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Most Significant YouTube Videos - Part One

(Warning: some of this material may be shocking and/or disturbing. Not all these videos and audio recordings necessarily reflect the philosophy of Science of Wholeness.) Go HERE for Part Two

Science of Wholeness selects online paranormal and UFO movies, lectures and radio interviews for their most incredible, controversial, interesting, genuine, highest quality, mysterious, intriguing, astonishing, disturbing and meaningful content. I compiled a list of movies, audios and websites in a deliberate attempt to confront conventional, closed-minded thinking and to stand mainstream science on its head. Have some people actually broken out of the barriers of so-called everyday reality? Three major paradigm shifts are under way creating serious challenges for mainstream scientific thinking. They are: 1) the existence of an afterlife, 2) that otherworldly intelligences are visiting us and 3) all the profound implications of quantum physics and zero point energy, including the possibility of unlimited free energy, breatharianism, and teleportation.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." - Albert Einstein

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Eating Our Way to Extinction is a cinematic feature documentary, taking audiences on a journey around the world and addressing the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. This powerful documentary sends a simple but impactful message by uncovering hard truths and addressing, on the big screen, the most pressing issue of our generation - ecological collapse. On this channel, you will have access to a variety of different content, including the documentary itself as well as many videos and interviews addressing this pressing issue.

Want to learn more? Subscribe to our channel and make sure to turn your post notifications on so you donÕt miss out on any of our content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYNldGFnfcDE8ItayYf7izg

Hacking Reality Meet surfer and renowned theoretical physicist Garrett Lisi as he rides the waves and paraglides over the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui and talks about his groundbreaking discovery about E8 relates deeply to our reality; and learn why Los Angeles based Klee Irwin and his group of research scientists believe that the universe is essentially a 3-dimensional "shadow" of this enigmatic... thing... that may exist behind the curtain of our reality. nd scientific rigor, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and consciousness. Hosted by Marion Kerr

Wihat is Reality? Quantum Gravity Research is a Los Angeles based team of mathematicians and physicists working on developing a theoretical framework for a first-principles unified quantum gravity theory they call emergence theory. Still in the early stage of development, emergence theory attempts to unify, through mathematical and scientific rigor, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and consciousness.

This film is presented in layperson terms and explains basics tenets of emergence theory, quantum mechanics and digital physics in ways that are meant to be communicative and fun. However, if you'd like to read any of the scientific and more technical papers, please visit our website. Hosted by Marion Kerr

Wisdom and Love From the Afterlife: Excerpts From the sittings of Leslie Flint - This beautifully created and illustrated video by Jack Andrews is an inspirational combination of voices from beyond and soft elegant music. These messages from beyond were selected from an extraordinary collection of over hundreds of paranormal, direct voice recordings in the presence of what I believe to be the greatest medium who ever lived, Leslie Walter Flint. He came into our world in 1911 and passed away sometime in 1994. The voices who came through are Mickey (Leslie Flint's spirit control, John Whitehead), the Scotsman Joc (or David), Jenny Wilson who died trying to give birth during the Victorian era, Rudolph Valantino, and finally Mahatma Ghandi. More info on Leslie Flint and the afterlife can be found here.

Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery - This amazing documentary is about the work of Danish physicist, Henrik Svensmark. He discovered an alternative explanation of climate change which I found to be quite brilliant. His research reveals that among other factors, global temperatures are also strongly influenced by the degree of cloud cover. In other words, the greater the abundance of low altitude cloud cover around the Earth, the cooler the climate. He also found a strong relationship between cosmic rays, solar maximums and solar minimums. In other words, during a solar minimum when the Sun's magnetosphere is weakest, fewer cosmic rays from other parts of the galaxy are deflected and more enter the Earth's atmosphere causing more clouds to form in a similar manner as cosmic rays do in a cloud chamber. This effect explains many of the mini and major ice ages in Earth's recent geological past. Co2 may not actually be the main force behind climate change. The degree of activity on the Sun may be the true cause of today's global warming. This may be a great relief for those terrified that we may all soon be obliterated by some kind of terrible runaway greenhouse climate catastrophe. However, IN NO WAY does it mean we don't do all we can to curb toxic pollution from the dangerous extraction and burning of environmentally destructive coal, oil and gas. There are still PLENTY of other reasons NOT to rely on burning fossil fuels any more!

The Crisis of Civilization - Excellent documentary narrated by Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed on the emerging crises modern civilization is being forced to face such as peak oil, climate change, overpopulation, overconsumption, terrorism, centralization of power and ownership, and food shortages. He says industrial civilization is unsustainable. A global perspective is needed to help solve our biggest, most serious problems! Contains many humorous, old video clips to cleverly illustrate his narration.

Multiple Witness Alien Abduction - Corina Saebels recounts her horrifying experiences with alien beings possibly from another word in another dimension using her body as a means to create a race of hybrid beings. She and her mother experienced a long history of UFO encounters, missing time and abductions. Unfortunately, her daughter is also being involved. This movie is disturbing and not for the faint-hearted. I believe the abduction phenomena is actually happening and that much of the life in our world and our genetic heritage has been seeded by extremely ancient alien civilizations from other parts of the galaxy and other dimensions long before humans even existed here. See also Corina's radio interview given by Jon Kelly: A Canadian UFO Abduction Story with Author Corina Saebels

The Dark Side of Time by Gavin Wince - Here is a truly amazing, information rich presentation cleverly illustrating some newly discovered principles of time and space. Gavin's mathematical concepts postulate that time may actually exist in three dimensions rather than just one dimension. If these mathematical equations are true, then they radically alter some long held concepts regarding the rejected "tired light" theory, cosmology, and the unification of quantum mechanics, relativity and gravity. To understand the profound oneness and nature of all reality as proven by countless mathematical formulas, watch this movie. I said all along there was no Big Bang. Gavin Wince found there may not be any actual accelerated expansion of the Universe after all, which never "felt right" to me anyway. Unfortunately, just like anyone with revolutionary concepts, Gavin Wince does have some rather harsh (and dogmatic) critics who are possibly doing more harm than good. Any new idea that could solve many inconsistencies throughout physics and cosmology should be carefully considered--NOT blindly rejected!

