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Ignorance of the Truth Regarding the Cosequences of One's Actions is Disasterous for the World

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May You Act on Only the Best of Intenstions, Because the Consequences of ALL Your Actions Never Go Away!

Sunday, 8-5-2007, Article 48

What is Real, What is Not? Will There Be a "New World Order"?

My main concern is the truth, to get to the honest truth behind all these movies and fantastic lectures. There seems to be massive amounts of "evidence" for aliens visiting Earth from outside this solar system, and their technology, abductions, etc. Determining how much is actual fact is difficult to tell. Some stories seem more legitimate than others.

There are definitely many hoaxes mistaken for UFO's, that I know for sure. I can recognize some with my own eyes. And then some honest mistakes such as some of the greatest experts mistaking moonlit silhouettes of flying insects for UFO's.

There has also been the new "discovery" of flying organisms called "rods" that look to me exactly like time-lapsed photos of birds and/or insects. Very creative, but wouldn't birds and/or insects be a far better explaination? Other so-call invisible creatures found in the sky look much more like defects in the film and/or evaporated water droplets.

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The Collision of Dreams and Reality - We shall explore the very fringes of human knowledge where dreams and reality merge into what can only be called a "twilight zone" where orbs of light and mysterious space craft pop in and out of our perception, and various types of humanoids and other creatures are discovered to our shock and amazement to momentarily appear and disappear. They often appear, like ghosts, semitransparent and can only stay in our vibration rate for a short time before dematerializing back into their own dimension. Some visitors may be able to stay longer than others, and the most physical ones may even be inhabiting our earth, sometimes intermixing with our own kind before too many people become aware of them.

One of the most laughable films is the one of the alien attack on what appears to be a midwestern family. The "aliens" are obviously actors wearing masks, and yet this movie seems to fool many experts and is included in a documentary. An actual alien invasion of an isolated family would most likely go unnoticed or sensed as "missing time." Aliens smart enough to cross vast amounts of space, time, dimensions, etc. are usually able to abduct someone or do whatever they are going to do long before anyone notices anything strange or unusual.

I have seen many NASA films of floating ice around or near a space shuttle are thought to be UFO's. Many experts also want one to believe that some of the natural formations on the moon and Mars (one was a square mountain range looking like a huge face) that they are artifical structures. That huge face on Mars and other patterns near it are clearly just natural structures forming a trick of light and shadow. Then there are out-of-focus images (where you can see the lense or mirror of the camera/telescope with hole in center) of moving debris in space or reflections in the NASA spacecraft window that are mistaken for disks. Also it is very unfortunate that so many of the "moon base" photos are so blurred that none of them appear to be very convincing. Only one or two I have seen so far may have some potential, one which looks like a cluster of white dots which could still be explained away as an unusual geological feature.

Another alleged UFO movie was actually an illuminated fishing boat crossing a lagoon where the lagoon was mistaken for the lower part of the sky in the image. Whatever it takes to stimulate one's imagination! It is unfortunate that so many of these hoaxes are carelessly included in what would otherwise be perfectly legitimate documentaries.

To show just how far some would go to twist the truth to make it look like something else: go here to view several Apollo 20 hoaxes. One of the best hoaxes I ever saw was this one: ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover bef. landing APOLLO 20 (link removed because video no longer being shown). I thought it was most clever. However, such hoaxes can really waste someone's time while trying to sort out fact from fiction. A logical explaination of the "spaceship" can be found here: Re: ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover bef. landing APOLLO 20. It turns out to be nothing more than a play of light and shadow. On the other hand, I have heard many shocking reports of air brushing out any evidence that could support the existence of alien aritfacts and structures anywhere on Earth and in this solar system. See near the end of the "Disclosure Project" video where extremely credible witnesses (willing to testify before congress!) said high-definition NASA photos of the entire earth (and of course other planets as well) had been carefully scrutinized for any alien or saucer like crafts, bases, etc. and air-brushed out!

