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The Science of Wholeness: Part One


2.1: QUALITY NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL FOR SWEET INNER JOY AND WHOLENESS: Successful transmutation of the lower emotions of lust, greed, anger, egotism, possessiveness, etc. into a joyous freedom and full expression of one's higher nature largely depends on having only the purest of raw foods in one's diet and avoiding excessive amounts of animal proteins (especially cheese and meat) while carefully following the principles of advanced nutrition such as drinking generous amounts of a special kind of water and a specific "Tantric" method (discussed in lessons 3 & 6 respectively).

If the diet is not mainly a natural, balanced and complete whole foods regimen, imbalances and lack of proper nutritional support high in vital essential fatty acids from such foods as hemp seed milk and nut and seed milks, and special herbs such as saw palmetto an interruption in the process of transmutation can occur. The higher states of love, creative inspiration, and samadhi can all be easily interrupted by lower desires and physical cravings if living on junk food, which should never be used on the spiritual path unless one loves having all kinds of difficulties and challenges such as the lack of self-control so that the natural abundance of sexual energy everyone should be enjoying is blocked, restricted and vital fluids lost in a way that terminates one's spiritual happiness, contentment and well-being.

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A less than wholesome lifestyle only adds to one's selfish, limited tendencies toward a limited, "materialistic consciousness" where one's higher spiritual purpose, remains sadly unfulfilled or at least for the most part, blocked and limited to the lower drives of lust, compulsion, and other abridged behaviors. One is limited to the "birth, suffering and death" scenario, instead of enjoying the higher facilities of inner joy, connection with spiritual realities and Universal Love. There seems to be a truly overwhelming force (like the force of gravity!) to keep one tied down to the usual limited-to-reproduction function lifestyle. Humans unwittingly and even happily submit to the self-limiting laws of nature and reproduction which imprisons almost everyone into a very limited way of self-gratification--which seems to complete the usual pattern of aging, disease and death. This a life of complacency with the potential of disease, suffering and death and NOT of contentment and wholeness.

An essential part of escape from this "pull of nature" that keeps humanity imprisoned in limited physical consciousness, suffering and disappointment is by enhancing the quality of one's diet by eating only or mainly the following natural foods. Eating raw, fresh nuts and seed and other raw proteins is very important in making transmutation possible, but also highly enjoyable and vastly better than what I feel to be nature's grim alternative of depression, depletion, old age and death. Hence, the goal should be to boost one's sexual health and energy to maximum capacity, yet conserve it for full transmutation.


Kombucha, Kim Chi sauerkraut, spring greens, cauliflower, lettuce, fennel, asparagus, beet, parsley, dandelion, ginger rhizome, fresh marion blackberries, red cherries, fresh blueberries, raw pineapple, tangerines, other fresh raw fruit, food grade yeast, coral calcium, dolomite, fresh whole blended raw range-fed eggs, acidophilus, bee pollen, spiralina, and fresh, raw, pineapple juice, chlorella powder, rice and beans, rice milk, hemp seed milk, whole ground oats with a small amount pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, and/or almonds also grounded along with the oats.

The following complete list is a high quality, whole foods "half way" raw food diet not necessarily with the intention of becoming 100% raw food but with the intention of becoming 100% spiritually free of all physical limitations. All foods on the "wholeness" diet require no cooking or are pre-cooked and ready to eat for your convenience. The Vita-Mixed raw vegetable/fruit juice (along with food grade yeast, coral calcium, eggs, greens, rice and beans, adaptogenic herbs, and most other super food supplements) are some of the most important parts of the diet for physical creative energy, bliss, transmutation, successful spirituality and well-being:



Rice and Beans - Eden Organic
Vegetarian chili - Health Valley, Shari Anns, etc.

