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Trying to Find Answers to Life's Most Difficult Questions

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Find Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems

Find Direct Proof of Astounding Realities

Science of Wholeness is presenting serious answers to the following questions:

Is There Life After Death? and Other Essential Questions

Why is there so much suffering, evil, crime, homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism, illness, pain, depression, fear, anxiety, degenerative diseases, severe aging problems, lack of spirituality, and plenty of heartache in this world? Why is healthcare and health insurance costs going up so high?

There is one huge reason for all these problems, it is the widespread mineral depletion of most of the world's agricultural soil combined with terrible eating habits. Most people on typical modern-day diets eat all the wrong food, too much of the wrong food while eating far too often, and not drinking enough water between meals.

There are at least 74 different minerals one should have (such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, manganese, chromium, etc.) combined with all the essential vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, plenty of vitamin D, whole fresh organic eggs, avocados, food grade yeast, mushrooms, fresh fruits and dark-colored berries, vegetable juices, raw kombucha, probiotic rich kefir, and healthy herbs such as turmeric, ashwaganda, ginger, kelp, etc. One should be eating high protein/antioxidant rich food instead of bread, cakes, cookies and other such junk and fasting as long as possible on water between every meal. I've been searching for over four decades for what I believe most of the humanity should really be eating. Here is my answer:

For much more vital information regarding the diet that can fully prepare you to not only experience complete freedom from all health problems but also bring you ever closer and closer to immense inner joy, love and transcendenal experiences, go here: Holy Grail.

If everyone did all of the above, healthcare and insurance costs would plummet. If everyone realized that nearly all diseases and surgeries would be completely unnecessary through full-spectrum supplementation and correct eating alone, most of the world's problems would vanish.

The Scientific Reality of Life After Death

What do the most reliable mystics, yogis and mediums say regarding the afterlife? You will learn far more about the perfectly natural and absolutely beautiful realms of life after death than most people ever do in a lifetime. This information is as scientifically verified and complete as I can possibly make it. How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? Knowing that we all must ultimately face death someday, it is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife. Go here.

Is there life after death?

Answer: Most definitely YES. Go here for astonishingly detailed afterlife information, and go here to watch incredible paranormal voice recordings and interviews to find overwhelming and undeniable proof of life after death. There is a greater reality that we all came from and will return to.

After careful study of all this information you will know that life is eternal and that the afterlife is 100% natural, everlastingly interesting, very meaningful and infinitely beautiful, your fear of death decreases dramatically and feel a much greater sense of enrichment, fulfillment, purpose and love in your life. And realizing this scientific truth (definitely NOT fantasy or religion) is one of the keys to wholeness. Life in a much finer, higher quality form definitely goes on after death. The reason mainstream science has not yet confirmed this fact is because of a widespread materialistic and religious prejudice, and too weak of a link or connection between the physical world and the afterlife beyond it for it to be detected using conventional methods.

Even though the realms of the afterlife tend to be even more real than the physical, the physical is so out of synch with the higher vibrations of the spiritual realms that scientific verification of these higher realities has always been quite elusive. However, not even the most advanced, most scientific, down-to-earth, hard-nosed skeptic has been able to disprove life after death. It is only by certain rare flukes of nature that we can safely say there is an unending and very beautiful, meaningful existence to look forward to after death. These flukes of nature include the near-death experience, ectoplasm, direct voice mediums such as Leslie Flint, ADC's (after death communications), OOBE's (out-of-body experiences), occasional ITC contacts, astral projection, ghosts, apparitions and other paranormal activity. See also: A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife.

How do we survive when fossil fuels start to run out and gas prices soar too high?

Answer: Instead of fighting over oil, add a water to hydrogen converter (the Incredible Hydrostar System) to your vehicle or any engine or appliance that needs gas vapor. Go here to watch a FOX News report how Jimmy Klein creates HHO from H2O, how he can use HHO for welding and drives a car that runs on water. Go here to find out more about the use of water as fuel and obtain your own plans of a device that can convert water into fuel for use by nearly any vehicle.

Is Earth being visited by extraterrestrials? Is there free energy?

