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How to Deal with Lectins and Protein Allergies

Many annoying and mysterious auto-immune ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, etc. can be eliminated by removing or eating only one if each kind of a high lectin food and protein food per week.

Rotate your Lectins and Proteins

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Why Should One Go to All the Trouble of Rotating One's Main Foods?

I have been experimenting with hundreds of different diets for over 45 years. I must have changed my diet hundreds of times, trying all different kinds of foods, all different kinds of combinations. I often felt so much better after each change, but nearly always within three days of each change or "improvement" sank back into the same old depression and other annoying symptoms.

Please GO HERE for Rotation Diets and GO HERE for Leaky Gut Syndrome if videos don't load

I might as well rotate my food if I am always changing my diet anyway.

If I am always changing or experimenting with different food combinations anyway, a diet that is constantly changing regularly every day of the week would make much more sense. Then, in a way, I can constantly benefit from each and every change except in a much more prepared and organized way such as on a rotation diet plan.

When I started rotating my food on a weekly schedule (a different group of protein and/or seed foods for every day of the week) my interest in my diet increased, and immediately started to enjoy much more variety and benefits from many more different nutritional sources while at the same time reducing much stress on the body.

Does Leaky Gut Syndrome Really Exist?

Because I had to deal with leaky gut syndrome all my life while not fully understanding what the hell was really going on, it took decades and decades of deep research and self-experimentation to fully understand what exactly was causing all my symptoms and then finally be able to wipe out this horrible problem directly and most effectively. Unfortunately nearly all the conventional physicians I saw throughout my lifetime were utterly clueless about this very real and very serious underlying cause of all manner of mysterious but annoying symptoms such as heart palpitations, gas, bloating, headaches, vertigo, tiredness, depression, anxiety, memory loss and confusion. I never questioned whether or not it exists, because it turned out the be the ONLY logical explanation, most effective solution and natural treatment of this most distressing, lifelong problem.

Even worse the few conventional doctors who've actually even heard of "leaky gut syndrome" (the main concept that SAVED MY LIFE) think it is some kind of myth or just another incorrect self-diagnosis made up by people desperate for an answer or explanation for a long list of supposedly unrelated symptoms! They assume there are not enough scientific studies to back up this claim, yet this is a relatively new area of health research and scientific studies showing it does exist are piling up quickly! Researchers provide evidence linking 'leaky gut' to chronic inflammation Naturally I am appalled by this ignorance of so many physicians misleading so many desperate patients from the actual underlying cause of their inflammatory conditions while prescribing all manner of drugs with all their horrible side-effects and health dangers just to hide or cover up the symptoms. I see this tragedy happing over and over again throughout the world.

My Story on Leaky Gut Syndrome

For years and years and for nearly most of my life actually. I suffered a long list of mysterious and really annoying physical and nervous problems first diagnosed as an "anxiety neurosis" at the age of 14. According to conventional medicine there was no cure for it except psychiatric medications, and was told I would have to live with it and manage it for the rest of my life.

A Rather Hopeless "Professional Diagnosis" Forced Me to Search on my Own

This "professional diagnosis" was NOT something I could accept, let alone live with, and at the same time it did not at all answer my real questions such as what is the real, underlying cause of my neurosis? I therefore started a decades long search for answers to this problem and the countless symptoms related to it, starting with religion and countless other philosophies, and dove deeply into self-introspection, meditation, yoga, metaphysics, diets, etc. Of course, some of these ideas and methods helped me to understand my self better but not at all satisfy my real needs as far as gaining actual physical, mental and emotional healing.

Fortunately I Realized There Had to Be a Biochemical Cause

Fortunately, I soon realized my severe emotional and mental symptoms had to have a biological cause rather than just a psychological cause. It had to be a chemical imbalance and I quickly noticed that what I ate had a great effect on it, but sadly I could not yet figure out exactly how to treat it properly until only after four more decades of severe suffering and searching for how to actually manage my diet in a way that could reliably treat my problems. It was the right approach but still for a long time not knowing enough about this very real and valid approach to completely heal my self, but gradually . . . eventually . . . I did figure it out.

Conventional Doctors and Psychiatrists Were Worse than Inadequate

I must have tried every diet and nutritional health supplement imaginable. I also ended up seeing quite a few gurus, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, and many physicians along the way! The conventional psychiatrists and physicians, etc. often put me under many medical diagnostic tests, etc. but could never find any actual and treatable physical causes of my symptoms, except offer me "meds" or in other words: all they had to offer me were conventional pharmaceutical drugs with all their nasty side-effects.