Raw sauerkraut - Garden Kim-Chi, Rejuvenative Foods
Raw mushrooms - produce section
Avocado - produce section
Pickle relish - Pickle Eater's
Vegetable broths and soups - Imagine Natural
Creamy Broccoli - Imagine Natural
Creamy Mushroom - Imagine Natural
Cream of Corn - Imagine Natural
Split pea & carrots, soups - Health Valley, etc.
Cream of tomato soup - Pacific Organic, Imagine Natural


Organic Raw Kombucha (an immensely healthy fermented yeast/acidophilus "tea")


Vita-mixed fruit/vegetable juices made from:
Blackberries - Tree of Life (Fresh Frozen)
Blueberries - Tree of life (Fresh Frozen)
Grapes (dark red or purple is best)
Ginger root (freeze right away)
Onions (must be red, also cut up and freeze right away!)
Jalapino peppers (have only without ginger, use small amounts only!)

DRINK RIGHT FROM VITA-MIXER WITHIN 10 MINUTES. For best results, must be consumed fresh. Vita-Mixed and all other freshly juiced produce loses its vitality quite rapidly. It is is still OK a day or two later but only one-half to one-tenth as effective.

Goji or Gojilania Juice
Noni Juice
Fruit Garden - Lakewood Organic
Super Juice - Naked Superfood Green Machine
Hemp Milk - Manitoba
Supper Veggie - Lakewood Organic
Very Veggie - Lakewood Organic
Organic Tomato - R. W. Knudsen


(Pack the following IMMEDIATELY in freezer)

bee pollen (keep frozen) - Y. S. Bee Farms, Pollen Power or High Desert
raw wheat germ - Arrowhead Mills

Grind up the following in Vita-Mixer:

Raw oats - Quaker Oats, Arrowhead Mills, or bulk (88%)
Raw pumpkin seed - Arrowhead Mills or bulk (6%)
Raw sunflower seed - Arrowhead Mills or bulk (1%)
Raw sesame seed - Arrowhead Mills or bulk (1%)
Raw peanuts - Arrowhead Mills or bulk (1%)
Raw pecans - Arrowhead Mills or bulk (1%)
Raw almonds - Arrowhead Mills or bulk (1%)
Raw flax seed - Arrowhead Mills or bulk (1%)


Basil Leaves - Kroger
Cinnamon - Spice Garden
Curry powder - Spice Garden
Cayenne pepper - Bulk (WARNING: HOT!)
Dr. Bronner's Balanced Mineral Seasoning
Garlic magic - Modern Products, Inc. or Spice Garden
Ginger root - Spice Garden
Horseradish - Spice Garden
Kelp - Parkelp (Granular)
Lemon Balm - Bulk
Lemon peel - Spice Garden
Liquid Aminos - Bragg (All Natural)
Parsley Flakes - Kroger
Summer savory - Spice Garden
Turmeric - Spice Garden
Yellow mustard - Westbrea Natural

ADAPTOGENIC HERBS: (Please go here for more information)

Ashwaganda - (adaptogenic)
Rhodiola rosa - (adaptogenic)
Epimedium - (adaptogenic)
Maca - (adaptogenic)
Ginkgo biloba leaf - (adaptogenic - circulation and brain support)
Ginger - (adaptogenic - circulation support)
Turmeric - (adaptogenic - anti-inflammatory)
Saw palmetto - (for men's health)
Pygeum - (for men's health)
Nettle - (for men's health)
Black cohosh - (for women's health)
Dong qui (for women)
Korean ginseng
Licorice root
Gotu kola
Sarsaparilla root (for men)
Schisandra berries
Kyolic (aged garlic)
Cayenne pepper (extremely hot circulation herb)
St. John's wort - (for greater well-being and immune system)
Graviola - (greater well-being and helps to prevent cancer)
Kava kava - (well-being - Solaray)
Chlorella - (chlorophyll, alkaline protein)
Circulation Factors (herbal formula by Biochem)
Shilajit - (adaptogenic mineral pitch) Please go here for more information


