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Finding and Following the Right Physical, Mental and Spiritual Laws is All Important

Friday, 9-17-2004, (updated 6-19-18) Article 24

How to Find Your Natural Keys to Wholeness as Soon as Possible

1) Before doing anything, make sure one is drinking loads of water (best to use distilled or ionized or alkalized water) between all meals (at least one quart to half a gallon instead of snacking between every meal depending on age, weight, body size, etc.) The water seems to go down much faster if one adds (dilutes) fruit juices to it such as 1/8 to 1/4 kombucha, 1/10 apple cider vinegar.

These days I've found it best to create and store (in glass bottles) my own distilled water at home. I drink mainly distilled water using a stainless steel Megahome Coutertop Water Distiller (link opens to this product on which has been a wonderfully reliable way for me to always have access to all the distilled water I need and can possibly drink. Doing this one thing has always been the single most effective way that I have ever discovered to enjoy many great spiritual and health benefits all over.

2) Adjust your dietary standards to a mainly a raw, high protein, high probiotic, super-food regimen that includes avocados, raw nuts and seed, seed milks, nut milks, chlorella, raw FRESH cage-free eggs, hemp seed oil, sardines, salmon, etc., along with fresh high antioxidant, high enzyme, salad greens, sauerkraut, vegetables, fruits, garlic, mushrooms, herbs, and other wholesome, antioxidant rich superfoods.

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In Search for Our Wholeness We Find the Key to Everything

Every meal must consist of high antioxidant food such as: raw blended vegetable juices, kombucha, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, green tea, goji juice, acai berries, pomegranate juice, blueberries and blueberry juice, kombucha, goat milk kefir, chlorella, ginger, turmeric, kelp, spirulina, full-spectrum supplements, etc. Try to get all of one's vitamins, antioxidants, etc. first from high quality food sources and full-spectrum formulas as well as from separate vitamin and mineral tablets as needed.

3) Carefully rotate all your high protein (eggs, fish, kefir, etc.) and lectin (seed, grains, legumes, etc.) foods to avoid thousands of common physical and emotional ailments and serious chronic diseases! Understand why this is so vital and know the difference between high and low protein foods (vegetables, fruit, etc.) and learn exactly what lectins are and how to either avoid them altogether or consume them only once a week on a pre-planned rotational diet. No one should ever be eating the same foods everyday regardless of lectin and protein allergies: at least in order to increase the variety, interest and richness of one's daily meals and nutritional intake. Learn more here: Rotate Your Lectins. Please go here for the most recent and complete protein and lectin rotation regimen for the greatest health and well-being yet discovered.

4) Try to get as much prana into your body as possible through regular water fasting while staying in touch with nature. Meditate in natural places where there is good, positive, nourishing energy.

Maintaining and preserving natural and tranquil places for communion with nature is extremely important. Just going for an early morning or evening walk through a quiet neighborhood can be very beneficial for the subtle energy fields (aura) that surrounds the person. Also sleeping outside at night or at least in a room with plenty of fresh air blowing in from outside enhances dreams in many surprising ways.

Gradually evolve your self toward living more and more on prana, water and raw juices and less and less on solid physical food. Food is an extremely addictive substance that can be very corrosive to the body if eaten too often (which nearly everyone does and then they wonder why they get sick!), however our bodies are not primarily supported by physical food, but by chi, prana, orgone, or zero-point energy from nature.

5) Excercise regularly. Maintain the best circulation possible, stay invigorated, firmed up, tuned up and in as good physical shape as possible. These days I go for short walks and use certain exercise methods such as the 5 Tibetan Rites, 100 push-ups, and various yoga postures such as The Tree (a precarious balance exercise while standing with eyes closed!), Inverted Sequence, and the Half-Spinal Twist. I sometimes still use the jumprope which used to be my main exercise method.

