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Science of Wholeness - Connect To Spirit Using Today's Scientific Knowledge

Please Read: This website is NOT intended for individuals under 18 years of age. This website includes various affiliate offers, if purchased or acted on, could financially benefit the author. All information published on this site is NOT meant to be a substitute for professional help, competent medical advice or treatment.

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Please go here to sign petitions to help save our planet from a horrific mass extinction caused by the oil, coal, beef, herbicide, pesticide and lumber industries, overfishing, and extreme overpopulation.
Go here to sign petitions to help save our planet from a horrific mass extinction caused by the oil, coal, beef, herbicide, pesticide and lumber industries, deforestation, overfishing, overpopulation.

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Greetings! Have you ever felt there's a hidden wellspring of potential within you, just waiting to be tapped? Science of Wholeness is your invitation to embark on a thrilling expedition - an exploration of the vast inner landscape you possess.

Consider this a map, a guidepost on your journey. I've poured my life's experience into this free online eBook - The Science of Wholeness Parts I & II. Knowledge is meant to be shared, freely given. This is my offering to empower you to claim your full potential.

Of course, every explorer needs support. If this resonates with you, I welcome your contribution to furthering this work. Perhaps you have insights of your own to share - hidden gems you've discovered on your own path. Let's create a collaborative wellspring of wisdom.

And as you embark on this adventure, may the boundless love and infinite intelligence that permeates the cosmos guide you. May the endlessly loving and infinitely wise Mother of all life in the universe bless you.

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Imagine Living a Life Without Boundaries... or in a World Without Borders

Boundaries, borders, lines, barriers and edges... Imagine a world without any such separations, especially those that human beings create. Imagine a world without any geographic borders, and therefore without any nations that fight one another or struggle to maintain some form of dominance over its own people or other nations around themselves. Imagine a world without "isms" or dogmas that clash with one another.

When we remove all of Earth's boundaries, we see only continents and lands that merge together. Nature is completely unaware of all the artificial designations and regions that governments create such as zip codes, cites, counties, states and nations. For example, birds migrate over vast distances sometimes crossing entire hemispheres of the planet. The wind, rain clouds and storms exhibit no sense whatsoever of the lines that separate countries and peoples. Earth's atmosphere is shared by all, and in no way can be sectioned off to various different lands, etc.

Imagine the entire planet without any of the geographic markings, countries, belts, regions, longitude and latitude lines. What we then perceive is the actual, underlying reality seen from space thousands of miles away: a cosmic blue marble with white flecks, multiple shades of blue, browns and greens floating in a boundless cosmic ocean.

Even nature has her own borders, such as the coastlines that mark the edges of continents and the circumferences of all islands. Also there is the border between night and day where the sun is either always rising or setting. The planet's immense terminator between night and day crosses all human created boundaries without the slightest hesitation.

All the "boundaries" of nature's elegance seems to mark only a vastly greater unity or design of wholeness, and therefore underlining a far greater purpose than any human or artificially created separation can ever achieve.

The removal of all artificial separations, artificial definitions, boundaries, barriers, etc. is like removing an illusory mask from a vision of wholeness so perfect and so complete, so simple and yet so unique, it cannot be duplicated or perceived in any other way.

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The Spiritual Teachings of Abraham and Bashar

The beings of light who call themselves, "Abraham" and channeled through the medium Ester Hicks give vital information about the true nature of our reality. The teachings of Abraham are a perfect compliment to a completely different source of information called "Bashar" who is apparently an extraterrestrial channeled through the medium Darryl Anka.

Many people don't believe or fully accept the teachings of Abraham and Bashar because they don't realize that there is an extra or fifth dimension to reality where a much preferred already existing possibility can be attracted into or "manifested" through simply changing one's emotions and beliefs.

Consciousness can shift into any neighboring parallel universe that corresponds to its own state of being! Nothing ever actually changes except the perspective of consciousness within any of an infinite number of parallel universes (or Earths) according to the vibration of one's state of being. That is why Bashar states, "State of being matters, not the situation."

What really happens is simply a change in perspective or location of one's consciousness in the five-dimensional realm of infinite possibilities. For example, while praying for world peace with the positive vibration of sincere faith and love, the perspective of that consciousness or individual praying will start to shift to a parallel Earth where there is in fact world peace. This process is just SIMPLE PHYSICS in action or an effect created by a change in the observer.

Jesus knew this fact quite well, He just used different words to describe it: "According to your faith be it unto you." (Matthew 9:29) And in the Old Testament someone wrote: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) which clearly describes how consistently powerful thought really is.

Meditate on the Boundless Ocean of Bliss Within

Sit down in a comfortable position on a soft chair or pillow in a quiet, dark room or safe place where no one can disturb you. Close your eyes and place ear muffs over your ears. One of the greatest gifts in life is we can temporarily cut off our senses from the outside world of all artificial separations using certain methods of yoga or meditation.

What you end up seeing within your self is an amazing simplicity or oneness of consciousness. All borders, lines, designations and edges no longer exist in your visual field after you close your eyes. There may be patterns of energy and fields of color as afterimages gradually dissolve into subtler shades of darkness. Another amazing thing you might realize is that your inner vision has no actual edges to it!

However, you still may not be completely free of boundaries as long as your thoughts continue to dominate your consciousness. Therefore also try to remove all your thought boundaries and definitions as well. Your mind will also tend to create an afterimage of the world around you. Try to also eliminate those edges, directions and angles as well.

You may notice that your consciousness becomes unlimited or unbounded and that you can suddenly imagine your self being in another time or location without any effort. You find you can explore any idea, thought or concept in its totality or wholeness.

The basis of all life is an unbounded ocean of consciousness. Most of us can only access one tiny drop of that infinite ocean of bliss, ecstasy and knowledge that we all share through the "well" of our non-sensory, inward directed focus and concentration beyond thoughts and feelings.

There are many distractions that create all manner of boundaries between our selves and this wondrous ocean of pure consciousness that we all share deep within. One of the first signs you have managed to enter into this amazing inner realm of wholeness is a great sense of joy, inner peace or ecstasy welling up from deep within your self. Here dwells that "kingdom of heaven within" or that "peace that passeth all understanding."

At an even deeper level, one achieves what is known as the ability to remote view, or see and hear at a distance. Beyond that phenomenon is actual out of body experiences, astral projection and astral travel to all manner of amazing lands, locations and realms consisting of higher octaves or vibrations of matter beyond the physical world.

