because one has to first make the effort to be open to being helped, and conditions being the way they are on Earth, it is very difficult to do very much. Unless one opens the door and has faith instead of being afraid and apprehensive, one cannot expect one to enter and help them. Sometimes they are fortunate to be helped, but many people shut and lock the door without even realizing it. The trouble with this world is the vast majority of people are afraid, but in any endeavor unless one is prepared to make the effort to find out, to take risks, to experiment, and to go all out, one won't achieve anything.

When asked about what she would like to do on her side of life, she said she would like to educate children. There are many that need help and guidance and she is able to help them a lot. Different children need different approaches and some are not children, just immature people or those who were, while on Earth, very retarded. There are vast places like clinics, hotels, schools, and colleges with lecture halls where one can go and be helped. Even while teaching others, she in turn was also helped and guided a great deal, even by those one would think could not teach very much. One can meet all sorts of people from all walks of strata of being, the beauty of it all is that there is always something new, fresh, and exciting.

When asked whether or not those who suffered from mongolism (now called Down syndrome) passed over, how much did it still affect them after passing over? She said even though the physical aspect of it no longer exists, the mental aspect still has to be worked on, but usually they are quite bright in themselves, even when on Earth, except they can't express themselves or their brain does not function properly. In the afterlife, they have a perfect body, which immediately brings about certain positive changes anyway. And then it's just a matter of adjustment through a harmonious attunement of the mind, spirit, and etheric body. But this situation can apply to anyone who first came here, especially those with fixed, firm views and false ideas, not just the deformed children. In this regard, even the village idiot might advance and adjust better than those with strong opinions.

She doesn't think it was ever intended that anyone should have been born imperfect either mentally or physically. She states this is what man himself has created over eons of time and although one doesn't like the old adage about the sins of the fathers falling on the children because it all sounds so unjust and very unfair, one sees more clearly that one is the product of other people in every sense. If generations of people think wrongly, then they're bound to recreate and create wrongly, and they're bound to be imperfections because you cannot think wrong without acting wrong, and the physical conditions of the past must catch up with the present and the future. Every individual is part of someone else, and you are all part and parcel of the same spirit, the same manifestation of flesh even though it may take different shapes or forms. Everyone's a product of other people's thoughts and minds, and, to some extent, physical bodies too. Because when you realize you're all sharing the same spirit and that you're all brought into being in the material sense in the same way, you're all sort of linked up, and that after all is said and done, it may not be anything else.

There are other worlds and there are beings, but they are, as far as she knows, beings who are part of man, who are part of the Earth in a sense, although they're separated by centuries upon centuries of time and miles upon miles of so-called distance. This is not the only world, there are umpteen millions and millions of other worlds, and she only knows the material, physical world, the Earth, and the spiritual worlds which, she's had some experience of. There are souls in your world who've never been on the Earth at all, they've bypassed here through their evolution. And now man has reached the Moon, he looks upon that as another world, which in a sense it is but it's a dead world more or less, but there is a form of life, there is a form of life on the Moon.

Betty Greene asks Amy if the law of attraction comes into play too and if a child is attracted to its parents, is the soul, the spirit attracted to those kind of parents? Amy finds this a rather odd question in a way because it suggests that there is consciousness of the individual before being born, waiting, or looking for a suitable parent. And if you're asking is there life on various planets? There may well be that some of the spirit world is connected or that some of the planets are part of this real world, yes. Man looks upon the Earth as the Earth world and he looks upon the Moon. Everything that has been discovered, sometimes on Earth has been lost and sometimes it's found again, sometimes it takes centuries to find it again. And therefore to man, the Moon, in a sense is a dead world, but only from the point of human intelligence.

Amy announces she must go but says she will come again and hopefully her husband Jim will also speak next time, while hoping George Woods will be well. Mickey chimes in to end the session with final goodbyes.

Ancient Voices [dead languages] - recorded 6-12-1967 .mp3
Show/HideSitters Betty Greene and George Woods record several spirits speaking, conversing with each other, and often singing in various ancient (Roman?) languages long since dead. Ancient souls demonstrate these dead languages from which many of our modern languages may have been derived. Toward the end, one of the ancient language spirits finally came through in English to explain that many of these words could be deciphered. This is their interest because they hope scientists on our side would be able to research and verify them. Mickey concludes the seance.

