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Science of Wholeness - Connect To Spirit Using Today's Scientific Knowledge

Please Read Important Disclaimer Before Using this WebsiteDISCLAIMER: As with any website that advocates personal dietary changes, alternative ways of thinking, and alternative therapies not approved by the FDA, and even though I do all I can to safeguard the reader from anything that could be hazardous or dangerous, I cannot be responsible for any loss or damages resulting from any accidents related to and/or deliberate misuse of this most valuable and extraordinary material. By accessing this website, you agree to use this unusual information responsibly, carefully and at your own discretion. Please consult with your physician before trying any health product, diet, regimen or making changes to your lifestyle. This website is NOT intended for individuals under 18 years of age. This website includes various affiliate offers, if purchased or acted on, could financially benefit the author. All information published on this site is NOT meant to be a substitute for professional help, competent medical advice or treatment.

Scicence of Wholeness - Your Key to Awakening, Joy and Wholeness - This website provides solutions for your own and the world's most critical problems.

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Greetings! Have you ever felt a hidden wellspring of potential within you, just waiting to be tapped? Science of Wholeness is your invitation to embark on a thrilling expedition - an exploration of the vast inner landscape you possess. Consider this a map, a guidepost on your journey.

To help you in your quest for wholeness, I've created a free online book entailing wholeness through meditation, transmutation, fasting on water, and advanced nutrition. I've poured my life's experience into this free online text - The Science of Wholeness Parts I & II. This knowledge is to be shared. This material is my offering to empower you to claim your full potential.

Of course, every explorer needs support, and you will find much support, encouragement, and guidance here. If this website resonates with you, I welcome your contribution to furthering this work. Perhaps you have insights to share - hidden gems you've discovered on your path. Let's create a collaborative wellspring of wisdom.

And as you embark on this adventure, may the boundless love and infinite intelligence that permeates the cosmos guide you. May the endlessly loving and infinitely wise Mother of all life in the universe bless you.

Please go here to sign petitions to help save our planet from a horrific mass extinction caused by the oil, coal, beef, herbicide, pesticide and lumber industries, overfishing, and extreme overpopulation.
Go here to sign petitions to help save our planet from a horrific mass extinction caused by the oil, coal, beef, herbicide, pesticide and lumber industries, deforestation, overfishing, overpopulation.

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Learn All the Secrets to Wholeness Now!

Friends, listen closely! The secrets of wholeness, the key to unlocking a wellspring of joy within, are no longer hidden. Here, on this very platform, I unveil them freely. Wholeness isn't some abstract concept; it's a vibrant reality--a love so profound, a joy so intense, that it ripples outward, manifesting miracles in your daily life.

Science of Wholeness isn't mere theory. It's a potent system, a practical guide to experiencing the richness of life. It's about amplifying your capacity for joy, love, prosperity, and a renewed sense of vitality. It's about embracing your spiritual nature and finding fulfillment in every breath. It's about accessing a wellspring of endless bliss, a state of complete happiness, and an unshakable well of inner wisdom. It cultivates radiant beauty within you, fostering a sense of security and abundant health.

This website is your gateway to a life brimming with paradise. A paradise not of some external location, but a paradise woven from the threads of lasting joy, profound pleasure, and ecstatic aliveness. It's about restoring the natural radiance within you, and dramatically elevating the quality of your existence. Here, you'll discover the path to true and lasting freedom, a freedom that transcends limitations. You'll find a love that fulfills in ways you never imagined possible.

Remember, friends, a life overflowing with joy, happiness, and love is not just a dream; it's your birthright. It's the divine will for you. However, to claim this birthright, a certain degree of alignment is required. This alignment comes through understanding and living by the universal laws--the laws of life, love, and selfless service. The Keys to Wholeness will unlock these secrets, empowering you to live a life truly in accordance with the divine.

Are you ready? Embark on this journey, and experience the magnificent potential that lies dormant within you.

Imagine Living a Life Without Boundaries or in a World Without Borders

Boundaries, borders, lines, barriers, and edges. Imagine a world without any such separations, especially those that human beings create. Imagine a world without any geographic borders, and therefore without any nations that fight one another or struggle to maintain some form of dominance over their people or other nations around themselves. Imagine a world without "isms" or dogmas that clash with one another..

Gaia Photograph of Earth from Apollo 8 taken by William Anders - Credit: NASA

When we remove all of Earth's boundaries, we see only continents and lands that merge. Nature is completely unaware of all the artificial designations and regions that governments create such as zip codes, cities, counties, states, and nations. For example, birds migrate over vast distances sometimes crossing entire hemispheres of the planet. The wind, rain clouds, and storms exhibit no sense whatsoever of the lines that separate countries and peoples. Earth's atmosphere is shared by all, and in no way can be sectioned off to different lands, etc.

Imagine the entire planet without any of the geographic markings, countries, belts, regions, longitude, and latitude lines. What we then perceive is the actual, underlying reality seen from space thousands of miles away: a cosmic blue marble with white flecks, multiple shades of blue, browns, and greens floating in a boundless cosmic ocean.

Even nature has its borders, such as the coastlines that mark the edges of continents and the circumferences of all islands. Also, there is a border between night and day where the sun is either always rising or setting. The planet's immense terminator between night and day crosses all human-created boundaries without the slightest hesitation.

All the "boundaries" of nature's elegance seem to mark only a vastly greater unity or design of wholeness, therefore underlining a far greater purpose than any human or artificially created separation can ever achieve.

The removal of all artificial separations, artificial definitions, boundaries, barriers, etc. is like removing an illusory mask from a vision of wholeness so perfect and so complete, so simple and yet so unique, it cannot be duplicated or perceived in any other way.

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The Spiritual Teachings of Abraham and Bashar

The beings of light who call themselves, "Abraham" and channeled through the medium Ester Hicks give vital information about the true nature of our reality. The teachings of Abraham are a perfect complement to a completely different source of information called "Bashar" who claims to be an extraterrestrial channeled through the medium Darryl Anka.

Naturally, many people with strong religious prejudices or other belief systems both academic and personal, would tend to reject the teachings of Abraham and Bashar. The best way I can explain it scientifically is that there is an extra or fifth dimension to reality where a much preferred already existing possibility can be attracted into or "manifested" through simply changing one's emotions and beliefs. I would suppose that consciousness is much more "fluid" than solid matter, and therefore more likely to shift or change its perspective in a field of parallel possibilities. To begin with, a shift from moment to moment through time happens anyway.

Therefore why can't onsciousness also shift laterally into any neighboring parallel universe that corresponds to its state of being? Nothing ever actually would change except the perspective of consciousness within any of an infinite number of parallel universes or different versions of "Earth" as in the "Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" theory. Accordingly, one's vibrational or energetic "location" or state of being could affect or determine which one of an infinite number of parallel worlds or timelines could end up being experienced within a five-dimensional field. That is why Bashar states, "State of being matters, not the situation."

In other words, what really could be happening is a shift in perspective or location of one's consciousness in a five-dimensional "space" or "geometry" containing potentially endless possibilities. However, until one or more are experienced or observed (as in the collapse of the wave function) all these other "realities" or worlds exist only potentially or theoretically. For example, while praying for world peace with the positive vibration of sincere faith and love, the perspective of that consciousness or individual praying should start to shift to a parallel Earth where there is more world peace than before the prayer was uttered. According to Bashar, this process is "simple physics" in action or an effect created by a change in the observer.

Jesus knew this fact quite well, He just used different words to describe it: "According to your faith be it unto you." (Matthew 9:29) in the Old Testament, someone wrote: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) which clearly describes the power of thought.

Meditate on the Boundless Ocean of Bliss Within

Find a comfortable place to sit, preferably a soft chair or pillow, in a quiet and dark room where you won't be disturbed. Close your eyes and use ear muffs to block out external noise. By doing this, you can temporarily disconnect from the outside world and focus on your inner self through yoga or meditation.