Ultimately there is cosmic consciousness where one fully realizes that the soul really is indeed the same soul within all human beings. Here, we finally realize our wholeness, our true and only God that resides at the deepest levels of all beings, of all life throughout all of nature.

Really, all of the above gifts can be attained by the removal of all borders of all kinds. I mean borders that we never even imagined existed. A marvelous form of meditation is what I would call the removal of all borders, designations, limitations and definitions that would limit or separate us from who we really are.

Never Neglect the Right Half of the Mind

Borders and edges are essential to help us define and navigate through the natural world around and about us. Without them, creation of an external objective reality would be impossible. The universe was formed through a vast geometric lattice of mathematically proportioned edges of quantum energy. The sacred geometry symbol, "Vesica Pisces" symbolizes the first separation of the original Great Oneness into various parts or boundaries that define the reality we live in today.

There is one, original Substance that everything comes from, which is God or Spirit. The basis of everyone's being is in this Substance or Oneness that creates all space and time through its own Self-observation, reflection or separation into countless multiple selves via geometric quantum energy borders.

The brain contains two halves, and one hemisphere seems most definitely geared toward the analysis of parts, definitions, and boundaries, while the other hemisphere is needed for understanding the whole picture, or whole meaning or purpose of all life. The left side of the mind quantifies and separates and defines a path or map through the narrow confines of societal living, while the right side of the mind is dedicated to the whole pattern, whole purpose and meaning of everything in existence.

Unfortunately the latter or right half of the brain is all too neglected and becomes dormant in most of us. This is a huge mistake, because even though the left half is geared toward survival and most of us seem to do quite well at it, we forget where we are going and why we are here! We lose track of our spiritual connection and become depressed, lost, morose and highly materialistic! We end up creating a hell on Earth rather than an earthly heaven. We forget how to astral travel and remember and commune with the very Source of all consciousness within all sentient beings.

Astral traveler and artist Jurgen Ziewe (interviewed by consciousness researcher and physicist, Thomas Campbell) psychically explores and paints images from the astral realms beyond the physical dimension. There are many spheres or strata of consciousness above and beyond our physical plane of reality each one corresponding to one's state of being. The further one goes into higher levels of vibration, the deeper the joy and satisfaction of one's spirit or soul. There are thousands of worlds ranging from darkness to incredible beauty.

Why Bother Studying this Website, Science of Wholeness?

"If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance." --Orville Wright

The only hope of advancing forward is through the breaking down of old barriers and belief systems that close one's mind to whole new paradigms of thought that can profoundly liberate one from very restricted ways of life.

This website dispenses free, complete, and uncensored information on how to achieve awesome new heights of spiritual joy and awareness while helping to save the planet and massive amounts of money on groceries, medical and dental costs. Here are the most essential pages you will ever read in your life:

Please study carefully the key to bliss and find my latest and most advanced and valuable key (the "Holy Grail") to enjoy much more spiritual energy, bliss, wholeness and enlightenment, and carefully study the M.A.Diet to more fully understand what causes most illnesses and therefore save massive amounts in medical costs.

Carefully study the dental alternative to free your self from all dental health problems and therefore save money on dental costs. Carefully study Healing Anxiety to free your self from anxiety, depression and possibly all other mental health problems. Also learn about transmutation here, which is equally essential if you are really serious about finding wholeness. Other essential subjects include the law of attraction, and knowing there definitely is a perfectly natural afterlife for all living beings.

Many people simply flip through one or two pages of my site for curiosity's sake only or in search of some small, isolated bit of information and then leave forever, without ever realizing the incredible inner universe of ecstasy that the information on this website can unlock! In order to gain anything of lasting value from my site, it requires a serious commitment toward lengthy study and life-long practice. Trees never grow up and bear fruit in one and a half minutes! The soil needs to be kept fertile and irrigated and the sapling must be nurtured for several years before it even becomes large enough to grow the fruit.

Countless saints and independent thinkers throughout history underwent huge sacrifices and even died terrible deaths just so we can now enjoy the freedom of sharing and studying closely this type of information! You are fortunate to have access to this knowledge without the fear of persecution so prevalent during the Dark and Middle Ages.

You can help immensely if you let others know that profound and exciting spiritual discoveries can be found here. Please e-mail the webmaster if you have any questions. Please investigate and support all my sponsors for providing this unique, priceless information, or please go here to help reduce costs of running this site. Otherwise I cannot keep this free, absolutely vital and life-saving information available if there be no active participation on your part.

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The Law of Forgiveness

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." (Mat 11:28-30)

When one blames others for his or her misfortunes, blames the outside world, blames everything else except himself or herself, that person gives away all his inner power to others and takes no responsibility for his own state of being and his own actions which really should consitute his greatest responsibility. The load one carries in himself often bares one of resentment and blaming others. The more one forgives, the less load one carries, and the less load one carries, the more inner power one possesses to love others and experience a more fulfilling life. The finer the vibration of one's state of being, the lighter one's burden. Live "meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls."

Wholeness, Environment and Spirituality in the News

Wholeness     Law of Attraction     Environment     Quantum Physics     Consciousness

Science of Wholeness Contains the most Powerful Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing Information You Can Find

Science of Wholeness contains the most powerful physical, mental and emotional healing information you will ever find along with the most advanced scientific knowledge and latest research into the true nature of reality, spirituality, alternative health, the paranormal, the afterlife and alternative cosmology. All knowledge here arrives from the latest objective, verifiable scientific evidence and observation combined with the vast database of ageless wisdom and knowledge channeled from Spirit. When combining various diverse sources of information such as spiritual, metaphysical and scientific, a more complete and composite picture of our universe forms. This website compiles 40 years of vital research covering the most essential subjects.

The latest advances in science, quantum physics and technology, contrary to popular opinion, helps far more to prove the existence of a supreme being, spiritual energy and the afterlife than disprove this phenomena. I go to a great deal of trouble every day to make sure this website up-dates with the latest evidence and discoveries on the frontiers of science, unbiased research into the paranormal, and most efficient ways toward wholeness.

The information presented herein provides the most valuable, liberating and revolutionary you will ever find. Unfortunately, many people still seem not quite ready for any information or ideas that could possibly tear down the foundation of their most cherished beliefs whether they be religious or atheistic and materialistic. One barely recognizes even brilliant diamonds of truth when the light of reason gets lost and distorted by huge biases from belief systems originated in the Dark and Middle Ages that condemned all spiritual and scientific knowledge.

