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Encyclopedia of the Unexplained

Explore outside the Box! Voices in the Dark, Mysterious Phenomena, UFO's, 2012, and Other Bizarre Events
In this section is a collection of articles on the paranormal, strange, uncanny, and bizarre events; alternative thinking, alternative healing, alternative medicine and alternative energy.

Haunted Places 2: The Hampton Lillibridge House

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The most haunted house in Savannah, Georgia is the Hampton Lillibridge residence. It is the scene of several tragic deaths and the source of true scary stories about real ghosts. Exorcism has failed to cleanse the house.

The Hampton Lillibridge House Is Too Creepy For Occupancy

The most haunted house in Savannah, according to old-timers, is the Hampton Lillibridge House at 507 East Saint Julian Street on Washington Square. The home was originally built by Rhode Islander, Hampton Lillibridge in 1796. When Hampton Lillibridge died, his widow remarried and disposed of the property. The home passed from owner to owner, and eventually became a boarding house. A sailor hung himself in one of the third story guest rooms during that period.

A Fateful Move

No one would live in the house for a number of years after that until it was finally purchased by intrepid antique dealer Jim Williams in 1963. The house was rapidly deteriorating. Williams also purchased the house next door, with the intent to restore both. However, a laborer was crushed to death during the move of the second house, another victim of the curse attached to the structure.

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The Collision of Dreams and Reality - We shall explore the very fringes of human knowledge where dreams and reality merge into what can only be called a "twilight zone" where orbs of light and mysterious space craft pop in and out of our perception, and various types of humanoids and other creatures are discovered to our shock and amazement to momentarily appear and disappear. They often appear, like ghosts, semitransparent and can only stay in our vibration rate for a short time before dematerializing back into their own dimension. Some visitors may be able to stay longer than others, and the most physical ones may even be inhabiting our earth, sometimes intermixing with our own kind before too many people become aware of them.

Workers involved in the 1963 relocation, conceivably stumbled on the source of the paranormal activity associated with Savannah's most haunted house. To their horror, workmen uncovered an ancient crypt as they were preparing the foundation to move. Judging from the crypt's tabby construction, it dated back to early colonial times. Workers reported that the crypt was empty and so they had simply sealed it up and reburied it. Williams now suspects this to be the source of the haunting and regrets not having investigated more thoroughly at the time.

The Others

There is an abundance of macabre events associated with the Hampton Lillibridge house. Tools and equipment of men working on the restoration mysteriously disappeared or were relocated. Mocking laughter and footsteps were reported on several occasions. Jim Williams himself reported numerous abnormalities during his tenure in the hosue. For example, he once followed a shadowy figure to the end of an upper story hall, where it mysteriously disappeared through a door. Williams tried to open the door himself, but it was locked tight.

On December 7, 1963 the distraught Williams at last conducted an exorcism of the haunted house under the auspices of an Episcopal bishop. Unfortunately, the cleansing was ineffective as the paranormal activity resumed within a week. There are no willing buyers because of the many true scary stories associated with the most haunted house in Savannah. Neighbors report shadowy figures in the windows and eerie music and laughter as if some paranormal party is underway at one of Savannah's most haunted places.

For More Information

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Haunted Chester

Chester is one of Britain's most ancient cities, and is particularly noted for its many historical buildings and attractions, especially in regard to the Romans. Not surprisingly, with all this history, Chester has earned a reputation for being the UK's most haunted city.

Over the years, there have been many reports of all kinds of ghostly sightings and other paranormal phenomena. With its narrow streets and alleyways, not to mention its fascinating crypts and cellars - many of which are situated beneath popular shops, pubs and restaurants - Chester can certainly offer a compelling record of well-documented ghosts, hauntings, apparitions, spooks and poltergeists from almost every century across two thousand years.

Below are just some of the places in Chester that are said to harbour various ghosts and poltergeists:

1. Thornton's Chocolate Shop, Eastgate Street - Three ghosts are said to haunt this shop: a poltergeist known as "Sarah," who was jilted on her wedding day, and is the best known spirit in Chester. She is said to move objects and shove people when they are on the stairs; the ghost of a large jovial-looking man dressed in an apron, who has been seen in various parts of the building; and finally, the third paranormal entity is described as an "insubstantial, almost invisible, male spirit."

2. W.H. Samuel's, Foregate Street - This jeweller's store is reputed to be haunted by a ghost called "George." Staff working there have experienced many strange things, which they attribute to this entity known as George.