As you close your eyes, you'll notice a sense of simplicity and unity in your consciousness. The borders, lines, and distinctions that exist in the external world disappear, leaving you with an unbounded visual field. You may experience energy patterns and fields of color that gradually dissolve into subtle shades of darkness. It's an incredible realization that your inner vision has no actual edges, making you feel boundless.

However, the dominance of your thoughts can still create boundaries in your consciousness. Try to let go of these mental boundaries and definitions. With time, your mind may create an afterimage of the world around you, but try to eliminate these edges, directions, and angles.

As you do this, you may find that your consciousness becomes limitless, allowing you to effortlessly imagine yourself in a different time or place. You can fully explore any idea, thought, or concept.

The basis of all life is an unbounded ocean of consciousness. Most of us can only access one tiny drop of that infinite ocean of bliss, ecstasy, and knowledge that we all share through the "well" of our non-sensory, inward-directed focus and concentration beyond thoughts and feelings.

Many distractions create boundaries between ourselves and this wondrous ocean of pure consciousness that we all share deep within. One of the first signs you entered this inner realm of wholeness is a great sense of joy, inner peace, or ecstasy welling up from deep within yourself. Here dwells that "kingdom of heaven within" or "peace that passeth all understanding."

At an even deeper level, one achieves what is known as the ability to remote view or see and hear at a distance. Beyond that phenomenon are actual out-of-body experiences, astral projection, and astral travel to lands, locations, and realms of higher octaves or vibrations of matter beyond the physical world.

Ultimately, we can reach cosmic consciousness, where one fully realizes that the soul is indeed the same soul within all human beings. Here, we finally realize our wholeness, our Divine Spirit that resides at the deepest levels of all beings, of all life throughout all of nature.

One can receive great benefits by removing borders we never even imagined existed. A marvelous form of meditation is what I would call the removal of all barriers, designations, limitations, and definitions that would limit or separate us from who we are.

Never Neglect the Right Half of the Mind

Listen closely! Boundaries are crucial. They define the world we perceive, the very foundation of objective reality. Imagine the universe--a magnificent dance of energy, structured by a vast geometric lattice. The "Vesica Pisces," a sacred symbol, beautifully captures this--the first separation of oneness into the distinct forms that shape our world.

This separation, however, is not the whole story. Behind the boundaries lies a singular source, a Great Oneness, a creative wellspring some call God, Spirit, or the Absolute. This Oneness, through a process of self-observation, reflects and differentiates itself, birthing countless realities through the intricate borders of quantum energy.

Here's the key: we too are a reflection of this Oneness. But most of us neglect a crucial aspect of ourselves--the right brain. This powerhouse grasps the whole picture, the tapestry of meaning woven into existence. It's the key to understanding our place in the grand scheme of things.

Neglecting it is a colossal error. Our left brain excels at analysis, keeping us safe and functioning. But an overemphasis on the left leads to a life devoid of meaning. We become consumed by the material, adrift in a sea of "what" without a compass for "why."

It's time to awaken the right brain! Reclaim your connection to the whole. Uncover the purpose woven into the very fabric of your being. This is not a luxury; it's the key to a truly fulfilling existence. Are you ready to see the world anew?

Astral traveler and artist Jurgen Ziewe (interviewed by consciousness researcher and physicist, Thomas Campbell) psychically explores and paints images from the astral realms beyond the physical dimension. There are many spheres or strata of consciousness above and beyond our physical plane of reality each one corresponding to one's state of being. The further one goes into higher levels of vibration, the deeper the joy and satisfaction of one's spirit or soul. There are thousands of worlds ranging from darkness to incredible beauty.

Why Bother Studying this Website, Science of Wholeness?

"If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance." --Orville Wright

The only hope of advancing is through the breaking down of old barriers and belief systems that close one's mind to new paradigms of thought that can profoundly liberate one from very restricted ways of life.

This website is your portal to a transformed life! Here, you'll find the keys to unlock not just spiritual joy and awareness, but also a path to a healthier, more fulfilling existence. Imagine saving money on groceries, medical bills, and even dental costs--all while embarking on a journey of profound spiritual awakening.

Consider these essential pages:

The M.A. Diet: Discover the root cause of many illnesses and free yourself from the burden of excessive medical expenses.

The Key to Bissful Health: This isn't just another self-help article. It's a roadmap to unlocking an inner wellspring of joy and fulfillment.

Dental Alternatives: Ditch the dentist's chair (and the bill!) with a natural approach to oral health.

Transmutation: This isn't mystical mumbo jumbo. It's a powerful tool for personal transformation.

The Law of Abundance: Gain more reassurance of the power within you.

Healing Anxiety: Break free from the shackles of anxiety and depression. A path to lasting mental well-being awaits. Gain more insight into this distressing illness.

Overcome Fear of Death: Know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is a perfectly beautiful afterlife waiting for everyone.

Afterlife Experiences: Discover astonishing facts about the afterlife as conveyed through some of the greatest mediums of all time.

Think about the sacrifices countless individuals made throughout history. They endured persecution and even death to preserve the way of life we now enjoy, and to pave the way for our freedom to explore beyond the confines of religious, academic, and medical dogma. You, my friend, are fortunate to have unfettered access to these powerful discoveries.

But this isn't a quick fix. Just like a tree doesn't bear fruit overnight, lasting transformation takes dedication. Explore these pages, delve deep, and commit to a lifelong practice. The rewards will be immeasurable.

So, don't be a passive observer. Let others know about this treasure trove of wisdom! Share the excitement, spread the word. Consider supporting my sponsors who make this platform possible. Remember, your participation is vital in keeping this life-changing information freely available.

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey? Dive in, explore, and awaken the transformative potential that lies within you!

Science of Wholeness Contains the most Powerful Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing Information You Can Find

Friends, are you ready to crack the code of existence itself? Science of Wholeness isn't your typical self-help website. It's a culmination of 40 years of relentless research, a treasure trove of knowledge on the cutting edge of human understanding.

Here's what sets it apart:

Unprecedented Scope: We delve into the very fabric of reality, exploring the latest advancements in science, quantum physics, and technology. Does a higher power exist? What is the true nature of the afterlife? We tackle these questions head-on, using both verifiable scientific evidence and the profound wisdom gleaned from ancient traditions.

Beyond the Veil: Science of Wholeness isn't afraid to push boundaries. We incorporate unbiased research into the paranormal, offering insights that defy conventional paradigms. This isn't about blind faith; it's about a holistic understanding of the universe.

A Bridge Between Worlds: Imagine a bridge connecting the wisdom of the ages with the discoveries of the modern world. That's what we've built here. Ancient knowledge, passed down through generations, is carefully interwoven with the latest scientific breakthroughs, creating a comprehensive picture of wholeness.

A Beacon of Hope: The cutting edge of science is starting to catch up with what mystics have known for millennia. The possibility of a supreme being, spiritual energy, and an afterlife is no longer relegated to the realm of mere belief. Here, we explore the evidence with a critical yet open mind.

This isn't for the faint of heart. Some cling to outdated belief systems, fearing any information that might challenge their worldview. But for those seeking truth, unburdened by dogma, this is a goldmine.

Think of the early Christians, those brave souls who stood by the purest teachings of Jesus, even in the face of Roman persecution. Countless others throughout history have made similar sacrifices to preserve humanity's long and tedious quest for knowledge, scientific progress and freedom. We honor their legacy by making this information freely available.

Are you ready to shed the shackles of limited thinking? Are you prepared to embrace a reality far vaster and more wondrous than you ever imagined? Then delve into the Science of Wholeness. It's a journey of exploration, a path to wholeness, and perhaps, the key to unlocking the greatest mysteries of existence.