The earliest Christians (the finest human beings in history) suffered horribly under Roman oppression and gave their lives for the purest and most unbiased teachings of Jesus. Countless souls throughout history made terrible sacrifices to keep similar information available for as long as possible against all odds. We need to honor those great people from the past who lost their lives against terrible oppressors such as the demonic Spanish Inquisition. We owe much to all unbiased, pure-hearted mystics throughout history who sacrificed everything they had to help preserve this most vital knowledge of self-enlightenment and pure spirituality free of all dogma.

"A new commandment I give to you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." (John 13:34)

Jesus meant we must love one another regardless of what religion, regardless of what race, regardless of what nation, what species, what planet, or whatever! In my article The Principles of War and Peace I mention that the importance of discriminating between what truly rings spiritual and what constitutes a waste of time must transcend all other priorities. Waste no more time with outdated religious dogmas, material wealth and worldly ambitions. Gain permanent spiritual wealth which delivers billions of times more love, security and happiness!

Bashar of Essassani: Keep the Truth Consistent with the Heart!

Consciousness anchors not to the body, it anchors to the mind, memory and emotions. We never mean to change reality with some sort of magic mind power or super power! Such an idea may even sound preposterous. Consciousness itself changes its location in the field of various probable realities or parallel universes or throughout various possibilities of life which already contain the desired situations. Solid brick walls to hit one's head against never obstruct consciousness! Our vibrational rate (emotional output) transports one's consciousness (experience) to the location in the field of all possible realities that most closely matches one's emotional temperament or vibration.

One's vibration depends on one's feeling and true, honest evaluation of reality. Manifestation through visualization or strong concentration and belief consists of no magic at all; one's "unity" consciousness simply traverses the quantum field of parallel realities until one reaches the location in all possible universes where that manifestation or "ideal" experience or event already exists. Nothing changes objectively, only subjectively where profound changes in one's position or perspective from one absolutely real and solid parallel universe to another can occur. This transformation happens anyway in the passage of time, when one's "unity" consciousness travels from one moment (a parallel reality) to the next moment (or next parallel reality).

In other words, we change our location, or perspective to align with that which intercepts the ideal--nothing else changes. Consciousness jumps from one alternative reality to another very easily, but the body and physical things cannot, which must stay completely unaltered, and left behind by consciousness in a previous "history."

When one's idea of reality or "truth" bends out of alignment with the heart, one suffers. According to Bashar of Essassani, how one defines reality matters (manifests), not the situation. Define reality as being exactly one's heart-felt ideals, nothing more or less. Any beliefs out of alignment with the heart create obstacles, self-perpetuating maelstroms of darkness and frustration in one's being. The negative vibrations of anger, anxiety, frustration, jealousy, etc., that unfold from these inconsistencies create vibrations that attract one's consciousness toward negative or unpleasant situations. Wholeness lives in perfect alignment or agreement with the ideals of the heart which usually include prosperity, integrity, oneness, perfection, totality, and unity.

Within One's Self Abides an Unlimited Spiritual Supply of Wealth, Love, and Real, Lasting Fulfillment

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal..." (Matthew 6:19)

Everyone's benefit depends on the reality and proof of the existence of everlasting Spirit and all the soul liberating values of this great truth which must exist as fully appreciated throughout the planet. A universal lack of wisdom, addiction, greed and blind sensuality (instead of love and affection) causes unsustainable population growth, consumption and too much dependency on materialism where there really should exist a genuine spirituality and a deep concern regarding the quality of consciousness rather than luxuries.

External pleasure seekers working against nature instead of working in harmony with nature alter, even destroy many delicate ecological systems and climates. Vast numbers of vital plant and animal species come close to extinction throughout the infirm planet. Great wars over diminishing resources may soon devastate huge areas of the planet. If everyone sought first the divine light of spiritual knowledge, harmony and wisdom, the madness and suffering of human conflict would come to a complete end.

The real answers, power of the universe, and highest value depends on one's state of being and never in the multitudinous emotional attachments to the situations of the physical world. If humankind would make the spiritual treasures of wholeness everyone's main objective instead of perishable materialistic wealth then we would enjoy a better world with enough expanding resources and joys for everyone.

Within one's self abides an unlimited spiritual supply of wealth. Forgetting this ageless truth, most people search outside themselves for happiness and overwhelmingly stress out in pursuit of external objects "where moth and rust doth corrupt," sometimes even risking death or severe injury. Any "spoils" found can only exist in a place "where thieves break through and steal..." Believe in the true self, Spirit, God, etc., never in external, material perishables.

What goes on in one's life mirrors the state of one's mind; in other words, a life of poverty or abundance reflects what happens within one's mind and spirit. Life consists of nothing more than a reflection of one's state of being which really matters. Consciousness constitutes the ultimate foundation of all existence, and whatever outlook exists within one's consciousness determines the kind of existence that comes forth. Therefore, elevate moods into higher vibrations of love and selfless service, inspirational wisdom, purity of thought, and dedication to spiritual truths and ideals.

Wealth and relationships outside one's self (in the world) deceives in illusionary and ever changing ways. Death could come any time and if not sooner then later... as our bodies eventually age and fall apart. Nothing gained, found, or looted on Earth can ever cross over to the other side except one's values, character, outlook and the effects of one's actions. Only life-long habits such as loving one another in selfless service, correct eating, transmutation of sensuality into sincere love and affection, and meditation on God(dess), the reality of Spirit, or one's highest aspiration can lead one back to this inner reservoir of everlasting, infinite value, perfect happiness and inner joy of wholeness. On the whole, it also makes no sense whatsoever for nations, religions, companies, individuals, etc. to harm or go against one another; every single person in this entire world desperately needs to work with one another in love and harmony for the highest good.

"A new commandment I give to you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." (John 13:34)

Spirit Communication Device utiilzing the vibration of an electron field against a sensor in a vacuum flask.
Could this Device Contact Souls in the Afterlife?

