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St. Matthew the Apostle

On September 3, 1974, St. Matthew came through in one of the seances claiming that even though there is no way to prove it materially, Jesus was a man he knew well. He described Jesus as a man of great simplicity yet with invincible spiritual power, strength, stamina, courage, charisma and virility. Jesus was able to achieve what no man has ever been able to achieve before or since.

In the above video, St. Matthew speaks about how the suffering of humanity is due mostly to incorrect thinking and man's ignorance throughout generarions of time and therefore an inperfect world was created. Video generously provided by The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Channel

Rev. (Church of Spiritualism) Leslie Walter Flint

In this Powerful Seance Recording, St. Matthew States We Must Cultivate Unconditional Love and Put Spirit First in Our Lives

Matthew explains that humanity needs to break out of its dismal patterns of materialistic dogma or continue to remain a victim of man's past ignorance and stupidity.

St. Matthew was a 1st-century Galilean (presumably born in Galilee, which was not part of Judea or the Roman Iudaea province), the son of Alpheus. As a tax collector he would have been literate in Aramaic and Greek. After his call, Matthew invited Jesus home for a feast. On seeing this, the Scribes and the Pharisees criticized Jesus for eating with tax collectors and sinners. This prompted Jesus to answer, "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." (Mark 2:17, Luke 5:32)

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In this seance, St. Matthew spoke the following message:

Communicator St. Matthew: Christ was a man whom I knew well. You may think this a statement that cannot be verified. I'm not even going to attempt to verify this statement, because it would be from your point of view on a material level, impossible. It can only be, if it can be proven at all, on the level of the spiritual awareness and consciousness of this truth of which I speak.

Jesus of Nazareth was a man of great simplicity; a man such as yourselves in so many ways. It would be wrong to say that he was not also subjected to temptation, not in the way which is depicted in your Bible, for that is man's interpretation of a material concept. Jesus was Spirit. Jesus had the power to overcome the flesh. Jesus was able to achieve what no other man before, as far as I know, or since has achieved because of his oneness with the divine power which makes life possible. We are all the same spirit. We are not separate. Only our physical aspect and body separate us.

The automating force behind all life is the spirit, and no one knows how to harness this power. When one knows how to utilize it for the good, not only of self, for that should always be the last thought, but for others. Jesus did not come into your world to found a religion. Man has created the religious aspect and built around it an edifice which has obscured the simplicity and the beauty and the harmony and the love of the reality of the spirit that animated Jesus. Jesus was what you would term an instrument, but he had the realization of these things of which I speak and which I wish to impart to you that you may have this within your selves so clear and so sure, so certain, so real that you won't perceive on a different level of consciousness far removed from that which you term spiritualism!

If I appear to be hard, it is because there were times as with Jesus had to appear hard. Jesus was not, what you would term, a "namby pamby." Jesus was a man with great strength, great courage, great virility. He was a man, in spite of his spiritual realizations, was always at war with himself. This my strike you as very strange, but when the power of the spirit animates, it has to learn to overcome. It has to overcome the weaker self, the material, the physical. It has to subdue many things in one's physical, material self or nature. There were many a battle which was fought, and I know that Jesus overcame because he had a divine mission to perform.

Jesus was a victim, if you like, of circumstances. He was a victim of his time, a victim of laws, background, religious aspects narrow in its confined way; he suffered as men suffer; he also rejoiced as men rejoiced. He was not as some people seemed to have assumed, God incarnate! He never claimed that, man has since claimed this, because we are all gods. This is another statement which some people may not be able to accept: that every human being in embryo is a god, because he is part of the Universal Spirit, and it will depend on the individual as to how much of that spirit he will be able to utilize and demonstrate, and bringing it into being in a material aspect and condition of life in which he finds himself.

The death of a man (material death of a man) in a sense is not important as to what method it may be. It is human and natural when upon Earth, to wish when the time comes that one should be released from the physical body calmly, quietly, peacefully, and this is indeed was intended or should be expected. But man has created though generations of time conditions which will affect, which will apply to individual lives. Man creates the circumstances whereby he finds disease rampant in various ways. Man creates the divisions where war happens, and untold numbers of peoples, some of them innocent, in as much they have never played any active part in bringing it about, suffer. The innocent suffer with the guilty. This may sound illogical, unkind, unfair, unjust, unspiritual, and yet, if you can see this as I want you to see it, man creates the conditions, man sows the seeds, not just in one generation, but in many generations.