The Channeling of Bashar and the Mediumship of Leslie Flint and Xavier

This material is a compilation of some amazing and little known facts about Bashar, his life and his existence as an extraterrestrial on Essassani, the Essassani solar system, and how some of his information regarding today's UFO sightings and the destruction of Atlantis compares with similar information provided many years ago from spirits during a seance with Leslie Flint. This book points to much evidence indicating that there are many civilizations existing on countless astral and semi-astral worlds throughout time and space and that some of their space-craft are actually entering the Earth's atmosphere and are trying to synchronize with our dimension of reality.

3. Watergates Crypt, Watergate Street - The ghost of a long dead seaman is said to roam around this wine bar.

4. Watergate Row - The ghost of a faceless cowled monk has been seen here by a mother and daughter living in an old house there.

5. Ye Olde King's Head, Lower Bridge Street - A spectral child is said to haunt this old pub, in particular bedroom no. 4.

6. Bookland, Bridge Street - This popular bookstore is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Victorian apprentice boy, who fell on stone steps at the back of the medieval crypt. The boy's spirit has also been experienced upstairs in the tea room.

7. Boot Inn, Eastgate Row North - This was once Chester's most notorious brothel. It is claimed by staff and customers that ghostly female moans and laughter occasionally resonate through the pub.

8. The Bingo Hall, Brook Street - An entity known as "Old George" is said to walk this building. Inexplicable thumps and crashes have been heard up in the attic, and a shape in a tweed jacket has been seen on the balcony, but vanishes when approached by anybody.

9. The Pied Bull, Northgate Street - Said to be one of the most haunted pubs in Britain, The Pied Bull was the subject of an investigation by the TV show Whines and Spirits, which is presented by Most Haunted's Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell. Ghosts are said to haunt the 12 rooms, and the pub's cellar is said to be spookiest place, with staff refusing to even venture down there!

10. 13 Watergate Street - A typical example of a poltergeist haunting. Brushes, cards, kettles and glass vases all move by themselves, phenomena that has been experienced by various customers.

True Ghost

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Irish Ghosts

Ireland is a country that has its fair share of ghosts. As well as being the land most associated with fairies, leprechauns and banshees, the Emerald Isle has also seen many cases of spirit hauntings over the years. Moreover, these hauntings have not just been confined to old churchyards either, but have also been reported in towns, cities, police stations and railways sheds. In addition, dozens of haunted castles and houses pepper the land.

Leap Castle, an old fortress belonging to the O'Carrolls near Bear in County Offaly, is said to be one of the most haunted castles in Ireland. A man sleeping there reported feeling a strange coldness gripping his heart, even though the room was not cold at the time. Then, standing at the foot of the bed, he was stunned to see the tall figure of a woman woman, dressed in red attire. As he reached for his matchbox to strike a match, the figure mysteriously vanished into thin air.

Another strange incident was the experience of the lady of Leap Castle. Whilst in the gallery that runs above the great hall, she felt two hands placing themselves on her shoulders. Simultaneously, there was a horrible stench of decay, like that of a decomposing corpse. When she turned around, she saw that standing right behind her was a creature that resembled a human in form, though it couldn't have been more than four feet high. The strange entity had two black holes where its eyes should have been. As the woman gazed in utter horror at the nameless thing, it just disappeared, as did the foul stench that accompanied it.

Vistas of Heaven - Justice in the Afterlife

There is an abundance of information concerning life after death. After over 39 years of personal research and experience in this most exciting subject, I have come to the firm conclusion that there is indeed life after death and that spiritualism and those who have "died" and returned from a near-death experience seem to provide the most reliable, spectacular and detailed information ever on this subject. Life after death experiences should never have been such a controversial subject, but one fully embraced and properly understood by all living human beings. The actual reality behind all paranormal phenomenon is now only beginning to be more fully accepted.

Other paranormal occurrences that have been reported at Leap Castle are: the ghosts of a little old man and woman, dressed in old fashioned clothes; a cowled figure, resembling a monk, walking through the window of a room in the castle; and - often described as the "Head Ghost" of Leap Castle - the spirit of a priest, who was murdered in castle's chapel (the so-called "Bloody Chapel") in 1532 by his own brother.

Ross House is a country residence just above Clew Bay, and there have been many reports of ghostly activity here. The spirit of a former maidservant has been sighted in the bedroom and on the stairs. Ghostly footsteps have been heard going up and down a staircase that is no longer there. Strange figures have been seen sitting before the fire in the drawing room, and at the window of the same room, a man once reported seeing a "terrible face."

Rahona Lodge, at Carrigaholt, County Clare, was the summer home of the Keane family. In 1917, Charlotte Keane wrote of the ghostly apparition in the "little dark room facing west." The house certainly did have a rather creepy atmosphere, as many locals would never venture near it at night.

