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Welcome to Sacred-Geometry-Jewelry.com Sacred Geometry & Kabbalah Symbols in Mystical Jewelry. Here you can purchase fine sacred geometry jewelry beautifully and personally crafted by the outstanding, spiritual, artistic designer, David Weitzman, whose life-long passion is realizing and expressing the truth behind all religions and to inspire everyone with his jewelry.

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Alchemy Pendant - Silver
Alchemy Pendant
Genesa Crystal

Science of Wholeness (WholeJoy.com) enthusiastically Introduces to You the Mystery, the Beauty, and the Magic of Sacred Geometry Jewelry

You have discovered The Source (Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com) of some of the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful and spiritually meaningful jewelry I have ever seen! Ka Gold (also available in silver) Sacred Jewelry is making jewelry that can change your life! Excellent as a gift with a spiritual meaning. Wear it as a talisman or just because of its impressive beauty and elegant representation of ancient symbols of wholeness, Spirit, and universal wisdom.


The Tree of Life - The Most Sacred Geometry Symbol

The Tree of Life is one of the most familiar of the Sacred Geometry Symbols. The structure of the Tree of Life is connected to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah but can be seen in other traditions such as the ancient Egyptian. The Tree of Life is explained in Sefer Yetzira ("Book of Creation"). The book explained the creation as a process involving the 10 divine numbers (sefirot) of God the Creator and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The 10 sefirot together with the 22 letters constitute the "32 paths of secret wisdom". The Tree of Life pendant forms the key to God's original creation. The pendant fits exactly the Seed of Life and Flower of Life.

The Tree of Life is used as a sign of unity and love. Go here for more about the "Tree of Life." The Tree of Life has also been used in the configuration of a crop circle design. Go here for more regarding the "Tree of Life" as a crop circle.

Throughout history it has been expressly forbidden to reveal the secrets of the Great Arcanum. Learn about the hidden meaning behind the Tree of Life, various higly guarded mystical secrets and how they relate to the mysteries of tantra. Watch this unusual 75 minute documentary: The Secret Gate to Eden

Enjoy the Endless Creativity, Deep Philosophy and Meaning Behind Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Here you can buy or purchase precious gold and silver decoration adornment in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, charms, talismans, jewels, ornaments, treasures, finery, sacred geometry, Jewish jewelry, Kabbalah jewelry, Tree of Life jewelry, New Age jewelry, Merkaba jewelry, Tibetan jewelry, Japanese jewelry, Buddhist jewelry, Egyptian jewelry, eco jewelry, astrology jewelry, and motivational jewelry. Of course the selection is huge and irresistible! Throughout history individuals adorned themselves with all manner of carefully handcrafted precious metals and stones to successfully enhance their own stature, status and attractive beauty.

Now you have the opportunity to purchase and give the perfect gift of mysterious sacred geometry in silver and gold from a broad range of amazingly elegant, esoteric sacred geometry mystical jewelry designs that represent an advanced study of the hidden secrets of life itself. Consciousness and the alchemy of sacred geometry creates every particle in the universe. Energy and matter at its most basic level can be defined as the multi-dimensional mathematics of sacred geometry.

If anything artistic could ever express wholeness in three-dimensional reality this is it!

The symbols embodied in Ka Gold's sacred jewelry reveal the truth about our identity and the true nature of reality: the universal life or intelligence within all things. Can these sacred geometric symbols even be a source of protection? Behind these sacred geometric symbols is the knowledge that enables us to take complete control over our lives, taking us out of chaos, fear and hatred which affect so many of us. According to the great wisdom, fascinating and profound truths of the Kabbalah, all is one! In truth, there is only a oneness or a great wholeness at the foundation of all creation. All peoples and all religions are from one and the same source (God) and we are all together in this vast quantum ocean (the Zero Point Field) of timeless love! Ka Gold's universal and timeless sacred geometric designs and beauty are created to represent these awesome principles of the Kabbalah.

Sacred Geometry... the Design of Creation

Sacred geometry illustrates the unity of life in our world like no other field of study can. The sacred geometry symbol, Flower of Life, for instance, adorned churches, cathedrals, temples and pyramids for centuries with its amazing beauty, while bridging all manner of religions, cultures and times. There seems to be something deeply natural, spiritual and esthetically pleasing about the Flower of Life. From both a mystical and analytical direction of approach, the concepts of sacred geometry have always been quite fascinating. Sometimes, those interested in one aspect of sacred geometry would attempt to invalidate those studying another aspect of it. Sacred geometry can be either taught for scientific reasons or enjoyed for mystical and spiritual enrichment. Much satisfaction and purpose can come from understanding the designs of creation through the use of sacred geometry. To fully enjoy the beautiful designs and patterns of sacred geometry, one does not have to be a scientist or expert in mathematics. For the average individual who does not concern himself with any particular approach to this subject, sacred geometry can still be appreciated as an art form.

Sacred jewelry seems to exude a spiritual or very subtle positive effect or presence of its own (especially if one is open to it) that may actually be proven someday through quantum physics. I believe quantum physics will be much more fully understood and objectively experienced through the study of geometrics, crystal structures, and the higher dimensions. All of nature ultimately has the origin of its expression through sacred (eternal) geometry. All the laws of the universe are based on the quantum interaction of geometric energies of various dimensions.

Any such beneficial "energetic" phenomena that might exist surrounding these sacred geometric jewelry designs often remind one of the so-called powers of psionics and radionics. Even though psionics and radionics are quite pseudoscientific, I do not wish to deny that there could be some higher laws of pranic (quantum) energy distribution, resonance and vibration expressing themselves here.

Every object is geometrical. A surprising number of living organisms have a geometry based on Phi or the Golden Mean built into their very structure. Who is to say that the geometry of any object does not also give it a living resonance, presence or life-force of its own?

Math is a universal language, and geometry is a way of expressing that language. Geometry is the organization of space within which all events happen. The electron clouds that make up the shapes of every atom must be in the form of three-dimensional patterns. And, of course, all solid objects are made up of these geometrically shaped atoms.

The universe is consciousness learning about itself. We are celebrating with the beautiful and universal designs of Sacred Jewelry the connectedness of all things.

Go here and watch the movie: The Truth About Crop Circles and find out who are the real artists of crop formations. Are sacred geometry, otherworldly intelligences, UFO's, the Kabbalah, astronomy, atomic physics, mathematics, ancient wisdom, spirituality and wholeness all interrelated?
See also the beautiful and inspiring Crop Circles and Sacred Geometry. Learn about a unified field theory of geometry here: Grand Unified Field Theory: Nassim Haramein. Is this is sacred geometry message from beyond?: 400-Foot Diameter Metatron's Cube Reported July 18, 2017, At Cley Hill Near Warminster, Wiltshire, U. K.

Amazing works of art mysteriously appeared throughout the world in cropland such as cornfields, etc. Whether they are just the result of ordinary human artists or not, crop circles inspired millions with their beauty and elegance and possible otherworldly origin. Many UFO sightings, alien sightings, and other unusual phenomenon have been seen and felt around or near crop circles. The crop circles are a universal art form thriving on mystery and anonymity.

Crop circles do sometimes appear to mimic atoms or the orbits of alien solar systems. If intelligent life from other worlds and dimensions is visiting the planet we live on, then most likely they are wisely remaining hidden and obscure until humankind is ready to evolve out of the darkness, fear, hatred, violence, and conceitedness it has struggled with for centuries.

It has been said by Bashar (Channeled through Darryl Anka) that in the middle of the year 2012, a long-standing "extraterrestrial quarantine" will end and Earth will from then on be considered "safe" for visitors from other worlds to land on. According to Bashar, the first ones to make contact will be the "Shalanaya" (meaning the First Ones) who call themselves the "Yahyel" and are the same ones who were mainly involved with the famous Phoenix lights sighting in 1997 and are considered most closely related to us.