As a result, I ended up with an extremely low opinion of conventional doctors, conventional science, and conventional medicine. They might be good for emergency treatments, accidents, etc., but are TERRIBLE (if not utterly clueless and outright dangerous) with most chronic health problems such as anxiety disorder, depression, diabetes, cancer, etc., becuase they favor only drugs and surgery while having no inclination whatsoever to really get to the bottom of the disorder and apply the correct nutritional, herbal, juice/water fasting, and antioxidant therapies needed in the first place.

As My Symptoms Got Worse, I Searched Even Harder

Over the years, my suffering gradually got worse and worse. The symptoms I suffered most of my life included: anxiety disorder, depression, severe massive acne, psoriasis, bloating gas and other digestive problems, anorexia, agoraphobia, memory problems, social phobia, chronic fatigue, vertigo, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, insomnia, and ringing in the ears. I suffered HORRIBLY for countless years. It was unbearable!

I spent most of my spare time in libraries, health food book shelves, and later on and most recently the internet desperately trying to find solutions to these really annoying and often severe nervous problems. However I did start to find relief after going on a diet similar to the famous Atkins diet (fish and vegetables) and later the "Paleo" diet while boosting my antioxidant supplement intake. It seemed that most whole grains, beans, starches and dairy gave me the most trouble, and, even though I hated the idea of eating animals, living mainly off of fish, chicken and green vegetables did help me get by.

I eventually discovered adaptogenic herbs which helped to improve my outlook immensely. They dramatically boosted my moods, dreams, libido and helped to calm me down. I also discovered the importance of drinking loads of water between meals, and supplementing my diet with vitamin D, K2 and all the other vitamins and minerals and trace elements. More and more and in various different ways throughout the years starting from the 1990s to well beyond the turn of the century I learned to manage my symptoms much more effectively and efficiently, but not without more surprises, trials and errors.

Weird and Frightening Heart Symptoms and Vertigo Plagued Me for Months

Starting in early 2016, even though I was feeling great on the present "advanced" diet I was enjoying at the time, I often felt some vertigo or a strange sense of whirling around, and noticed really bizarre heart symptoms and they seemed to be getting worse every night. Within hours of falling asleep at night, I would often wake up sometime between 12 to 2 AM with a crazy wildly beating heart! Or if not racing out of control in the first place, I would first feel like something was sucking out a void in my chest to the point I felt like my heart was going to implode and then my heart would start racing out of control! I was TERRIFIED of these symptoms and thought there must be really something seriously wrong with my heart and that the angel of death was coming for me soon!.

On one fine Saturday in May, 2016, I got so worried that I had to go to the local ER that evening! My heart had been acting up much worse than usual most of the day while feeling rather strange at the same time, and even worse, found it impossible to relax! I also needed to know why my heart was racing so much and whether or not I could be coming down with a serious heart condition. By the time I got down to the ER it was going up to 120 beats per minute! I had to go twice: on the next evening too! Why was this happening to me??? I did nothing but eat right, take the best supplements, avoid all stress, meditate and exercise often! I could NOT imagine eating a more perfect diet than I was at that time! So what more could I do? That thought really, really bothered me.

After going through many blood and cardiac condition tests, etc. the ER physicians told me that my racing heart might be caused by some of the herbs I was taking and prescribed a beta blocker for my condition. And a nurse told me that occasionally skipped heartbeats were "normal" and even she said that symptom sometimes would happen to her too. Both nights, they kept me under observation for a few hours until my heart gradually slowed back to normal on its own, and then they sent me back home. Apparently there was nothing seriously wrong with my heart, thank goodness!

However, even after removing all the herbs that might have possibly caused my heart to race, etc. my symptoms continued. I kept thinking I should go to the local pharmacy for that beta blocker but quickly learned (being already very leery of any such drugs) that many of the side-effects are NOT good: sexual dysfunction, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, dry mouth, headache, constipation, etc. and even worse: it would obviously NOT be getting rid of the cause in the first place; it would just be helping to hide the symptoms of something that could really get much more serious down the road. That possibility certainly bothered me!

