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The Science of Wholeness: Part One



8.1: EXTENSION OF ENERGY INTO THE HIGHER CHAKRAS - Introducing the most effective and advanced meditation practice I have ever discovered after thirty years of careful study and reseach: Deep concentration and perfect stillness of body, and mind are required to get into the truly liberating and all-fulfilling higher chakras and inner realms of consciousness. With considerable practice of the specific variations in breathing technique I mentioned in LESSON #6 one learns how breath control can still the mind to help it concentrate more easily.

It is therefore a very good idea to start every meditation with some form of breathing exercises getting the mind to calm down sooner rather than later while giving one's self more of the energy and vitality essential for the deepest states of higher consciousness. It is important to concentrate on the mid-point of the forehead between the eyebrows to one-half inch above the eyebrows (depending where it is most comfortable to start) while keeping mind clear and focused.

The eyes should naturally raise upward a little more each week until it becomes really natural to gaze, STEADILY and singly at that spot. "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."--(ST. MATTHEW 6:22) One factor that tends to disturb concentration is having an unsteady gaze, shifting, restless eyes, and twitching eyelids. However, focusing the mind there is more important than focusing the eyes there. Eventually practice more and more the babit of keeping eyes absolutely steady in their gaze.

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8.2: MEDITATE ON THE INNER SOUNDS AND LIGHT OF GOD: Sit up with spine straight in as a comfortable postion as possible (must be in this position absolutely STILL for a very long time) in a very quiet, private place. The lights in one's room should be somewhere between low and pitch dark and the use of earplugs is something to consider otherwise it needs to be extremely quiet, so quiet that one can hear one's own breathing, heartbeat, etc. If noise is unavoidable, dip a good pair of soft ear plugs or cotten wool in water and seal off the ears very carefully from outside sounds. Avoid any pressure that could hurt the ears!

Close the eyes, focus a quarter to half inch above the eyebrows and become aware of space, energy, etc. in and around this area of the central forehead. Try to feel the energy flowing through and around this center. Allow the eyes to look gently upward and mentally gaze from that spot between and slightly above the eyebrows while never letting any thoughts intrude. Breathe deeply for a while long, complete breaths until there is a fullness of relaxing, restful energy. Then breathe very slowly and deeply from now on.

What can you hear??? Listen carefully within yourself. What sounds can be heard? Note the sounds of muscles twitching, breathing, blood circulation and heartbeat and become familiar with these. These are physiological sounds and are to be ignored in favor of metaphysical sounds of energy, chimes, bells, and other vibrations. What can be heard that is not physiological? Usually there is a constant ringing sound which should not be too loud. Some people even hear a clicking noise that I believe is caused by a nerve current "feedback loop" in the middle ear. Such sounds can be aggravating in cases of tinnitus caused by nervous and metabolic problems. Screechy, screaming, or any other disturbing sounds within the inner ear could be caused by ear wax, hearing loss or damage, neurological problems, etc. and a physician should be seen to diagnose these correctly. Of course, a pure lifestyle including an excellent raw food diet plus the full continuum of synergistically balanced dietary supplements are essential these days to keep the nervous system in balance. If the sounds are soothing, gentle and inspiring, then you are on the right track.

The first sound one most likely comes across is the sound of the wind through a grassy medow or pine trees, rustling, etc. and a humming sound which I'll talk about later. Another inexplicable sound which I think is quite peculiar is what seems to resemble the mechanism of an electrical 1980's alarm clock motor or that of a computer disk drive. It is always there. The next easily heard sound is the flute constantly playing up and down on a very simple scale of two notes. Go deeper and one may hear a constant ringing bell like the distant sound of an old fashioned fire bell. Tilting the head slightly backwards and slightly to the right seems to make it louder. Then there is the enchanting conch sound which seems intertwined with a harp constantly playing in a way that sometimes sounds like running water or even like a harpsichord playing underwater! These sounds forever hold my curiosity, fascination and interest because they are said to be the sounds of the chakras and some are a reflection of sounds from higher spiritual realms which should definitely be focused on. If any of these can be heard then others also will later be discovered. There is often in the background a roaring, electrical humming effect or "Om" vibration and when "tuned into" seems to amplify itself rapidly along with all the other spiritual sounds. Mysitcs say it is best to listen to these "melodies" in the right ear and the most spiritual sounds do seem to come from that direction. However, eventually one would draw all sounds toward the third eye which is the overall point of concentration and focus. I personally like to try to sense all sounds as if they are comming from the center and not just from one side while making the "Om" sound that seems to come from the back of my head my main focus of concentration.