As you have read so far, I am very careful what I accept to be true. In spite of my skepticism, especially with alledged UFO photos, I have noticed that the numbers of extraterrestrial being and flying saucer technology witnesses that would even risk death to tell the the truth is overwhelming. Indeed there is an underlying current of something very suspicious going on and there are just too many sincere witnesses of UFO phenomena, landings, alien contacts and abductions to ignore. Something clandestine and often quite sinister is definitely happening. We live in a universe teaming with life some of which is far more advanced than we are and most of humanity is being denied the complete truth and benefit of knowing about the EBE's (extraterrestrial biological entities) and their technology. Even more shocking is their treatment by the military when so called UFO's would be shot down to be back-engineered. Such horrific and calous behavior is unforgivable.

There is definitely flying technology far more advanced than conventional aircraft seen within the atmosphere of this planet. I personally know two people who have seen something very strange moving in the sky. In one case it was an extremely bright, completely silent, spherical light about the size of a small house that landed ten to twenty meters away and then followed him in his truck for forty minutes while driving down a Nevada highway late at night! Many others have also been chased by extremely bright, silent lights while driving alone at night along a deserted Nevada road. As he entered a town, it flew up into the sky and headed toward Pheonix. Skeptics who would say that such a sighting would have to be the planet Venus or the Moon are completely off as planets or moons obviously don't land on the ground and/or follow people around!

On the other hand there are multitudes of those who have never seen any such thing as a UFO, and therefore tend to be completely certain that anyone having the notion of aliens visiting this planet would have to be considered either crazy or misinformed. Mainstream science claims there is no evidence of any such thing as aliens visiting our planet, and if there were, they would surely know about it! They are incredulus when told that the U.S. Military is covering up all the evidence and either silencing or threatening those who would speak out.

Anyway, something is wrong or inconsistent somewhere with all this phenomena happening with mainstream science being completely obstinate regarding any acknowledgement of the presence or sign of aliens visiting Earth. The universe is never going to conform 100% with any knowledge so far gained and will always be far stranger than one can ever imagine. Because the universe is infinitely complex, there will always be surprizes, no matter how much one may know! The rarest phenomena is often discounted as a hoax or just a nuisance simply because it does not neatly fit in the box of conventional knowledge. For example, who ever said that all the animal species have been discovered and no more are to be found? Then bigfoot enters into the scene and conventional zoologists give it no serious consideration (unless they find a dead one) even to go as far as to discredit anyone who would attempt to give such beings as the Yeti the respect they deserve.

Let me quote what I said on the Afterlife Page: "It is an overwhelming tendency even among the most brilliant and so-called "open" scientific minds to completely dismiss a subject (such as alien visitations or afterlife) as completely false long before knowing anything about it. Such prejudice is like the child who naively assumes mathematics is false because he knows nothing of that subject, and therefore assumes it has to be all wrong, completely false. I also find the long held, dark age Christian belief that spiritualism is the "devil's work" equally irksome, absolutely non-scientific and frustrating."

Messengers of Peace - Our Contact with Star Beings

Our Contact with Star Beings - An amazing array of all manner of contacts with other races throughout the galaxy are being claimed, especially now at this time of transition from one long age of darkness into what is hopefully a new age of enlightenment and the fulfillment of all humanity's spiritual longings. If we really expect to move into a new age of peace, connectedness and enlightenment, it is vital that all superficial ego bickering, old worn-out dogmatic beliefs, and wars be put aside to make room for the much more promising spiritual attititude of acceptance of the oneness of all life and infinite compassion for all beings. In this ebook, I would like to feature some of the most prominent and outstanding UFO contacts that I ever heard.

The alien visitation phenomenon may be nothing new: is it not impossible that we could have been visited and influenced by aliens since prehistoric times? Even our evolution may have been influenced by them for their own purposes. Therefore our culture, religions and even genetic structure may have been infuenced, even created by so called "ancient astronauts." There is far too much going on in the skys, in hidden military bases and in vast numbers of clandestine and disclosed documents to ignore! I can safely say from all that I know that they are here and we are being observed, and not just by one species, but by many. A very strange source of information (in 1965, the late Sir Oliver Lodge through the physical mediumship of Leslie Flint) confirms aliens do exist and are curious about our world, are trying to make contact in their own way, not unaware of the mentality of the masses which for generations have been riddled by war. There is apprehension and concern regarding the fear and negativity of the mass mind and all the dreadful weapons of mass destruction. Not only that, they are concerned with how badly we are treating the earth, the materialism, and the chaos. Is it no wonder that many of these "ancient" astronauts are in no hurry to make OPEN contact with Earth and land on the White House lawn? They would only fly over the White House, not land on it, while leaving incredible geometric patterns in fields throughout the world. According to Bashar, an ET channeled through Darryl Anka, any contacts between humans and extraterrestrials will remain quite rare and private until after the year 2012.