I Eventually Realized Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that My Food Sensitivities Were Causing My Heart Symptoms

However being the life-long diet or food detective that I am, I really dug deep into my daily diet routine and found quite few foods I was allergic to. One of the most obvious clues was the fact that my heart often seemed to jump right out of my chest and skip hundreds of times whenever I ate my daily nuts, seed and herbs, especially my favorite hemp milk and the standard “healthy” bottled tomato-rich vegetable juice. I found that effect extremely annoying!

But I felt clueless at the time how to properly deal with this situation. I eliminated by trial and error everything I suspected: certain herbs, supplements, foods, drinks, etc. and found I had to be allergic to mainly the hemp milk and the vegetable juice. But I found I was also reacting to all my nuts and seed, oats, eggs, etc. leaving me with very little left over to eat. And then to my horror, I would start reacting to those few foods left over!

Leaky Gut Syndrome, Lectins, and the Food Sensitivities or Allergies that Come from It Had to Be the Main Cause

This meant that even though my diet was "perfect" there was still something I was doing wrong: I was eating the SAME group of foods day after day and had been doing so for far too long. But it took me loads of online research on dietary causes of heart palpitations before I finally discovered lectins and the sort of damage they can do to one's body through a process that involved a "leaky gut syndrome" which caused me to develop allergic or auto-immune sensitivities to any of the high protein or high lectin foods I happen to eat too often in too short of a period of time.

One of the very few explanations for most of my suffering that actually made perfect sense to me was leaky gut syndrome along with the fact that its corresponding treatment of removing all the high lectin (seed) foods ACTUALLY WORKED for me far better than any drug or conventional medical treatment ever could!

I felt a TREMENDOUS releif from my symptoms once I indentified and removed all high lectin foods from the diet: all seeds, nuts, grains, legumes, and milk products. The only problem was I still needed these foods as the main sources of protein and healthy fats and started feeling more and more famished as the days went by and even worse: I started getting some of the same old odd but rather disturbing "allergic" reactions (strange heart symptoms and annoying vertigo) to the few protein foods I had left over such as eggs, sardines, salmon, and protein powders I thought were still safe to eat because I was relying on these too much.

Rotating One's Lectins and Proteins but NOT Necessarily One's Fruits and Vegetables is a Much Better Approach to Solving this Problem I Recently Discovered and Adopted

After a few months of this struggle with trying to avoid lectins and food allergies, it occurred to me that instead of eliminating more and more foods, I included them all back into my diet one at a time by rotating these proteins and lectins instead of eliminating them entirely, and the results were extremely successful. Doing this one simple thing just about saved my life! Another wonderful thing I realized was that it was not really necessary to also rotate all my fruit, vegetables, greens and many other non-seed edible products. Even my chlorella (a non-seed food) did not seem to need rotating even though it was high in protein. In other words, only needing to rotate my high protein and lectin (seed) foods made things much easier to manage and most importantly, allowed me unlimited access to healthy, raw, antioxidant rich, fruits and vegetables every day.

To sum it up, I felt much better only after removing most of the casein, gluten and other lectins from my diet and then re-entering most of these foods one-by-one into a weekly (seven-day) rotation diet. I would simply rotate all these high casein and lectin foods (dairy, nuts, seed, legumes, whole grains and nightshades) in order to avoid getting too much of any particular kind of protein or lectin too often and to prevent my immune system from being overloaded allowing a long enough period of time between each exposure to any one of these lectins and/or proteins for my immune system to completely reset itself. And THIS WORKED! Ever since then, and now over the age of 60, I've been feeling far, far better and all of the above symptoms have completely GONE! My heart does not even skip a beat any more, and absolutely NO vertigo!

Fasting on Loads of Water, Raw Blended Fruit and Vegetables Between Whole, Complete Meals Also Really Helps

The practice of fasting on fruit and vegetable juices, kombucha, apple cider vinegar and water between EVERY whole, complete meal is also a great help, if not essential. I have mentioned using a similar water-fasting practice (originally with ionized water) many times before in nearly all of my nutritional books and web page articles. Quite often I can go on for as long as two days just living on distilled water, fruit, supplements and vegetable juices between whole and complete meals. This regular fasting habit is an extremely healthy thing to do while making me feel utterly wonderful.