Maharaj Sawan Singh (1858 to 1948), one of the Great Masters of Sant Mat (the Radha Soami movement) in his letters to his Amercan disciples plainly stated not to meditate on any other sound except for the bell sound and then the conch sound, and NEVER to meditate in the left ear, only in the right ear is one to concentrate on the above two sounds. The sounds change as one goes deeper. A living Mystic Adept is an essential requirement if one is to expect to get toward the highest or deepest levels of God-realization because the process of complete freedom from the lower astral and causal planes is rather lengthy and tricky process. My own personal opinion regarding this subject is try to learn and memorize as much as you can about this whole process and link up with a bona fide spiritual Master or Living Guru if you can. They say when the student is ready the Master will apear.

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8.3: IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THOUGHTS DO NOT INTERRUPT CONCENTRATION! Just as one is focusing on the third eye with no intruding thoughts keep a focused awareness on the background "Om" sound that reverberates like a roaring, humming top or high tech, heavy duty, induction motor of which all the other sounds seem to be a part of. In regards to what Sawan Sing said it may be best just to ignore all other sounds and concentrate in the right ear only as much as possible on the bell and/or conch sound. Cause it to increase and increase in intesity (through intense concentration on it) until a very blissful "soma" seems to flow from it. When this sound increases, all the other "inner chakra" sounds tend to increase in pitch along with it. Be very careful not to let outer physical sounds drown them out. Maintaining the intensity and continuity of the bell and/or conch sounds within oneself is absolutely vital because one's consciousness is "guided" by it toward ever deeper states of concentration and bliss. During the deepest states of meditation, the soul while being drawn up by the inner sounds toward higher realms of consciousness separates from the physical body. The bell and conch sounds are like beacons in the night of the soul guiding it home from a long, long voyage. Follow these beacons with deepest devotion and longing for God while remaining focused at the third eye.

After much practice one can see a pulsating star in a blue field with a huge golden ring (or "sun") around it. Eventually allow the power of the inner "cosmic melody" to draw you in and up into this incredible star. Try to penetrate into that star and enter into whatever new visions, landscapes, etc. that unfold. Seek the guidence of a perfect master who's astral form may become visible at the portal of the astral world beyond the third eye and who can lead one up to the highest realms of paradise within. The soul must cross these regions before entering into the purest and highest astral region where the brilliant form of the inner Guru is found for the essential guidence and help it will need for it to continue on its journey. Then it must pass throgh bunk nal (a "crooked tunnel") before entering into the golden-red light of the causal plane. Even that is to be crossed along with many other states, tunnels and stages, etc. before reaching the five highest regions starting with Sach Kahand, all full of indescribable love, beauty, immense light, glory, and everlasting perfect joy.

How long should one practice meditation? The teachers of the related Surat Shabd Yoga technique recommend no less than 2.5 hours per day. Much time is needed for this practice to be effective. It takes a long time for concentration to become perfect and for the metabolism to slow down. Also much training and purification of the mind is needed before one can enter into the higher planes.

This practice completes the whole circuit from the base of the spine to the top of the head, intensifying peace and joy at all levels even further, while feeding currents of light and ecstasy into the pituitary and pineal glands. Flooding the higher chakras in this way produces a more permanent spiritual change and the establishment of higher consciousness in one's daily life. Visions, vast expansions of consciousness and memories of past lives start to happen. One starts to have what is known as Self-realization, cosmic consciousness and that wondrous sense of ever-lasting life.

All aspiring breatharians longing to "live on light" are more likely to succeed through regular and faithful concentration on this "Word" or sound of God. ST. MATHEW 4:4 states: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." "The mouth of God" is the medulla oblongata inside the back the head just above the neck which is the polar counterpart of the third eye chakra. The "Om" sound is also the same force that creates the massive vibration one feels when separating from the body on the way to higher planes via conscious astral projection or "conscious dying". St. Paul in 1 Cor. 15:31 said, "I Die Daily" which is infinitely better than just "waiting for God" or often fearfully waiting for death at the termination of one's life. Solve the mystery of death NOW while you are still healthy!!! "Dying Daily" into the "Om" sound (causal plane) and musical "Shabd" (bell and conch) is the key to all mystical experience: listening in on this beautiful "Om" sound (preferably the "bell" and/or "conch" sound if you are on the Path of Sant Mat) and "amplifying" it as much as one can through long periods of intense concentration on it while at the same time being pure at heart. One must forever cultivate as much sensitivity, pure hearteness and love for God as possible. Be always lovingly devoted to God! Be God's best friend and God will be yours. The "Shabd" is the gateway to God's love, guidence and inner paradise.