"A new commandment I give to you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." (John 13:34)

Jesus meant we must love one another regardless of what religion, regardless of what race, regardless of what nation, what species, what planet, or whatever! In my article The Principles of War and Peace I mention that the importance of discriminating between what truly rings spiritual and what constitutes a waste of time must transcend all other priorities. Waste no more time with outdated religious dogmas, material wealth and worldly ambitions. Gain permanent spiritual wealth which delivers billions of times more love, security and happiness!

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The Law of Forgiveness

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." (Mat 11:28-30)

When someone blames others for their misfortunes and everything except themselves, they give their inner power away and avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Blaming others leads to carrying a heavy burden of resentment and blame. Forgiveness lightens this burden, allowing for more inner power to love others and live a fulfilling life. Maintaining a higher state of being can lighten one's load and find peace. Live "meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls." Live "meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls."

Wholeness, Environment and Spirituality in the News

Wholeness     Law of Attraction     Environment     Quantum Physics     Consciousness

Bashar of Essassani: Keep the Truth Consistent with the Heart!

Friends, let's shatter some misconceptions! Consciousness isn't tethered to the flesh. It's the mind, memory, and emotions that act as anchors, shaping our experience of reality. This reality, however, isn't some singular, unyielding construct. It's a vast field of possibilities, a tapestry woven from countless parallel universes.

Now, dispel any thoughts of magic tricks! We don't brute-force our will upon reality. Instead, consciousness acts like a tuning fork. Its vibrational frequency, determined by our emotional state, determines where we resonate within this field of possibilities. Are you radiating joy and positivity? You'll find yourself drawn to realities that reflect those very qualities.

Manifestation isn't some mystical mumbo jumbo. When your consciousness is unified, a state of perfect wholeness, it naturally navigates this field. It seeks the reality that aligns perfectly with your deepest desires, the one where your ideal experience already exists. There's no need to exert forceful visualization or hold onto desperate beliefs.

Here's the fascinating part: The objective world remains constant. Think of it as a shift in perspective. Your consciousness isn't teleporting your body; it's aligning with a reality that already resonates with your true nature. This movement happens seamlessly over time, just like consciousness moves from one moment to the next.

But alignment is crucial! When your heart and mind are out of sync, suffering arises. Bashar of Essassani a profound mystic from a world beyond, reminds us that it's not the situation itself, but how you define it, that shapes your experience. Align your perception with your heart's deepest desires--prosperity, integrity, oneness. Any discord between your beliefs and your heart creates an inner storm, attracting negativity like a magnet.

Wholeness, then, is the ultimate state of harmony. Align your inner world with the ideals of your heart, and watch as your reality transforms to reflect that harmony. It's not about forcing change; it's about aligning yourself with the reality that already exists, waiting to be experienced. Remember, consciousness journeys onward, like a train on a track, while the tracks of the physical world remain constant. This flow of consciousness creates our perception of time, change, and causality.

The key takeaway? Embrace your emotional reality. Align your heart and mind. And watch as you effortlessly navigate the vast field of possibilities towards a life overflowing with wholeness. Are you ready to embark on this incredible exploration?

Within One's Self Abides an Unlimited Spiritual Supply of Wealth, Love, and Real, Lasting Fulfillment

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal..." (Matthew 6:19)

Listen up, people! There's a crisis of consciousness brewing. We stand at a crossroads. We're chasing shadows. Humanity is locked in a desperate chase after fleeting pleasures--possessions, power, short-lived highs. But this insatiable hunger for the external is leading us down a perilous path. Unchecked consumption, driven by a lack of wisdom and a disconnect from our inner compass, is pushing our planet to the brink. We see it in the rampant growth of our population, the unsustainable exploitation of resources, and the very real threat of ecological collapse.

But there's another way! The answer lies not in external solutions, but in awakening to the "everlasting Oversoul" within each of us. This isn't some religious dogma; it's about unlocking the wellspring of wisdom and harmony that resides at our core. When we tap into this inner wealth, the allure of greed and addiction loses its grip. We naturally gravitate towards a more sustainable way of life, one where we live in harmony with nature, not at odds with it.

Imagine a world where everyone seeks the "divine light" of spiritual knowledge. A world where cooperation replaces competition, fueled by a shared sense of well-being for all. This isn't some utopian fantasy; it's a practical necessity. True power doesn't lie in the size of your bank account or the possessions you accumulate. It lies in the state of your being. Cultivate love, compassion, selfless service--these are the real treasures that endure beyond this lifetime.

Think of your life as a magnificent mirror reflecting your inner world. Are you radiating negativity, fear, and a sense of lack? That's what you'll attract. But cultivate joy, abundance, and a higher consciousness, and watch your reality transform. Remember the quote, "where moth and rust doth corrupt"? Material possessions are temporary, easily lost or stolen. True wealth resides within.

Don't be fooled by fleeting pleasures. Relationships built on external things are like sandcastles, easily washed away. What you take with you when you cross over to the other side isn't your car or your fancy clothes. It's the values you embodied, the love you shared, the impact you made. It's the lifelong habits you cultivate--habits like loving one another in service, living a balanced and healthy life based on nutritional healing through correct eating, and nurturing your connection to the divine, however you define it.

The time for competition and conflict is over! We need cooperation, love, and a shared commitment to the "highest good." Let's transmute negativity into service, sensuality into genuine love and affection. Let's build a world of abundance, not just for some, but for all. It's time to awaken to the wholeness within, and create a future that reflects this inner harmony. Remember, nations, religions, companies, and individuals--we all have a role to play. Let's work together, in harmony, for the benefit of all beings. The future depends on it!

Again, I will leave you with this quote:

"A new commandment I give to you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." (John 13:34)

Spirit Communication Device utiilzing the vibration of an electron field against a sensor in a vacuum flask.
Could this Device Contact Souls in the Afterlife?

If one need only to pick up a phone to talk with anyone in the afterlife, it would create such an immense wonder and in many ways such a profound improvement in nearly all levels of mental and spiritual knowledge. Such an invention would create a profound impact on society which I think would change it mainly for the better. Go here to read more information on this device.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life constitutes one of the most familiar Sacred Geometry Symbols. The structure of the Tree of Life connects to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah but can appear in other traditions such as the ancient Egyptian. The Tree of Life appears in Sefer Yetzira ("Book of Creation"). The book explained the creation as a process involving the 10 divine numbers (sefirot) of God the Creator and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The 10 sefirot together with the 22 letters constitute the "32 paths of secret wisdom." The Tree of Life pendant forms the key to God's original creation. The pendant fits exactly the Seed of Life and Flower of Life. The Tree of Life constitutes wholeness.

The Tree of Life appears as a sign of unity and love. Go here for more about the "Tree of Life" and how it relates to wholeness.

Rav Michael Laitman PhD Reveals the Kabbalah

Answers to such vital questions as: "What causes so much emptiness and longing?" "What is our true nature" "What is our actual purpose for existing?" and "Why are we here?" remain elegantly answered by the profound wisdom of the Kabbablah. As spiritual beings, finding real happiness through the senses does not work. Only the spiritual light from deep within can fully satisfy all one's deepest longings and one must evolve subtle enough to receive it.

Find out more about the Kabbalah here.

Plunge Into the Deepest Mysteries of Life and Find Astonishing Answers

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) The Truth is Wholeness!

Attention everyone! Jesus declared, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!" (John 8:32) But what is this truth? It's not some abstract concept locked away in a dusty scripture. The truth is wholeness! It's the state of complete fulfillment residing within each of you.

Imagine a treasure chest hidden deep within your being. This isn't some metaphor; it's a reality. Within you lies a wellspring of joy, peace, and abundance. No thief can steal it, no force can corrupt it. I'm here simply to offer you the keys to unlock this treasure--the keys to wholeness.

Jesus said: "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation [through the senses]: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." (St. Luke 17:20 & 17:21)

Remember Jesus' words: "The kingdom of heaven is within you." This kingdom isn't some distant, celestial realm. It's a state of inner harmony that can be experienced right here, right now.