6) Conserve, cultivate and transmute sexual energy, because spiritual energy (everlasting joy and inner freedom) comes from sexual energy! This may be the most tricky yet extremely vital way of life that one can benefit IMMENSELY from. Conserving one's vital fluids are most essential for supporting a lasting sense of joy, wonderful virility, purpose, deep meditation, and samadhi. But one does NOT have to give up love, affection and sex as long as one's sexual fluids are not lost and are instead conserved and reabsorbed using the Kegal or Deer exercise method during sex which is commonly used to develop the pelvic floor muscles. It is with this method that even men are able to enjoy multiple orgasms at any age!

7) Meditate every day. Isolate your senses from the outside world, suspend your restless thoughts, and focus exclusively on the inner sounds and light of your "God" self, or choose your own favorite, most effective method of meditation. Go deep, dive as deep as you can into daily communion with your Higher Self. Experience a whole new paradigm of living with your self as being the source and controller of all creation rather than being its victim. Experience your self as being the REAL controller of all your circumstances rather than outside influences. Learn how to separate from your body and experience astral travel and that you are no longer prone to the limitations of the flesh. You can go anywhere, fly anywhere in the Universe, explore the astral planes, commune with other entities, experience whatever you long to experience.

Very Important: scroll down this page further for a deeper explanation of the Seven Keys (Stepping Stones) to Wholeness and vital links to pages on this site related to each stepping stone.


Seven Steps to Wholeness

Discover Seven Steps to Wholeness - Enjoy absolutely amazing bliss and love! Learn about breatharianism! Enjoy unlimited energy! Rejuvenate your cells! Nothing like this manual has ever been written before. Learn all about a unique spiritual diet and a way of water fasting for pranic nourishment and transmutation that will boost your spiritual awareness! Learn how to save thousands of dollars per year in medical and dental bills while reversing the aging process! This information is priceless. Save yourself from massive amounts of suffering. Discover astonishing secrets here.


"There is nothing more valuable, relishable or desirable than wholeness!"

Friday, 2-6-2004, (updated 6-19-18) Vol. 7: Article 16

Find Inner Joy -- Seven Stepping Stones to Wholeness

There are many stepping stone's to wholeness and many dimensions or levels of wholeness. Wholeness is a transcendent, pure joy that is permanent, all satisfying and unlimited in its expression and scope. There is nothing more valuable, relishable or desirable than wholeness! All the wealth in the universe is worthless unless it is spent on helping one's self find wholeness. Wholeness is high-level wellness, perfect, harmonious mental, physical and emotional health and well-being while having the full experience of every spiritual faculty available at will. Such faculties would include:

1. Samadhi at will
2. Unlimited joy, ecstasy, and love for all humankind
3. The unlimited freedom of astral projection or soul travel
4. Access to unlimited knowledge and awareness
5. Ability to live on light or live on very little food
6. Amazing memory and other mental powers
7. Psychic ability and other related faculties
8. A deep-seated feeling of perfect security
9. Powerful self-healing/rejuvenation ability and unusual longevity
10. An all-satisfying intimate relationship with one's favorite form of God or spiritual ideal Ongoing research has so far revealed the following essential steps to wholeness:

STEPPING STONE #1 is fasting for as long as comfortable on distilled, ionized or alkalized water, or crystal clear, glass bottled mineral water between whole, complete meals. That means instead of eating as soon as one feels the urge to snack, one drinks large quantities of pure drinking water and waits as long as possible until one can no longer avoid the strong urge to eat another whole high nutrient density meal.

Drink loads of water between meals (at least one quart to half a gallon instead of snacking between every meal depending on age, weight, body size, etc.) This habit is extremely important! By doing this one thing, one can help to get rid of all manner of degenerative diseases, aches and pains, especially all manner of dental and digestion illnesses! Food, no matter how healthy, if eaten too often, can erode the teeth, gums, lips, tongue, throat, stomach lining and digestive tract resulting in such diseases as tooth decay, ulcers, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and even cancer.

If not enough water is drunk on a daily basis, toxins from what is consumed, toxins from metabolic wastes, and toxins from other sources can and do accumulate causing all manner of problems. It is mainly toxins that are the cause of so many physical, mental and emotional problems.