Andre (Bessette? Vallon?) - Many Planes of Experience - recorded 1964 .mp3
Show/HideOn April 25th, 1964, there were a number of sitters in the room, as well as Betty Greene and George Woods. An advanced soul with a French-Canadian accent identifying himself as "Andre" (possibly Brother Andre Bessette who was born: August 9, 1845, Mont-Saint-Gregoire, Canada and passed on January 6, 1937, Montreal, Canada at the age of 91 - Source: Wikipedia) came through with much wisdom and insight regarding spirit, prayer, and selfless service. He stated there are so many different planes of experience of life, that if he gave only one description of it, it would only be an infinitesimal part of the whole. He said that every individual when he comes here from your world would only have his character to bring with him, and in consequence, would create his particular vibration on which he lives while attracting to himself others of his nature and an environment that suites his temperament, not something that would be completely foreign to him. It is not just a heaven exclusively for Christians or any other outlook or belief. His world is so vast one cannot describe it and houses millions and millions of souls from all degrees and classifications.

A man will find for himself heaven, his nirvana, his paradise, or indeed his hell if you like, according to his own mental outlook, development, disposition, character, etc. All the beauties of nature can be found here: we have birds, flowers, trees, green pastures, rivers, lakes, mountains, and even deserts. We have all the different conditions of Earth, nature, and all its many forms and beauties, but everything here is on a vast and greater scale. We have houses in which we live, but they are constructed by the mind, yet that does mean to say they are not built because they are. The kind of home one finds one's self in reflects the condition of the mind, and what they deserve. One with a shriveled mind and barren temperament while on Earth will attract to himself a hovel and live in a similar condition that is very poor indeed. No one judges anyone here.

For some, there is great illumination and sunshine, although not from the sun exactly, but a great illumination around them. And for others, there is not a great light, and perhaps even darkness. There are lower spheres than Earth, where there has not been any progress, but only degeneration. But there is always the opportunity for salvation, gaining knowledge and experience, and uplifting himself in a spiritual sense. But no one can do it for him, others can show the way and lift him from the darkness and into the light. Everyone must find himself, his salvation. There are many spheres created by the minds of men.

One can learn music, and play the violin, piano, cello, or instruments you have no knowledge of, in fact far removed from your idea of music. There are no limits to music here. Our ears are attuned to a higher rate of vibration; we can hear much that you don't hear. Because we are on a higher vibration and because words are made to describe only material things, there are no words to describe much of what we experience here. Higher spheres have no words to depict or describe them. Life here can be very beautiful, but it depends on you.

Christ knew all these simple truths; he was the great leader, the great messiah. He did not come for an earthly kingdom, his kingdom was not of this world. He knew of the many mansions, many spheres, and many homes in which man would find himself according to their spiritual development and advancement. You have found a great truth, and that great truth can make you free of all the ties and challenges of the earth, free of all the narrow-mindedness of men who think only their path is the right one and all others the wrong path. We know there is only one path to God, it is the true path and you have found it. It is in service. Service is the key that opens all the doors and you have that key. You can serve and we can help you to serve. We can bring you a peace that the world does not know and find the peace that Jesus finds, that all the great teachers, all the great spheres, that all the great ones of the past knew. We have so much to tell you my friends, but we shall tell you step by step. Trust above all in the things of the spirit.

A young lady in the room asks, "May I ask you a question, Andre?" (Oddly enough, the tape repeats it twice for some reason.) "Well, the thing of course we all desire most of all for this world is peace and brotherhood. And we ordinary people seem so feeble and so inadequate in bringing this about. Would you say that the thing that is most helpful is prayer in this respect?"

Andre replies that prayer is most helpful. To understand prayer, you must realize that your thoughts are very pregnant, real, and vital. Those thoughts that have behind them great feeling and meaning, can do a great deal. If you think deeply and sincerely enough it can have an effect. One cannot help a person directly but one can help one to change himself. When we come, we try to inspire you, and you may feel this or that way, but you may not receive exactly what we are trying to convey.