So, how do we access this kingdom? The keys are within your grasp. Meditation, love, mindful eating--these are not mere practices; they are tools for unlocking your inner potential. As you refine your life force, transmute negativity into positivity, you open the door to a whole new dimension of experience.

Wholeness is your birthright! You possess the innate wisdom, the ancient knowledge, and the modern science to unlock it. It's not about blind faith or outdated dogma. It's about tapping into the wellspring of joy, prosperity, and love that resides within.

Yes, the greatest truths behind all religions point towards the same destination: a state of transcendent unity, overflowing with love and happiness. But here's the rub: many organized religions have strayed from this original purpose. They've created rigid structures that often discourage your natural spirituality. It's a tragic irony! God is not a religious belief; God is the essence of love that permeates the universe.

Science and religion, for all their advancements, struggle to encompass the infinite complexities of existence. They're like boxes trying to contain the vastness of the cosmos. True understanding lies in transcending these limitations, in awakening to the wholeness that resides within you.

Are you ready to claim your birthright? Are you ready to unlock the treasure chest hidden within? The journey to wholeness starts now. It's a path of self-discovery, of love, and of experiencing the divine essence that permeates all of creation.

Find Answers in the True Meaning of Wholeness

Listen closely, my friends! We've been chasing answers in all the wrong places. Stuck in rigid belief systems, both religious and materialistic, we've neglected the vastness of existence. These doctrines, for all their supposed wisdom, can only offer fragments of the truth.

The key to unlocking life's mysteries lies in wholeness. Not a wholeness defined by dogma or limited thinking, but a wholeness that embraces the universe in all its complexity. It's about shedding prejudice, skepticism, and replacing them with open-mindedness, compassion, and a thirst for understanding.

Imagine the universe as an infinite ocean. Belief systems are like little boats, offering a limited perspective. But wholeness is about diving in, experiencing the depths, the immensity, the breathtaking beauty of it all.

This path to wholeness isn't about abandoning religion or science entirely. It's about recognizing their limitations. The real answers often lie beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking. It's about venturing into uncharted territory, exploring the frontiers of consciousness.

And what will you find on this journey? Profound knowledge, life-changing wisdom, and a wellspring of inner peace you never knew existed. The true meaning of wholeness isn't just some abstract concept; it's a state of fulfillment, overflowing with love and a sense of belonging in the grand scheme of things.

Are you ready to shed your limitations? Are you ready to embrace the universe in all its wonder? The path to wholeness starts now. It's a journey of exploration, a quest for truth, and ultimately, a discovery of the incredible potential that resides within each of you.

"Mind is consciousness that has assumed limitations. We are naturally unlimited until we assume a mind. Then the evolution begins of progressively limiting ourselves until we can no longer bear it. When life becomes altogether unbearable, we then start the devolution. We reverse the process by letting go of thoughts more and more until the complete peace and total freedom from thought is reestablished."

"One makes life easier by recognizing the laws of nature, which are only the laws of cause and effect. When one discovers that mind or thinking is the cause, and what happens in the world is effect, he then consciously controls his circumstances and environment."

Lester Levenson

A Modern American Master, Lester Levenson, Tells of Going From His Deathbed to His Finding the Answers to Health, Happiness and Prosperity, and How You Can Do It Too. Go here to read his story.

Godcideon: Living in Joy Evening-tide of Tranquility Lighting Candles

Above the Oceans of Mist Orion Nebula Gaia's Garden

Long for Real Joy, Fulfillment & Spiritual Freedom?

Craving real joy and freedom? Listen up! The secret lies not in chasing external pleasures, but in awakening to the power within. Call it God, the Universe, or your Higher Self--this force is always working for you, providing everything you need. But it's a two-way street. Cultivate love and gratitude for this magnificent power. Let that love wash away negativity and fill your mind with the "healing elements of heaven."

This journey to wholeness starts with your body. Ditch the processed junk and embrace a natural, healthy diet. It's not just about physical health; it's about aligning your body with the symphony of the universe.

Wholeness is your birthright! It's the key to unlocking true happiness, a happiness that transcends circumstance. Imagine the excitement, the fulfillment, of awakening to this all-encompassing unity. Reclaim the keys to this inner treasure--it's been waiting for you all along.

Now, here's the truth bomb: ignorance breeds suffering. The more disconnected you are from your spirituality, the more susceptible you become to negativity. Lies, greed, gluttony, alcohol, and lust--these are the seeds of pain and chaos.

On the other hand, honesty, purity, and generosity are like planting seeds of gold. They build true value, a value far greater than anything gained through manipulation. Remember, the universe works on a feedback loop: what you put out is what you get back.

There's a paradise within you, waiting to be explored. A wellspring of love, joy, and fulfillment lies dormant within every human being. Through right living, through a pure and selfless life, you can unlock this paradise.

The universe is a grand symphony, a web of interconnectedness. This "universal Oneness," this Wholeness, is the source of life itself. Sadly, our modern lifestyles--the processed food, the negativity, the ego-driven pursuits--these things disconnect us from this source.

Society desperately needs a wake-up call! We need wisdom, not just material comforts. We need a reconnection to the spiritual essence that resides within each of us. Are you ready to awaken to this wholeness? Are you ready to experience the paradise that lies within? The journey starts now.

Fragmented Thinking Leads to Worldwide Catastrophe!

Fractured Thinking, Fractured World! Listen closely, because this is critical. The rampant destruction of our planet, the wars, the insatiable greed--it all stems from one fundamental flaw: a belief in separation. We've convinced ourselves that we're somehow distinct from nature, from each other. This "us vs. them" mentality is a recipe for disaster.

Imagine a world dominated by ego and competition. A world where materialism reigns supreme, and the lust for profit trumps all else. This is the path we're on right now, with those ravaging rainforests and ecosystems leading the charge. They're not just harming the planet; they're harming themselves! True wisdom lies in understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

The Illusion of Separation: A Recipe for Misery! This belief that we're separate from each other, from nature--it's the root of all suffering. People hunt, exploit, and kill because they think they can get away with it. They're blind to the fundamental truth of existence: oneness.

This fragmented thinking breeds violence. When you see another living being--animal or human--as separate, it becomes easy to exploit, torture, and even kill. It's a tragic delusion! Science is catching up with ancient wisdom. Quantum physics is revealing the oneness of existence. We're all part of the same web of life, sharing the same spark of consciousness. Hurt another, and you ultimately hurt yourself. The universe operates on a law of cause and effect, a cosmic boomerang. What you put out comes back to you, amplified. This isn't some religious dogma; it's a fundamental truth waiting to be rediscovered.

Imagine the universe as a vast symphony. Every creature, every plant, every particle plays a role in this grand orchestra. To harm another is to disrupt the harmony, to create a discordant note. Ancient wisdom teachings, even the simple words of the great master and teacher, Jesus, "Love thy neighbor as thyself," all point to this interconnectedness.

Think of the soul as a luminous thread woven through all of existence. When you inflict pain, that thread trembles, not just in the victim, but in the perpetrator as well. It's a universal law: cause and effect. Science is finally catching up with this truth. Quantum physics is revealing the interconnectedness of everything at a subatomic level. There is no escaping this fundamental oneness. We are all in this together, and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we can create a world of peace and harmony.

This oneness explains why Jesus also said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." As soon as the blinding veil of ignorance lifts, either through a spiritual awakening, the transition called death, or through wisdom, spiritual experience, and learning, the soul experiences whatever pains are given to another through deep regret and actual direct experience. Behold the universal law of cause and effect that no one can escape from!

Listen up! This whole domination game with nature has got to stop! We're dissecting it, exploiting it, treating it like a machine to be plundered. This is madness! Nature isn't some hostile force to be conquered; it's a symphony of life, and we're a part of it. True understanding comes from reverence, not brute force. Disconnecting ourselves from nature, both outside and within, is the root of all our problems.