Over a long period of time using this water-fasting method, it will feel more and more natural to go for longer and longer periods of time without food without feeling hungry or depleted. Even though ionized water provides powerful cleansing and energizing properties, it is not essential to use ionized water, one can also produce one's own distilled water, for example, produced from a Megahome Coutertop Water Distiller (link opens to this product on I would also recommend storing in and drinking only from glass rather than from plastic bottles.

Water purifies the blood and every organ in the body, while making pranic vitality (bliss) more and more available as a source of energy instead of having to depend so much on physical food. For more information on the benefits and importance of drinking large amounts of water daily, including ionized water, go here.

STEPPING STONE #2 is an exceptional diet consisting only of whole organic foods of highest biological value and quality. Adjust your dietary standards to a mainly non-gluten, low lectin, high fruit and vegetable regimen high in protein containing foods such as chlorella, nutritional yeast, pine pollen, raw pumpkin seed, raw almonds, dark-colored fruits, yams, winter squash, freshly made raw vegetable juices, leafy greens, etc. - please NO whole wheat, corn, breads, pastries, pizzas, bagels, doughnuts, or other such baked goods; and NO dairy products (except maybe grass-fed organic eggs and grass-fed organic ghee) especially cheeses - these abominations cause obesity, diabetes and leave a permanent residue in colon. Most commercialized and process food products are subject to GMO engineering and herbicide/pesticide chemical contamination. Avoid as much cooked food as possible. Also avoid all vegetable oils (except for health food flax oil supplements kept in cooler and in darkened container), and most definitely avoid cooking with these oils and all food cooked or fried in oils!

Eliminate all unhealthy cooked and processed food such as red meat and similar animal products, refined carbohydrates, breads, etc. One's overall diet and lifestyle must be pure and natural! That means no smoking, alcoholic drinking, illegal drugs, or junk food such as diet sodas, carbonated beverages, coffee, pasteurized milk, cheese, pizzas, hot dogs, desserts, candy and other health disasters eaten, drunk, smoked, etc. especially if only for the sake of the pleasure of eating. These are some of the most addictive substances and foods that obviously MUST be avoided at all costs.

The most common health problem seems to be obesity. If the body is NOT first given exactly what it truly needs including plenty of complete protein, essential fatty acids, high fiber enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc., then one will often suffer intense cravings, addictions, and confused appetites for all sorts of sweetened junk food (empty calories). Any permanent weight loss cannot happen until one first reaches only for the most nutrient dense foods of the highest biological value. Any weight loss diet (or simply counting calories) that does not follow this essential principle is most likely to fail dismally, because it would not be effective, be too uncomfortable to follow while yielding at best only temporary results.

Enjoy a large variety of wholesome, antioxidant rich superfoods and juices every day as would be found in a Paleolithic or preagricultural "hunter-gatherer" diet. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are vital. Examples include: tomato and other vegetable juices, kombucha, sauerkraut, white or green tea, goji juice, pomegranate juice, acai berries, blueberries and blueberry juice, ginger, turmeric, kelp, chlorella, spirulina, FRESH raw whole cage-free organically farmed eggs, flax, grass-fed butter oil (ghee), and cod liver oils, full-spectrum mineral and vitamin formulas, etc. The idea is to get as much antioxidant power, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and oils, etc. from as many wholesome high quality "superfoods" as possible and full-spectrum formulas such as Miracle 2000 Total Body Nutrition in preference to taking only isolated chemicals, vitamins, minerals or other supplements which can cause metabolic imbalances.

IMPORTANT! A long, regularly updated list of the most valuable foods for one's wholeness can be found here.

STEPPING STONE #3 is instead of eating the same limited group of foods every day, eat as vast a variety as possible of multiple different foods and rotate these foods on a weekly basis so that a completely different set of proteins and seed foods are eaten every day of the week. Eating the exact same breakfast and/or other meals day after day is actually a really unfortunate habit and is a most common and unhealthy mistake.