Believe it or not there are some higher chakras above the third eye and crown chakra that advanced adepts go within in discovery of new horizons of reality far beyond the confines of the material, astral and causal realms. Sach Khand, Alakh Lock, Agam Lock, and Anami (the nameless realm) are the 100% spiritual abodes of the "naked" soul free of all the pains and sufferings of desire, ego, and especially the need to reincarnate. These are the planes of true and permanent soul liberation from all the confines of darkness, delusion and maya. According to the Masters of the Path of Sant Mat these realms beyond the causal spheres should be the true and highest goal of all truth seekers, mystics and yogis because these realms are above all change, dissolution, sufferings and binding karmas. They are consisdered the original home from which all souls came from. One who has reached the safety of these high realms are forever above and beyond the terrifying grips of karma, birth, suffering, death and reincarnation!

8.4: CONCENTRATE ON THE INNER SOUNDS IN THE DREAM STATE: A very important thing can happen after much concentration on the inner sounds. One can start experiencing these sounds during a dream state. During sleep the inner sounds can become quite loud, very low in pitch or vibration and become much, much more "aggressive", powerful and even overwhelming. One may feel paralyzed (in a cataleptic state) and unable to move anything! Rather than being terrified, be sure to remember that this is actually quite desirable and a great sign of spiritual progress. Realize this: here is a rare opportunity to go outside the body as in astral projection or soul travel! Just concentrate your thoughts in the third eye and float upwards. The vibration/sound will subside as soon as one completely separates from the body, floating upward and then down to a standing position. However keep concentrating on any remaining inner sounds (especially the "bell" and/or "conch" sounds) within one's spiritual self until the highest planes are reached. Finding a Perfect Master, Guru or Mystic Adept at any stage of one's spiritual research would be very, very helpful, if not, essential. But Perfect Masters are kown to meet devotees on the astral plane and guide them Home, however BE CERTAIN it is a bona fide spiritual Master! Learn as much as possible so that you would know what to look for or what to attract into your consciousness.

8.5: SEEK GOD FIRST, THEN ALL ELSE SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU: Psychic and other powers may start to become noticeable. I cannot overemphasize the importance here not to digress and try to develop these powers to the neglect of more serious spiritual goals. You are at the wrong website if controling others, having super powers and being a master of the occult are your only goals in life! God has an infinitely wiser plan for you--always, in every way, stay out of complexities and karma (entanglement with cause and effect in the world) by striving to go directly to God and serving only God, your true Self. I hear there are many snags, pitfalls and temptations along the way. It is wise to always seek out a true Guru or Mystic Adept and to make sure all your motives are always pure and God-centered. Always strive to know and follow God's will, which is always the absolute best possible thing for you and for everyone else to do.

God is your true home, and the fulfiller of your very deepest longings. Pray to God daily, be intimate with God, love this sacred, universal Energy with all your heart and a personal form will manifest. Nothing can be better. All physical urges are transcended; the core of ecstasy is fully realized and eternally enjoyed. The very center of purity is actually the deepest and most lasting soul-satisfaction ever realized. "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out..."--(REVELATION 3:12)

There is nothing wrong with having great powers, but if used outside of God's will they can only serve material, selfish desires, creating more karma and possible loss of all previous attainments. Even then, having the power to control the entire universe would be nothing compared to living in the meaningful warmth and brilliance of Divine Love! What is there in great abilities if there be no Joy? The depth of one's spirituality should be measured by the amount of love and bliss one receives in meditation, not by the outward display of miracles! Let God perform the miracles if He needs to create any! Intsead of playing God (dangerous) let God play through you.

Seductive beyond comprehension, God will forever satisfy the ones who have found Him (or Her!) with infinite ingenuity and exhaustless, ever-changing joy, and would never dream of exchanging the Divine Mother or Infinite Father for any other happiness. God is the most tantalizing and the most relishable beyond imagination.

Earthly pleasures can never fully satisfy anyone. One persues one goal after another only to remain ever restless or disappointed until the "Something More" one seeks is found. God alone can bring enternal fulfillment.

Materialistic desires drive us from the inner Paradise; they offer only counterfeit joys that mask the Pure Joy within. The lost Garden of Eden is quickly rediscovered by those who apply daily the yogic keys to wholeness. God is ever-changing ever-renewing novel Satisfaction, forever refreshing! An eternal ongoing rebirth of Self into Joy that one never gets bored with. How satisfied can one be with eternal, delightfully varied Over-abundance?

In meditation, one can receive His fully satisfying answer to every problem with His instant guidance. Until we are in tune with the Divine Will our lives are vulnerable to pain, confusion, and heartaches. God's direction is often confounding to egoistic understanding, but the Lord alone, who bears the burden of the universe, gives unerring direction.


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