If one need only to pick up a phone to talk with anyone in the afterlife, it would create such an immense wonder and in many ways such a profound improvement in nearly all levels of mental and spiritual knowledge. Such an invention would create a profound impact on society which I think would change it mainly for the better. Go here to read more information on this device.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life constitutes one of the most familiar Sacred Geometry Symbols. The structure of the Tree of Life connects to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah but can appear in other traditions such as the ancient Egyptian. The Tree of Life appears in Sefer Yetzira ("Book of Creation"). The book explained the creation as a process involving the 10 divine numbers (sefirot) of God the Creator and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The 10 sefirot together with the 22 letters constitute the "32 paths of secret wisdom." The Tree of Life pendant forms the key to God's original creation. The pendant fits exactly the Seed of Life and Flower of Life. The Tree of Life constitutes wholeness.

The Tree of Life appears as a sign of unity and love. Go here for more about the "Tree of Life" and how it relates to wholeness.

Rav Michael Laitman PhD Reveals the Kabbalah

Answers to such vital questions as: "What causes so much emptiness and longing?" "What is our true nature" "What is our actual purpose for existing?" and "Why are we here?" remain elegantly answered by the profound wisdom of the Kabbablah. As spiritual beings, finding real happiness through the senses does not work. Only the spiritual light from deep within can fully satisfy all one's deepest longings and one must evolve subtle enough to receive it.

Find out more about the Kabbalah here.

Plunge Into the Deepest Mysteries of Life and Find Astonishing Answers - All the Infinite Complexities and Dimensions of Nature Can NEVER Fit Inside the Box of Conventional Science and Religion

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) The Truth is Wholeness!

Discover the hidden treasures that lie within yourself where no thieves could steal nor rust corrupt. I freely give away to you right now on this web site in front of you, your natural keys to wholeness which unlock the most fulfilling and uplifting way of life one can imagine. The kingdom of heaven lies within you.

Jesus said: "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation [through the senses]: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." (St. Luke 17:20 & 17:21)

Only within one's self lies the great kingdom of God, opened with the keys of meditation, love, correct eating, transmutation, and absorption of subtle life-force energy. The means of ascension into wholeness always arrives from within one's self. Wholeness equals your inner birthright!

You have in front of you vital keys, wisdom and knowledge based on sound principles both ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific, with the potential to lead one to everlasting joy, prosperity, freedom, ecstasy, beauty and love all from within one's self. The greatest truths behind all religions were originally meant to guide humanity toward the same one and only transcendental unity of glorious, all fulfilling, permanent happiness and love. Contrary to God's original intention or purpose, nearly every organized religion historically opposed your very own natural spirituality which sounds utterly tragic and ironic. God consists of universal love, not a religious belief!

Find Answers in the True Meaning of Wholeness

Step outside the box of conventional science and religion by watching these movies to expand your awareness of the strange and mysterious universal existence. No materialistic or religious dogma or any other mental conception ever contains the whole truth of all that exists. Therefore, I encourage everyone to put aside all prejudices, bigotry, etc. and to replace all materialistic, religious and so called scientific skepticism with the spirit of universal love, wisdom, appreciation and compassionate open-minded investigation of a universe so utterly complex and infinitely vast, that no belief system, no matter how sophisticated ever fully encompass the infinity of God's ineffable Kingdom of Nature.

Discover profound, life changing knowledge and keys to inner peace and wisdom like never before. Find answers to life's most difficult problems. The real answers to life's mysteries naturally exist outside the restrictions of conventional thinking, and one must venture far outside the familiar boundaries of common religion. The true meaning of wholeness contains a love, wisdom, and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.

Long for Real Joy, Fulfillment & Spiritual Freedom?

A secret to happiness and peace-of-mind invovles constantly feeling a universal Higher Power working for you (God, Goddess, Zero Point Energy, Orgone Energy, Prana, Shakti, Universal Principle, the Christ, Holy Spirit, Infininte Father, Krishna, Babaji, Allah, etc.), providing everything you need. At the same time, love this wonderful Higher Power with all your heart and strength, and replace all the negative thoughts within the mind with the healing elements of "heaven." Immediately and permanently do the same with one's diet: replace all unnatural, unhealthy food (bad elements) with positive, uplifting, natural, healthy food. To achieve wholeness naturally equals the wisest and most noble thing to do. Wholeness provides the highest good and the foundation for spiritual freedom and great wisdom. Nothing exists as more essential, exciting, vital and fulfilling than to awaken to the all-pervading transcendental (spiritual) unity of wholeness. Regain your lost keys to the real and lasting happiness which lurk deep within yourself and constitutes your absolute birthright. Live in 100% harmony with the truth and you become one of the wisest, most benevolent, most loved and loving people who ever lived.

The more ignorance of truth, the more ignorance of and separation from one's spirituality, and the more lies, deception, greed and lust one indulges in, the more pain, chaos, destruction and confusion one attracts into one's life. Whenever one "programs" one's life with evil actions, only evil effects can come out of it. Such virtues as honesty, purity, and generosity build far more value than anything "gained" through dishonesty, lust and greed. What one puts out is what one gets back.

Within lies the potential of everlasting happiness, eternal inspiration, adventure, love, romance, ecstasy, bliss, glory, fulfillment, wealth, abundance, success, perfect health, paradise, wisdom, and heaven in all conscious beings. Through correct living and a pure, unselfish lifestyle one can experience of this great and wonderful paradise within. Everything in this vast, holographic universe subtly and profoundly interconnects by a universal Oneness or Wholeness or God(dess) which provides the ultimate vital essence of all living beings. It is very sad that the conventional materialistic ways of life and thinking, junk food diets, drug abuse, disruptive thoughts/emotions, ego, greed, lust, and physical senses dramatically interrupt this most vital essence of perfect, everlasting goodness, innate wisdom, spirituality, natural bliss, or wholeness. Society desperately needs wisdom-guided moral values and spiritual inspiration.

"Mind is consciousness that has assumed limitations. We are naturally unlimited until we assume a mind. Then the evolution begins of progressively limiting ourselves until we can no longer bear it. When life becomes altogether unbearable, we then start the devolution. We reverse the process by letting go of thoughts more and more until the complete peace and total freedom from thought is reestablished."

"One makes life easier by recognizing the laws of nature, which are only the laws of cause and effect. When one discovers that mind or thinking is the cause, and what happens in the world is effect, he then consciously controls his circumstances and environment."

Lester Levenson

A Modern American Master, Lester Levenson, Tells of Going From His Deathbed to His Finding the Answers to Health, Happiness and Prosperity, and How You Can Do It Too. Go here to read his story.

Godcideon: Living in Joy Evening-tide of Tranquility Lighting Candles

Above the Oceans of Mist Orion Nebula Gaia's Garden

Fragmented Thinking Leads to Worldwide Catastrophe!