However, I believe it's still OK to eat most kinds of fruits, herbs, greens, and vegetables every day except nightshades such as potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant because they, like all seed foods tend to also high in toxic, allergy-inducing lectins. Repeating any or all of one's proteins and seed foods can and often does eventually lead to a "leaky gut syndrome" which is a poorly known but very common auto-immune, multiple-inflammatory condition leading to food sensitivities, food allergies, depression, anxiety, fatigue, vertigo, heart arrhythmias, arthritis, migraines and most other kinds of headaches, back pains, joint pains, memory problems, skin problems, etc.

Lectins, which are naturally found in all seed foods such as whole grains (in the form of gluten), nuts, seed, and legumes, definitely need to be rotated or avoided altogether. I would avoid those high lectin foods you don't need. In my case, I don't seem to need legumes and whole grains as much as I feel the need for nuts and seed. Avocados, sweet potatoes, and winter squash can be great replacements for many of these high lectin foods. However you can't aviod eating all lectins because they are ubiquitous in the entire plant kingdom, and small amounts or certain kinds can even be healthy for us.

I would also definitely rotate all other high protein foods such as fish, fowl, eggs, and dairy milk products. I would NEVER consume any form of meat from mammals because these are highly sensitive animals with very strong emotions. Even birds and fish I would try not to eat, but unfortunately some people (like myself for example) who's ancestors for thousands of generations in a cold climate lived off of meat, seem to fall apart without consuming some form of animal protein at least once a week.

All fish should be sustainably harvested sardines and salmon. Organic eggs should only be from grass-fed, pasture-raised hens. All milk products should be consumed only in the form of live yogurt or live kefir ONLY from humanely and organically raised grass-fed, pasture-raised goats and cows and NEVER as cheese.

You can learn much more about the various kinds of antinutrients, lectins, etc. lurking in your food on this page at Dr. Axe's website here. Also check out my page on why I feel it's so vital to aviod lectins and how to rotate those high lectin foods that cannot be avoided here: Rotate Your Lectins. And please go here: Holy Grail of Wholeness on my website for the most up-to-date and complete rotational diet regimen information for spiritual advancement and pranic nourishment yet discovered.

STEPPING STONE #4 is to nourish and energize your subtle and physical bodies through communion with nature. Meditate in natural places where there is good, positive, energy. Maintaining and preserving natural and tranquil places for communion with nature is extremely important. Just going for an early morning or evening walk through a quiet neighborhood can be very beneficial for the subtle energy fields (aura) that surrounds the person. Also sleeping at night with plenty of fresh air blowing in from outside enhances dreams in many surprising ways.

Gradually evolve toward living more and more on prana and less and less on physical food. This concept was first taught in the Western World by Paramhansa Yogananda in his Self-realization Fellowship lessons. Food is an extremely addictive substance, however our bodies are not primarily supported by physical food, but "by every word that proceedeth from the mouth [medula] of God" or cosmic (chi, zero-point or quantum) energy through the medula (an energy center just beneath the skull at the back of the neck). Eat less food, less often until you reach a point where you can feel sustained for long periods of time without food, or is what is known as being a breatharian.

However, when you do eat, eat only the most nutrient dense food available or food highest in protein, highest in living, raw enzymes, highest in acidophilus and all other naturally beneficial probiotic organisms, all minerals, all vitamins, all antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs and green super foods. Many people fail in their attempt to live on less food because they don't realize how utterly vital it is that the remaining food they do eat be of utterly the highest possible biological value and highest possible nutrient content.

For more info, go here and here.

STEPPING STONE #5 is regular daily physical exercise in a natural setting without straining or overexertion, just enough to improve circulation and heart health. Long walks in nature where there is much intake of bioplasma (orgone energy, prana, etc.) would be most ideal. Daily physical activity is essential for the balance of mind, body and spirit. A regular, balanced lifestyle is impossible without regular exercise or some form of physical recreation. Inadequate exercise can lead to excessive tension and a sense of restlessness in the body while trying to meditate.

