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Inspirational and Alternative Healing Kindle eBooks by Yogi Shaktivirya, the Author of Science of Wholeness:

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Discover Higher Consciousness, Afterlife, and Alternative Breakthrough Healing eBooks by Yogi Shaktivirya

Russll's Spiritual Books on cosmology, afterlife, diet, nutrition, sacred geometry, and law of attraction

Browse the complete list of all books by the author, Yogi Shaktivirya (Russell Symonds) on Life After Death, Spiritual Nutrition, Spiritual Energy, Law of Attraction, Cosmology, Alternative Healing, Meditation, Breathranianism, Transmutation and many more subjects:

Global WarNing

Listen closely, friends, because this is a matter of critical importance. Our planet, this magnificent spaceship Earth, is facing a challenge. We're on a trajectory of continuous growth, cities sprawling outwards, populations booming. And here's the harsh truth: this can't go on. It's unsustainable!

For every bustling metropolis, every square mile of densely packed urban life, we need a counterbalance. We need at least fifty-five square miles of pristine wilderness, of clean farmland. These are the lungs of our planet, the life support systems that keep everything in balance.

But what are we doing? We're choking the oceans with toxic pollutants, turning them into dumping grounds for our waste. Those majestic whales, the incredible diversity of fish - all under threat from our actions.

The more we consume, the more we guzzle resources, the more species vanish. Plants vital to the ecosystem, towering trees that have stood for centuries, animals that play a crucial role in the web of life - all teetering on the brink.

This isn't scaremongering, my friends. This is a call to action! But here's the good news: there are solutions. There are ways to create a future where humanity thrives in harmony with nature. And this ebook is a treasure trove of those solutions, filled with incredible stories and amazing possibilities.

Are you ready to be a part of the change? Are you ready to ensure a future where our planet flourishes, where all life can co-exist? Let's embark on this journey together!

On the Brink of Catastrophe

Let's get real, my friends. We can bury our heads in the sand and have endless debates about global warming, or we can face the facts. Because the facts are clear: keep playing this game and we're all at risk of succumbing to a nightmare scenario - scorching heat, mass dehydration, widespread starvation, entire coastal cities swallowed by rising seas!

Now, that's not a future I want for humanity, is it? The good news is, it's not inevitable. There's still much we can do to turn the tide, to slow down this process, maybe even reverse some of the damage. But let me be clear: time is not our friend. There's a tipping point looming, a point of no return. Cross that line, and we're on a runaway train to an ecological meltdown unlike anything the planet has ever seen.

So, what's at stake here? Imagine entire swathes of land, low-lying countries, beautiful coastlines - all submerged beneath a rising ocean. Coastal cities, once bustling hubs of humanity, become watery graveyards. It's a terrifying prospect, but it doesn't have to be our reality.

The question is: what can we do? How can we slow down these disturbing trends, prevent this irreversible global meltdown? This ebook is a war chest of information, a resource brimming with actionable solutions. We'll explore ways to break our dependence on fossil fuels, to embrace renewable energy sources. We'll delve into sustainable living practices, ways to reduce our carbon footprint and lighten our load on the planet.

This is a fight for our future, my friends. Are you ready to join the cause? Are you ready to be a part of the solution and ensure a future where humanity and nature thrive in harmony? Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Worlds Beyond Worlds

Are you ready to crack open the door to a world beyond imagination? This ebook is your portal to the fringes of human knowledge, a place where dreams and reality collide in a mind-bending twilight zone. Get ready for orbs of light, for mysterious spacecraft that flit in and out of sight, defying our very perception!

But that's not all! Brace yourselves for encounters with the extraordinary - humanoids unlike any we've ever seen, creatures that will fill you with shock and amazement. Imagine them appearing and disappearing like phantoms, semi-transparent beings vibrating at a different frequency, existing just beyond our grasp. Some linger for mere moments, while others. . . well, let's just say things get interesting.

The most physical of these visitors might even be among us already, walking undetected, perhaps even intermingling with humanity! The truth is stranger than fiction, my friends, and this ebook is your guide. Are you ready to explore this hidden world, to confront what lies just beyond the veil of our everyday reality?

This isn't some collection of flimsy speculation. We'll delve into evidence, into accounts that will blow your mind. We'll grapple with the big questions: who are these beings? Where do they come from? What do they want? Buckle up, friends, because this is a journey you won't forget! This ebook is your key to unlocking the collision of dreams and reality. Are you ready?