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Food Sensitivties Are Very Common but Rarely Diagnosed

Conventional physicians (although they can be lifesavers for emergencies, obvious physical problems, accidents, etc.) are utterly clueless at long-term nutritional healing and how VITAL it is to eat correctly. Science is only beginning to catch up with the fact that lectins and the food allergies they cause are a HUGE concern, and present a very complex auto-immune issue very poorly understood by conventional medicine, and that "leaky gut syndrome" is a rather prevalent but "sub-clinical" condition stealthily hiding behind all sorts of common (and rare) chronic, inflammatory diseases often starting with IBS, Crohn's or celiac disease.

Nutritional Healing Combined with a Rotation Plan is ESSENTIAL

If you are not already carefully rotating your high protein and seed foods, you are probably setting your self up for a lifetime of various chronic inflammatory (autoimmune) illnesses often starting with various aches and pains throughout your body.

My survival utterly depended on staying away from conventional drugs while doing my own scientific health and diet experimentation and research with natural whole healing foods and supplements. One of the main lessons I've learned in my life is, except in emergencies, NEVER allow the conventional medical profession to own your body, you MUST take charge of it yourself if you really want to stay healthy!

More specific information about how I apply this information to my daily regimen can be found here: HOLY GRAIL - MY LATEST REGIMEN FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH

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There is so much to learn however. I will describe all the phases, stages and difficulties to avoid while attempting to reach such high levels of perfected eating for the lasting enjoyment of wholeness that you would never, ever want to return to the conventional ways of eating again. One must first learn, understand and overcome many of the hazardous food and drug addictions plaguing our society and gradually replace all one’s deleterious habits and toxic food substances with only wholesome complete proteins, organic fruits, fats, fibers, vegetables and super-foods mostly free of cell-damaging gluten, lectins and other miscreant substances. Organic, raw fruits, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, herbs, fungi, pollens, and vegetables are indeed the greatest healers of all time. Why not base a diet entirely on them?

It should be obvious that nature only intended humans to eat 100% whole, unprocessed food. But our usual western way of life has gone the opposite direction. Most commercially available food contain inflammatory, unhealthy and toxic substances such a far too much sugar, carbs, GMO's, deadly vegetable oils, casein, and gluten, resulting in the eventual development of all manner of chronic degenerative diseases such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, heart failure and cancer. Multiple diseases of all kinds and years of incredible suffering can be avoided by avoiding junk food, snacks, carbs and sugars while consuming fewer, but much more nutritionally complete, organic, high fat and high fiber meals.

One may think that after eliminating all manner of unhealthy milk products and high carbohydrate foods such as most of the desserts, dairy, whole grain and potato products out there, there would be none or far too few foods left to choose from. This assumption is far from true as there are countless varieties of super-foods, herbs, fruits and vegetables to choose from, some of which contain complete protein and are fully nourishing for the body, especially if you include organic, pasture-raised eggs, algae, and edible fungi along with the vast variety of organic fruits, herbs and vegetables now being grown throughout the world. Learn which vegetables can be used to directly replace all toxic high-gluten whole grains and enjoy the amazing health benefits of living on a fully satisfying, ketogenic, whole foods diet that includes wide variety of tantalizing and delicious superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella, raw cacao (chocolate), bee pollen, pine pollen, avocado, sardines, salmon, pasture-raised eggs, and whole raw ground oat bran, nuts and seed.

Just as vital as making sure only the correct food goes into your mouth, you also need to stop snacking on carbs and instead get into the extremely healthy habit of drinking loads of often mineralized and/or alkalized or distilled water throughout the whole day between full, whole, nutritionally complete meals that are so utterly complete and fulfilling, you desire to eat far less often, resulting in much greater health, healing, and connection with Spirit. It is possible to go on as long as one, full, complete meal every other day for months at a time, saving you massive amounts of time in the kitchen while reducing your grocery and food supplement bills by half! A very select few yogis and mystics can ever seem to go full breatharian, yet one can at least go part of the way using the intermittent fasting lifestyle I am carefully describing in this book step-by-step.

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The vital "Seven Steps to Wholeness" include: Step 1 - Find the Right Foods and Eliminate All the Junk; Step 2 - Start Fasting on Alkalized Mineral Water Between Meals; Step 3 - Learn the Importance of Full-Spectrum Supplements; Step 4 - Become Aware of Vital Pranic Energy Nourishment; Step 5 - Conserve and Transmute Your Sexual Desires into Bliss; Step 6 - Align with Your True Nature and Know You Are Eternal; Step 7 - Meditation, Samadhi, Astral and Cosmic Consciousness

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