Answer: Definitely YES! Not only that, what if there is, now in the hands of U. S. companies back-engineered alien technology using zero-point energy, ion powered, antigravity, faster-than-light vehicles? Before you think I'm crackers, please carefully study the Palo Alto Caret Laboratory examples here. Listen to Earthfiles aerial drone sighting Podcast 1, Audio Podcast 2 and Podcast 3. Somewhere the technology exists to end all dependence on fossil fuels and end global warming forever. Go ahead and disbelieve all you want, be sceptical because it is controversial, but first watch this: Disclosure With Dr. Steven Greer Are any of the aliens a threat? A few might be, but most are not. Our real enemies are the immaturities of humankind such as closed mindedness, fear, ignorance, greed, egotism, evil, and selfishness. See Welcome to ZPEnergy - The Energy of The Future.

Could the world be saved if everyone became vegetarian? What is causing most of the suffering in this world? How do we eliminate world hunger?

Answer to first question: Yes! And to the second question: Greed. And to the third, all the food inefficiently wasted on cattle and hogs could be used to provide healthy, vegetarian food for most of the hungry and poor! The mass torture and slaughter of vast numbers of innocent animals for the sake of corporate greed cannot possibly happen without creating some sort of massive and terrible backlash in this cause=effect universe of infinite complexity. I have never been able to understand how any life form can be hurt and/or destroyed without any sense of remorse. Humans are suffering because of those consequenses some of which are obvious and others not so obvious yet will be severe long-term such as cancer, serious infections, putrefaction bacteria, colon problems, and spiritual/moral catastrophes. Anyone with spiritual or moral awareness should easily feel great remorse whenever harming or killing an innocent animal. Anyone who would not is spiritually dead.

There is always a subtle, but extremely negative long-term effect whenever a violent act such as killing an innocent being is commited. It is ABSOLUTELY wrong and unnecessary to eat red meat (dead flesh) when there are various types of algae, nuts, yogurt, eggs, bee pollen, yeast, seeds, and legumes combined with whole grains available on this planet which tend to have much more biological value, antioxidants, enzymes, etc. Society's demand for dead flesh is the main cause of global climatic and ecological destruction. There are also perfectly just, yet horrendous long-term spiritual consequences for anyone who would hurt any creature for greedy profits and materialistic gain. The only possible exclusion were those indigenous cultures who lived off the land and had to kill an occasional deer, buffalo, seal, otter, etc. for survival. They used every part of the animal for shelter, clothing and food. Anyone who would kill for sport are morally out of line.

Is there a cure for cancer? Can aids and other major diseases be conquered?

There is no single magic bullet or pill that can cure degenerative diseases such as aids, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. However, there are many health-promoting vegetables, fruits, super foods, antioxidants, minerals,m etc., available from your local organic healthfood store that when eaten raw and in synergistic combination while excluding all meat and junk food can really help. By the way, there are plenty of seemingly miraculous herbs from various parts of the globe such as the Amazon Rainforest that can kill viruses, rebuild the immune system and help to reverse diabetes and even destroy cancer cells with no side effects except good ones. For example, there is an excellent cancer-fighting herb from Brazil called "graviola" (annona muricata) which also has many good side effects such as the relief of depression. Go here to learn more about this wonderful herb from the Amazon Rainforest. Poor nutrition is one of the worst enemies of the immune system, making one much more susceptible to the damaging effects of an aids infection and cancer. Recent research with Vitamin D in one to five thousand IUs is also proving to be a huge factor in preventing cancer and stopping cancer. However, this fact was known by some scientists, doctors and researchers many years ago and I am appalled at not knowing this fact while my mother was dying from cancer in 1991. Vitamin D is also has a huge effect in preventing or reducing the impact of all kinds of infectious diseases such as the flu and common cold, emotional well-being, bone density and dental health.

Can tooth decay be stopped or at least slowed down with the correct diet?

I would have to say most definitely yes. The teeth and bones are completely dependent on a healthy diet and the availablity of and digestive system's ability to absorb certain vitamins and ionized minerals such as vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, all other macro-minerals, and all the trace elements. In addition to all this, a health researcher by the name of Dr. Weston A. Price, discovered something (a certain calcium metabolism activator "X") missing in modern-day diets but was plentiful in the stone-age diet. Go here to learn more about this "Factor X" butter oil and the research of Dr. Weston A. Price.

Does visualizing something really help make it happen?

Answer: According the book The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart actual scientific experiments have proven that the mind can to a certain extent influence matter at its quantum level. To be on the safe side, I would definitely always think feel positive and aviod visualizing or feeling anything negative! Matter is not nearly as substancial as it seems anyway: just a "solidified" form of energy as stated Einstein's famous equation: E=MC2. According to The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, matter is the effect of an energy matrix which appears to be nothing more than just a mental concept or holographic blueprint of reality. This could mean that your universal (subconscious) mind may not only be influencing reality but also creating it! This could mean a whole new paradigm or approach to life that is absolutely astounding in its implications.