Some people expand their blood flow using special oral chelation formulas and other circulation herbs, vitamins, etc. such as ginkgo, ginger and niacin during fasting on water between meals to promote increased circulation and help avoid high blood pressure while clearing out blocked capillaries in the entire cerebral and cardiovascular system. One of the most essential aspects of wholeness is vital blood, nutrient and pranic flow to every cell in the body. Any disruption of blood circulation, especially in the brain, can cause serious problems. Even slight cerebral-vascular disruptions in the nervous system can cause very distressing changes in one's neuro-biochemistry and therefore outlook on life. Real lasting happiness, health, proper cellular absorption of nourishment, fulfillment, successful fasting, and transmutation of lower drives into higher aspirations all depend on having the absolute best circulation possible.

For more information on the benefits of exercise and supplements that improve circulation, etc., go here.

STEPPING STONE #6 is conservation of sexual fluids, especially over a long period of time and especially in the later years of one's life when it takes much longer and longer to replenish them. Once one has completely mastered transmutation (redirection and expansion of sexual energy) and conservation of vital sexual fluid, one can enjoy a wonderful, ongoing bliss throughout one's day and other immense benefits such as multiple orgasms. If your partner is also into transmutation, it is possible for that relationship to undergo a vast and dynamic improvement.

Sexual energy can be transformed into tremendous love and ojas (a subtle substance that conducts prana into the cells) which can be used for all kinds of spiritual purposes. Transmutation, cultivation and conservation of sexual energy is essential for spiritual progress. Stored sexual energy creates in cells a greater capacity for prana and pranic nourishment, thereby making it easier for one to live more and more on subtler energy, prana or vitality and less and less on clogging food.

There is a very important relationship between fasting and celibacy. The more sexual energy one is transmuting, the longer one can enjoy blissful fasting, and the longer one fasts in ecstasy, the easier it is to transmute and for the long run, one enjoys a much healthier balance between eating and non-eating. Other ways to transmute (besides fasting with water) include exercise and/or meditation in a natural setting, expanding sexual energy with herbs and pranic breathing exercises, practicing white tantra and contracting the urine-control muscles (using the Kegal or Deer exercise) just at the right time to avoid losing sexual fluid during sex, and by emphasizing love and affection in a relationship instead of aggressive sensuality. For more information on sexuality, transmutation, and celibacy, go here and here.

STEPPING STONE #7 is daily 2-3 hour meditation on one thing, especially Spirit, your "God" self, Divine Mother, or something symbolizing one's highest and deepest love, aspiration, etc. This would mean sitting very still for a very long time in deep concentration on the third eye, and the inner sounds of the chakras where no other thoughts are allowed to intrude whatsoever on the chosen mental object be it a picture of an incarnation of God or other extremely high ideal, yantra or universal cosmic symbol such as a triangle with white light shining through it.

A fixed mind brings into focus many higher and higher levels of consciousness, bliss and inner joy. Eventually a breathless state is reached where the mind no longer dominates and a higher, divine power takes over. One penetrates the third eye and goes into extremely deep bliss. Beyond this bliss lies a perfect joy so profound that everything one sees in the world becomes so sacred that one feels utterly honored even to just walk down the street.

There are high states of breathlessness where metabolism stops, freeing the body even more from its need for physical food while freeing the soul into high levels of cosmic freedom and union with the Oversoul or God. Once breath is mastered, it is possible to become a master of death and rebirth. One then partakes of the "bread of everlasting life" and is "born again not of the flesh, but of the spirit." For an in-depth study of meditation, how to practice it, and why it is so important, go here.

I used to study Surat Shabd Yoga. (See previous article) This method ties together all that I have learned and experienced so far regarding yoga, soul travel and meditation. It is not only meant to bring about the breathless state, but in the most natural way possible should lead one directly into the highest celestial realms, Spirit realization and freedom from rebirth. Learn how to "die daily" (become aware of spiritual reality beyond the physical plane) using perhaps the most direct method of meditation I have found so far. If needed, a Master, Higher Self or spirit guide will appear in a vision or while in an out-of-body state to guide you through the most advanced stages.

"Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out" (Revelation 3:12)

Go Here for the Most Recent Info on Superfood Spiritual Nutrition for Wholeness



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