Messengers of Peace

Have you ever gazed at the stars and wondered if we're alone? This ebook is your launchpad into a universe teeming with life! Get ready for a mind-blowing exploration of contact with star beings. We're talking about an amazing array of encounters, a testament to the vast intelligence scattered across the cosmos.

This is a pivotal moment, a time of transition. We're leaving behind an age of darkness, and a new dawn beckons - an age of enlightenment, a fulfillment of humanity's deepest spiritual desires. But before we reach that future, there's work to be done.

Superficial squabbles, ego-driven conflicts, these have no place in the world to come. We must shed the shackles of outdated beliefs, the dogma that divides us. Warfare, a relic of the past, must be cast aside to make room for something far grander.

The answer lies in spiritual awakening, in embracing the oneness of all life. Infinite compassion, a boundless well of understanding for all beings - that's the key to unlocking a brighter future.

And guess what? We're not alone on this journey! This ebook features some of the most prominent, the most outstanding cases of UFO contact ever reported. Prepare to be enthralled by these firsthand accounts, stories of encounters with incredible beings from beyond.

Is humanity ready to take its place among the stars? Are you ready to explore the extraordinary possibilities of contact with star beings? This ebook is your passport to a universe brimming with wonder. Let's embark on this incredible adventure together!

The Channeling of Bashar and the Mediumship of Leslie Flint and Xavier

Have you ever wondered if we're alone in the universe? This ebook will have you questioning everything you thought you knew! It's a deep dive into the extraordinary world of Bashar, an extraterrestrial being from the planet Essassani.

Here's the thing: Bashar's story isn't some fringe theory. This book compiles amazing, little-known facts about his life, his existence on a distant world in another solar system. Prepare to be enthralled as we explore his insights on UFO sightings, on the fate of the lost civilization of Atlantis. And guess what? His information dovetails perfectly with messages received through seances with the spirit world, conducted years ago by the renowned Leslie Flint.

This isn't just a collection of anecdotes, my friends. This ebook is a treasure trove of evidence, pointing towards a mind-blowing reality. There are countless worlds out there, some physical, some existing on the fringes of our perception - astral and semi-astral planes teeming with life. And some of these civilizations are reaching out, their spacecraft entering our atmosphere, attempting to connect with our dimension.

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery? Are you ready to crack open the universe's greatest mysteries? This ebook is your passport to a world beyond imagination. Buckle up, because we're about to blast off on an adventure you won't forget!

Vistas of Heaven - Justice in the Afterlife

Have you ever pondered the greatest mystery of all - what lies beyond? This ebook is your key to unlocking the secrets of life after death. For over 39 years, I've been on a relentless quest, a passionate researcher delving into this most exciting subject. And guess what? The evidence is overwhelming!

There is, without a doubt, a continuation of consciousness after the physical body is shed. And the most compelling accounts come from those who have experienced it firsthand - the brave souls who've had near-death experiences (NDEs). They return with spectacular, detailed stories, painting a vivid picture of what awaits us on the other side.

Why has this topic been shrouded in controversy for so long? It's time to tear down the walls of misunderstanding and embrace the truth! Life after death experiences are a gift, a window into the extraordinary. And the veil surrounding paranormal phenomena is finally beginning to lift.

This ebook is your passport to a world beyond the physical, a journey into the undeniable reality of life after death. We'll explore the accounts of those who have returned, their reliable testimonies that will leave you awestruck. Get ready to have your beliefs challenged, your understanding expanded. Are you ready to confront the greatest mystery of all? This ebook is your guide, your key to unlocking the secrets of the afterlife! Let's embark on this incredible exploration together!

Overcome the Fear of Death

Have you ever wondered what happens when the curtain falls on our physical lives? This ebook cuts through the confusion and offers a beacon of hope! For far too long, this profound question - life after death - has been shrouded in silence, even ridicule.

Brave pioneers - scientists, doctors, researchers--have dared to venture into this uncharted territory. They risk their careers, their reputations, all to bring us detailed explanations, to shed light on what lies beyond. They deserve our applause, not scorn!

But here's the harsh reality: their voices are often drowned out by a chorus of negativity. Too many physicians cling to a narrow view, a belief that consciousness is nothing more than a product of the brain. When the brain dies, they say, that's it--lights out, oblivion.