The evil, materialistic processes of global resource destruction, war and greed consititute a false concept of separation of self from nature (wholeness) which in turn feeds on itself. This materialistic, male-dominated, competitive, egotistic way of aggression hurts the planet! Those decimating the rainforests and other vital ecosystems and/or those oppressing, hurting and/or killing others function in a way diametrically opposite to wisdom, all that rings spiritual, and what should consist of common sense. If the perpetrators continue, they will mire themselves in the worst catastrophe ever! With so many species now on the brink of extinction those who would cut down trees and destroy forests (which are the lungs of the earth), and/or hurt and kill animals for selfish, materialistic gain might as well thrash and erode their own souls, because they must soon experience all the ugly effects of their evil actions.

All evil and the idea to hunt, rob, kill and/or conquer the other, stems from separation (materialistic) consciousness, or a sense that all living things (or beings) live separate from one another and from one's self and therefore one can get away with hurting them all one wants without consequence. Not only completely devoid of all wisdom, this idea provides the very opposite of spirituality, and a terrible, even frightening lie and a terrible way to see things. One can see how easily such thinking results in very evil, depressing, and unconscionable thoughts and actions, ruining everything for everyone!

An underlying oneness or wholeness in which the same Self (consciousness) exists in all living things. According to the wisdom of the ages, we all live in this situation together! When one hurts or kills any animal or any human being, this person is actually severely harming or hurting one's Self (or soul) in that individual life form. This effect explains why a great master and teacher, Jesus of Nazareth once said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." and "Love thy neighbor as thyself." As soon as the blinding veil of ignorance lifts, either through a deep spiritual awakening, the transition called death, or through wisdom, spiritual experience and learning, the soul experiences whatever pains given to another through deep regret and/or actual direct experience. Behold the universal law of cause and effect that no one can escape from. All life connects, all life shares the same soul principle which quantum physics reveals as an absolute scientific fact.

I therefore utterly rebel against the horrendous attitude of a nature tortured, picked apart, analyzed, and dominated for temporary material gain, rather than lovingly understood and mastered for endless benefit as part of an essential wholeness of which we consititute an inseparable part! Nature's deepest secrets disclose only through wisdom and appreciation, and never through ignorant brute force. Fragmentation and separation from environmental nature and one's inner nature causes very serious problems!

The most obvious example illustrates how opposing conventional cities, technology and industrial/military complexes clash with their natural surroundings and how various nations and even religious groups waste massive amounts of time and energy clashing with one another instead of objectively cooperating with each other in scientifically searching for and realizing one's own actual and profoundly satisfying true soul nature and ultimate divine purpose.

All religions provide only various attempts to realize and worship the same one and only wisdom and spirituality of universal truth or universal principle of wholeness! Man's egoistic and violent domination of nature, each other and overpopulation must stop before the terrible consequences of pollution, wars, and over consumption of vital resources create a life unbearable or impossible for everyone.

There always seems an immense resistance to major new ideas, discoveries, concepts and inventions and higher wisdom no matter how lifesaving and badly needed all of the above may be, especially with the possibilities of clean energy from water, wind, sun, and free energy from the zero point field for example. No one should ever stop or slow down the development of any wonderful invention created for the vital benefit of humankind and the common good because of patents, legal issues, etc.

There rarely exists an actual need for domination and control, war, weapons, pollution, and fossil fuel shortages when nature provides so many other, much wiser, finer and profitable ways one can utilize nature without competing and fighting for territory and raping the earth for profits, or destroying anything to benefit from her resources. There exists always alternatives and much finer ways to solve serious global problems if only enough of the human race open their minds and think wise enough to allow and support ideas outside the old worn-out box! If a great energy or environmental solution presents itself to the world only to have it shot down by cynical skeptics long before being properly investigated then that situation creates a tragedy for everyone. Far wiser, much cleaner and more peaceful, spiritual, and sustainable methods present themselves by learning from nature's wisdom, mimicking nature and then existing completely at one with nature rather than opposing it and wasting so much energy going against it and other people.

Carefully scrutinize even the most far-fetched ideas and break outside the rut of conventional, materialistic, profit-hungry mainstream science. Go back to the wisdom of nature in every way possible through biomimicry, biodiversity, local organic farming, cultivating and using healing herbs instead of deadly pharmaceuticals, curing all diseases with natural, holistic methods of raw food, herbs, supplements, antioxidants, etc., going vegetarian and on raw food as much as possible, meditating on spirituality instead of sensuality, creating cities that blend well with the beauty of the landscape instead of consuming space that should otherwise contain magnificent gardens and forests. Recreate towns that exist independently so there never arises a need to commute to work, drive to the shops, or import goods vast distances. Generate electricity entirely from wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, and even zero point energy. Base life on beautiful moral values and spiritual ideals instead of that senseless, thick-skinned, never-ending greed for profit and lust for power to the detriment of all life.

Nature always teaches the greatest wisdom and her ways should always teach as much as possible! Abandoning her ways of wisdom and spirituality constitutes the most serious mistake ever committed and perhaps the greatest sin. The whole biosphere suffers in dire consequences as a result. Society desperately needs much more holistic thinking, wisdom, and discovery beyond the conventional boundaries of science, medicine, and religion, requiring not only an open mind and the ability to handle tentative data, but also the diligence, determination, wisdom, spirituality and discrimination to find out what really rings true and what constitutes a hoax or self-deception.

Go here for more environmental solutions you can't afford to ignore. Watch a lecture by the author of Biomimicry, Janine M. Benyus: 12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature.

cover cover cover cover

The above books are four classic publications with titles that closely relate to the subject matter of this website: The Thirst for Wholeness, The Holographic Universe, The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe and A Hidden Wholeness

The Correct Information Can Help One Overcome the Dread of Death

Overcome the fear of death and find true peace of mind. The fear of death of one's self and/or loved ones creates one of the worst fears and sources of grief and suffering ever. Much discussion exists on this website that can completely eliminate your fear of death and reduce the grief you have regarding loved ones who have passed over. As a great service to humanity, certain spiritualist mediums such as Leslie Flint contributed a vast amount of objective, verifiable evidence and knowledge to this most vital subject.