Bashar, who identifies himself as one of many hybrid extraterrestrials from a higher vibrational world called "Essassani" or "Place of Living Light," often uses various three-dimensional sacred geometry patterns and shapes to enable the student meditator to expand his or her consciousness. Sacred geometry embodies the notion that one's energy fields and inner consciousness are organized geometrically. All this geometry is not limited to the third dimension, but possibly extends into countless higher dimensions (as shown in String Theory) and even the dimensions of the spirit or soul.

What happens when one closes one's eyes in front of a strobe light? One sees something quite remarkable: amazing geometric patterns and swirls very similar to some of the designs found in crop circles and in some of the sacred jewelry, such as the Flower of Life featured on this website! The universe is consciousness learning about itself.

Geometry is the ultimate basis of all reality. It is only through the dimensions of geometric space that all things interact in an orderly pattern just as a geodesic sphere, all life forms, and natural crystal structures for example reflect various universal laws such as those of mathematics and those of physics.

Personal Creation Pendant - Ka Gold Jewelry Flower of Life Pendant - gold Change your life with the ancient and healing symbols of Ka Gold Jewelry. Enjoy impressive beauty!

The Golden Spiral, Personal Creation, Sri Yantra, Enneagram, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, the Seed of Life and many other sacred jewerly designs either came from crop circles or crop circle patterns have been based on them! Additionally, sacred geometry closely ties in with meditation mandalas, out-of-body and near-death experiences, UFO experiences, the visual cortex, and the very designs of nature and of creation itself.

What is energy? An object with energy is a three-dimensional object in motion: either spinning, moving through space or both. In the real world, the fourth dimension (or fourth direction) of time is essential if any sort of motion is to exist. Energy is therefore nothing more than four-dimensional geometry! There really is no motion, only in the way a four-dimensional object is observed makes it appear that it is in motion. The real source of all energy lies in the interaction of the higher dimensions of space with the lower ones. The real source of all intelligent design lies in the formation of geometric shapes (such as crystals) as they interpenetrate all the dimensions of space. Geometry becomes sacred when it is studied (observed) in the context of universal spiritual truth.

The realm of three dimensional space seems to extend outward forever. However, the fourth dimension which is time also seems to go on forever, but it eventually must, by its sheer gravitational weight, spiral into itself back toward the past over a distance of billions of light years as each cycle of creation repeats itself perhaps in a slightly different way each time. However the fifth dimension, which is the abode of all possible motions, and having infinite potential energy, because it's so concentrated and so heavy, must by its own sheer weight immediately collapse and therefore curl back into itself within the distance of an atom's width. The greater the number of dimensions beyond the 4th, the tighter the "curl" in the geometry of space. These multidimensional "curls" in space may follow the same principles as described in the "Golden Mean" and "Golden Spiral."

Sacred Jewelry for any Occasion

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People are looking for gifts that will truly show how much they love. Gifts that will stay forever and bring inspiration to the gift's receiver. There are not many gifts that really touch the heart the way David's jewelry does. The combination of beauty, meaning and art is compelling. Go here to purchase authentic sacred jewelry.

Mobius ring Flower of life Shefa Pendant Christ consciousness Flower of life Merkaba prana sphere

All space contains the bizarre property of exhibiting an electromagnetic shimmering at subatomic distances. There is almost unlimited energy available within every cubic meter of space. The only things preventing its full utilization is its extremely fine level of extension, and the extremely subtle degree of technology needed to tap into it.

The realm of the atom is the gateway to higher dimensions beyond the four of space and time. At atomic scales all kinds of bizarre things happen: quantum particles reappear and disappear, and depending on how they are observed (or measured) waves become particles and particles turn back into waves, all causation melts into probability (either location or velocity is allowed but never both), and time often comes to a stop, is distorted, or even sometimes goes slightly in reverse. Subatomic particles are so minute that they easily fit in and exist well within the vibratory influence of the waves, twists and turns (multidimensional geometric curls) of space-time extending into dimensions beyond time and space. Under the influence of zero point energy, subatomic particles jump around at an incredible speed giving them many times more mass and far more solidity than they would if no extra dimensions existed.

The complex geometry of five-dimensional space, where the uncertainty principle causes tremendous turbulence, is an everlasting source of energy that sustains all the building blocks (atoms) of creation. If this were not so, what would sustain electrons in their orbits? How or where would energy even exist or come about in the first place? And how does starlight travel billions of light-years through "empty" space? The five-dimensional geometry of subatomic space is the ultimate source and sustainer of all energy and creation, which in turn is sustained by even finer, more profound sources of "energy" such as the sixth, seventh, eighth and even higher dimensions with each one, according to string theory, being many times more tightly curled and concentrated as the number increases. Any particle of matter is where electromagnetic energy (light) has "lodged" into one of these multidimensional geometric curls and forever sustained by the quantum uncertainty principle.

Explore Sacred Kabbalah Jewelry! (from Isreal)

Ka Gold Jewelry is designed from sacred geometry which is the universal principles of creation! Sacred geometry is a term which describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. This term has been used by mathematicians, geometricians, spiritual seekers, anthropologists, and archaeologists to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs that have sprung up around geometry in all the major cultures during the course of human history. The geometrical laws derived from the Flower of Life produce the blueprint of the one consciousness that created life and existence. The moment you connect spirit and geometry you get sacred geometry: the designs of creation!

Change your life with the ancient and healing symbols of . . .

Ka Gold Jewelry - golden spiral

Kabbalah Jewelry. Enjoy natural elegance and impressive beauty!

The three and four dimensions of space is the familiar reality of life and its history, however, the fifth dimension is the cosmic borderline where time, space and causation start breaking down into a universal oneness or wholeness. The gateway of the fifth dimension is an "event horizon" into eternity. Rather than being an eternity of chaos, it is an eternity of perfect order or perfect, transcendental (sacred) geometry. Beyond the four dimensions of time and space, lie the higher dimensions of reality where there is no more distance inverse to the square, no more cause and effect, only an eternal consciousness, perfect stillness, wonderful wholeness, and infinite knowledge where any part of creation can be explored and enjoyed from a single point of perfect love. The psychic phenomena of remote viewing and astral projection and the yogic powers of seeing and hearing at a distance are all evidence of the existence of this great truth.

From these concepts of reality, It can easily be surmised that all is one; that consciousness, light, matter and energy all originate from one and the same thing - the complex multidimensional geometries of space itself! Space and matter are not separate entities, but are simply geometric variations of the other. When God "paints" the universe on the blank canvas of infinite open space, he never uses anything other than various aspects or dimensions of the original space itself to create all the universes that exist! Space is not empty, but is the Great Oneness or One Substance.

In conclusion, all matter is electromagnetic energy (which in itself is simply a "wave" of space) trapped inside higher dimensional "bubbles" of space. The precise geometric organization of higher dimensions of space is the source of all consciousness, intelligence and energy. Sacred geometry jewelry intuitively mimics these great designs of creation from the higher dimensions of subatomic energy structures to the forms often seen in crystals and even life itself.

It seems that Ka Gold jewelry (magnificently designed by David Weitzman from Givataim, Israel) almost has a life of its own while representing the highest principles of wholeness and sacred geometry which is far beyond the scope, significance, and power of any ordinary jewelry. What better gift could one give to a dear friend, loved one or spouse? Check out the amazing testimonials of some of their very satisfied customers here. These sacred symbols are universal, expressing the one great truth or oneness behind all religions.