He then goes on to describe the process of hypnosis and mediumship. All communication, all mediumship is a form of hypnosis. The person sitting for development would open his heart and his mind to the things of the spirit. All communication is mental, all life is vibration and mental condition. To tune in, we must lower our vibration, and you must heighten your vibration. When there is a fusion of our thoughts and your love, we can convey much to you and others. Where there is love and a strong desire to serve, when we put ourselves in the background while always thinking of others, that brings great peace and that peace helps so much to make you happy. All we ask is you do God's will on Earth.

Another lady in the room asks, "Does that mean Andre, that service is more important than prayer?" Andre responds by asking, "What is prayer if it is not service?" Prayer must be for the good of the world, rather than confusing God with miscellaneous selfish requests. Prayer without sincerity is useless. It is meant to be a simple prayer from the heart that means so much to the individual for someone who is suffering, or someone who is in great need, or for the good of the world, or for peace in the world. Prayer is meant to be a giving out—not to receive something for oneself. Only the sincere prayers of the humble heart are heard.

George Woods asks what happens to those on the other side who've been hung for murder. Andre says there are so many different degrees of murder, and the person can still be helped. One who has lost control, or been provoked, and under the heat of passion kills someone is not nearly as bad as murder sanctioned by the State, which is coldly calculated, detailed, and controlled right down to the very moment. That is far worse murder.

Because there are people using black magic and being used by evil forces, after passing over, they get imprisoned or stuck on spheres lower than Earth. One must always approach this subject from the highest motive, otherwise, it could be dangerous. Otherwise one might draw to oneself lower entities who might delude you, confuse you, and lead you astray, will give you wrong information and wrong guidance, and will be bad for you in every way. Always aim for the highest and best, and then you cannot go astray.

Everyone is responsible for everybody else. The whites are responsible for the blacks and vice versa. There should be no differentiation for the color of the skin. You are all put into the world as children of the one God. Earth life is but a school in which to learn lessons and one may need to return again and again. As long as there are countries building up great arms, there will always be wars, there will always be fear of wars. It would be a most wonderful step toward progress if a great nation refused to go to war at any time at any price, disband all armies and navies, and get rid of all munitions. That example would be so tremendous because there would be no glory in taking over such a nation. Money that could be spent on the good for humanity is spent on armaments, and now we have atomic bombs. As wars become more intense, there is less there is to fight for, and more nations will not go to war because the retaliation would be so tremendous. Andre believes the time won't be far distant when wars are outlawed forever and when world nations will mingle together in happiness and in peace. Your thoughts and your prayers are so important.

Everyone says their goodbyes and the session ends.

Annie Besant - recorded 1988 .mp3
Show/HideAnnie Besant was a British socialist, theosophist, freemason, women's rights, and Home Rule activist, educationist, and campaigner for Indian nationalism. She was born on October 1st, 1847, and passed on September 20, 1933. Source: Wikipedia. Sometime in 1988, Annie Besant came through Leslie Flint (in her voice) to give a long discussion to what must have been a small group of Sai Baba devotees. She starts with an interest in speaking to John who happens to be present and one of the sitters in the group. She says he is an old soul because he had many incarnations. She asks him if he would be interested in Egyptology because she says he had a previous incarnation in Egypt where he was very much concerned with religion and had an inner awareness and consciousness about things of the spirit. She says John has a very deep realization inwardly and that he was sent back to do the work of the spirit and therefore has a great deal yet to accomplish. She wants him to exert himself more fully to become available as an instrument of the spirit and not to put it off.

She states that one incarnation is one jewel in a string of jewels like a necklace. Souls may not come back for centuries of earthly time, yet some of the more advanced souls chose to come back to Earth sooner to illumine others with their philosophy and realization of self. Everyone has a duty to fulfill depending on the reason they have come. She says we are all searching for truth, for what life is all about, and the right way to go about finding the real self. Because of material needs, one cannot always achieve what one wishes to do or would like to do, or what one knows you think ought to do. You are all part of each other, you are part of a group soul consisting of many incarnations working together as a group.