Who said the dead never come back to talk about it? Listen to actual voices of those who have passed on and came back to talk about it through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint right here. Sound preposterous? Listen more closely, especially to Amy Johnson's recording! If you remain skeptical or feel you cannot yet find proof of life after death in this most compelling evidence, it is either that you never studied this subject close enough, or it never conformed to your own conceptions, or you simply don't want to think there is life after death. I am also a skeptic and I tend not to accept anything that's not backed with objective, verifiable evidence; however, I find it essential to explore in open-minded and compassionate ways regarding new and unusual sources of "information." If you think as a closed-minded, materialistic skeptic, then you are on the wrong website! The proof lies not only in what they say, but in how they say it, the context in which they say it, and in how they answer questions, and when one combines all that experience with the countless verifiable facts and cross-references supporting all the communicators, and how impossible it would be to mimic hundreds of genuine, unique-sounding personalities, one is forced to conclude only one thing: that they indeed exist and express as the spirits they lovingly describe themselves as such.

"Die" Daily in Deep Meditation

Learn the tremendously wonderful process of "dying daily" through suspension of metabolism by a life-long practice of celibacy, transmutation, breath control, and deep meditation. Learn that death constitutes just another state of consciousness akin to nirbikalpa samadhi or suspension of metabolism (suspended animation). If one can much more easily and naturally find wholeness (true everlasting love, spirit, meaning, and fulfillment) in the afterlife or after the dying process than in the physical world, then why not learn how to go there (astral project) during sleep, trance or better yet, deep meditation? Fully understanding what death really consists of, that we do not depend on the physical body, and then able to "die daily" yet come back at will in a deep, blissful ecstatic state of perfect health is fundamental to wholeness!

If you seriously dream about finding wholeness (perfect, everlasting bliss, joy, paradise, pleasure, ecstasy, love, spirituality and enlightenment) learn the essential ways to build up, conserve and transmute the sexual energy using special herbs, the wholeness diet, and pranic vitality, otherwise don't expect much in the way of miracles until you fully mastered the sexual energy for many months. Only to the extent one spiritually transforms one's most personal habits can one hope to improve one's life.

Learn how to elevate your consciousness so that you can manifest or create more positive experiences in your life. Discover the most powerful diet regimen that helps to reverse the symptoms of aging, reduce depression and anxiety while building health and spirituality. Share your knowledge at my forum regardng: life after death, ecology, astral projection, spiritual diets, living on light, ways to speed up one's spiritual evolution, learn more about Mahavatar Babaji from a new perspective, and many other wholeness related issues. May you find perfect wholeness and fulfillment now.

Science of Wholeness brings to you in every way possible your keys to real and lasting happiness and contains essential knowledge and wisdom for your mind, spirit and body, including advanced diet regimens, how to experience natural highs, astral project, find God, live abundantly, and how to improve the environmental quality of your life while helping to save your planet. You can find out exactly what wholeness is right here. Understand that the true purpose of your life consists of wholeness.

Part of that wholeness, wisdom and spirituality which all people seek exists in the careful observance of the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The universe reflects your motives with the utmost precision, so live in honest rapport with yourself and others. Treat all others as well as you would yourself, therefore it will all filter back down to you one way or another. Every act you do, eternally records in the archaic books of time. Everyone equals you!

End Ages of Suffering, Frustration and Struggle

There could not possibly exist anything more important than wholeness. Because life on earth is full of so many seeming imperfections, struggles and suffering, the pathways to wholeness (the ultimate natural high) offered through this website desperately need following. Narrow-minded materialistic values of lust, desire and greed prevent real emancipation of the spirit. Spiritual solutions of love, wisdom, spiritual marriage, conservation of sensual energy, emotional and sexual transmutation, compassion, etc. need to come first! To make the way to the fullest levels of spiritual freedom and God-realization much more straightforward and easy constitutes the main purpose of Science of Wholeness. Immense spiritual potential lies inside all conscious beings. Lust, attachments, fears and all other desires creates all the world's pain, resulting in a profound sense of separation from God and an "iron curtain" between the physical and spiritual worlds. I must discover and share with you desperately needed ways to bridge all these gaps and separations into an undivided unity or wholeness. My intention consists of ultimate soul freedom and connection with the spiritual realms and God(dess).

The mechanical, materialistic way of separate, isolated ego and sense oriented competitive living must give way to a far more beautiful, more fluid, spiritual, sexually transmuted, transcendental, multidimensional, and holistic way of life that's fully and dynamically connected to its vital source: nature and God. The old materialistic concepts of mortality, dogmatic fundamentalist religion, separation from God, sin and loneliness are invalid and must yield to a far more beautiful, dynamic and glorious reality of the ever loving Oneness (God) that is the underlying Source of all things in the unified universe.

Quantum physicists and all the great masters of meditation have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is one Awareness constantly actualizing (creating) the universe that yields to observation, meaning that the aware observer and what yields to observation are actually opposite (reciprocal) sides of the same coin! According the book The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart actual scientific experiments proves that the mind can to a certain extent influence matter at its quantum level. Mind (which descends from consciousness) according to whatever belief system it adops, constantly evolves and manifests specific events (creations) from an infinite field of all possibilities (a fifth dimension). Consciousness (pure being or the great "I Am that I Am") seems to exist within the brain but limits itself not to the brain and physical senses alone. The origin of mind and consciousness may seem for all practical purposes to come from the brain (as it is taught by conventional physiologists), but its ultimate origin seems to exist in the realm of quantum physics' "zero point energy field."

Too many events of a paranormal nature such as out-of-body experiences (where the viewer observes actual events miles away) constantly go on that cannot be explained by the "brain only" theory of consciousness. Old ideas of consciousness need to give way to new ones. The actual roots of one's soul exists in the higher (5th, 6th and 7th) dimensions beyond all time and space and deeply embeds within the foundation of universal existence. Existence fundamentally exists as consciousness; without consciousness, there exists nothing!

Only the physical life depends on the physical brain, the physical eyes and other physical senses, however the spiritual or universal observer (one's real self or soul) perceives through a universal multidimensional matrix (hologram) of the mind itself and whatever thoughts and feelings influence that universal mind most definitely goes to effect the way the universe around it gets observed (created) or experienced. Mind creates the objects observed, while Awareness (God) creates the mind. An experience of cosmic consciousness happens when the limited ego, desires, mind, breath and senses shut down causing one's individual soul to merge into its greater Self, true nature or reality of existence. Such an experience consists of great wisdom, wholeness or overwhelming love, spirituality, peace and fulfillment. By continuously releasing (renouncing) each and every emotion, desire, and/or tendency, one gradually experiences a freer and freer life. Cosmic consciousness makes it possible to live in and enjoy profound states of wholeness or happiness, profound knowledge, and well-being.