Does one really create one's own reality and can one actually change it for the better by changing one's thinking alone?

The idea that "you create your own reality" is now being fully investigated by Science of Wholeness. The first time I ever read or heard of that concept was while reading a book in the 1980's, Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. It seemed too strange a concept back then for me to fully realize, however I can now see after all my other research and my own personal understanding of the universe, how this concept can be quite true. Not only that, but it could also help to answer any and all of the world's most dificult questions and problems. It has been a tremendous relief to me personally knowing that my life can now be so much better without having to fight or struggle for it, and that simply by improving the way I think and feel can solve so many life-long and frustrating problems. The fastest and most effective way I know of to change one's experience of life for the better is through a program called, "Release Technique" discovered by Lester Levenson who has also discovered on his own many profound and amazingly valuable truths.

Can any physical illness be cured with the right food and supplements?

Answer: Yes the right supplements and diet can definitely help! However, to what extent they can help depend on many other lifestyle factors that I mention throughout this website.

Can mental illness be cured with the right food and supplements?

Answer: Yes, again, as with almost any physical ailment, the right supplements and diet can definitely help! However again, to what extent they can help depend on many other lifestyle factors that I mention throughout this website.

Can one go even further along this path to find the biochemical key to enlightenment?

Answer: This is my most important question! So far I have discovered that the quality of concentration and enjoyment of meditation can be immensely improved using the principles of wholeness such as correct supplementation, diet, ionized water, conservation and transmutation of sexual energy, etc. All these parts must come together and I am well on my way to uderstanding what they all are!

How can one create more love, peace and lasting happiness in this world?

Answer: Everyone must start with one's self through inner truth, unconditional love, moral values, and transmutation of lust into love and self-realization using the laws of wholeness.

How would one rise above all of life's frustrations and limitations?

Answer: Through meditation on the opposite qualities or aspects of frustration and limitation and following the principles of wholeness. It seems that the general condition of one's life is created by the way one has been thinking and feeling all one's life.

What is stopping all of us from ascending into higher states of spiritual freedom such as everlasting joy?

Answer: Many factors such as materialism, ego, tension, stress, poor diet, conventional sex (ecxessive loss of sexual fluids), a hectic, highly demanding materialistic business, job or schedule, and ignorance of one's true nature as immortal soul or spirit, etc. are common obstacles to finding spiritual freedom.

Why do the most serious mystics and yogis practice celibacy?

Answer: One's health, vitality and sexual energy are all so closely tied together that if any one of the above essential factors is lost, all the rest tend to follow! That means that immoderate sex or even occasional sex can be a great drain on one's health, wholeness and vitality. However, only the most tuned in, and most spiritually sensitive people notice this effect enough to want to abstain from sex as much as possible. They feel so much happier, lighter, more uplifted and full of joy, excitement and enthusiasm for life when celibate. Go here to find how so many problems can be solved by changing the direction of one's sexual energy.

What is keeping the soul so hopelessly entangled with the body and ego?

Answer: Spirit and matter are two separate parts of existence that can rarely, if ever, commingle with one another. Identification with the physical senses prevent spirit from experienceing the higher realms. Lust and breath keep the soul and body stuck together. It is an evolutionary requirement that consciousness be made to strongly identify with the body otherwise it would not strive for self-preservation or bother to fight for survival. One must master sexual transmutation, the breath, mind and senses to find freedom from the tyrany of the physical body.

To have all the benefits of celibacy, does one have to remain completely away from all forms of sensuality, the opposite sex and relationships?

Answer: Amazingly enough, not only is it possible to retain one's sexual fluids in an intimate relationship, one can enjoy vastly deeper, everlasting love, much more meaningful contact with members of the opposite sex, and even far greater sensuality. Great spiritual growth and other benefits can come from fully transmuted sexual relationships. It all depends on how much skill, self-control, experience, wisdom, and ability one has to transmute. Not only that, the main force in nature that causes so many break-ups and diviorces in the world comes from all the changes in brain chemistry after the loss of sexual fluids from conventional sex! Go here to a website that fully explains this fact.

What is stopping all of us from enjoying blissful soul travel every night?