It has been said that the sins of the fathers fall upon the children! This sounds to some people, illogical, unjust, yet it is not so, for you are as much a part today of two-thousand years ago and the people who once inhabited your earth as those who are around and about you, ever present in your homes in your daily life. When man can perceive the magnificence of life, then he can conceive of the realities of which we speak, and all life is one. You are separated, if indeed truly you are separated, you are separated by your material desires, you are separated by your stupidities and your foolishness, by your selfishness, by your impatience, by your intolerance, by your malice, by your hatred.

Nations have been brought into being and they have brought into being in consequence pride. They have brought into being national spirit patriotism, flag waving, and the churches support and encourage death, disaster, tragedy. I have no time for religions. I have only time for people. I have only time for the spirit, which must be free to flow, which must break down the barriers that separate man from men, from people from people, from nation from nation, until man sees the true spirit that animates him as being part of the world of the spirit irrespective of class, color, creed, nation, or spirit, or attitude of mind, individual or collective.

You come together to seek truth, and truth as we know it to be, we will impart to you. You will have to divest yourselves gradually of things which some of you indeed may even cherish. But we never ask of anyone to do anything that is against their natural, as they see it, inclination. We come that we might bring you peace within. Christ again, did he not say that peace is within? Did he not also say that God is within? You are gods. Peace is there deep down within you. Does not mean to say you must close your eyes and your ears to the world of the flesh.

We know that you must tread the normal, natural path, as you understand it, of materialism. But if you can tread it being guided by the power of the spirit, then the pitfalls will not affect you. When you learn to assess yourselves, when you learn to understand yourselves, and realize yourselves, when you can see yourselves as one great family of Spirit, when you can see the man who perhaps is a stranger to you, who perhaps previously had no liking for or real interest in, because of the color of his skin or the circumstance of his birth, or his background, perhaps to you he is uneducated, rather stupid and foolish. Perhaps to you there is no reason why you should have any inclination towards affection or regard or love. When you can see all God's creatures as one family of each and everyone of a different, perhaps, level of consciousness and awareness, with each one, vital and important to the whole; when you can nurture those less fortunate than yourselves, the ways of bereft in love and understanding; when you can say this one is dear to me as my closest, then you will begin to open up and flower.

There are many in your world to whom we would like the message of the spirit to go. We know it would not be easy, and even though they receive the message, there will be many who will close their ears and will not wish to listen because they will have their own reasons they would not like to change. They are caught up in habit. They are caught up in all the feuds. They are caught up in old religious beliefs that cling to them like a suit of armor, and they cannot be divested of it. And some of them indeed give the impression as if they are going into battle, to war because they cannot divest themselves of this, facade, for it is merely a facade built around them, sometimes as a protection, so they think against others, and perhaps they don't realize it, against themselves.

You, I feel are free, at least you are well on the way to that freedom of which I speak, for you can discard the outworn creeds and the dogmas, the feuds and the stupidities, and these things that bred through centuries of time. Christ and other great teachers: they were men of great fundamental simplicity. Oh the spirit is simple, the fundamental truth of the spirit is simple, though difficult, perhaps, to comprehend while yet encased in the flesh, because of the limitations perhaps to some extent brought to bear upon it, but nevertheless, all the great teachers, and I take Jesus as the highest example, know these truths, the miracles so termed, that he performed and others of which you know not, was simple laws in simple operation by the power of Spirt.

When you realize your world is an illusion, you may say it is a very solid, real world to us; of course it is while you are expressing in it, while partaking of it, but nevertheless it is a world, in a sense an illusion, for man has created it. Man has brought forth, over the centuries of time, that from which you suffer. I use the word, "suffer." There are blessings, of course there are many blessings. But you have made a world that is so full of chaos, so full of uncertainty, so full of fear. You've deluded yourselves through centuries of time, thinking that the material world was the be-all and the end-all with the great possibilities as something to come after so-called physical death.