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The information in the following articles regarding the significance of each of these sacred jewelry symbols are dervived from Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com and other sources:

Sacred Geometry Jewelry Articles and Related Videos - Part 1

Abundance pendant
Abundance (Shefa) pendant gold

Abundance pendant
Abundance (Shefa) pendant silver

(Derived from original article found at Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com)

Receiving the Symbol of Abundance
"Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance." - John Petit-Senn

The holy symbol of abundance (Shefa) was received by Dvora Pearlman through the direct channeling of Archangel Metatron. Shefa can be a tool to learn, use, receive and connect with the current of cosmic energy and its expression in three-dimensions. Shefa is the Hebraic word for abundance.

Sacred Hebrew language

The holy language in the Jewish tradition is Hebrew, the sacred language of creation. The Hebraic language is so holy it was never spoken in the context of daily activities. Aramaic and later Yiddish were used as the spoken languages, while Hebrew was used only for prayers and holy work. In Kabbalah, Hebrew is a language of creation, in other words, it is a language that can be used to cause that reality. It is actually believed, to be the same language used by the Creator to manifest this universe.

Abundance ring
Abundance ring gold

Abundance ring
Abundance ring silver

The Energy of Words

The idea of spoken language being sacred is not only Jewish. The Indian holy language - Sanskrit, influences the same energy and holy attributes. It is the innate capacity to create which forms the Hebrew and the Sanskrit holy languages. This is the idea behind the SHEFA symbol.

SHEFA is a word having a meaning of major importance, a mantram for the creation of abundance. It holds a productive kinetic energy, if it is related to an intention for the most good and corresponding to a divine will, causing the mountains to shift or nourish the world.

Cat's Eye Abundance ring gold
Cat's Eye Abundance ring gold

Cat's Eye Abundance ring silver
Cat's Eye Abundance ring silver

Abundance Meditation

Shut you your eyes and find a place within yourself that is calm. Get yourself grounded and then expand your crown charka to invite energy of the higher light to enter your body. See the SHEFA symbol with your internal eye and allow it to leave an impression in your mind. Begin to turn it in the manner of a third dimensional object. Visualize it ascending and descending in your body, and then imagine it shrinking down so it can rotate within your cells, and expanding outward to encompass your entire auric field with SHEFA. Let it teach you the ways to work with it, let it answer your questions. Let it be the kinetic force behind your actions. Allow it to bring to you the means of working with it, allow it to answer your questions. Allow it to resonate behind your activities.


Spiritual wind inflating the personal sails that each one of us holds

Fire of God igniting and exciting our hearts

Water that contains and embraces, carrying us onwards on our path

Earth, Mother of man, supporting and nourishing, receiving and giving in an endless dance with all Beings.

Light of Unity rejoicing its infinite colors

A Living name who, on its way back to the sacred language with the code of fire gets ignited and with the source united.

An endless Divine Abundance to the one who receives without grasping

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CROP FORMATIONS: THE "HIDDEN TRUTH" - Crop circles gripped the imagination, attention and interest of the world ever since the earliest circular formations discovered in the 1960's. The scientific association, the media, and the New Age believers almost always showed some interest in the appearance of new crop formations. The M. Night Shyamalan movie Signs, which starred Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, and many other fictional works used crop formations as a main feature in their subject matter.

Are Crop Circles Hoaxes or Other-Worldy Phenomena?

A crop circle design is created when a field of rapeseed, rye, wheat, corn or barley is flattened into what usually appears to be a pattern of circles and/or some other geometric shape. The earliest field formations consisted of simple circles, but the designs generally evolved into more and more complex patterns ever since, with some designs becoming a highly involved triple Julia set or even with some formations exhibiting three-dimensional qualities. The patterns found in sacred geometry can often be found in crop formations.

Serious investigators of the crop formation phenomenon, regardless of how basic or involved the patterns are, often wonder whether they are the result of simply being man-made (most likely), an effect of freakish weather, or something of otherworldly or paranormal in origin.

The History of the Crop Circles

Records of crop circle formations date back as far as the 1880's in England. According to these early records, crop circles were thought to be caused by freak storms that created round impressions in the cultivated fields.

There has been little interest in crop formations and little written about them until almost a century later. Crop formations again attracted more interest in the press when more sightings were reported in the 1960's. Crop designs did not just appear in England, they also occurred in many places all across the globe such as in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and Russia. Areas and locations considered to be ancient, sacred and holy were often near the formations of crop circles. Most crop circles were discovered in the southern portion of England, mostly in the area of Wiltshire County.

Multiple explanations were created regarding the formation of crop circles. One theory stated that crop formations were the effect of strange weather such as whirlwinds and tornadoes. Another concept joined or linked crop circles to disc-shaped UFO's and otherworldly beings such as aliens.

The mystery behind most of the crop formation phenomena was destroyed when two pranksters by the name of Dave Chorley and Doug Bower claimed to have created most of the crop circles in Wiltshire County themselves using planks, rope and other locally found tools under cover of the darkest hours of the night.

Some Crop Formations Still Defy Explanation

After the time that Dave Chorley and Doug Bower came forward claiming that they created the crop circles that appeared on the fields of Wiltshire County, later research revealed that eighty per-cent of all documented crop formations are of human origin. However, a twenty per-cent of carefully recorded and researched crop formations had no indication of being created by human hands and therefore still had no "earthly" explanation. What then could be causing the unexplained twenty per-cent?

Many paranormal researchers and scientists were forced to conclude that the remaining unexplained group of crop formations had to have other explanations for their occurrences. Experts decided on the creation of "cereology" as a serious area of research to help solve the problem of finding out the actual truth behind the formation of the most genuine field designs.

Crop Formations That Are Well-Known

The following are a few highlights of various significant circular formations that appeared after the 1960's:
* The solar system formation, discovered in Longwood Warren, Hampshire, UK. With a similarity to the planets of the inner solar system and an obvious absence of the planet Earth, this formation attracted much interest to scholars and scientists alike.
* The dumbbell formation, first discovered in Chilcomb Farm in UK. Assumed to be the first of the dumbbell formations, where two circles were connected by a line and flanked with two rectangles at each side. Formed in 1990.
* The Barbury Castle tetrahedron. Barbury Castle is a Neolithic fort in the United Kingdom. Because it depicted one of the sacred hermetic symbols, the symbol of the Trinity, it was considered highly significant. This tetrahedron design appeared in the fields near Barbury Castle in 1991. Please go here for more information on this crop circle.
* The "Tree of Life" formation. Another Barbury Castle configuration that appeared in May of 1997. Please go here for more information on this crop circle.

Crop Formations and Sacred Geometry

There is an obvious connection between crop formations and sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is an aspect of geometry for the purpose of communicating an eternal truth, expanding consciousness and spiritual awareness. There is also a sense of balance, centeredness and well-being that comes from the sheer beauty and elegance of the sacred geometry often used in the design of a crop formation. Sacred geometry carries its own meaning and message whether it be created by extraterrestrial artists from a higher realm, or as in the vast majority of cases, simply stomped-out by Earth-bound human designers. Many sacred jewelry designs are based on crop circles or on sacred symbols often found in crop circle formations.

To original article and illustrations >> The "Truth" Behind Crop Circles

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SACRED TEACHINGS OF THE KABBALAH - The Hebrew term for Kabbalah (kabala, cabala) is "reception" in the context of "received tradition" which historically refers to all of Judaism's spoken law such as the sacred teachings of the ancient prophets from ancient biblical days. Over the centuries, a large number of these spiritual teachings were documented and made accessible to everyone. However, an esoteric spiritual knowledge remained only accessible from a few rabbis by selected students. The limited availability of this line of teaching was because of the relative interpretive freedom taken by kabbalistic scholars, and the heresies they might lead to, and so the teachings of the Kabbalah remained something that is restricted to a selected few. In modern times, even the hidden teachings of the Kabbalah have been documented yet are still called by the same name.