Answer: It may be due to the negative influences and beliefs of materialistic western culture, genes, inability to slow metabolism, lifestyle, lack of vital (sexual) energy, fear, and religious dogma. Most primative cultures seem to be able to do this. The same applies to communication with the dead. This is an extremely important subject that I am very interested in.

What is the most effective way to solve humanity's problems and replace all suffering with joy?

Answer: Experience wholeness, which of course requires that everyone must follow the principles of wholeness! Everyone is a powerful spiritual being or creator; whatever chronic thoughts and feeling that dominate the mind will tend to manifest as actual conditions of living. It is a universal law or truth that whatever one concentrates on long enough will tend to materialize. A good habit to have is to focus on the result one wants rather than the result one fears and it should always be for the good of all, not a selfish gain.

If joy is our native state, then why aren't we there already?

Answer: The world is too much of a rough place and humanity's adaptation to it along with all the stress, imperfections, outwardly directed sensuality, aging process, illnesses, deaths, etc. that take place in it, rarely allows for such a thing. Most people can find temporary states of complacency, but that's the best they can do until they discover and master the principles of wholeness.

How does one end all loneliness and find, everlasting, all-fulfilling love?

Answer: Finding love depends on how many opportunities one has and amount of time one has available to devote to a relationship. It is impossible for relationships to last forever, unless one fully develops one's spiritual side, masters sexual self-control with transmutation, and learns how to soul travel, then there is hope. As with everything, finding wholeness is extremely important, even more important than finding a relationship. One is much more likely to attract and enjoy a really wonderful relationship once wholeness has been found. And once one has found true and lasting wholeness, one can then experience an extremely profound and everlasting love. As soon as one is fully established in wholeness (God-realized) and if there is no physical companion available, then a mystical relationship with an angel, God (or Goddess) is possible.

If a lonely person (unlucky in love) really needed the kind of love that only a perfect mate (spouse) would provide, how would such love be found?

Answer: Hard to find in the world, but plenty of lucky individuals do seem to find it! Another problem, even if found in the world, it can't last forever unless they live their lives by the principles of wholeness and learn how to extend consciousness beyond the mortal confines of the physical as in soul travel. A relationship and lifestyle needs to be based on the principles of wholeness (especially the complete conservation and transmutation of sexual energy) for it to last long and become very deep, meaningful and profound. If there is no physical companion available, but one has found wholeness (Self-realization and God-realization), then a mystical relationship with either an angelic being, God (or Goddess) is possible and would be as close to perfection as one could get.

How does one prevent overpopulation and all the tragic problems that go along with it?

Answer: Never let overly moralistic religious beliefs and dogmas separate one from common sense! There has to be some form of birth control or family planning otherwise we will all be in deep "doo doo" by the end of this century. Obviously, conserving sexual evergy for spiritual purposes instead of wasting it on conventional orgasms (loss of vital sexual fluids) would help the world immensely in many different ways.

Must we all struggle to survive, grow old (lose our good looks, health, vibrance, etc.) and then die before ever really finding God (wholeness)?

Answer: One can live better and slow the aging process down to the extent one follows the principles of wholeness which are fully covered throughout this website. We are immortal beings, there is no actual death, just a transition to a truly wonderful life where God (wholeness) is found and experienced in an infinite number of different ways and in deeper, richer ways through a process of gradual, everlasting ascenscion.

Must nearly everyone work/struggle all the time just to survive then not ever have enough time and energy for finding real love and fulfillment?

Answer: Western society's materialistic values, priorities and concepts tend to keep one stuck on a treadmill. Overpopulation, improper use of and lack of personal and general resources make this problem more difficult to solve. One's environment, values, beliefs, lifestyle and goals all determine just how tied up to the daily struggle for survival one has to be. Redirection of the sexual energy into everlasting wholeness or bliss will most likely have to be an essential part of the answer. The wisest sages have known about this fact for thousands of years. We are all in this together, so (for your immense benefit) please consider following the lifestyle and values of wholeness.

Regarding those who claim to have found the key to happiness already:

1) Will their happiness and fulfillment last forever?

Answer: If it is not based on solid principles of wholeness, science, transmutation and yoga there could be some potholes somewhere in the future.

2) If not, then for how long?

Answer: Obvioulsly, any earthly happiness cannot last any longer than one lives!

3) And then what?

Answer: A major change such as death is inevitable. Get spiritual.

4) How deep and real is their happiness?

Answer: Most people cannot claim real, infinitely beautiful love and fulfillment. It would most likely be at a superficial (on the surface) level, especially in this materialistic culture.