Vitamin A - (Kal)
Vitamin D - (prevents cancer, keeps bones and teeth healthy)
Vitamin E - (Kal)
Vitamin K2 (works with vitamin D)
Food grade yeast - (Kal)
Lecithin granules - (Now)
Choline & Inositol (Kal)
DMAE - (Now)
L-Pyroglutamic Acid - (Source Naturals)
Coenzyme Q10 - (Natural Factors)
Coral calcium mineral formula - (Buried Treasure)
Colloidal Minerals - (Now)
Dolomite - (Kal)
DHA - (Natural Factors)
Ester C - (Kal)
Vit C (5 grams buffered Vit. C)
Bioflavonoids - (Kal)
Quercetin - (Kal)
Glutathione - (Now)
L-Theanine - (Now)
Grape seed extract - (Now)
Full Spectrum Minerals (Max-A-Min - Mother's)
Olive leaf extract - (Natural Factors)
Pregnenolone - (Metabolic Response Modifiers)
Sam-e - (Natural Factors)
Sacred Sonic Silver - (Light and Sound Nutrition)
B-complex vitamins (Stress 1 - Kal)
Niacinamide B3 - (Kal)
B6 (stops homocysteine) - (Kal)
Folic Acid - (Kal)
B12 - (Kal)
Raw Adrenal (adaptogenic)
Raw Thyroid (adaptogenic)
Adrenal Strength - (adaptogenic - Nutritional Theraputix)
MSM (methyl donor for antioxidants)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (300 mg.)
Seanol (Ecklonia Cava Extract)
Super Nutrition AntiOxidant Power
Mood Solution (Twinlab)
Brain Support Formula (Lifetime)
Mental Alertness (Gaia Herbs)
Green Vibrance

Many of the above items can be found on this page: Science of Wholeness Holy Grail.


Food grade yeast is an excellent tasting source of phosphorous, B complex, and essential amino acids (protein). Phosphorous is an essential mineral needed in large quantities by the body and nerves that must be balanced out with equal amounts of calcium.

Lecithin is an essential source of phospholipids needed for energy production, brain and nerve functioning. Best to use lecithin granules which has a nutty flavor.

Coral calcium mineral formula contains alkaline marine minerals and all trace elements in a bioavailable liquid form. Drink up to two tablespoons daily.

Coral calcium powder is a really useful and convenient source of calcium. Much calcium is needed to balance out the phosphorus in lecithin and yeast which is also essential to have in large quantities depending on body size.

Chlorella helps to freshen breath, remove heavy metals and other toxins, provide DNA/RNA, and is a general health tonic.

Co Q10 is an enzyme essential for production of energy. Excellent for heart and gums.

Dry E is an essential antioxidant free of oils that could go rancid and ruin the potency of vit. E.

Vit. D is an essential calcium metabolism hormone that when taken in large enough quantities, helps prevent cancer, depression, schizophrenia, osteoporosis and tooth decay.

DHA is important for emotional stability and learning. Babies raised on bottled milk formulas (as opposed to breast feeding) get no DHA and therefore suffer from major set-backs later in life.

Ester C is a form of vitamin C that is stable, will not leach minerals, and has greater biological effectiveness than other forms of vitamin C.

Glutathione (peroxidase) is made in the body from Cysteine (eggs, mushrooms, corn, broccoli) and selenium. Helps repair DNA and very effectively slows down the aging process.

Grape seed extract is a powerful natural antibiotic. With all the new killer superbugs incubating from the over use and abuse of antibiotics, keep this supplement handy; it could save your life. Never travel without it!

Kava kava is great for anxiety, helps depression, and boosts libido.

Max-A-Min provides all your minerals and vitamin D necessary for proper calcium metabolism. Don't leave home without it!

Olive leaf extract is an immune system builder and enhancer, also can function as a natural antibiotic against a wide range of bacterial infections. It is known to improve mood and overall well-being.

Pregnenolone is the precursor for all essential sex hormones. Improves memory.

Sam-e is major natural antidepressant and good for joints too.

Silver kills off all unfriendly microbes. Never travel abroad without this! It can be used as a full-spectrum antibiotic.

Stress 1 supplies all important B-complex, vitamin C and Valerian root for controlling stress.

For more up-to-date raw food diet and food supplement information, especially in regards to healing depression and anxiety and finding wholeness: go here.

There are always different people with different kinds of metabolism and digestive capabilities, different needs, genetic backgrounds, physical conditions, etc. I leave it to common sense in how one uses this information in adapting it to individual needs, varying tastes and culinary preparation. When taking supplements be sure to have them first thing in the morning with only other juices, along with all the other herbs, powders, etc. This way, one is only taking all the herbs, supplements, etc., one needs without other food interfering with the digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.