Look around you! Our sprawling cities, our war machines, they're all monuments to this fragmented thinking. Nations bicker, religions clash, all while missing the bigger picture. We're all on this same spaceship Earth, and we're squabbling over deck chairs while the hull is starting to crack. Isn't it time we started working together?

Here's the truth bomb: all religions are ultimately reaching for the same thing. They're different paths to the same mountain peak--the realization of wholeness, of oneness. And this domination of nature, of each other, it flies in the face of that truth. Pollution, war, overpopulation--these are the consequences of our ego-driven madness.

But there's a glimmer of hope. The tide is turning. Clean energy solutions like solar, wind, and geothermal are emerging. These aren't just technological breakthroughs; they're signs of awakening. We can't let fossil-fueled political ideologies and petty squabbles over patents and legalities hold us back. The future demands cooperation, not competition.

Friends, we need to wake up! We've been operating under a broken paradigm--one of domination and control. We wage war against nature, strip-mining her resources for short-term gain. It's like a child dismantling a magnificent toy, blind to its true potential. Nature isn't some hostile force to be conquered; it's a symphony of life, and we're a discordant note when we fight against it.

Imagine this planet as a vibrant tapestry. Every creature, every plant, every mineral plays a crucial role. To rip threads from this tapestry is to unravel the entire design. True wisdom lies in understanding this interconnectedness. Look at ancient traditions, and again at the words of Jesus--"Love thy neighbor as thyself." It's all pointing to the same truth: we're all part of this grand whole.

But our current approach breeds suffering. Pollution, war, famine--these are the bitter fruits of our ego-driven madness. We cling to outdated ideas of competition, squandering resources in a fight for dominance. It's time to evolve beyond this primitive mindset!

The good news? We have the solutions within reach! Nature herself offers a treasure trove of wisdom. Let's embrace biomimicry, learning from her ingenious designs. Look at a spider's web or a lotus flower's self-cleaning surface--nature is the ultimate engineer. Imagine sustainable cities that mimic ecosystems, buildings that breathe and harmonize with the environment.

Organic farming isn't just a fad; it's a return to sanity! By nurturing the soil, we nurture ourselves. It's about nourishing our bodies with the life force of the Earth, not with chemicals that leave us depleted. Healthy food leads to healthy minds, and healthy minds are more likely to find peaceful solutions.

And the revolution doesn't stop there! Renewable energy--solar, wind, geothermal--these are not just pipe dreams; they're the future. Imagine a world powered by the sun's bounty, a world free from the shackles of fossil fuels. It's a future where clean air and vibrant ecosystems become the norm, not the exception.

But change requires courage. We have to break free from the stranglehold of outdated ideas, from those who prioritize profit over the well-being of the planet. Let's not dismiss new solutions as "out there" just because they challenge the status quo. A healthy dose of skepticism is good, but blind rejection stifles progress.

This isn't about blind faith in some alternative ideology. It's about opening our minds to the vast potential that lies before us. We need a holistic approach that transcends the limitations of conventional science, medicine, and religion. We need wisdom, discernment, and a deep respect for all living things.

We need to retreat to the wisdom of nature through biomimicry, biodiversity, local organic farming, and nutritional healing instead of drugs, surgery, and junk food. We need to cultivate and use more healing herbs rather than relying so heavily on potentially fatal pharmaceuticals. Instead, we would use whole food, adaptogenic herbs, supplements, gardening, recreation, and daily water fasting to remain healthy.

We need to meditate on the immense spirit within instead of wasting precious time and resources on frivolous entertainment. All cities need to blend with the beauty of the landscape instead of consuming space that should otherwise contain magnificent gardens and forests.

Nature is a patient teacher, but her patience is wearing thin. The biosphere is on the brink, and it's our responsibility to heal it. We can't afford to be bystanders in this story. Let's become active participants, co-creators of a future where humanity and nature thrive in harmony.

The time for action is now! Let's redesign our lives, our communities, and our entire civilization based on the principles of sustainability, cooperation, and love for all beings. This is not just about saving the planet; it's about saving ourselves. We are all in this together, and only by working together can we create a future brimming with life, abundance, and joy.

Go here for more environmental solutions you can't afford to ignore.

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The above books are four classic publications with titles that closely relate to the subject matter of this website: The Thirst for Wholeness, The Holographic Universe, The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe and A Hidden Wholeness

The Correct Information Can Help One Overcome the Dread of Death

Let's confront this fear of death head-on, shall we? It's one of the biggest hurdles we all face, a shadow that can cast a long and gloomy spell. But fear not, my friends, because there's a way to break free and find true peace of mind.

This website is a treasure trove of information, a powerful tool to help you overcome the dread of death. We'll delve deep into the subject, untangle the anxieties, and shed light on the truth. No more clinging to shadows, no more fearing the unknown!

And let me tell you, the benefits are immeasurable. Imagine living a life free from this constant worry, a life embraced with open arms. You'll find a deeper appreciation for each precious moment, a newfound sense of peace that washes over you.

Here's the thing: death isn't the enemy. It's a natural part of the cycle, a transition, not an ending. Thankfully, we're not alone in this exploration. Great minds like Leslie Flint, a true spiritualist medium, have dedicated their lives to gathering objective evidence, verifiable proof that there's something more beyond this physical realm. Their knowledge and insights can be a beacon of light, a testament to the continuation of consciousness.

This website is a culmination of their work, a resource to empower you. Are you ready to shed the fear and step into a life filled with peace and understanding? Let's embark on this journey together! Overcome the fear of death and find true peace of mind. The fear of death of one's self and/or loved ones creates one of the worst fears and sources of grief and suffering ever. Much discussion exists on this website that can eliminate your fear of death and reduce the grief you have regarding loved ones who have passed over. As a great service to humanity, certain spiritualist mediums such as Leslie Flint contributed a vast amount of objective, verifiable evidence and knowledge to this most vital subject.

Let's shatter some misconceptions, shall we? Who says the dead are gone forever, unable to share their stories? Nonsense! This website offers a unique opportunity to hear from the other side, to listen to the very voices of those who have passed on.

Think it's all smoke and mirrors? Think again! We're talking about direct voice mediumship through the incredible Leslie Flint. These aren't fuzzy whispers or vague pronouncements. These are clear, distinct voices, sharing their experiences from the beyond.

And let me tell you, some of these communicators are truly remarkable. Take Amy Johnson, for instance--one of my personal favorites. Her wit, her wisdom--it all shines through, a testament to the continuation of consciousness.

Now, some of you might be skeptical. You might scoff and say, "Proof? Where's the proof?" Here's the thing: if you haven't delved deep into this subject, if you've dismissed it out of hand, then you're missing out! Maybe your preconceived notions are clouding your judgment. Maybe the idea of life after death simply doesn't fit your worldview.

But here's the truth: I myself am a bit of a skeptic. I crave objective evidence, verifiable proof. That's why I find these recordings so compelling. It's not just what the communicators say, it's how they say it. The details, the context, the way they answer questions--it all adds up to a powerful experience.

Think about it. How could someone possibly mimic hundreds of unique personalities? The accents, the mannerisms, the wealth of verifiable details--it all points to one undeniable conclusion: these are real voices from the other side. They are spirits, sharing their experiences with us in their own loving words.

This website is a treasure trove of such evidence, a resource to challenge your assumptions and open your mind to the extraordinary possibilities. Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to embrace a reality that extends far beyond the physical world?

End Ages of Suffering, Frustration and Struggle

Friends, listen closely! There's nothing more important, nothing that holds the key to a truly fulfilling life, than achieving wholeness. Look around you--the world throws challenges our way, imperfections that cause struggle and suffering. But within you lies the antidote, the path to an ultimate natural high. That path is wholeness, and this website is here to guide you on that journey.