Is that truly all there is? This ebook stands in stark opposition to such a bleak outlook. In this "valley of the shadow of death", as it's been called, there's a desperate need for understanding. The truth is, we know shockingly little about the reality of life after death. It's a vast unknown, a territory begging to be explored.

This ebook is your map, your guide on this extraordinary journey. We'll explore the groundbreaking work of those courageous researchers, the helpful and detailed information they bring to light. We'll confront the limitations of purely physical explanations and delve into the realm of spiritualism.

Are you ready to shed the fear of the unknown? Are you ready to embrace the possibility that consciousness transcends the physical body? This ebook is your chance to step into the light, to explore the mysteries that lie beyond the veil. Let's embark on this quest together!

The Scientific Reality of Life After Death

Have you ever pondered the greatest mystery - what awaits us beyond the veil? This ebook is your key to unlocking the secrets of the afterlife, guided by the wisdom of the most reliable sources: mystics, yogis, and mediums.

Forget the limitations of a single lifetime! Here, you'll delve into the perfectly naturaland absolutely beautiful realms of life after death. This information is as close to scientifically verified as possible, meticulously compiled to offer the most complete picture.

But a question hangs in the air: how can we be certain such a place exists? Why does mainstream science remain skeptical? This ebook tackles these questions head-on, separating fact from fiction.

Is there proof? We'll explore compelling evidence, scientific data that sheds light on the reality beyond. Prepare to have your understanding challenged as we delve into the very nature of the afterlife.

The specter of death is a universal truth. But fear not! By understanding what lies ahead, we can approach the inevitable with peace and even excitement. This ebook equips you with the knowledge you need, a roadmap to navigate the unknown.

What is the afterlife really like? This is the million-dollar question, and this ebook offers profound insights from those who have experienced it firsthand. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey, a voyage of discovery that will forever alter your perception of life and death. Are you ready to shed the fear and embrace the extraordinary? This ebook is your guide, your passport to a world beyond the physical. Let's embark on this incredible exploration together! Go here for more information about this ebook.

Spiritual Energy and the Pranic Principle

Have you ever craved a deeper connection to the very essence of life? This ebook unlocks the secrets of prana, the Sanskrit word for life force. Imagine a universal field of energy, pulsing throughout our atmosphere, permeating all of space and time. This isn't some new-age fad - prana is the lifeblood of the universe, the wellspring of vibrant health in all living beings.

Think of it as the essence that animates nature, the spark that ignites every living thing. It bridges the gap between the physical world and the subtler realms, the spiritual dimensions that science has yet to fully grasp.

Here's the thing: this concept isn't unique to Eastern traditions. Just like there are countless names for the divine, countless aspects of God, prana has many faces. Even mainstream science has flirted with the idea of an ether, a mysterious substance that allows light to travel. Now, the picture gets even more fascinating. This ether is no longer some invisible gas, but rather a symphony of vibrations, a multidimensional geometry woven into the fabric of space itself.

This ebook is your portal to understanding prana, to harnessing this incredible life force. We'll explore the different names it holds across cultures, the various aspects it embodies. Prepare to delve into the scientific quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe, the search for an invisible force that mirrors the ancient concept of prana.

Are you ready to awaken to the vibrant energy that surrounds you? Are you ready to tap into the wellspring of life itself? This ebook is your guide, your key to unlocking the secrets of prana. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Breatharianism and Pranic Nourishment

Have you ever questioned the very limits of human potential? This ebook shatters our assumptions and explores the radical concept of inedia. Now, hold on - this isn't some starvation diet or a reckless attempt to live on air.

The misconception that breatharians simply exist on sunshine and rainbows is misleading. True breatharianism (and let's be clear, successful cases are exceptionally rare) is the culmination of years, perhaps even lifetimes, of dedicated practice.

Imagine this: training your astral body and your physical cells to draw nourishment directly from quantum energy. At the subatomic level, energy is a constant - it can't be destroyed, only transformed. What if certain human cells could tap into unknown sources, glean sustenance from the astral, the spiritual, the very fabric of the quantum realm?

This ebook is your gateway to exploring this extraordinary possibility. We'll debunk the myths surrounding breatharianism and delve into the scientific unknowns. Could our bodies access nourishment from realms beyond our current understanding?