With very little realization, various groups of peoples over the passing of the years of time, have created these religions based on the idea of the premise there is something after death, providing, of course, in most instances, if not all, that you have followed the path as laid down by that particular organization or group adhering to certain principles, some of them good, I do not condemn in that sense because the fundamental truth underlying all religions is the same. It is just that it is thwarted by man in his stupidity and his foolishness and his ignorance. And they have built up over the centuries, of course, great edifices, great power, great wealth--all material, nothing to do with the reality of the spirit, nothing to do with the great Jesus [who was] a man of great humility and great simplicity and yet of great strength and a man who was and is, as yourselves.

See your selves as you truly are. Do not be deceived. It is so easy to deceive yourselves. "I mean well" how oft times have you heard? People say "I mean well, I do my best, I do try." At least that is an admission that you do fail to some extent obviously, but this isn't sufficient. We do not ask you, as I've already said, that you should be perfect, for we are not perfect. But we do ask you, since your eyes have been opened to the truth of the spirit, that you follow it out to the best of your ability, and that you seek only that which is truly of the spirit, and be not content as so many are with the things that are of the nursery.

The signs and wonders: they are important, they have their place, and we shall exhibit them, in a sense, here as best we may from time to time. But these are not the vital things. Jesus employed them, all the great prophets, all the great seers, all the great teachers, from time to time employed the powers of the spirit to demonstrate so that conviction could be given to others to inspire, to encourage them. But these are merely things that are given to help you overcome circumstances in which you find yourselves whether it is from bereavement [etc.]. When I come into your world, I see the unhappiness and the sadness, particularly those who as they think of lost someone near and dear, someone whom they nurtured, someone who's love meant all to them and they're bereft and alone, sad, unsure, uncertain, depressed, sometimes even contemplating a way out in the hope they would join the person that has preceded them.

We are ever conscious of these needs. We are ever conscious of the desires of human beings wherever they may be or whoever they may be. But try to see it in a clearer way. In your material lives you have created another life and brought it into being. You've nurtured it, done everything in your power to help that spirit, and then it is suddenly being cut off and you, no one would feel anything at all. But you cannot kill the spirit--the body, yes, the shell, the outer covering, the vehicle of expression, the house; call it what you will; but that which you have labored in love to bring into being, still lives more vital, more alive, more beautiful than anything you could have ever hoped or dreamed about, near you, striving to reach you, to impress you, to inspire you, to comfort you.

From time to time souls come back to you to speak to you. Sometimes they recount mundane things and try to prove the reality of their existence to you. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed. Everyone must have his own level, I suppose, what is for him, evidence for survival. But try to see this in a different light. Try to see that you are nurturing love; not only that you are bringing it into being, but you are nurturing love of all humanity, that all humanity is part of you, and all God's creatures (so-called) are sharing the same animating force that gave you life. Everything that is exists; the outer shell may die and may disappear. You may open up the earth and put in that which was once dear and near to you and cover it up. You may raise a headstone, and you may weep above it, and place your flowers of remembrance; but it is not there, the spirit.

The spirit is within you and all around and about you, and it is this divine love that makes all life possible and makes all that is. And believe me, my friends that are coming together today, in a beginning I hope, and I pray, and deep within my innermost self, I know it is the opening which are the door between the world and the spirit and you. Be patient, expect not perhaps too much too soon, and when I have finished that which I've had to say, take your photographs and then say adieu.

May the peace and the love of the spirit ever be with you as I know it does animate every action, every thought. May the strength and reality of these things open the path more clearly, more surely for those who are seeking truly these things which are eternal.

Fair well my children.

Sitters: "Fair well! We are humbled so much. May we be privileged to know your name perhaps from your last life?"

Communicator St. Matthew: Names, my friend, are as nothing. They too, like the body, disappear. Over the passing of time the spirit remains. You may call me, if you will, Matthew.

Sitter: "Thank you."

Communicator St. Matthew: That is sufficient. Names, names in themselves are as naught; it is the spirit that matters, the spirit that matters.

Sitter: "Thank you, Matthew. God bless you."

Mickey: "I am sorry, I have to go. Bubbye!"

Sitters: "Bubbye Matthew/Mickey! What a wonderful talk. Thank you very much, Leslie!"

Leslie: "Oh it was nothing."

Sitters: "Oh it was wonderful!"

(after more conversation, recording soon ends)

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