She brings up Sai Baba and the fact that all the sitters in the room know Sai Baba and that he is a great soul. She states that Sai Baba is a very old soul who had many incarnations and he is the voice of the spirit, and that they all have been brought into that group. She says we have been trying to break down all the barriers built up by religions often bringing intolerance, and sometimes even developing hatred and malice. Many of the evils of your world are brought about by religious teachings, background, and upbringing, which are all very sad, and yet the foundation of all religions is fundamentally the same truth! She points out though, that those present in this room have a wider vision, understanding, and realization, and in their ways, endeavor to serve, to open up, not only their awareness but to transmit it to many other people.

She tells them many souls are here to uplift, help, guide, and inspire them, and you have been blessed to see the reality of the spirit. However, those trying to do the work of the spirit in the material world, are bound to encounter various stresses, setbacks, and drawbacks, but she tells them, having seen and been strengthened by the love of the spirit, not to allow these to worry you unduly. Remember that for all the great prophets, teachers, seers, etc. the road was never, ever easy, there were all manner and kinds of problems, temptations, and difficulties. Instead of feeling disheartened, know that you are truly blessed. She states innumerable souls here love you and are very close to you, closer than you will ever comprehend.

She talks about Mickey and says he is a great soul, a brilliant soul of the spirit who has assumed a personality or in other words, the version of himself as a child. When Mickey comes to you, he deliberately assumes a material self to make the atmosphere less tense. Every attempt has been made to provide proof by the spirits assuming a material persona temporarily as one's old self as it was on Earth. She says we are many souls, many aspects of truth. She states that everyone is an instrument of the spirit and uses intuition as an example of how anyone can act as an instrument of truth. All life is mental, we are all thinking, and we are all subject to thoughts. Even though there are many material restrictions and the thought forces of other people in the way, she states you have the truth and you will fight, expound, and live for that truth, and indeed you have become that truth She then closes her talk with the thought that we are all part of the same truth. Only after the sitters insist she give out her name, does she emphasize that it's the message and the work that is really important, and names are not, so she only reluctantly identifies herself as "Besant" and then gives the group and their beloved Sai Baba (not present) all her blessings.

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Arthur Findlay - recorded 1976 .mp3

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - recording date unknown - Part 1 .mp3

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - recording date unknown - Part 2 .mp3

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Brother Boniface - recorded 1960s - Complete Love .mp3

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Brother Boniface - recorded 1960s - What is God? .mp3

Brother Boniface - recorded 1974 - Church and Religion .mp3

Brother John - recorded 11-2-1967 - Abortion, Millions of Worlds .mp3

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Brother Josephius - recording date unknown .mp3

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Religious and academic beliefs about life after death

Personal accounts, such as near-death experiences

Exploration of the realms of the afterlife

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Materialistic Science Rejects the Afterlife as Being a "Fairy Story" -- Here Are Four Scientifically Proven Out-of-Body Experiences -- My Search for Truth and Personal Experiences from the Afterlife -- Leslie Flint: An Inconvenient Truth for Christian Theologians and Skeptical Scientists -- Leslie Flint's Impossible Powers: Why Did He Not Make Millions as a Parlor Trick Showman? -- BadPsychics.com Forum Administration/Members Hate my Information! -- Leslie's "Etheric" Guests Never Coughed or Sputtered -- Messages From the Afterlife - How the Paranormal Voices Came Through -- The Exciting Reality of it All -- An Absolutely Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling Existence -- The Colors Are Far More Vivid, Extensive and Varied -- Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife -- Afterlife Interests, Skills and Hobbies -- Lifestyles in the Afterlife -- Why Some Souls Start Out Earthbound -- Is There a Hell? Are There Negative Experiences in the Afterlife? -- What Happens When One Abuses Power? -- The Problem with Suicide -- The Problem With Reincarnation (Not My Favorite Subject) -- Climates and Geography of the Astral Spheres -- The Beauty of Astral Nature and Spiritual Utopia -- Communication With Animals and Singing in an Etheric Atmosphere -- Astral Relationships, Sex, Reproduction, Families, and Astral "Old Age" -- Illumination (Sun?) of the Astral World -- The True Nature of Dark Matter -- Does Time Exist in the Afterlife? -- Can Distance be Measured in The Astral World? -- Astral Travel (Projections) -- The Right Conditions for Astral Projection to Occur -- Various Forms of Projection: From Clairvoyance to Complete Immersion -- Two Astral World Experiences I Really Enjoyed -- Communication With Earth -- Epilog: Only the Beginning

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