The most sinister thing of all is the great deal of "evidence" presented on the internet for a coming "New World Order" or "Global Union" run by secret societies and/or central bank. Much of this "New World Order" sounds horrible and unnerving. There is talk of hundreds of new concentration camps being built in America, chemtrails, a federal ID card, computer chip implants, A THINNING OUT OF THE GLOBAL POPULATION down to a "slave race" of 5 million, deliberate viral outbreakes, possible use of neutron bombs to wipe out global populations yet leave cities intact, and many other profoundly sinister sounding plots, plans and shocking possibilities. All this negativity is born of fear, greed, and all other aspects of the dark side of human nature: the part that wants to control, take over, oppress and dominate. How is one to ever trust of those with the greatest power, money and politics, and especially those in control of clandestine military projects or ultra-secret "black buget" military programs that for a long time can no longer be controlled by congress? Unfortunately it has always been the case that "those with the gold make the rules" -- NOT at all my favorite rule! Go here to find out What Happens When One Abuses Power?

Can one fully accept all the wild accounts of Phil Schneider? I found his chilliing testimony quite compelling and terrifying, and what if it were true? As surreal as it sounds, many more similar witnesses have confirmed much of what he said including the underground bases and "New World Order" controlled by a small group of secret societies such as the Masons, Illuminati, Bilderberg, etc. Only regarding the underground war with the "grays" could I find little confirmation. Some have said he was an absolute genius and extremely knowledgeable, and the fact he died under such mysterious and suspicious circumstances only serves to make him sound even more credible, patriotic and heroic.

A way out of this anxiety and confusion about alien bases on the moon and Mars, underground military bases, New World Order, etc. is to raise everyone's consciousness to a much higher level and bring much needed light into where there is so much darkness, conspiracy, dispair, dominance, etc.

Are we headed into an Orwellian world of no privacy? We need to pray for and work toward a much more positive, spiritual, democratic "New World Order" rather than the totalitarian and sinister government like George Orwell's 1984, some sort of biblical "666" or similar catastrophe, because I feel a type of new global government system will have to ultimately happen anyway. One can read a more balanced viewpoint on this subject "Illuminati, The New World Order & Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists (PCTs)," here. Most conspiracy theorists may actually have a sight case of pranoia, yet because of their charisma, communication skills, intelligence, etc. are somehow able to convince enough people of even some of their wildest claims.

It is the low level of earthly consciousness that creates all wars, conspiracies, fear, distrust, etc. If only everyone's mentality would be "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" the world would be a much, much better place! It is fear, selfishness and distrust that prevents this beautiful law from being universally followed. It is when those in power and/or very rich follow the wrong "golden rule" that things go seriously wrong, menacing and sinister. Oppression of the common human by the rich and powerful has always been a long standing theme throughout history and a serious problem. Who is to stop secret societies and/or government from doing illegal things? In other words, someone MUST "police" the police, otherwise a corrupt police officer could become far worse than the criminals he is meant to stop! Who would prevent deepest and darkest parts of the military from doing great harm? And from eventually taking over the world with their advanced (partly alien?) technology and underground bases? That idea has always bothered me!