A Phantom Train has been reported at a railway station, on the now closed-down line from Clones to Armagh. On a warm summer evening in 1924, two men were waiting for a train. It was quiet in the station, and there was nobody else there waiting but themselves.

As they sat there on a platform bench, they suddenly heard the sound of voices coming from inside the waiting room. The voices were hushed, and accompanied by strange moans and groans. These weird sounds grew louder and louder, until finally one of the men got up and pressed his face against the waiting room window, to see what on earth was going on in there. He was shocked to see that the narrow room, containing just two benches and a long table, had nobody in there at all. Then, when he resumed his seat, the man heard the sound of an approaching train. Raising themselves to their feet, they looked down the line. The noise reached a peak, and they involuntarily jumped back as they heard a terrifying scream, right when the engine seemed to rush past them with a loud whistle. However, despite the sound, no train appeared. The sound faded away, the tracks still as empty as before. The two men sank back down on the bench, looking at each other in utter shock and disbelief.

When the signalman came out of his office a few moments later, he told them that he himself had heard nothing, but then related to them the story of a man who had jumped in front of a train at the station a year before. When the man was brought, seriously injured, into the waiting room, nothing could be done to save his life, he sadly died there on the long table.

Charleville Castle is regarded as the finest Gothic Revival building in Ireland. Charleville castle is bordering the town of Tullamore, near the Shannon River. The castle is situated in Ireland's most ancient primordial oak woods, once the haunting grounds of Ireland's druids.

The word 'druid' in Gaelic means, "knower of the oak". The castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who fell down some stairs to her death in the early 1800s. The girl still roams around the castle, and can be heard in rooms above moving furniture around, laughing and talking. The castle has been the subject of many paranormal investigation groups from around the world.

Overcome the Fear of Death

Those few brave scientists, doctors and researchers willing to risk their careers and reputation to come up front with the most helpful and detailed explanations ever as to what to expect beyond the death the physical body, are often ridiculed by their contemporaries and put aside. Even worse too many physicians just emphasize that physical life is all there is, and no consciousness can possibly "escape" the confines of the physical brain, and when the physical brain dies, that's it, no more consciousness! In this great and terrible "valley of the shadow of death" I am simply appalled at the universal lack of understanding regarding spiritualism. So little is known about the reality of life after death, it is shocking.

The Shelbourne Hotel, situated in Dublin, has its own resident ghost. Whilst staying at the hotel in August 1965, Hans Holzer, the American ghost hunter, was in Dublin conducting an investigation of hauntings in and around the city, and was very surprised to come across this ghost in the hotel. Sybil Lee, the British medium, who, together with Holzer's wife, was accompanying him on this investigation of Dublin's ghosts experienced the ghost in her small top-floor room. Whilst lying awake in bed just after two o'clock in the morning, she heard a noise that sounded like a child crying. When she called out, "What is the matter?" she heard a small voice answer, "I'm frightened." Then, when Miss Leek invited her to come into her room, she felt a small figure climb onto her bed, and a light wooly material brush against her cheek and her right arm. When she awoke in the morning, her arm felt numb, like a weight had been pressing on it. The next evening, Miss Leek spoke to the ghost, that of a girl aged seven. The ghost said her name was Mary Masters.

The following night, Miss Leek went into a trance and held a conversation with Mary. However, Miss Leek could recall nothing of the conversation when she came to again. Hans Holzer noted that the child seemed to be ill, perhaps from a cold or bad throat, and was asking for a big sister named Sophie. Holzer then came to the conclusion that the ghost was that of a child who had died in one of the group of houses that the Shelbourne Hotel had been constructed from. The child had died around 1846, and this was the date that Sybil Leek had found herself writing down the day before, though she didn't know why.

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Haunted Ships - The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary has been a permanent feature in Long Beach, California for a couple fo decades and is one of the most famous cruise ships of all time. The ship has become a hotel, museum and popular tourist attraction, and the historic ship is internationally recognized and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Besides the living guests, the ship is said to play host to several ghosts. It has been speculated that the Queen Mary might be one of the most haunted places in the world. Reports say that as many as 150 known spirits have taken up residence and lurk in various locations all around the ship.

The Queen Mary sailed her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936. Built in Scotland to be used as part of a two-ship express service from Southampton to Cherbourg to New York, the Queen Mary is 1,000 feet long, and in her day was said to be bigger, faster and more powerful than the Titanic. She also held the record for the fastest-ever North Atlantic crossing. The historic ocean liner's passengers included the most celebrated people of the time, including royalty, top entertainment figures and important world leaders.