The Key Principles of the Kabbalah:

The basic Kabbalistic principle is to consciously and mystically find unity with God through the same means and methods as outlined by Mekubal (a Kabbalah mystic). The idea is to reduce the chasm between the seeker, the divine, and the physical realm he dwells in. God's revelations in our world is perceived by the mekubal as the phenomenon of the entire material reality. The aspiring mystic attempts to uncover the divine spirit in all things and all forms and by doing so, to ascend spiritually, send back his soul to her spiritual origins and to be one with God. The Kabbalah discriminates between God's invisible qualities which no one can understand and God's disclosures, usually understood as the Ten Sephiroth (or "emanations") which are the paths in which God organizes his energies and through which he manifested the universe. The Sephiroth consists of the configuration known as the Tree of Life.

There are different aspects of the Sephiroth, some even being contrary to each other. The three aspects of grace, judgment, and mercy, or right, left, and middle commonly constitutes the three branches of the Sephiroth. The mekubal tries to bring everything to the middle through the careful compromise of great, opposing powers or tensions in this process. Carefully combining the female qualities of judgement, and the masculine qualities of grace should deliver effects of goodness and positive energy to humanity.

Kabbalah's Historic Advancement

Jewish mysticism is said to have originated since the earliest biblical times when God revealed to Adam an esoteric truth in the Garden of Eden. Many wondrous stories such as Jacob's dream of the ladder to heaven, Moses' burning bush, the separation of the red sea, the prophet Ezekiel's visions and many more can be read in the Bible. Nevertheless, there is disagreement regarding whether the early esoteric Jewish teachings could be said to have begun with the Bible or the actual Kabbalah dating back to late 12th century and early 13th century in the south of France and in northern Spain.

In the year 1180, the first book of Kabbalah, (Bahir Book or the Book of Brightness) presented itself in the south of France. While containing concepts and exhortations from the Hekhalot and the Merkaba literature, it was considered to have been written by the Mishnah scholars. Comments from Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Creation) detailing the evolution of the creation guided by God, are used by the Bahir, The Sacred Names and their use in magic are also spoken of. The esoteric disciplines of the Ashkenaz Hasidim rose on its own, at the same time in history. Even if there are numerous variations between those disciplines and those of the Mekubalim, there are many comparisons both in the practice of early Jewish mysticism as worthy of noting, the creation of personal learning groups and the concept of keeping the teachings exclusive.

Due to the expansion of teachers and the profusion of books, the Kabbalah quickly dispersed to other locations in Spain. The assumed author of the Bahir book, Rabbi Yitzhak Saggi Nehor was one of the teachers. He moved to Gerona, starting a group of teachers that played a major role in creating and writing down the concepts of the Kabbalah. The Halacha and biblical interpretation books started to contain kabbalistic theories. Eventually, the esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah were commonly received.

The Compendium of Zohar

The first editions of the main text of the Kabbalah, considered to be inscribed by Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai, showed up In 1280 as the compendium of Zohar. Having given strength to the community's need for salvation after the ordeal of the Alhambra Decree (banishing the Jews from Spain), the compendium of Zohar achieved a huge following. After having been published, the Zohar experienced even more popularity and respect in the 16th century. In the city of Safed, this response was perfected in the kabbalistic instructions, allowing the interpretations in the Zohar to inspire many of its new mystical ideas. Although it brought up many criticisms that continue to our days, replacing the Talmud and the Bible, the Zohar turned out to become the main authority for the cabalistic texts.

Safed: The Heart of Kabbalah

Instead of keeping this knowledge hidden, in 1530 the Safed was presented as being the main part of the Kabbalah and openly delivered to the community. Many everyday people along with the famous mekubalim including the RAMAK - Rabbi Moshe Cordevero created or were included in numerous gatherings and classes. Apart from studying the Kabbalah, the activities of these groups also included writing improvements and enhancements, and falling onto the graves of previous mystics and saints, thus acquiring spiritual awareness and experiencing visions of the divine. Having a very focused devotional understanding and a huge talent for clear exposition, one of the famous Kabbalah prophets was the the Ramak. He was honored as being the leading systematical theologian of the Kabbalah. Even though their analyses of the Kabbalah varied somewhat, he was succeeded by his pupil, Rabbi Isaac Luria (also known as "He-Ari" or the lion). While the Ramak's teachings were still widely successful and he himself deeply acclaimed, the Ari and his mystical exhortations briskly stole the forefront in disclosing the hidden secrets of the Kabbalah. Ari's successful popularity could be understood by his deliberate focus on of the ideas of exclusion and salvation, providing a response to the community's requirements after their banishment from Spain. After Ari's teachings expanded throughout Jewish associations in Europe and northern Africa, more organizations including the Hasidut and the Shabtaut also rose into existence.

Kabbalah and Christianity

In the early days of the renaissance, near the conclusion of the 15th century, Christian theologists started to take on the Kabbalah manuscripts and several of the sacred texts were transcribed into Latin. The Christian theologists discovered a similarity among several aspects of the Kabbalah and some central Christian ideas and attempted to establish those ideas on the Kabbalah. In their missionary activity, they attempted to convert Jews to Christianity by saying that many of the Christian fundamentals can be proven by some of the concepts included in the teachings of the Kabbalah and the Zohar. The application of the Kabbalah and the Zohar in Christianity, and later on in the "heretic" Shabtaut, made numerous scholars disagree with the teaching and spreading of the esoteric teachings, even to the extent of publicly condemning it.

Modern Day Kabbalah

Along with the global, ever-increasing demand of spirituality and the spread of endless religious organization, the Kabbalah attracts novel enthusiasm throughout the world regardless if one is Jewish or non-Jewish. The teachings of the Kabbalah can now be found in all manner of different cultural, economic and social communities, and certain celebrities have also been influenced. The singer Madonna, being one of the most famous representations, added the Hebrew "Esther" to her own name. The singer is one of the huge number of the students of the Kabbalah Centre, now the largest organization for Kabbalah instruction including more than fifty chapters throughout the globe.

The use of the Kabbalah by this institution and others like it, have been rejected by most orthodox rabbis, having claimed it rather frivolous and too commercialized. Some even banned it. That the Kabbalah Centre teaches "new age" theories and not the actual sacred teachings has been a concern expressed by many of the Kabbalah researchers throughout the world. Even though certain "new age" ideas and diagrams were borrowed from the kabbalistic teachings, the original teachers of the Kabbalah, do not wish anyone to assume that there is a connection between the "new age" activities and the original kabbalistic concepts. Dr. Boaz Hoss from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel says, "If the Ari were to rise in the 21st century and see someone meditating, allegedly according to his ideas, he would have gotten a heart attack from the shock and died for the second time."

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HAMSA - THE SYMMETRICAL HAND - Jewish and Muslim individuals possessed the Hamsa (a hand shaped amulet also known as Khamsa) for invulnerability. The name, "Hamsa" means "five" and has a Semitic origin. The shape of the Hamsa, usually shaped like a symmetrical hand with thumbs on both sides, is not anatomically correct. Even though the Jewish and Muslim cultures use it broadly, its beginnings pre-dates both cultures, and is accredited to the Phoenician moon goddess Tanit, who was idolized as the patron deity of Carthage.