5) What is it based on?

Answer: Of course, every individual person may have a different basis for their happiness. If it is entirely based on material satisfaction or momentary youthful enthusiasm, it won't last.

The Scientific Reality of Life After Death

What do the most reliable mystics, yogis and mediums say regarding the afterlife? You will learn far more about the perfectly natural and absolutely beautiful realms of life after death than most people ever do in a lifetime. This information is as scientifically verified and complete as I can possibly make it. How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? Knowing that we all must ultimately face death someday, it is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife. Go here.

Do yogis such as Mahavatar Babaji really exist?

Answer: Very convincing stories of deathless "yogi-Christ" masters can be found in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. I personally believe he does, and have heard and read some startling experiences and some compelling and convincing stories. A more recent authentic encounter with Mahavatar Babaji can be found in the book, Wings to Freedom by Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. For more up-to-date information on Mahavatar Babaji (not to be confused with Hirikan Baba) go here.

Real wholeness (happiness) is immense, infinite, everlasting, everchanging joy, bliss and love. many gurus claim to have found it, but how does the rest of the world find it? it seems only the gurus really benefit from their yoga, while nearly everyone else in the world remains in darkness.

Answer: This is one of the most extremely important questions that "Science of Wholeness" is finding an answer to. Like I said before, it is all the habits, traits, western cultural beliefs, materialism, poor diet, stress, etc. that prevent the average person from achieving enlightenment. The main and most essential key to all those wonderful states the great masters enjoy is the complete renounciation of (freedom from) all desires and emotions and the complete control of one's thinking so that one can immediately go into samadhi at will and live purely from the no-mind, egoless state of pure, unbounded joy, love and awareness.

How does one find enough time to practice the lifestyle of wholeness?

Answer: Obviously one's time is precious, but what is the most essential and valuable thing in the world? Wholeness! If one feels one does not have enough time to practice the princples of wholeness, then one must be investing their vital time and energy into something of less value.

How Does One Remain Sane in an Insane World?

How do we restore natural beauty, & improve quality of life? how do we find true, permanent, total freedom & all-fulfilling love?

Challenging are the problems of the human condition. Is anyone here really happy? who is 100% secure? Who is really fulfilled? This is a progressive research website trying to answer these and many other vital questions.

PROBLEM: Even those who have everything this world can offer are still in danger of losing everything and be plagued by countless worries.

ANSWER: Worry acomplishes nothing! It is far better to concentrate on the result one really wants rather than waste precious time on countless worries. It is imperative that we all seek to become at one with the Self or Soul of the universe.

PROBLEM: The poor may know no end to their uncertainty and/or suffering.

ANSWER: Why not concentrate on prosperity than poverty? Isn't it far more practical to think about prosperity and how to achieve it rather than get lost in a hopeless quandrum of lack and misery?

PROBLEM: Life seems to be an infinite series of bewildering problems.

ANSWER: It is far better to focus on ways problems can be solved and how life can be satisfying rather than putting one's energy into feeling overwhelmed and bewildered. Applying the life principles of this website should enable one to become a refuge of wholeness permanently free from any more problems.

PROBLEM: Even those lucky enough to live long enough and retire wealthy still could end up in nursing homes, or in a wheel chair permanently scarred by the ravages of time.

ANSWER: Let's concentrate all one's energy on how one really wants life to turn out rather than get lost in endless worry about the limitations of old age and mortality. One becomes what one thinks and eats. Think only the best and noble thoughts of love, health, abundance and good will; conserve sexual fluids, eat only the best foods possible that protect, rejuvenate and nourish the body, mind and spirit the most.

PROBLEM: As if that were not bad enough, no matter how hard one tries not to, one ultimately becomes a pile of ash in a box or a collection of bones in a graveyard.

ANSWER: Meditate on the immortality of the soul! Eat only the healthiest possible food so that at least one can live happier, healthier and long enough to improve one's chances of finding answers to life's most vital and challenging questions. Know thyself! Master soul travel and become one with the great, immortal Joy of God within. Learn how transmutation, raw foods and antioxidants can heal and regenerate body cells so that they can last indefinitely.

PROBLEM: Knowledge of what happens after one dies is still quite sketchy, if not, distorted by all the world religions.

ANSWER: Study life after death, other people's near-death experiences, etc. Learn how to manifest and experience out-of-body states so that there can no longer be any question about the immortality of the soul. Explore spirituality with scientific objectivity rather than with religious prejudice.

