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The Science of Wholeness: Part Two


AN INSPIRING VISION I HAD MANY YEARS AGO: Sometime around 1980, I had an inspiration and wrote it down. It depicted the importance of yoga and eastern philosophy as a means of saving the future of humankind. It described beautifully the goal of humanity and therefore seemed an appropriate setting for the following lessons.

A HIGHWAY TO INFINITY: Humanity is only beginning to prepare for a greater beginning on a journey through an eternity of far-reaching possibilities. Humankind is still in its infancy, and its extinction is a future possibility if its present carelessness is continued as a result of the gross imbalance of intellectual knowledge and spiritual wisdom. The meditation and yoga of the east and its advanced spiritual wisdom may eventually spread into the more western-oriented societies supplying the occident with something to fill the void of spiritual ignorance. Ancient spiritual wisdom may eventually serve as an inspiration to put advanced technology to far more ethical and practical use. When the powerful eastern philosophies and religious ideals spread throughout the world, more and more will be finding inner satisfaction on a highway inward to God. In a century or two, the development of the soul may be universally recognized as progress of the highest importance. Spiritual giants and masters of yoga may be the common product of the 22nd century when hopefully a glorious age of peace, love and enlightenment will have begun. All humanity may live in a united fellowship of life without racial, national or religious conflict, and as a united conglomeration of all cultures, since they will have learned the universal principles of wisdom as a guideline for morality and justice. If this ideal happens, humankind shall also identify itself as a part of the universe or nature as a whole. This ideal situation would be reflected in his culture and in more elaborate technological systems that work with nature instead of against it. All aspects of human life shall be immensely glorified and enhanced. All would be in the name of joy.


I locked my heart's attention on God
And threw away the key!

Be absolutely resolved in your determination to find God. God is the source of all good and with whom even your wildest, most wonderful dreams can come true. God is the Master Key to all fulfillments and the Fountainhead of all sweetness. Drink from the wells of God's sweet Love, for they are the Living Waters of the Divine Immortality. Why not seek Divine Joy as your first priority in life? It is a race against time to do everything we can to find God before the inevitable Grim Reaper reaches us. All other desires serve only to keep us bound to the dream-state of worldliness and continued rounds of reincarnation and suffering. Every lifetime should be seen as an opportunity to seek wholeness.

It is tragic that so much of life is tied up into all sorts of worldly concerns, pressures and responsibilities, when everything possible should be done to find one's connection with the needs of the soul and the REAL reasons for life as soon as possible! Otherwise life is wasted on things that make little or no sense. Society must encourage the discovery of God as our true nature!

THE DESTINY OF HUMANKIND: The world is fast becoming a global village, hence, higher consciousness and world peace are essential or our entire village could burn down in a nuclear fire. As long as humanity remains separated from its higher faculties of Divine Intelligence, it is vulnerable to itself and to the whims of nature. If we are to continue to survive as a free, self-determining species, we MUST evolve as fast as possible and start to transform our physical bodies into subtle, highly divinized, and emancipated expressions of light and energy. Those who remain so closed-minded that they do nothing to change themselves may be in for some astonishing surprizes. All religions must give way to each and every individual's quest for wholeness and unity with the One Light of Truth behind all religions. Dogmatism, close-mindedness and prejudice must come to an end if there is to be an awakening to the higher realities and possibilities of life and to be better prepared for the unknown dangers that lie directly ahead.

Eventually, life must evolve into higher, subtler forms requiring less physical food and depending more and more on negative ions, cosmic or orgone energy, the Holy Spirit and sunlight. Such transformations have already occurred in many saints throughout history, especially in India and in and around the Himalayas. Some have managed to live frugally for centuries in caves and other isolated places amid the Himalayan snows.

One of the greatest of these yogis is Mahavatar Babaji. After centuries of high communion with God, his body has become so divinized that it no longer casts a shadow on the ground, and is free to dematerialize and manifest anywhere at will. His body of infinite bliss is usually visible and available only to his closest disciples. The degree of his spiritual attainment is inconceivable. Throughout history he has played a large role in the initiation, guidence and direction of some of India's greatest avatars such as Sri Shankaracharya around 800 AD, the great saint and poet Kabir in the 15th century, and Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861. Lahiri Mahasaya was the guru of Paramhansa Yogananda's Guru, Sri Yukteswar Giri Maharaj. Paramhansa Yogananda is the author of AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI which contains much information on Mahavatar (great avatar) Babaji. Go here to read Chapter 33, "Babaji, the Yogi-Christ of Modern India". The most recent fully enlightened Himalayan Master (since Yogananda) to represent Babaji's Kriya Yoga in the West is Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath a born siddha master who has direct contact with Babaji. His remarkable experiences with Babaji (and much more) is documented in his book, Wings to Freedom: Mystic Revelations from Babaji and the Himalayan Yogis. In a sense, his book could be an awesome sequel to Paramhansa's book, Autobiography of a Yogi. A complete synopsis of all that is known about Mahavatar Babaji can be found here.

Such beings as Babaji can manifest any object by pure thought, and can partake of food directly from cosmic energy. Not only Babaji, but also high souls such as Trailanga Swami, Busuddha Nanada Paramahansa, Milan Ma, Pawharibaba, and many other saints have been materializing food and other solid objects out of thin air.

This new form of human being no longer is confined to the very limited (and self-limiting) gratification of physical sex either. Instead he or she enjoys a profoundly satisfying, everlasting, spiritual intercourse based on a similar pattern of physical intercourse but from cell to cell. This indescribable spiritual ecstasy far overshadows ordinary sex experienced by male and female. Male and female may someday enjoy each other as soul mates in awesome spiritual unions of pure love completely free of selfishness and lust. All highly advanced beings will develop and maintain an extraordinary, everlasting beauty. At this level, life automatically expresses higher values and merges into them. Relationships will expand into truly amazing levels of divine love. Eventually all marriages may become a relationship of only spiritual values and spiritual joy, regardless of social, mental, procreation, and economic factors.

No longer will humans have to rely on any of the senses for enjoyment. Today people are dependent on external music, but through developing their higher chakras, they will while in contemplation, enjoy the deep and superb musical sounds or "music of the spheres" from the universally present reverberations of astral symphonies of "Surat Shabd" or "Anahata Dhwani" as they call it in yoga.

There will be a new species of Homo sapiens: no longer a naked ape, but a human-God clothed with the powers of immortality, bliss, love, and Divine Intelligence. All of ones faculties will be integrated so that God can be experienced in all the glory, both as a Divine Person and as the Absolute. No longer would one have to rely on the senses and rational faculties for truth. Knowledge instead will come directly from powerful flashes of insight.

Our destiny then is to become a multitude of focal points of God-consciousness ever evolving onward in the eternal play of love with the Divine in the universe and the Divine in each other. Ever new horizons of possibilities eternally await the Pioneers of Cosmic Love.


Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramhansa Yogananda

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Enjoy this Free Online eBook: The Science of Wholeness - Part Two

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