Hamsa in Islam

In Islam, "The Palm of Fatima" is also recognized as the Hamsa. Numerous supernatural occurrences such as causing rain showers were attributed to Fatima who was the Prophet Mohammad's only daughter. There is a story that states when Fatima's husband Ali came into the house with a new wife he had just married, Fatima was busy stirring a pot. Muslim men can marry as many as 4 wives. Fatima was so struck by grief and sorrow that she let the ladle slip from her hand and continued stirring with her own palm without noticing the pain from the boiling water. Her palm has long since become a sacred symbol for patience and acceptance. The Five Pillars or tenets of Islam is also said to be symbolized by the Hamsa.

Hamsa in Judaism

In Judaism, the Hamsa is connected to the five books of the Torah. The Hamsa is also known as "The Hand of Miriam" after the sister of Moses and Aaron and as "YAD HA'CHAMESH" (The hand of five).

Protection from Evil

The Hamsa can be found on the entrances of dwellings, in vehicles, on charm bracelets and chains and more. The Hamsa is widely used to ward off the evil eye. When fish, eyes, and the Star of David are positioned in the center of the Hamsa it is also commonly thought to help against the evil eye. Many Hamsas were crafted in the color blue or more specifically light blue, with fixed gemstones in various shades of blue, because that color is also believed to be protective against the evil eye. In the Jewish tradition, the Sh'ma Prayer, the Birkat HaBayit (Blessing for the Home), the Tefilat HaDerech (Traveler's Prayer) and other prayers of a protective fashion often decorated the Hamsas.

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NAUTILUS SHELL AND THE GOLDEN MEAN - 450 Million Year-Old Living Fossil

Having survived almost unaltered for over 450 million years, the Nautilus, (meaning "sailor" in Greek) is one of the only shells to continue from the time of the dinosaurs. Nautilus is therefore often referred to as being a "living fossil." Most of its existence is spent in some of the deepest regions of the sea, and when seen, only seems to come out at night. The Nautilus shell, being a sacred representation for growth and rejuvenation, forms into progressively greater chambers throughout its life, and they are coated with mother-of-pearl.

PHI can be found in the Nautilus Shell

In Hindu mythology, the sacred Nautilus Shell symbolized the multiplicity of creation. The internal elegance of nature can also be represented by the Nautilus Shell. The golden mean number (known as PHI - 1.6180339...) can also be found in the shape of the Nautilus Shell.

PHI - The Geometric Blueprint for Life Itself

Because the digits utterly go on forever without reoccurring, there is no mathematical solution to PHI. The unique thing about this number is that it can be found incorporated in all known organic structures. The universal design of the golden mean seems to be a geometrical blueprint for life itself. PHI can be seen in all biological configurations such as the seed pattern of a sunflower, the spiral pattern of a sea shell, the proportions of human and animal skeletons, and in the patterns of certain types of cactus plants. This value was known by Plato as being "the key to the physics of the cosmos." While it cannot be worked out arithmetically, Phi can be easily obtained with a compass and straightedge.

The Golden Mean in Art and Architecture

The Golden Mean number can often be found in many forms of art, in symbols of religion, and in architecture. The golden mean is usually seen in the paintings of Da Vinci and Kandinsky. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum like a shell. Whatever exhibits the golden mean measurements, whether it be a face, a work of art or a building, people will tend to find it quite elegant.

The phi ratio can be recognized in the composition of the Great Pyramid in the triangle created by the height, half-base, and the apothem, or diagonal. The Golden Section can be found in the main cross-section of the structure. If the half-base is given a value of 1, this gives the value of phi for the apothem, and the square root of phi for the height. The Golden Section can be found to show up repeatedly in Giza and in much more mysterious and exhausting ways. There are many publications (entire volumes of diagrams and written material) available regarding the geometries involved in the pyramid's construction.

How to Determine the Golden Mean

The Golden Section can be found in two fairly straightforward ways:

Method one: If you take two equal squares, side by side, (a 1x2 rectangle), divide one of the squares in half, and with a compass, swing the diagonal down to the base of the other square, the point where the diagonal touches the base will be phi, or 1.6180339+, in relation to the side of the square, which is 1 (This formula also describes exactly the rectangular floor of the King's Chamber).

Method two: The other method of determining the Golden Section is by dividing a line segment, AB, at a point C, in such a way that the whole line is longer than the first part in the same proportion as the first part being longer than the remainder. AB/AC = AC/CB = 1.6180339 (notice the fractal and holographic nature of this ratio...).

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In the 1950's, Dr. Derald Langham, an agricultural geneticist created the concept of the Genesa Crystal. He found that the crystal mirrors the cellular structure of a living embryonic organism after the third cell division. This configuration constitutes the Egg of Life.

Dr. Langham saw this eight cell cluster as a point of full, infinite potential. He felt that it held "The full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all your goals, your desires, your motivations, even life itself."

Genesa Crystal is the Coded Matrix of Your Own Life Force

Dr. Langham said, "Genesa is the coded matrix of your own life force and is directly related to the living energy moving in spirals in all forms of growth, development, and change." He also said, "Genesa is a 13-dimensional process involving step-in-to crystals of simple geometrical forms similar to those that living energies spiral through in natural growth patterns. Through precise, meaningful movements within their energysms (life force fields), they learn to harmonize physical, emotional, mental and vital aspects of living and tune into their greater selves." Dr. Langham saw the Genesa Concept as a "model that can carry us from one learning experience to another, integrate the known and probe into the unknown."

Dr. Langham's Book, Circle Gardening

Dr. Langham used the Genesa concept to create new strains of crops needed to feed the people of Venezuela during World War II. The name Genesa comes from "Gene South America" or "Gene S. A."

Dr. Langham wrote a book titled, Circle Gardening which uses the principles of the sacred Genesa in the designing and landscaping of terraces to improve the cultivation and growth of vegetation. He believed that the life force from a large Rainbow Crystal that he placed in his spherical plant terraces would attract bioplasmic energy from nature, producing a single area of prana that infuses the living vegetation with a magnified field of living pranic energy.

The Genesa Crystal and Buckminster Fuller's Cube Octahedron

Because of the Genesa Crystal's four interwoven circles, the Genesa can also be known as a spherical cube octahedron. Buckminster Fuller, the well-known architect and the designer of the geodesic dome, used the cube octahedron in 1946 to demonstrate that the five Platonic solids correlate to one another as stages of a shared metamorphosing operation, oscillating inside the parameters of the cube octahedron. Buckminster Fuller stated, "it is the referential pattern of conceptual relationships at which nature never pauses." Some experts in this subject determined this realization to be his greatest revelation.

Can the Genesa Crystal Pendant be Used as an Enviornmental Purifier?

It has been assumed that the sacred Genesa Crystal Pendant can be "magnetized" for any sort of "reality creation" in one's life. The Genesa can be used to "psychically" clean any area and can magnify the prana of the gem inside (In the models with the stone bead). Because the Genesa Crystal seems to attract positive psychic forces while purifying them, attuning them and projecting them back out, the Genesa configuration is an excellent design for creating wholeness. Having an "impact radius" of thirty to fifty meters, people like to use the compact 1.5 cm Genesa Crystal pendant as an "energy purifier" for the home and backyard.

Personal Accounts of the Effects of the Genesa Crystal

David Weitzman's spiritual Genesa Crystal is known to produce some of the greatest effects, being "one of the greatest influence models." It is also assumed that, "The model is recommended for people who are facing sickness or any medical problems." and that, "It can also help people to become more open to the world."