We're bombarded by messages, by a culture that champions lust, desire, and greed. These are the shackles that bind us, that prevent the true emancipation of our spirit. Love, wisdom, compassion--these are the antidotes, the spiritual solutions that set us free. This isn't about denying yourself, it's about transmutation, elevating these primal urges into something more. Imagine a raw diamond--beautiful, but unpolished. Through a process of refinement, it becomes a magnificent jewel. That's the potential that lies within each of us.

The Science of Wholeness is all about clearing the way for you to experience this full potential, this state of spiritual freedom. There's an immense wellspring of power within you, just waiting to be tapped into. But all these desires, these fears--they create a wall, an iron curtain between you and that potential. It's like having a superpower, but being weighed down by chains. We need to break free!

And that's why I'm here. I've seen this potential firsthand, this connection with the divine, and I'm here to share the ways to bridge that gap. We need to shed the limitations of the ego, the narrow view of a materialistic world. There's a more beautiful way of living, a way that's holistic, that connects us to nature, to God(dess), to all that is. Imagine a life that's transcendental, that transcends the limitations of the physical world. Imagine a life filled with love, with compassion, with a vibrant connection to the Oneness that binds us all.

This, my friends, is the promise of wholeness. Are you ready to shed the old, limiting beliefs and step into this glorious reality?

Let's delve into this fascinating dance between mind and reality, shall we? The brightest minds in physics, the quantum physicists, along with the silent sages, the great masters of meditation, have arrived at a profound truth--a truth that transcends mere belief, because it's been proven!

Here's the crux of it: there is a fundamental Awareness, a wellspring of pure potentiality, that is constantly actualizing, bringing the universe into being. Think of it like an artist and their canvas. The artist is the Awareness, and the ever-changing canvas is the universe itself. But here's the twist--the observer and the observed, they are not separate! They are two sides of the same coin, intricately linked. This isn't just mystical mumbo jumbo, my friends. The book, The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe" by Lynne McTaggart, details compelling scientific experiments that show how the very power of our mind can influence matter at its most fundamental level, the quantum level. Mind-blowing, isn't it?

Now, the mind itself is a fascinating thing. It arises from consciousness, that pure state of being, the "I Am that I Am." Consciousness seems to reside within the brain, but it isn't confined by it. It transcends the limitations of the physical senses. Traditional physiologists might tell you mind and consciousness come solely from the brain, but there's a deeper truth waiting to be discovered. Modern physics, the realm of quantum mechanics, hints at an origin point that lies within the zero-point energy field.

This is uncharted territory, my friends, the frontiers of human understanding. But the more we explore it, the more we realize the universe isn't some random collection of particles. It's a manifestation of consciousness itself, and our minds are very much a part of that grand equation. Isn't that a thrilling possibility? Are you ready to dive deeper into this rabbit hole?

Let's smash through the limitations of the old ways of thinking, shall we? For far too long, we've been stuck in this rut of the "brain only" theory of consciousness. But reality is bursting at the seams with experiences that defy such a narrow view! Out-of-body experiences, for instance--people seeing things happening miles away, with their physical bodies nowhere near! How do you explain that with a purely physical model? It's time to break free from these outdated ideas and embrace something grander.

The truth is, my friends, our souls have roots that extend far beyond the confines of the physical world. We're talking higher dimensions, beyond the limitations of space and time, woven into the very fabric of existence itself! Consciousness is the foundation, the very essence of reality. Without it, there would be nothing!

Sure, our physical lives rely on the brain, the eyes, the senses. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Our true selves, our souls, perceive through a universal matrix, a multidimensional hologram of the mind itself. And guess what? Our thoughts, our feelings--they all ripple outwards, affecting the way we experience the universe. It's a two-way street! The mind shapes the objects we observe, but ultimately, Awareness (God, if you will) creates the mind itself.

Now, have you ever craved a taste of something truly profound? An experience of cosmic consciousness? This is where it gets exciting! When the limitations of the ego, the desires, the chatter of the mind--they all fall silent. It's like shedding layers of clothing to reveal your true nature. Your soul merges with its greater Self, with the very essence of existence.

The rewards are beyond description--overflowing love, a sense of wholeness that washes over you, peace that surpasses understanding. And the key to unlocking this? Letting go. Renouncing the desires, the fleeting emotions, the constant grasping. With each layer you release, you become a little freer, a little closer to that state of cosmic consciousness.

Imagine living every day bathed in that radiant joy, that profound knowledge, that unshakeable well-being. That's the promise of this journey, my friends. Are you ready to embark on it?

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It is a Lie that One Must Look Outside One's Self to Satisfy Desires

In the very essence of who you are, my friends, there is an incredible truth! A truth that has been obscured by layers of conditioning and societal pressures. We are told, we are bombarded with the message that true joy, true satisfaction comes from outside ourselves. It's a lie, a grand illusion! Look around you--people are like beautiful vases, exquisitely crafted, but utterly empty inside. They spend their lives trying to fill this emptiness with possessions, relationships, achievements--a frantic decoration project that never brings lasting fulfillment.

Materialism, my friends, is a seductive trap. It whispers that happiness lies in the accumulation of things, in that next big promotion, in the envious gasps of your neighbor. But this is a path that leads only to stress, to a constant yearning for something just out of reach. Modern life, with its breakneck speed and constant stimulation, only amplifies this. We are bombarded with choices, information overload, a pressure to multitask ourselves into oblivion. It's a recipe for frustration, for feeling like you're constantly falling behind. But there's another way! This incredible truth I spoke of earlier--it's the truth that the source of all joy, all peace, lies within you! Not in some distant future, not in the next purchase, but right here, right now. Isn't that something worth exploring?

Ah, the beautiful dance of desires, isn't it? We chase one, only to find two more appear in its place! Like a dog chasing its tail, we run around this world, convinced happiness lies just beyond the next fulfilled wish. But friends, this a fundamental misunderstanding! This idea that everyone is here simply to be a collector of experiences, a fulfiller of desires--it's a recipe for suffering, a never-ending cycle of "wanting" that leaves you perpetually empty.

Think about it. Every desire fulfilled creates a vacuum, a space for a new one to arise. You see this play out everywhere--the bigger the house, the bigger the yard to maintain. The more money you chase, the more anxieties about keeping it all come along for the ride. It's a treadmill, my friends, and it leads nowhere but exhaustion.

Now, some may tell you this is the human condition, that procreation, this endless cycle of desire, is the very purpose of life. But I say to you, is that all there is? Is this magnificent existence truly reduced to a cosmic game of procreation and suffering? No! There's a far grander design at play here, a way to transcend this endless cycle. But it requires understanding the true nature of desire, especially the more primal ones. These desires, they keep us separate, tethered to this wheel of rebirth.

There's a way out, my friends, a way to break free from this dance of frustrations. But that's a conversation for another time. For now, let this be enough: true happiness doesn't come from fulfilling desires, it comes from transcending them entirely!

Ah, yes! Now we come to the crux of the matter. We've talked about the illusion of chasing desires, but how do we break free? How do we tap into that wellspring of peace and joy that lies within?

It's not about simply repressing desires, my friends. It's a more subtle dance. We must transmute them, elevate them from the level of the petty and fleeting to something more profound. Imagine a caterpillar, a creature consumed by the primal urge to eat. But within it lies the potential for something magnificent, a transformation into a soaring butterfly. That's the possibility that lies before each of us.

By renouncing the hold these desires have on us, not through denial, but through a deeper understanding, we create space for something new to emerge. Fear, attachment, the gnawing sense of separation--these too must be shed. They are like clouds obscuring the brilliant sun.

And what do we find when these clouds part? Ecstasy! A sense of overflowing peace and a love that has no conditions. This isn't some far-off dream, some mystical experience reserved for the chosen few. This is our natural state, the state we existed in before becoming entangled in the desires of the senses and the ego.