PROBLEM: What a challenging state indeed is the human condition!

ANSWER: Read this website and we will beat that challenge with flying colors. The greatest mistake one can make is to let life slip by without making a serious attempt to find and master the Keys to Wholeness, or victory over life and death. One needs to overcome ALL addictions and dive deeply as possible within one's self until the highest Reality of God is found. One must make many changes in one's lifestyle and much refinement of one's values and priorities. Life's worst problems can be soloved through perfect emotional and mental control using positive eating, positive thinking, pure lifestyle, conservation of sexual fluids, transmutation with prana, and deep meditation. While carefully following the information you have in front of you, is possible to permanently transcend misery and find within oneself a lasting paradise of peace, joy, beauty and love.

PROBLEM: Is there at least one unbiased book I can trust to show me all that I need to know about the afterlife, religion and how to find God?

ANSWER: After years of research, I finally found an extremely vital book, Our Ultimate Reality which covers extensive detail regarding the higher realities beyond death and how to connect to them. To save years, (maybe even lifetimes!) of confusion and searching and trying so many different religions, philosophies, paths, etc. one definitely needs to read this book! It goes straight to the facts, is unbiased and full of the most detailed yet only the most essential information that one needs to transcend the physical dimension and find one's Real Self. Read my own personal, extensive book review here.

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The Tree of Life is one of the most familiar of the Sacred Geometry Symbols. The structure of the Tree of Life is connected to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah but can be seen in other traditions as well, such as the ancient Egyptian tradition. Go here to learn more.


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The Christ Consciousness pendant radiates a very high and subtle vibration and posseses excellent healing characteristics. It is called Christ consciousness because it looks like the human consciousness grid... Go here to learn more.

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The Mobius strip, also called the twisted cylinder, is a one-sided nonorientable surface obtained by cutting a closed band into a single strip, giving one of the two ends thus produced a half twist, and then reattaching the... Go here to learn more.

Shefa Pendant

The Shefa symbol was received in direct transmission from Archangel Metatron by Dvora Pearlman. It was received as a teacher and a tool to learn, to use and to connect with the... Go here to learn more.

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The Merkaba pendant symbolizes the flow of Prana energy (life force energy) in our body. By utilizing the ancient Prana breathing technique, we are able to restore the Prana flow through the pineal gland at the center of our brain. Go here to learn more.

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The Christ Consciousness pendant is made from a combination of 2 platonic solid shapes - the dodecahedron (12 five sided facets) and the icosahedrons (20 triangles). The structure of the Christ Consciousness pendant creates the third level consciousness grid of the human race, which is an electro magnetic field that surrounds planet earth and... Go here to learn more.

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The Gordian Knot pendant symbolizes the idea of unity which binds everything into one. The Gordian knot... Go here to learn more.

Gordian Knot

The Ka Bracelet contains elements from the emerald Tablets and the culture of ancient Egypt. A translation of the hieroglyphs engraved on the bracelet is: "Rise up and awaken, you are not dead, your Ka will remain within you for eternity." Go here to learn more.

Gordian Knot

The Merkaba symbol is based on the Prana energy field and the aura field. It is one of the most powerful symbols in the world. The Merkaba also helps in our spiritual growth and the connection to the higher self. Go here to learn more.

The Flower of Life can be found in all major religions of the world. In Egypt, the source of all the mono-theistic religions, the "Flower of Life" can be found in the ancient Temple of Abydos. Go here to learn more.

Personal Creation pendant contains the geometrical and mathematical patterns of creation itself as it can be found in nature. The Personal creation shape appeared in the year 1991 in Wessex, England, in a wheat field. Go here to learn more.

The Golden Spiral structure represents two well known sacred geometry shapes: the golden mean (phi) spiral and the Fibonacci spiral. It is a based on a crop circle shape known as the "Hackpen Hill Formation" that formed in an English wheat field in 1999. Go here to learn more.

Gordian Knot

The Gordian Knot pendant symbolizes the idea of unity which binds everything into one. The Gordian knot... Go here to learn more.

Abundance Ring gold

The Abundance Ring Shefa is a word in Hebrew that literally means Abundance. This word, in its highest and most profound meaning, means a tool for creating abundance. It holds powerful kinetic energy, the kind of energy that when coupled with one's intent for the highest goodness and aligned with the Divine will, can move mountains or feed... Go here to learn more.

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