I (Shaktivirya) personally feel that the Genesa Crystal and many of the other sacred geometric designs in gold and silver featured on this page could have a spiritual or very subtle positive effect described in Patrich Flanagan's classic research book, Pyramid Power: The Millennium Science (especially if one is open to it) that might actually be proven someday through quantum physics. Any such beneficial "energetic" phenomena that might exist surrounding these and other sacred geometric objects often remind me of the so-called powers of psionics and radionics. Even though sacred geometry, psionics and radionics may often seem quite pseudoscientific, I do not wish to deny that there could be some higher laws of pranic (quantum) energy distribution at work here.

The following are two examples from people's experiences of the influences expected to come from the Genesa Crystal:

One of David's friends called him one day and asked him to come by. The Genesa crystal was a new model. David decided to give her one with a ruby stone inside. The friend looked at him surprised, and said she had a dream that he invited her to come and give her a gift. Two months later she called and told David that she was suffering for a long time from fertility problem, but after she got the pendant things sorted out and she is pregnant.

The second story was about two parents that bought the Genesa crystal for their 4 year old child. The child saw the pendant at a shop and selected it. The child was suffering from communication problems that disappeared after wearing the pendant. David found out about this after the child lost the pendant and the parents came by to buy a new one.

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Above Video: One of the few film clips available containing photos of the July, 1991 Barbury Castle crop circle (compared to a similar configuration that occurred in 2009) that the Personal Creation Symbol is based on.

The Personal Creation Design

Early in the morning of July 17, 1991* in Wiltshire County, Wessex, England, near the base of a Neolithic hill fort named Barbury Castle, a vast, tetrahedral design of around twelve thousand (12,000) square yards manifested in a wheat field. Mysterious lights could be seen along with the sound of massive and prolonged thunder that lasted far too long to be considered as originating from an ordinary electrical storm.

The electrical power to a nearby town was also lost and the local military base moved all its helicopters as fast as possible to investigate the commotion. After the military temporarily blocked access to the formation, a witness going directly into the wheat field pattern was overwhelmed by a huge electric charge in the air causing his ears to hurt and the hairs on his arms to bristle.

* Most websites say this incident occurred on July 17, 1991 in Wiltshire County, England even though the main source of this article says it was July 11, 1991, within the general area of Wessex (west side of England).

As a spiritualist, I (Shaktivirya) personally beieve that some crop circles are the result of an advanced scientific method developed by extraterrestrials (possibly in colaboration with some human souls from the astral worlds) existing on a slightly higher vibration rate than that of the Earth's material vibration rate.

Plants, such as wheat or corn stalks, are biochemically sensitive enough to be affected in ways not normally possible with non-living material forms. When extraterrestrial space craft reach our level of vibration, they appear in our atmosphere and even sometimes try to land. If they have a visual method of communication, and wished to leave evidence of their visit, would it not most likely consist of the sort of geometric shapes, images and symbols often found in crop circles?

Unfortunately, over eighty percent of crop circles are man-made hoaxes where the plants are broken and look trampled in a somewhat chaotic way. However, in some crop circles, all the stems are only bent as if they were radiated from one side without any evidence of trampling whatsoever. Addtional phenomena would also be observed such as strange balls of light, high radiation counter readings along with intense electrostatic fields similar to those experienced by very credible witnesses at the RAF Bentwaters Rendlesham Forest incident.

The design itself, being highly significant in sacred Hermetic wisdom, is equally remarkable. It contains the overriding order of the cosmos that seemed to be at the foundation of all archaic communities, while containing a repository of geometrical, musical and arithmetic harmonies. It portrays the Trinity of Creation and the oneness of the Supreme Being. Some scholars and mystics interpret this symbol as representing the three etherial elements of the cosmic egg (a sacred design of creation) represented as sulphur, mercury, and ether, being transformed into the material elements by the inhalation and exhalation of the Supreme Being.

The complete area of the three encompassing circles equals the area of the central circle. The addition of the total area of all the circles comes to 31,680 square feet. 3168 is also the gematrian numeral symbolic of the Christ incarnation. According to certain pagan religions 3168 is the number of the Creator as being the loftiest principle.

The Personal Creation Shape Contains Multiple Key Cosmic Equations

The form of the Personal Creation consists of he most essential conglomeration of mathematical patterns and numbers that can be contained in one elegant symbol. This symbol includes the Fibonacci series, Pi value, along with certain aspects of the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life, the Fruit of Life and the Tree of Life. The universal geometric designs found in fields work as an advanced tool of communication for personal enrichment and vital consciousness. These cosmic shapes seem to have a greater impact on the subconscious mind and physical body than on the rational mind which cannot fully or intuitively grasp the total meaning of these designs.

If there is a genetic library containing all the knowledge of the universe encrypted within our selves, is it possible that the shape of Personal Creation symbol could interact with this inner "library"? Could this be why one often feels strongly attracted to this symbol? I (Shaktivirya) personally would love to meditate on this symbol all day long if I had the time to do so! When I first glanced at this symbol, I immediately knew it could easily represent the "Tri-Unity" of creation and my own personal theory of how all reality originates from an eternal equation involving three extreme numbers or values: absolute nothing, the great oneness, and the strongest infinity possible.

Paths to Personal Creation

The entire cosmos seems to consist of three elements (frequencies, geometrical patterns and light) all hidden within the Personal Creation image. In the near future of the Earth, various transitions will happen bringing in novel and exciting paths to Personal Creation, spiritual evolution, and the discovery of the true meaning behind all life in existence.

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LOTUS FLOWER - Sacred Symbol of Virtue and Exalted Loveliness

The purpose of sacred symbols is to provide an external representation of powerful, yet subtle internal spiritual truths and transcendent states of being. Specific designs including the Lotus Flower rising itself in virtue above the murky pond, provide a sense of cosmic connection and energy within the oneness of all being.

Why is the Lotus Flower so unique?

The Lotus Flower is one of the earliest and most spiritually meaningful symbols in our world ever. The blossoming Lotus Flower ascends above the murky water to unveil its glorious petals. Late in the evening the petals close and withdraw beneath the surface, then at daybreak, the flower again lifts up to the sky and unfolds its majestic crown. This flower represents the virtue of the soul, a heart untainted by lust, and and an intellect firmly established on divine ideals. The ideals of prosperity, character, well-being, and longevity are often symbolized by the Lotus Flower.

The Lotus Flower in Christianity

In the Christian tradition, instead of the Lotus Flower, the white lily is used to symbolize the Virgin Mary's virtue and fertility. In the conventional Christian teachings, the Archangel Gabriel presents the lily of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. And, of course, the lily is often used in floral displays inside Christian churches right to this very day.

The enlightened guidance of the Master Jesus and the wisdom of India's great yogis comes from the same source of self-realization. Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, and the guru of Swami Kriyananda, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the great, underlying unity of Kriya Yoga and Christian mysticism.

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." - St. Matthew 6:22 "Blessed are the pure in heart," said Jesus, "for they shall see God." - St. Matthew 5:8 That means a heart as pure as the Lotus Flower - free of all dogmatism, prejudice and lust.

Egyptian Lotus Flower - All-Embracing Hieroglyph for Metaphysical Advancement

Sesen was the Egyptian spoken word for the Lotus Flower Hieroglyph. The Lotus Flower of ancient Egyptian mythology symbolized the sun and the concepts of creation and regeneration. In archaic Egyptian mysticism, the Lotus Flower was considered a universal symbol of spiritual development and its expression.

The Lotus Flower in Eastern Philosophy and Indian Yoga

The Lotus Flower in eastern philosophy represents the unfolding of the crown chakra or thousand petaled lotus above the head. It is therefore a very direct symbol of soul advancement. The widely chanted Tibetan holy mantra, "Om Mani Padme Hum" means, "Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus."

The lotus has its roots in earthly mud, but as it grows upward in aspiration toward the light, its petals open out in a beautiful flower. With its roots growing deep into the mire beneath the water, it rises above in earnestness toward the illumination of the sun, then unfolds its majestic crown.