I say this not just because the ancient texts tell us so, but because I have experienced it myself! It's a reality that lies dormant within each of you, a dormant volcano waiting to erupt into a state of perpetual joy. Is that not something worth exploring? Is that not a journey worth undertaking? The path is there, my friends, if you have the courage to take the first step.

Now, let's delve deeper into the mechanics of how these desires, lusts, and fears hold us back. They're not just pesky annoyances, friends, they're powerful forces that can wreak havoc on our entire system! Imagine a magnificent engine, a powerhouse of potential, but clogged with debris that's what these clinging desires do to our vital spiritual energy. They block it, distort it, leaving us feeling frustrated and incomplete.

Think of your mind as a pristine lake. Now imagine tossing rocks into it--desires, fears, attachments each one creating ripples, disturbing the serenity. How can you see your own reflection clearly in such a troubled mind? It's nearly impossible to experience true wholeness, true peace, when these disturbances are constantly churning.

But there's immense power within you, my friends! An unlimited wellspring of spirituality and potential. The problem is, it gets diluted, wasted away by these conflicting thoughts and anxieties. It's like having a treasure chest overflowing with jewels, but being so bogged down by baggage you can't even open it!

The good news is, there's a way to clear the clutter. And it all starts with understanding. The ancient wisdom texts tell us: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Our thoughts, desires, fears--they shape our reality. By becoming aware of them, by understanding their hold on us, we can begin to loosen their grip.

This journey to wholeness is a multifaceted one, my friends. Diet, for instance, can play a surprisingly big role. The food you consume has a powerful impact on your emotions. Just like the fuel you put in your car affects its performance, what you put in your body affects your mind and spirit. In future discussions, we'll delve deeper into the science of nutrition and how it can unlock deeper states of well-being.

Remember, I leave no stone unturned in this exploration of human potential. We'll tackle the mind, the body, the spirit--everything that contributes to creating a life of fulfillment and joy. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey?

You Form Your Life According to Your Overall State of Mind

Listen up! Your mind is a powerful creator! Everything you experience, from the good to the not-so-good, is shaped by your inner state. Think of yourself as the observer of existence, but also a part of it. What you focus on, you create.

Let me explain. If your mind is cluttered with desires and fears, it's like wearing distorted glasses. You'll attract more of what you don't want, because that's all you can see. It's a vicious cycle!

But here's the key: train your mind! Let go of those clinging desires and crippling fears. They create separation, limitation, and negativity. Instead, cultivate inner peace, wisdom, and a sense of oneness with everything.

Imagine it like this: when your mind is clear and calm, it's like a crystal reflecting pure light. You'll naturally attract beautiful and positive experiences, because that's the frequency you're vibrating at.

So, take charge of your mind! It's not about becoming emotionless, but about becoming a conscious creator. With a little effort, you can transform your inner landscape and watch your outer world transform as well.

"According to your faith be it unto you." (St. Matthew 9:29)

Hold on! This idea of creating your reality with your mind--it's not some new-age fad. Listen to what Jesus himself is quoted as saying: "According to your faith, be it done unto you." Powerful words, aren't they?

There's a reason for that. Your thoughts, your beliefs, they have immense power. They shape your perception of the world, and ultimately, they shape your experience of it.

Think about it. If you walk around believing the world is a hostile place, guess what? You're more likely to see hostility everywhere you look. But if you cultivate an inner world of peace and possibility, that's what you'll start to attract.

Labels don't matter. Whether you call it "The Secret" or something else, the principle is the same: your mind is a powerful tool. Learn to use it consciously, and you can unlock incredible potential in your life.

Don't get bogged down in dogma or materialism. Those things can cloud your vision and limit your possibilities. Instead, embrace free-thinking, knowledge, and the pursuit of wisdom. That's the path to true liberation and fulfillment. Let's explore it together!

Listen closely! The universe is a magnificent tapestry, woven with such exquisite perfection. If you see flaws in it, it's like looking through a dirty lens. The imperfection lies not in the universe, but in your perception.

"...with what measure ye mete, It shall be measured unto you again." (St. Matthew 7:2) Perfect your mind, and you will perfect your life!

Think about this quote: "With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you again." (St. Matthew 7:2). Powerful words, aren't they? The way you see the world is the way you experience it. If you focus on negativity, that's all you'll find. St. Mathew spoke about this and related truths in great depth* (see footnote below).

But here's the good news: you can change your lens! Great souls like Rabindranath Tagore** (see footnote below) understood this. He said, "We are the product of all our creative thought." In simpler words, your thoughts shape your reality.

Imagine this: you cultivate pure thoughts, thoughts of love, joy, and possibility. The world around you starts to reflect that. It's not magic, it's the power of your own mind!

Tagore even spoke of a higher plane of existence, a place of perfect life, love, and beauty. Maybe that's not a separate place, but a reflection of a perfectly clear mind.

The point is this: the universe is perfect as it is. It's your perception that needs work. Cleanse your mind of negativity, cultivate positive thoughts, and watch your world transform. This is the key to true fulfillment!

Another great soul who blessed this world with profound insight into our reality was Lester Levenson*** (see footnote below). His immense epiphany changed everything in his life and inspired countless numbers of people.

*One can actually listen to a very long recording at The Leslie Flint Trust of St. Matthew speaking through the direct voice medium Leslie Flint (recorded Sept.-3-1974 - 28 min. long and remasterd on YouTube at the New Leslie Flint Trust) about this very subject, as well as the difficulties describing the after death state, and about how the human spirit gets bogged down by materialism and dogmatic beliefs right here. St. Matthew says, "Man is no more than what he thinks." and, "You will loose self and then find your true Self." and, "The world is an illusion that man has created." Whether you believe it's actually St. Matthew or not, makes it irrelevant right now: regardless of who's saying it, it all completely and absolutely illustrates the kind of free-thinking, knowledge and spiritual wisdom I am sharing with you on this website! St. Matthew knows "The Secret" and so will you.

**Another great soul who manifested through the ectoplasm of Leslie Flint was Rabindranath Tagore, the famous Indian poet and philosopher written about by Paramhansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. Knowing fully well that all people everywhere constitute the product of their own thinking, he mentions we all contain the ability to change our physical circumstances with the help of thought. He said: "We are the product of all our creative thought no more and no less... All depends on the individual thought process... Think only pure thoughts and your whole life will be transformed." He also tries to give an amazing description of the high plane of existence he lives on. Everything there gives one a feeling of perfect life, love and beauty.

***The fastest way I know of right now to perfect one's life is to release (remove) all of one's undesirable thoughts and tendencies. One can manifest an abundance of good health, wealth, relationships, and most important of all, enjoy tremendous inner peace, spirituality, and sublime wisdom through an amazing discovery in 1952 by Lester Levenson. Lester not only discovered that we are unlimitedly powerful creators of our experiences, but also a way to control and master that power through what is known as the "Release Technique". You can find more about it at the "Abundance Course" website as 14 audio CDs. This amazing discovery by Lester Levenson is indeed an extraordinary breakthrough. Please read about his life story and how he made his discovery of ultimate soul freedom, bliss, wisdom, joy, health, abundance, and permanent happiness right here. The truths he has uncovered are the profoundest I ever see in that he reveals the greatest mysteries of life in an amazingly straightforward way. Listen to one of Lester's talks right here.

What Does It Mean to Be in a State of Wholeness?

Alright, let's talk about what it means to be in a state of wholeness! Wholeness isn't some abstract concept. We all have this idea of what it means: perfect health, no missing pieces, a feeling of utter completion. It's like a state of perfect oneness, a symphony where everything plays in harmony. It's about feeling complete, unbroken--like a perfectly struck musical chord. Imagine a mind and body working in beautiful harmony. That's wholeness!