Overpopulating Mother Earth: Hellish Consequences of Overpopulation - Documentary about the human overpopulation crisis. Population is barely being mentioned yet population growth and ever-increasing human consumption is the mother off all problems and is the main cause of the on-going environmental crisis such as climate change and famine. In a sense, there will be a massive collision of two freight trains as overpopulation continues to increase while land becomes less and less available as oceans rise to flood them. In other words, by the end of this century, far less agricultural land will be available while demand continues to grow exponentially. The result will be a hell on Earth and a horrendous loss of billions of human lives. I am DEEPLY CONCERNED about this rapidly approaching collision! People need to wake up and stop creating so many babies! Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Fire from Water and The War Against Cold Fusion - This powerful presentation hosted by James Doohan reveals the typical closed-minded condemnation by mainstream science of a "transmutation" process only beginning to be understood and which was originally discovered in 1989 by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann. It appears to be some sort of fusion of a form of hydrogen (deuterium) into tritium and helium-4 (a helium isotope) via electrolysis through water while using certain catalysts such as palladium, nickel and carbon. The result of this process is a prolonged release of heat that could not be explained by any normal chemical process. However, the experiment could not always be repeated and seemed to require a direct contradiction to the laws of nuclear physics. Official acceptance of this newly discovered approach to fusion could utterly undermine the billions and billions of dollars currently being spent on the research and experimentation with hot fusion, the same process that powers the sun. However, claims by other scientists that there is indeed some form of "catalytic fusion" taking place continue to persist and this process turns out to be much more mysterious than originally assumed. With the help of private funding and foreign research, many potential industrial and commercial applications of "cold" or catalytic fusion have already been found. In spite of the politics, misunderstanding and prejudice of mainstream science, catalytic fusion might soon solve all our energy problems and needs, including the ending of all pollution and global warming.

To the Last Drop: Canada's Dirty Oil Sands - Part 1 - The filthy Tar Sands project may be the worst environmental catastrophe in the history of humanity, especially if this dirtiest method ever of oil extraction is going to be be future trend of energy production. If this abomination is not stopped, Earth as we know it will eventually become unlivable. Unbelievable numbers in local communities have and already are dying form cancer. I once thought human beings were rational creatures, but after watching this horrific video on how major industrialization projects such as the Tar Sands project is destroying the planet, not any more. The world is now going to "hell in a hambasket" as the climate changes faster than any previous generation has ever seen it. Part 2 See also Canada's Tar Sands Threatens all Life

The Day the Earth Nearly Died - BBC Documentary - Geologists and paleontologists found evidence of a massive volcanic eruption (a flood basalt eruption) covering half of Siberia 250 million years ago that led to a global temperature rise of 10 degrees destroying 95% of all life on Earth. The earth did not recover for nearly 100,000 years. A similar rise in Co2 levels is happening right now, which will lead to a massive rise in methane gasses, causing a global rise in temperature of 10 degrees, which will destroy 95% of all life on Earth.

WARNING!!! This latest information from the geologists and paleontologists could mean is that we are headed for a global increase of 5 degrees from the human caused Co2 emissions, followed by another 5 degree increase from the release of methane leading to a mass extinction of 95% of all life on Earth lasting for the next 100,000 years.

Earth Under Water - BBC Documentary - Imagine sea levels throughout the world rising 250 feet... Eminent climatologists think another Great Flood is inevitable if current CO2 emissions continue. Based on research by NASA astro-biologist and paleontologist Professor Peter Ward and a group of respected American climatologists, Earth Under Water is an eye-opening documentary uses scientific evidence past and present, archive footage, location photography and CGI to explore the terrifying consequences should the atmosphere's CO2 levels treble over the next 100 to 300 years, as predicted. Step by step, it paints a chilling picture of the world as the sea levels rise from between one and 70 metres, unravelling the science behind this cataclysm, revealing when it could strike and what its impact would be on humanity. The film also questions experts and politicians about what measures can be taken now to stop the current rise of CO2 emissions, and explores how extreme engineering will buy us time. But the message of this film is stark, spelling out in graphic detail the Earth's apocalyptic future that we have been avoiding.

Lecture Given by Dr. Helen Caldicott: Fukushima's Ongoing Impact - Nuclear power is NOT the answer! A silent cryptogenic killer lurks in our food from various places around the world. Global incidences of thyroid cancer will skyrocket, especially around Fukushima. Huge amounts of radiation now contaminate the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive fish are quickly on their way to your plate! See also: Lecture Given by Dr. Helen Caldicott: The Medical Implications of Fukushima, Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation - Part 1

Deepwater Horizon Disaster - BP Oil Spill (Documentary) - On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank, killing 11 lives, leaving a seafloor oil gusher to last for 87 days, and spilling over 200 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico before finally being capped on 15 July, 2010 after many failed attempts. Approximately 125 miles of Louisiana coastline have been polluted by the oil spill. Many fisheries have been lost. Over 8000 birds, turtles and mammals were found dead just 6 months after the gusher had been contained. Many ecosystems will probably never fully recover.

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