Journey To Wholeness - Singing Crystal...

Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Art Meets Science and Spirituality, Vol....

Remembering Wholeness: A Personal...

Healing Care, Healing Prayer: Helping...

The12 Stages of Healing

The Tao of Physics: Parallels of Modern Physics & Eastern Mysticism


It is a Lie that One Must Look Outside One's Self to Satisfy Desires

The joy that most people search for externally dwells right where one exists. Too many of us exist like empty shells trying to decorate, color and patch the "outside" selves while completely ignoring the vital truths and reality of the inner soul or spirit. Materialism creates the lifestyle based on the lie that one must find happiness outside one's self through physical achievements, making money, social status, in this or that person, etc. The ever-growing complexity, pressures and speed of society contributes to so much stress. Too many choices, too much stimulation and information overload can also drive one crazy. One can actually only concentrate on one thing at a time, but the high pace of modern day living often demands multitasking while causing an overflow of unfulfilled frustrations.

For every desire one tries to fulfill, many more come up, and one feels there is so much lacking in this world and not enough good things to go around. No wonder one finds so much frustration and anger! A major and common misconception states that everyone lives on Earth to find happiness through the fulfillment of desires of which endless searching, and endless suffering can be the only actual result. Finding permanent satisfaction in this highly inefficient way remains impossible as long as desires and fears hang around to keep one in an unpleasant state of being. The main purpose of desire (not intention) especially sexual desire keeps the individual separate from God so that the "centrifugal" process of evolution of the species can continue resulting in endless rebirths, suffering and constant restlessness.

However, internally remove (renounce or transmute) all desires (including sensual), fears and attachments, only ever-increasing levels of peace, happiness, spirituality, and fulfillment can remain. One's sense of frustration and separation from God (pure Being) transforms into a beautiful, glowing ecstasy, and a sense of unconditional love and calmness. I know this fact for sure, because I experience it! Unlimited happiness with no sorrow exists as our very basic nature, the real natural state of wisdom before being encumbered by the desires and fears of the senses and ego (illusion of separation from God).

Desires (attachments), lusts, and fears (aversions) not only frustrate or block vital spiritual energy, they also have a powerful unbalancing effect on the mind, making it nearly impossible to feel whole as long as they exist. To free one's self completely from all desires, lusts, and fears and then to become fully balanced and centered in wholeness provides the key. Desires (fears) work through the mind to create barriers and limitations of all sorts. The individual already emanates unlimited power and spirituality, but that power wastes away (dilutes) into all sorts of conflicting thoughts, worries, fears, attachments, addictions and sexual desires. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he..." (Proverbs 23:7). Depending on the individual concerned, what one eats can also constitute a huge factor in this equation, because the quality of one's diet can affect one's emotions tremendously. I will list on other parts of this website the vital nutrients one needs to enjoy the deepest possible states of wellness and profound inner peace which in turn can be used to manifest a much more fulfilling life. I leave nothing out, no stone is left unturned.

Are You Already Forming Your Life According to Your Overall State of Mind?

Because the individual merges one and the same as the observer, being the reciprocal of the observed creation, the individual creates all the time whether he or she knows it or not everything one observes (experiences). The individual often creates (demonstrates) both desirable and undesirable effects exactly according to one's state of mind and level of wisdom. Hence, one must train one's mind to drop all its desires and fears (which create separation, limitation and attract negative experiences) so that one can live in harmonic oneness and experience ever deeper and deeper states of inner peace, spirituality and wisdom while attracting into one's life only those things that are beautiful and positive.

"According to your faith be it unto you." (St. Matthew 9:29)

One can actually listen to a very long recording at The New Leslie Flint Trust of St. Matthew speaking through the direct voice medium Leslie Flint (recorded Sept.-3-1974 - 28 min. long and remasterd on YouTube at the New Leslie Flint Trust) about this very subject, as well as the difficulties describing the after death state, and about how the human spirit gets bogged down by materialism and dogmatic beliefs right here. St. Matthew says, "Man is no more than what he thinks." and, "You will loose self and then find your true Self." and, "The world is an illusion that man has created." Whether you believe it's actually St. Matthew or not, makes it irrelevant right now: regardless of who's saying it, it all completely and absolutely illustrates the kind of free-thinking, knowledge and spiritual wisdom I am sharing with you on this website! St. Matthew knows "The Secret" and so will you.

The universe exists so perfectly that if one sees any imperfection in it, it must mean that one's way of seeing (observing) it also appears imperfect.

"...with what measure ye mete, It shall be measured unto you again." (St. Matthew 7:2) Perfect your mind, and you will perfect your life!

Another great soul who manifested through the ectoplasm of Leslie Flint was Rabindranath Tagore, the famous Indian poet and philosopher written about by Paramhansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. Knowing fully well that all people everywhere constitute the product of their own thinking, he mentions we all contain the ability to change our physical circumstances with the help of thought. He said: "We are the product of all our creative thought no more and no less... All depends on the individual thought process... Think only pure thoughts and your whole life will be transformed." He also tries to give an amazing description of the high plane of existence he lives on. Everything there gives one a feeling of perfect life, love and beauty.

The fastest way I know of right now to perfect one's life is to release (remove) all of one's undesirable thoughts and tendencies. One can manifest an abundance of good health, wealth, relationships, and most important of all, enjoy tremendous inner peace, spirituality, and sublime wisdom through an amazing discovery in 1952 by Lester Levenson. Lester not only discovered that we are unlimitedly powerful creators of our experiences, but also a way to control and master that power through what is known as the "Release Technique". You can find more about it at the "Abundance Course" website as 14 audio CDs. This amazing discovery by Lester Levenson is indeed an extraordinary breakthrough. Please read about his life story and how he made his discovery of ultimate soul freedom, bliss, wisdom, joy, health, abundance, and permanent happiness right here. The truths he has uncovered are the profoundest I ever see in that he reveals the greatest mysteries of life in an amazingly straightforward way. Listen to one of Lester's talks right here.