However, for myself, I find it of key importance (and most convenient!) to never snack between meals, but rather between every meal, to go on short "water fasts" so that when I do eat, I'm ready to eat a full, complete meal high enough in proteins, fatty acids and complex carbohydrates to last the whole day. (See Lesson 3.1 on water )

A commercial "Vita-Mixer" or similar type of heavy duty blender would also be very useful for liquifying raw vegetables (hard to eat), blending eggs with seed milks, and mixing lecithin, flax oil, etc. with other nutritious drinks. Many more raw foods can be enjoyed if you have access to a "Vita-Mixer" It can be helpful to use the heavy-duty blender to unlock and dissolve in liquid all the vital nutrients in order to make them more biologically available. Compared to other animals, most humans have weak digestion. It is up to you to create whatever recipes that suit you just as long as all these foods are the main part of your diet and that none of them are cooked!

It is essential, when raising Kundalini energy, to eat only the finest and freshest available wholesome foods and antioxidants! The nervous system must adapt rapidly to this new energy, otherwise discomfort and even temporary damage to the nerves could result. For progress to be smooth, rapid and fulfilling, the above foods in their whole, organic, natural state, must be included in your diet!

2.3: HERBS AND ANTIOXIDANTS ARE AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE WHOLENESS FOUNDATION: Your diet must be consistently high in nutritious foods and include a vast spectrum of antioxidants and many of the above listed "rejuvenating" (adaptogenic) herbs that are available. Do not overdo kava kava, licorice root, black cohosh and any other herb. Look up each one to make sure they are safe for your disposition, especially if you intend to take larger quantities for a long period of time. These herbs have a few contraindications such as toxicity to the liver in large doses or high blood pressure if too much licorice root is taken.

These herbs, in the right combinations and dosages, help strengthen and preserve the endocrine glands and the nerves, while some have an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, anti-stress, and immune system strengthening effect. Because having plenty of sexual energy to transmute is so essential, these herbs are vital creating and especially expanding one's sexual energy into universal bliss. The more sexual energy there is to transmute, the deeper one's level of bliss and well-being. Anti-aging antioxidants are also an essential part of this regimen. Physical health and freedom from diseases is important for successful spiritual development and maintenance of spiritual enlightenment. Hopefully, chances would then be greater that one would live and meditate long enough to become spiritually free of the physical limitations.

It seems one's sexual and mental well-being are closely interrelated. Many herbs known as aphrodisiacs can also, not surprisingly, be used as anti-depressants and mental ability enhancers. Ginkgo biloba for example, has not only been used for mental rejuvenation, but also for restoring potency. One of the main factors that changed my life around was the regular use of these life-enhancing herbs and antioxidants. If not a whole chapter or lesson, a separate book can be written on the benefits and scientific research done on each herb. Cayenne pepper, for instance, (used to prevent circulation disorders) has amazing vasodilatation properties. Be careful when using this herb; it is HOT!!! and its strength can vary quite dramatically.


Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500

YOU NEED TO GET A VITA-MIXER! -- To get the most nourishment out of your raw food diet, you may find the use of a Vita-Mixer to be a tremendous advantage. Its ultra-powerful high speed blades dissolve almost any food into a smooth liquid making it one of the most versatile and useful appliances on earth.

One needs some way to grind small amounts of nuts and seed, or to create vegetable/fruit juices that include all the fiber, phytochemicals and other flavanoid constituents essential to health and well-being. Juicers that separate the juice from the fiber are OK, but I prefer and benefit much more from the extra natural fiber, ease and convenience that comes from using a Vita-Mixer in which no part of the whole food is wasted or lost. Very simple to use and clean.

This POWERFUL unit with variable control 2+ peak horsepower motor performs 35 different kitchen tasks. It's stainless steel blades completely pulverizes whole fruits and vegetables, liberating all the nutrients for complete assimilation. Uses a massive 64 oz container consisting of high-impact, clear polycarbonate material.

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Enjoy this Free Online eBook: The Science of Wholeness - Part One

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