The Lotus Flower can be used as a wonderful symbol of the transmutation of dark and muddy tendencies into beautuful, enlightened, glowing attributes through the practice of yoga, pure lifestyle and regular meditation.

Godliness, potency, prosperity, wisdom and spiritual awakening can all be represented by the Indian Lotus Flower. Maha Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, who brings wealth, virtue and charitableness is closely related to the lotus. The goddess is enthroned on an open lotus, which expresses virtue, elegance, and all things that are positive.

By meditating regularly on these positive images and ideas, one can attract better circumstances into one's life and enjoy a more spiritual outlook.

Lotus Jewelry - Meaningful Creation

The purpose of sacred symbols is to provide an external representation of powerful, yet subtle internal spiritual truths and transcendent states of being. Specific designs including the Lotus Flower rising itself in virtue above the murky pond, provide a sense of cosmic connection and energy within the oneness of all being. One can find among David Weitzman's jewelry designs, the Lotus Flower ring and lotus earrings with various stones.

Lotus Flower ring - Combination of Beauty and Modesty

The Lotus Flower design can be found on both sides of the lotus ring. There is an engraving in Hebrew that when translated into English states: "Life flows within and without you." This statement contains the hidden truth of our oneness with the Creator. We merge into the oneness of God when our false sense of self vanishes, therefore, "life flows within you and without you." This statement comes from a spiritual lyric by Swami Kriyananda.

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The alchemy pendant's design is that of a cube octahedron and looks like a crystal. An octahedron is a double pyramid which forms the main part of the alchemy pendant, the ends of which were cut at a ninety degree angle. These sacred forms create every conceivable atomic construction, including all the patterns of creation as can be found in the article regarding the Flower of Life pendant. These crystal-like geometric shapes are based on the Fruit of Life (also explained in the article regarding the Flower of Life) which is the underlying structure of every design in existence.

The Alchemy pendant is also a symbol of the alchemical process of transformation - the transmutation of a base metal into gold, representing the amazing alchemy of the spiritual transformation that is meant to occur when the "base metal" of lust is transmuted into the "gold" of transcendent joy which normally happens through years of intense meditation, devotion and pure lifestyle. This process also involves the raising of the kundalini from the base of the spine up through all the energy centers including the third eye and crown chakra.

Alchemy - Ancient Egyptian Wisdom

The original meaning of the word, "alchemy" is Egyptian wisdom. The "chem" in "alchemy" was the ancient name of Egypt, or Chem. Alchemy is a complex subject with many levels of meaning. On a material level, alchemy is intended to mean the transmutation (cold fusion?) of base metals into finer and more noble metals such as gold with the aid of an esoteric substance called the "philosopher's stone" and through the application of one's spiritual energy and mental concentration.

Modern Alchemy

There is also the science of modern alchemy, which involves the refinement, energization and consumption of rare earth elements for the purpose of cellular rejuvenation, boosting one's virility, improving one's sense of well-being, while increasing one's energy level, spirituality and quality of life. One can learn more about modern alchemy here.

Buckminster Fuller's Cube Octahedron

The architectural visionary and inventor, Buckminster Fuller first revealed the Alchemy pendant's design and meaning. He discovered that all of the five Platonic solids could be created by turning the cube into an octahedron design. All kinds of atomic constructions are assumed to come from the five Platonic solids, meaning all creation.

The Auric Configuration of the Dolphin and the Alchemy Symbol

All living beings on Earth are encompassed by an auric field of vital bioelectric energy. The configuration of the the Alchemy pendant seems to resemble the auric emanation pattern of the most intelligent beings on Earth, the dolphins.

The Alchemy pendant seems to provide melodic, cleansing, equalizing and harmonizing vibrations. This pendant can be displayed in any size room for cleansing and to encourage a peaceful and harmonic environment. Because of its transforming effect on the environment encompassing it, this pendant is labeled, "Alchemy Symbol."

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The Gordian Knot can be created from a Torus tube which appears like an inner tube or a circle that revolves around in a larger circle in constant motion. This configuration involves many mathematical equations and formulas. Cosmologists considered using this shape as a possible three-dimensional model of the macrocosm.

The Torus tube design is used extensively throughout sacred geometry. Sacred geometry and geometric formulas were used throughout history to illustrate the oneness of consciousness behind all creation. Within its beginning phases of growth, even the human embryo consists of a Torus construction.

How Alexander the Great "Untied" the Gordian Knot

There is a legend regarding how Alexander the Great attempted to untie the knot. The knot was created by Gordias in the shrine of Zeus in the citadel of Gordian. An oracle predicted that the person who unties the coil would reign as king over Asia.

Alexander felt he must either undo this coil or he would not become King of Asia. Therefore in 333 BC, Alexander became absolutely determined to undo it, and when he could find no end to the knot, spliced it all the way through with his sword until it gave way. This method was humorously declared the "Alexandrian solution."

The Concept of Oneness and the Gordian Knot

As stated in the Old Testament, in the beginning there was a great void. Without rendition or forms of objects, this void is assumed to be the Creator. A characterization of distance and orientation is required for there to be a consistent and natural creation. The interior, exterior and boundless surface of the Torus tube presents the required characterization of distance and orientation. This configuration can be used as an abstract model of the cosmic hologram.

The Gordian knot exists as the most basic of all Torus knots. Within the Gordian knot can be seen the idea of the great Oneness (Unity) in relation to the Trinity of creation, or the three basic aspects or properties of reality.

The term "echad" means "one" in Hebrew, and the word "ahava" means "love" in Hebrew. Together, these words create a numerological value of thirteen (13). The number thirteen (13) includes the One and the Three.

The Gordian Knot Pendant

After carrying around the Gordian Knot pendant all day, various individuals stated they dreamt the following night they could find solutions to nearly impossible relationship difficulties and other karmic situations. This effect of problem solving can be explained by the way that the pendant portrays the perfect binding of three loops (or three opposing aspects) into one.

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AGE OF AQUARIUS - What is the True Nature of the Age of Aquarius?

The coming of the age of Aquarius occurs as one age (the age of Pisces) finishes and and the next one (the age of Aquarius) begins. The arrival of a new age begins every two millennium; the previous "age of Pisces" began with the incarnation of Jesus. The age of Aquarius is associated with the ever-increasing interest in novel ways of life and other interests originally considered unusual, such as green lifestyles, spiritual diets, natural and herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, astrological charts, channeling, psychic readings, etc.

These and related fields of interest are expected to become more and more natural, normal and widespread as this "New Age" millennium wears on. These more spiritual and "open minded" ways of thinking are expected to bring humanity closer and closer to the source of inner enlightenment, joy and wholeness. Instead of continuing to go outward in search of relationships, sensuality, wealth and other external objects, people are starting to look deep inside themselves for the knowledge, wisdom and satisfaction they seek.

The age of Aquarius is meant to be a "Golden Age" intended to unify all religious organizations and liberate everyone from prejudice, religious dogma, closed-minded thinking, and materialism. Everyone will start on one's own inner search for the true Self, and transform one's self into a new culture of enlightened or fully awakened Truth seekers. In tune with the eternal Soul, all nations throughout the world will be healed by their influence.

Age of Aquarius and the Kabbalah

According the the holy book of Zohar, "All the celestial treasures and the hidden riddles that have not been solved for generations will be discovered in the Age of Aquarius." While the cabalists alluded to it, Zohar mentioned that hidden concepts and great truths will be discovered in sacred symbols from bygone millennium.

This reservoir of ancient wisdom discloses the main attributes of human nature and how to master natural laws. The power of this material is basically geometric and more and more individuals throughout the planet are attracted to it.