At the start of World War II in 1939, luxury travel stopped and the ship was turned into a carrier ship that was used by allied forces to carry troops from March of 1940 to September of 1946. It was during this time that she would become known as "The Grey Ghost". By the end of World War II, the ship had carried more than 700,000 troops, traveled over 500,000 miles and played a significant role in almost every major Allied campaign. She also survived a collision at sea, set the record for carrying the most people ever on a floating vessel (16,683), and participated in the D-Day invasion.

Worlds Beyond Worlds

The Collision of Dreams and Reality - We shall explore the very fringes of human knowledge where dreams and reality merge into what can only be called a "twilight zone" where orbs of light and mysterious space craft pop in and out of our perception, and various types of humanoids and other creatures are discovered to our shock and amazement to momentarily appear and disappear. They often appear, like ghosts, semitransparent and can only stay in our vibration rate for a short time before dematerializing back into their own dimension. Some visitors may be able to stay longer than others, and the most physical ones may even be inhabiting our earth, sometimes intermixing with our own kind before too many people become aware of them.

When the war ended, the Queen Mary was refurbished and started up her elegant cruises again in July, 1947, with weekly service between Southampton, Cherbourg, and New York. By the early 1960's, the popularity of transatlantic cruises greatly decreased due to the increasing affordability of air travel. The ship attempted to revive its popularity, but without central air condtioning, outdoor pools, or other amenities offered on most other cruise ships, the attempt was unsuccessful.

In 1967, the Queen Mary was pulled from service and was sold to the city of Long Beach, California, to be used as a maritime museum and hotel. On December 9, 1967, she made her final voyage to Long Beach.

During her 60-year history, the Queen Mary was the site of 49 reported deaths, opening the doorway for potential spirits to haunt her. Reported hauntings include a young crewman in the engine room, swimmers in the first-class pool, a man in black, and a woman in blue. Some of the Queen Mary's most haunted places include the propeller box, engine room, boiler room, cargo hold and first class swimming pool.

One of these hauntings is thought to be the spirit of John Pedder, a fireman in his late teens who was crushed to death by a watertight door in 1966 during a routine drill. Unexplained knocking has been heard around the door, and a tour guide reported she saw a figure dressed in dark clothing as she was leaving the area where the young man had been killed. She saw his face and recognized him from his photographs. He was dressed in blue coveralls and sporting a beard. The young man has often been seen walking along Shaft Alley before disappearing by door number 13. This famous door was used in the filming of the Posiedon Adventure and has reportedly crushed at least two men during the ship's history.

The first-class swimming pool seems to be a hot spot for ghostly encounters. Wet footprints mysteriously appear even though there's not a drop of water in the pool. These footsteps lead from the deck of the pool to the changing rooms. Women in vintage bathing suits are occasionally seen stopping by for a swim ,even though the pool has been closed for more than 30 years. There have also been reports of seeing the spirit of a young girl carrying her teddy bear along with disembodied voices, laughter and splashing sounds.

In the second class pool area the spirit of another little girl named Jackie is often been seen and heard. The girl drowned in the pool during the ship's sailing days and doesn't seem to want to move on. Her voice and the sound of laughter has been captured in this area.

In the room that was used as the third class playroom, there have been reports of the sound of children crying in the nursery room. There is also a report that a single baby's cry has been heard. This crying is thought to be that of an infant boy who died there shortly after he was born.

In some of the first-class staterooms there have been reports of a tall, dark haired man wearing a 1930's style suit showing up in various places. In addition to sightings of the man, the faucets and lights get turned on in the middle of the night, and phones ring in the early morning hours but no one is ever on the other end of the line.

There are several other reports of sightings about the ship including a beautiful young woman in an elegant white evening gown who dances alone in a shadowy corner of the salon, which was once used as the ship's first-class lounge. Another mysterious woman in white has been seen close to the front desk. She will usually disappear behind a pillar.

The Scientific Reality of Life After Death

What do the most reliable mystics, yogis and mediums say regarding the afterlife? You will learn far more about the perfectly natural and absolutely beautiful realms of life after death than most people ever do in a lifetime. This information is as scientifically verified and complete as I can possibly make it. How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? Knowing that we all must ultimately face death someday, it is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife. Go here.

Other phenomena that has been reported throughout the ship include the sounds of knocking, doors slamming and high pitched squeals, drastic temperature changes, and the recurring smells of another time.

The Queen Mary has been investigated by a number of paranormal professionals, printed publications, television shows like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted, and several others. In addition to portions of the movie "The Poseidon Adventure" being filmed there, the X-Files filmed a 1998 WWII era episode about a time warp in the Bermuda Triangle aboard the ship. That was a great episode - it was called "Triangle" - you should check it out if you missed it!