But wholeness goes beyond the physical. It's a state of unity and oneness, where you're not separate from existence, but a part of the grand symphony of life. Think about true joy, that deep contentment that comes from within. That's a taste of wholeness, a glimpse of the fullness that's possible. Think about true joy, that deep-down happiness, a soul brimming with fulfillment. Imagine a love so complete, so all-encompassing--that's wholeness. It's the very essence of existence, the reason we even have a concept of "God."

Why is wholeness so important? Because life shouldn't be just a constant struggle for survival. We all deserve lasting love, inner peace, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Look at the suffering in the world--the wars, crime, gluttony, disease, addiction, the injustice--so much of it stems from a lack of wholeness. A person who's truly whole doesn't inflict pain on others, doesn't seek validation through external things.

Wholeness isn't some religious mumbo jumbo. It's a state we all crave. That's why people chase love, sex, money, power, security, religion--they're all searching over and over again for that feeling of being complete. It's a lifelong pursuit, the very purpose of our existence.

The problem is, most people are searching for wholeness in the wrong places. Drugs, fleeting relationships, material possessions--these are like chasing a mirage--these are temporary fixes, not lasting solutions. The Science of Wholeness offers a different approach, a way to find a real, permanent path to lasting fulfillment, wisdom, joy, and inner freedom.

We all crave peace, happiness, a sense of accomplishment. Without it, life feels empty, a constant struggle. The search for God, for love, for anything that nourishes our soul--it's all a search for wholeness, for that feeling of ultimate satisfaction and being complete.

But the good news is, wholeness isn't some distant goal. It's the very nature of who we are. Imagine experiencing the fullness of your being, with all its wonder and potential. That's the ultimate purpose of life is to tap into that, to experience the fullness of our being in all its wonder and glory. The Science of Wholeness is your guide to unlocking it. If you make the search for wholeness your main priority, all that you need will come to you.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)

Strive Toward Fulfillment Through Wholeness

Listen up! Everyone's searching for that feeling of wholeness, of true happiness. Some folks believe it's about learning fancy mental tricks--meditation, yoga lifestyles, the whole shebang. And hey, there's nothing wrong with those tools! I use them myself, you'll find them all over my website. For many people, these practices are a great way to find joy.

But here's the thing, friends. If your body's a wreck, if you're running on fumes, those tools are like building a castle on quicksand. Your brain, your mood, your creativity--it all runs on what you put in your system. Think of it like high-performance fuel for a high-performance machine.

That's where smart nutrition comes in. The right kind of food, the right kind of supplements--antioxidants, circulation boosters, herbal nervines--these can be game-changers. They can unlock new levels of energy, focus, and even creative expression. Read more here.

"Die" Daily in Deep Meditation

Friends, are you ready to unlock the secrets of wholeness? Are you yearning for a life brimming with true, everlasting love, spirit, meaning, and fulfillment? Look no further than the ancient practice of "dying daily."

This isn't about physical demise, but a profound transformation. Through a potent combination of celibacy, transmutation techniques, breath control, and deep meditation, we can learn to suspend the limitations of the physical body. It's like stepping out of a cramped vessel and into the boundless ocean of existence.

Death, in this context, becomes a doorway, not an end. It's akin to nirbikalpa samadhi, a state of suspended animation where the body rests, yet the consciousness transcends. Why cling desperately to the physical realm when true wholeness lies within reach?

The key is astral projection. During sleep, deep trance, or most powerfully, deep meditation, we can learn to traverse beyond the physical. This isn't some parlor trick, but a potent tool for self-discovery. By understanding the nature of death, by realizing that we are not limited by the body, we can experience a "dying daily" that leads not to oblivion, but to a state of perfect health, blissful ecstasy, and profound self-knowledge.

This, my friends, is the path to wholeness. It's about shedding the limitations of the physical and embracing the boundless potential that lies within. Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey?

Are you yearning for true, lasting happiness? The kind of happiness that transcends fleeting pleasures and brings a state of perfect, everlasting bliss? Then listen closely. Wholeness, my friends, begins with mastering your most potent energy--your sexual energy.

This isn't about mere suppression, but about transformation. Through special herbs, a carefully crafted diet, and powerful pranic techniques, we can learn to transmute this energy into a force for immense spiritual growth. Think of it as unlocking a hidden reservoir of potential within.

Don't expect miracles overnight. Mastering your sexual energy is a journey, a commitment that takes dedication and time. Only then can you truly hope to elevate your consciousness and manifest a life overflowing with positive experiences.

Science of Wholeness isn't just a name, it's a roadmap. Here, you'll discover the most powerful diet regimens--tools to reverse aging, alleviate depression, and fuel your spiritual journey. This knowledge is meant to be shared. Join our communities, Realms of the Afterlife and Nutritional Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit. Explore life after death, ecology, the secrets of astral projection, and the power of living light* (see footnotes below).

But remember, wholeness is more than just knowledge. It's about living a life of integrity, aligning your actions with your deepest desires. The Golden Rule--treat others as you wish to be treated--isn't some dusty proverb, it's a fundamental truth of the universe. Every action, every interaction, ripples outwards, shaping your reality.

The truth is, we are all interconnected. You live in me, and I live in you. By treating others with respect and compassion, you cultivate a world that reflects those values back to you. This is the essence of wholeness--a life lived in harmony with yourself, others, and the very fabric of existence.

So, are you ready? Are you ready to embark on the path to wholeness? Science of Wholeness offers the tools, the knowledge, and the inspiration. The choice, my friends, is yours.

*To help summarize the above, if you seriously dream about finding wholeness (perfect, everlasting bliss, joy, paradise, pleasure, ecstasy, love, spirituality and enlightenment) learn the essential ways to build up, conserve and transmute the sexual energy using special herbs, the wholeness diet, and pranic vitality, otherwise don't expect much in the way of miracles until you fully mastered the sexual energy for many months. Only to the extent one spiritually transforms one's most personal habits can one hope to improve one's life.

**Learn how to elevate your consciousness so that you can manifest or create more positive experiences in your life. Discover the most powerful diet regimen that helps to reverse the symptoms of aging, reduce depression and anxiety while building health and spirituality. Share your knowledge at my FaceBook groups Realms of the Afterlife and Nutritional Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit regardng: life after death, ecology, astral projection, spiritual diets, living on light, ways to speed up one's spiritual evolution, learn more about Mahavatar Babaji from a new perspective, and many other wholeness related issues. May you find perfect wholeness and fulfillment now.

***Science of Wholeness contains essential knowledge and wisdom for your mind, spirit and body, including advanced diet regimens, how to experience natural highs, astral project, find God, live abundantly, and how to improve the environmental quality of your life while helping to save your planet. You can find out exactly what wholeness is right here. Understand that the true purpose of your life consists of wholeness.

In review, part of that wholeness, wisdom, and spirituality that all people seek exists in the careful observance of the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The universe reflects your motives with the utmost precision, so live in honest rapport with yourself and others. Treat all others as well as you would yourself, therefore it will all filter back down to you one way or another. Every act you do is eternally recorded in the archaic books of time. You live in everyone else too!

Life and Wholeness Is Most Worthy of Your Deepest Study Because the Adventure Goes on Forever! Go Further! Dive Deep!

The human condition, my friends, is often one of self-imposed limitations! We build fortresses of habit and prejudice, content within the confines of what we already know. This, unfortunately, becomes a formidable obstacle--the single most frustrating one I've encountered--when it comes to sharing the transformative power of wholeness.

Powerful discoveries--in diet, spirituality, and the very process of human transmutation--lie here, waiting to be explored. Yet, so many remain confined by limited perspectives, unwilling to venture beyond their local understanding of truth. It's like staring at the vastness of the ocean and clinging to a single, sun-bleached pebble!

This resistance, however, is not a dead end. It's an invitation to break free! By shedding these self-made limitations, a whole new world of possibility opens up. Are you ready to shed the pebble and embrace the ocean? Go here to read the article, "Very Few Venture Far Enough Into the Forest of Bliss" at my other web site,

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