"You need to engrave very deeply within your mind and know that there is no reality without the blessed one. He is within every single movement in the world. The nature, ("Hateva" in Hebrew) has the same numerological value as the word God ("Elohim" in Hebrew). The blessed one wore the nature clothes inanimate, vegetable, living, speaking." (Rabbi Nachman from Braslev)

According to the Kabbalah, there is no difference between God and nature and that the numerical value for the Hebrew, "Hateva" (nature) is eighty-six (86) and the Hebrew, "Elohim" (God) is also eighty-six (86). For millennium, humankind has been subjected to confusion, turmoil, revulsion, terror, mental and physical disorders, and annihilation, all of which are caused by duality.

Sacred Symbols of the Age of Aquarius

Ever since man ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (sex, pleasure and pain) he lost his ability to perceive the true nature of reality as the perfect being hiding behind all creation. The oneness of consciousness that stands behind creation can be illustrated by the geometric sacred symbols. One can perceive in these sacred symbols, the expression of the universal Spirit in all of nature. The key to all reality including the higher dimensions beyond space and time is the Tree of Life spoken of in the Kabbalah. The Tree of Life also contains the cycle of creation, and the other geometric configuration which provide us the cosmic "DNA" template.

Even though their meaning and importance have been lost through the centuries, the Seed of Life, Flower of Life and Fruit of Life sacred symbols endured in Judaism for generations and can be seen in age-old synagogues and antiquated prayer books. In the age of Aquarius, the esoteric wisdom of the ages will reappear giving back to humanity the lost keys to the universe. Rabbi Yehuda Alay who was a friend of Rabbi Shimeon Bar Yochai, author of The Zohar stated, "When all the nations in the world will accept the Kingdom of God, we also will return to his kingdom as it is written - When God is king over all the earth, on that day God will be One and his name One."

The Age of Aquarius and Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is transcendent to faith, belief or country and unites humanity in the knowledge of the One. Through knowing the underlying Reality behind all phenomena, the path to wholeness shall become clear, and humanity will awaken to the truth of life and bring forth the glories of the Spirt while still in the flesh. Every one should have the opportunity to escape the cycle of birth, chaos and death in the physical world, which Judaism recognizes as "the world of lies."

Connecting with the Great Oneness through the Kreat Shema

The holy Ari (Rabbi Yitzhak Lorie), having such a unified outlook, was assumed to have descended from the realm of oneness. Jews from all over the globe recite the "Kreat Shema" daily: "Hear o Israel, the Lord is our God, our Lord is one." Prior to passing over, Jacob asked his sons to gather around him, and requested them to pledge they will always fully accept and hold dear the concept of the one true God. The descendants of Jacob call to him ever since, letting him know that they kept their promise "Hear o Israel (Israel is Jacob's second name that was given to him by the angel) the Lord is our God, the Lord is one."

Why do they say this prayer with their eyes closed?

We exist in world of illusion, a world of separation, and by shutting our eyes and going within, we can free ourselves temporarily from the illusory world of phenomena and reconnect with the One!

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The Seed of Life Represents the Seven Stages, Steps, or Days of Creation

The creation of a vibrating pattern of space (electromagnetic radiation) is the actual process of creation itself which otherwise is symbolized by various analogical concepts such as "days of creation" to make something otherwise almost impossible to explain, much easier to handle.

I (Shaktivirya) personally believe there was no actual "Big Bang" or moment of creation, as the process of creation or expansion "starts" within every moment of time regardless of how far into the past or into the future and regardless of location in space which seems to be boundless.

The creation of the Octahedron is the first step or "day of creation." The next stage involves the revolution of the Octahedron on its axes, forming a sphere. At this point, all of reality, including the Cosmic Designer's awareness, exists as the Sphere itself. All that really exists is the sheath of the sphere itself.

The next stage is "the spirit of the Creator floating upon the face of the waters" which was mentioned in the Old Testament. In other words, the Cosmic Designer's next spontaneous realization or expansion in self-awareness was to venture outside the edge of the sphere and project another sphere using the previous step of materializing an octahedron and spinning it into a sphere.

In the second sphere that was created by the Cosmic Designer, a photon or particle of light was sent out. In transmitting a second spinning octahedron into a sphere on the membrane of the first sphere, the image appears of two circles crossing each other in their centers, a design recognized as the Vesica Pisces.

This configuration is a geometrical formula which symbolizes the electromagnetic spectrum. In Drunvalo Melchizedek's book The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life, Vol. 2 can be found much more information regarding this whole process. "Let there be light" and light was the primary (first cause) phenomenon that God intended.

The Seed of Life Is the Symbol of Creation and Fertility

In the ongoing process to replicate the spheres and form more Vesica Pisces, multiple forms of creation can be seen emanating from the endless cascade (reproduction) of further geometrical patterns.

The continuation of the "seven-day" creation process looks like the successive division of cells illustrated here in a fertilized egg until there are seven cells or circles overlaping one another creating the perfect flower-shaped "Seed of Life" pattern that can be seen as the gold jewelry pendant on this page.

On the seventh day, the process ends. On the "SHABBAT," or day of rest, the Seed of Life is completed. The whole form of the primary vortex which contains the blue print of the cosmos is finally completed.

The Seed of Life is the Blue Print of the Universe

The Seed of Life is a primary building block of the Flower of Life, from which comes forth the Fruit of Life. Another blueprint for everything, the Fruit of Life creates all elements, molecules, organisms, and even everything else in the universe. In other words, everything that abides in reality comes from the form of the Seed of Life.

The Seed of Life Can Be Found in all Major Religions and Most Ancient Cultures

A French Cabalistic gathering in the 13th Century managed to discover that the complete list of Hebrew letters in its proper sequence could be found within the Seed of LIfe. In 13th Century France, a religious sage, Rashi, wrote down his teachings and ideas on the Old Testament. His style of writing closely matched the kind of alphabet the French Cabalists found within the Seed of Life.

The Seed of Life shows up throughout many Christian Churches, Synagogues, Kabbalah texts, ancient temples and archeological sites, such as the Osirian temple in Abydos, Egypt. The Seed of Life seems to be found in all of the main religions, and used by the occultists and the mystics alike. All manner of interpretations and meanings can be given to it, but the actual symbol itself remains as pure or impure as the meaning ascribed to it.

"Man is only what he believeth, a brother of darkness or a child of the Light." (Emerald tablet of Thoth)

The Seed of Life Pendant Contains the Secret of Creation

Used as a design that symbolizes prosperity and security, the Seed of Life pendant has been passed on for generations. The sequence of the seven days of creation can be found within The Seed of Life. It can be worn as a design that represents abundance and reproduction.

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Flower of life

The Flower of Life can be found in all the major religions of the world. In Egypt, whose tradition many people believe is the source of all the monotheistic religions, the "Flower of Life", can be found in the ancient Temple of Abydos. In Israel, you can find it in the ancient synagogues of the Galilee and in Mesada. Go here to learn more.

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Vesica Pisces

The Vesica Pisces is derived from the intersection of two circles, the Pythagorean "measure of the fish" that symbolizes the mystical intersection of the world of the divine with the world of matter, and correspondingly, the beginning of creation. Go here to learn more.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is one of the most familiar of the Sacred Geometry Symbols. The structure of the Tree of Life is connected to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah but can be seen in other traditions as well, such as the ancient Egyptian tradition. Go here to learn more.


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Christ consciousness

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Christ Consciousness pendant

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Gordian Knot

The Gordian Knot pendant symbolizes the idea of unity which binds everything into one. The Gordian knot... Go here to learn more.

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