Clever Hoaxes, Unconfirmed Sightings

Clever Hoaxes - Unconfirmed Video Recorded Sightings and Events:

Is this Dramatic UFO Sighting, Haiti August 6th, 2007 a Clever Hoax? This video is has to be excellent portfolio material for Stephen Spielberg! Notice overabundance of drone type ion discharge "antenna" which has to be either that, or it is some sort of "bushy" camoflage? Unfortunately, computer generated imagery is going to make it much harder to tell hoaxes from the truth. The palm trees in final scene match but not exactly, there is still some slight variation. Also note the sound of someone gasping in astonishment and the sound of air rushing as the strange looking five-pointed starfish type aircraft pass overhead. What I find suspicious is I can't get any news reports, testimony from witnesses, etc. to go with this movie and lots of rumors about it such as it could be imaging for a movie trailer for "Clover" or some other science fiction movie and was filmed in Asia, "Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi", not in or near Haiti. See also "UFO Dominican Republic" From this next one, I was fooled into thinking there was definitely something objective there, and thought it not to be at all a computer animation because the sun is blocked and UFO casts a shadow.

Is This a Real "SciFi" Horror Film? Two people, Scott Pendleton and Jane Fox apparently died in this "Blair Witch" type video. After over fifty years of erie horror science fiction movies made by Hollywood, you would think he'd know better not to go too near that thing! It looks like some sort of extremely hazardous and very hot chemical waste ejected by an unknown source (UFO?) in sky (descent far too slow for a meteor). Is this a hoax? I can't find any supporting information, news reports, testimony from witnesses, etc. except for a few articals that have, by now (as of 2023), long since been removed. Again, a really convincing film but no other news or media reports to support this event. So was this a real event? Hint: click on the note at upper right corner of the U-Tube page of this movie to find out who really produced this film!

The above examples are very good reasons to always be skeptical and and never believe anything until there are plenty of witnesses and substancial evidence to support any so-called "paranormal" event.

However, there is justice, even though it takes some time to fruition and is not always on the physical plane: eventually all evils, all wrongs boomerang back to the perpetrators. At first they may get temporary gratification, but only a hollow victory, no peace-of-mind, and no escape from themselves, especially when their inevitable death comes. No one lives forever, the law of cause and effect is absolutely inescapable, catches up with everyone, and whenever the evil doers, oppressors, etc. (regardless of what position in life or planet they are from) finally die and find themselves on the "other side" they will either know painfully well how much they sadly misused their one and only vital opportunity to serve others or remain fixated in a very horrible, hellish existence until they do become fully and painfully aware of their mistake, and then they must experience every pain inflicted on every single person they inflicted that pain on. I KNOW this is true! Study Howard Storm's near-death experienceand Dannion Brinkley's near-death experience, and learn all about other poeple's near-death experiences here. As you sow, so shall you reap! There is no mercy for those who have not been merciful.

Vistas of Heaven - Justice in the Afterlife

There is an abundance of information concerning life after death. After over 39 years of personal research and experience in this most exciting subject, I have come to the firm conclusion that there is indeed life after death and that spiritualism and those who have "died" and returned from a near-death experience seem to provide the most reliable, spectacular and detailed information ever on this subject. Life after death experiences should never have been such a controversial subject, but one fully embraced and properly understood by all living human beings. The actual reality behind all paranormal phenomenon is now only beginning to be more fully accepted.

My message to all or anyone who would dare do anything evil to humanity is this: you cannot ever escape from your Self (God)! You will suffer the consequences and will experience EVERYTHING you have ever done to others! This law of cause and effect (justice) is irrefutable. There is NO escape from this law. Evil is a stupid, terrible thing: it not only hurts the inocent it then also ultimately boomerangs severe blows back to the evil doers. It therefore makes absolutely no sense being evil, for such behavior is completely self-limiting, self-fragmenting, self-defeating, self-condemning, and degernerate. There is no such thing as being simultaneously wise and evil! The two are 180 degrees opposite! On the other hand, dedicating one's self in loving, selfless service to humanity is the best thing to do for one's self and others! Go here and listen carefully to all the Leslie Flint recordings and see why.

Much more has been said on this website from an unusual perspective regarding the possibility and concerns of government seriously interefering with our peaceful lives.

Go to Coast to Coast, for amazing internet radio information and internet radio archives on the subject of UFOs as well as other paranormal phenomena. Another excellent website is Linda Moulton Howe's Earth Files who does very professional and accurate reporting on science, astronomy, the environment, strange animals, crop circles and, of course, vast amounts of alien and UFO phenomena.

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