Whatever Way to Wholeness Works Best for You Constitutes Your Way

No part of one's self or need is neglected by "Science of Wholeness" otherwise it could not transpire as constituting complete "wholeness." Achieving wholeness requires a complex, life long spiritual process, and regarding this process, I feel a need to share with you all the different ways I have discovered helpful so far, of which the "Release Technique" however complete and essential in itself, presents only one of them. To gain a powerful perspective on just how important removing all one's negative feelings, fears and desires, watch The Secret which exists as an online movie (DVD's also available) validating the awesome quantum effect of mind and emotions on one's life, health, relationships and degree of success.

The wisdom and information presented on my website changes and evolves as I get closer and closer to the actual components of how best to find wholeness or perfect joy with no limit and no end. For lack of better words, this would mean finding union with God (Goddess) or one's True Self which, as best as I know, provides the very basis of spirituality. All the separate sparks of consciousness within all life forms stream as rivers of light attempting to flow back to the ocean of pure spirit and love.

Learn All the Secrets to Wholeness Now!

I am now sharing with you all my secret wisdom regarding wholeness freely on this website. Wholeness is real inner joy, a lasting love so profound, so wonderful that miracles happen every day as a result of it. Science of Wholeness provides the place to learn how to experience more joy, love, prosperity, rejuvenation, spirituality, and fulfillment; how one can enjoy endless bliss, complete happiness, wisdom, inner beauty, security and abundant health. All the principles of living a beautiful life in a paradise of lasting joy, pleasure and ecstasy exist freely available for everyone. Restoring natural beauty, improving the quality of life, finding true, permanent freedom and all-fulfilling love is what this website is all about. An abundant life of joy, happiness and love is God's will for you, God never intended otherwise. However, in order for God's will to be done, you must do God's will, which closely follows and exists by the universal laws of life, love and service to others via the the Keys to Wholeness.

What Does It Mean to Be in a State of Wholeness?

Being in a state of wholeness means completely free of wound or injury with nothing missing and everything complete, perfect, unbroken, and uncut; perfectly healthy and free of any defect, deformity, mistake or impairment having all its proper parts and components. Another way to describe wholeness is existing in a state of undivided oneness or total unity. When someone says one feels extremely happy or fulfilled, one could also mean complete and whole or "I am enjoying a state of wholeness." Imagine a love so complete, a state of consciousness so full of joy, a lasting pleasure so native to one's soul; what grander thing exists than wholeness? If God were not whole, God would not exist as "God." Synonyms for wholeness constitute completion, entirety, fulfillment, haleness, healthiness, integrity, oneness, perfection, totality, and unity. Whole means all, content, intact, perfect, restored, satisfied, total, unabridged, unbroken, uncut, unhurt, and unmodified.

Nothing exists more urgent and more important than for everyone in the world to find wholeness, because life should constitute far more than just a battle for survival. Lasting love and inner joy seem to provide the only things that would justify all the tremendous hardships and pains that everyone seems to go through. One could say that all the pains, injustices, and other sufferings of the world are because of a lack of wholeness. In contrast is the yogi who sits quietly in breathless samadhi. Why can't we all do this? What can create profound inner satisfaction for everyone?

The quest for wholeness drives and motivates everyone. People try to find wholeness either through drugs, in their partners, religion, earning or making money, or through some kind of recreational activity. Searching out wholeness involves a never-ending ongoing process. Life never seems to find it, yet it clearly defines the end all and purpose of existence itself. Some of the ways people try to find it involve really terrible practices, while others seem ineffective or just temporary. The goal of Science of Wholeness is to help one find an effective way to a permanent state of fulfillment, wisdom, spiritual freedom and happiness, which, of course defines wholeness.

Life always strives for peace, for joy, wisdom, and for at least some kind of satisfaction or sense of accomplishment. Without that sense of happiness, one could suffer from a terrible restlessness or impoverishment of purpose. When searching for God, love or any kind of nourishment, one either consciously or unconsciously strives to find wholeness which consists of the ultimate fulfillment or highest satisfaction. I believe the ultimate purpose of life invovles the enjoyment of the wholeness of being in its fullest expression, spirit, wonder and glory possible.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)

The intent of these spiritual pages in front of you, guides you to the ultimate everlasting fulfillment that I feel we all desperately need so much! More food for thought . . .

Looking Glass Universe: The Emerging Science of Wholeness

Turbulent Mirror: An Illustrated Guide to Chaos Theory and the Science of Wholeness

The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World

There exists many Stepping Stones to Wholeness and many dimensions or levels of wholeness to enjoy.

Wholeness constitutes a transcendent, pure joy that exists as permanent, all satisfying and unlimited in its expression and scope. Wholeness involves nothing more valuable or relishable! All the wealth in the universe renders itself worthless unless it goes into helping one to find wholeness. Wholeness provides high-level wellness, perfect, harmonious mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being while consisting of the full experience of every spiritual faculty available at will. Such faculties would include: -- # Unlimited joy, ecstasy, and love for all humankind -- # Astral projection, soul travel, and unlimited freedom -- # Access to unlimited knowledge and awareness -- # Ability to live on light or live on very little food -- # Amazing memory and other mental powers -- # Psychic ability and other related faculties -- # A deep-seated feeling of perfect security -- # Eternal youth, powerful healing/rejuvenation ability -- Go here to read more!

Striving Toward Fulfillment Through Wholeness

I work in every spare moment of my time to get at what really constitutes the foundation of wholeness. "Popular opinion" states that wholeness or happiness can come through learning certain mental skills, through meditation, wisdom, yoga values and lifestyle, regular exercise, taking certain classes or seminars, and/or subliminal tapes, CD's etc. However, if one's physical health languishes, and/or one's nutritional intake wanes suboptimal, using these tools on their own could exist like building happiness on a foundation of a very thin crust supported only by thousands of feet of quicksand and sinking mud. The moods, thoughts, creative expression, energy output and other functions of the brain, for example, depend on vital nourishment ... Read more here.

Life and Wholeness Is Most Worthy of Your Deepest Study Because the Adventure Goes on Forever! Go Further! Dive Deep!

Everyone I know rarely search beyond their own limited standards. And sadly enough, this tendency seems to be a part of human nature. It is as if we all build a strong wall or barrier of extreme prejudice and/or resistance around ourselves for our own convenience to never go or venture beyond our local understanding of truth. This problem is the most frustrating obstacle I ever encountered while trying to convey my powerful diet, spiritual and transmutation discoveries of wholeness to others! Go here to read rest of article, "Very Few Venture Far Enough Into the Forest of Bliss" at my other web site,

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