On the Ghost Hunters episode, what was thought to be a fantastic paranormal event caught on tape turned out to be not so fantastic as it appeared someone had tampered with the video camera. So is the Queen Mary really haunted or not? The Ghost Hunters are heading back out there in February of 2008 to see if they can find out. Hopefully there won't be any tampering this time and they can capture some evidence to support all the claims of paranormal activity on the Queen Mary.

Denise Villani - About the Author:

Denise Villani is an author and the webmaster of several websites and article directories. Find more articles and information on Haunted Stuff by visiting Haunted

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Part 1 - Scientific Proof and Personal Experiences
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1.2 - My Search for Truth and Personal Experiences from the Afterlife

Part 2 - Leslie Flint's Direct Voice Mediumship
2.1 - Leslie Flint: An Inconvenient Truth for Christian Theologians and Skeptical Scientists
2.2 - Leslie Flint's Impossible Powers: Why Did He Not Make Millions as a Parlor Trick Showman?
2.3 - Forum Administration/Members Hate my Information!
2.4 - Leslie's "Etheric" Guests Never Coughed or Sputtered
2.5 - Messages From the Afterlife - How the Paranormal Voices Came Through

Part 3 - Life in the Astral Worldsv 3.1 - The Exciting Reality of it All
3.2 - An Absolutely Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling Existence
3.3 - The Colors Are Far More Vivid, Extensive and Varied
3.4 - Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife
3.5 - Afterlife Interests, Skills and Hobbies
3.6 - Lifestyles in the Afterlife

Part 4 - Spiritual Difficulties and Challenges
4.1 - Why Some Souls Start Out Earthbound
4.2 - Is There a Hell? Are There Negative Experiences in the Afterlife?
4.3 - What Happens When One Abuses Power?
4.4 - The Problem with Suicide
4.5 - The Problem With Reincarnation (Not My Favorite Subject)

Part 5 - The Nature of the Astral Worlds
5.1 - Climates and Geography of the Astral Spheres
5.2 - The Beauty of Astral Nature and Spiritual Utopia
5.3 - Communication With Animals and Singing in an Etheric Atmosphere
5.4 - Astral Relationships, Sex, Reproduction, Families, and Astral "Old Age"
5.5 - Illumination (Sun?) of the Astral World
5.6 - The True Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
5.7 - Does Time Exist in the Afterlife?
5.8 - Can Distance be Measured in The Astral World?

Part 6 - Astral Projections from the Physical Body
6.1 - Astral Travel (Projection)
6.2 - The Right Conditions for Astral Projection to Occur
6.3 - Various Forms of Projection: From Clairvoyance to Complete Immersion
6.4 - Two Astral World Experiences I Really Enjoyed

Part 7 - Concluding Thoughts
7.1 - Communication With Earth
7.2 - Epilog: Only the Beginning
7.3 - Relevant Websites
7.4 - References

Is there life after death? How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? It is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife, otherwise ignoring Spirit and remaining materialistically closed-minded could have extremely negative consequences.

One who acts in ignorance of the oneness, unity and eternal nature of spiritual existence is prone to make terrible mistakes while still alive on Earth and will be held accountable in the afterlife. This eBook should change one's perspective dramatically to realizing just how and why it is essential not to be so self-centered and ignorant of the vital importance of loving service to others.

This eBook contains 75 pages of phenomenal and vivid astral world experience, knowledge and insights based on the information given by the Leslie Flint paranormal voice recordings, Paramhansa Yogananda, my own experiences, and many other highly reliable and respected afterlife information sources.

Even though some of this information can also be found throughout various parts of my website, the eBook contains the entirety of all my afterlife research, descriptions and related information in a very neat, convenient, easy to read format, all in one place.

The incredibly amazing and enchanting information found in this eBook could sell for $49.95, however it is not even $39.95 or even $19.95 or even $9.92, but sells for a very tiny $3.91! If enough people purchase this unique and incredible material it will help my research into the all-important fields of afterlife, wholeness, and spiritual enlightenment. You will find out for sure there is no need to fear death and that life goes on forever in a constant state of deep interest, compassion, adventure, high creativity, profound happiness, and meaningful fulfillment.

This amazing eBook is exclusively available on Kindle at and you don't necessarily have to purchase an external Kindle reader/viewer because you can download your own Kindle viewing software (free) for your particular type of computer operating system from and read it from your computer.

Get "The Scientifically Proven Reality of Life After Death" 


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