This is a journey for the open-minded, for those who dare to push the boundaries. Are you ready to explore the frontiers of human potential? Are you ready to confront the possibility that inedia might not be a myth, but a testament to the extraordinary potential within us all? This ebook is your guide, your key to unlocking a new understanding of the human body and its connection to the universe's unseen forces. Let's embark on this groundbreaking exploration together!

Celibacy & Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Have you ever craved a life of true mastery? This ebook unlocks the secrets of the yogi, a rare individual who harnesses the very forces within. Forget conquering the external world - the yogi's domain is the vast landscape of the inner self.

Think of it like this: humanity has learned to bend nature to its will, to control the forces around us. But the yogi delves deeper, seeking dominion over the inner forces that shape our lives - thoughts, emotions, cravings, desires. And at the very core lies a potent energy - sexual energy.

The yogi, male or female (yogi or yogini), doesn't achieve mastery through brute force. It's a journey of purification, a meticulous cleansing of the body and mind at the cellular level. This allows them to absorb vital prana, the life force that fuels our existence.

The transformation is remarkable: raw sexual energy is alchemized into something far greater - inner peace, bliss, joy, and love. Sex, a fundamental human mystery, holds immense power. But when this energy is squandered solely on procreation, the spiritual life suffers.

This ebook is your guide to unlocking your inner yogi. We'll explore the secrets of mastering your emotions, channeling your desires, and harnessing the incredible potential of sexual energy. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, a path towards a life brimming with peace, joy, and a profound connection to the universe's life force.

Are you ready to awaken the yogi within? Are you ready to tap into the power that resides within you? This ebook is your key, your passport to a life of mastery and inner peace. Let's embark on this incredible exploration together!

The Science of Wholeness Part One

Are you ready to crack open the door to a life overflowing with fulfillment, a life that stretches longer and bursts with joy? This ebook is your roadmap to an extraordinary existence!

Here's the deal: "The Science of Wholeness Part One" is brimming with the knowledge you need to unlock your full potential. It's a step-by-step guide to a life brimming with fulfillment, longevity, and joy.

The journey begins with a powerful force - your libido. This ebook will show you how to redirect this energy, to transform it from a primal urge into something far greater. Imagine channeling this raw power into a wellspring of expansive energy, a fuel that propels you towards a state of enlightenment.

This isn't about denial or suppression. It's about transmutation. We'll explore a treasure trove of techniques to achieve this: special herbs, a regimen of healthy diet and hydration, invigorating exercise, and the ancient practice of yoga postures. Deep relaxation techniques, practices to harness vibration and concentration, and specific breathing exercises all the tools you need will be at your fingertips.

Part I lays the foundation, focusing on the importance of conserving and containing your sexual desires. But this is just the first step. As you progress, you'll delve deeper, journeying towards religious ecstasy, higher consciousness, and the ultimate goal: attunement with your innermost core, the eternal Self that resides within us all.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Are you ready to tap into the wellspring of potential that lies dormant within? This ebook is your guide, your key to unlocking a life of fulfillment, longevity, and profound joy. Let's begin this incredible adventure together!

The Science of Wholeness Part Two

Buckle up, seekers of wholeness, because Part Two of "The Science of Wholeness" is here to blast you off on a journey to optimal existence!

This volume dives deep into the science behind maximum metabolic efficiency. Why is this important? Because it's the key to unlocking advanced meditation and propelling you towards higher states of consciousness. Imagine, a body perfectly tuned, a vessel primed for spiritual exploration!

But the journey begins on your plate. We'll delve into the specific foods that fuel this efficiency, the dietary choices that empower your mind and spirit. Food cravings? We've got you covered. Weight control? We'll shed light on healthy, sustainable practices.

The power of raw foods takes center stage. Discover how incorporating them into your diet can unlock a new level of well-being - physical, mental, and spiritual. And let's not forget the wonders of lactobacillus acidophilus. This friendly bacteria is your gut's secret weapon, promoting a healthy digestive system that's the foundation for optimal health.

Here's the thing: true transformation is holistic. We'll explore a range of herbs and amino acids that can combat depression and other nervous system issues - anything that might stand in the way of achieving samadhi, a state of transcendent bliss.

Remember, it's all about synergy. This ebook untangles the web of interconnected factors, showing you how each piece contributes to the whole. We'll discuss the profound practice of meditation, the ultimate mystery of dying and resurrection, and the very nature of the divine - God.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Are you ready to optimize your body, mind, and spirit for a life of profound well-being? This ebook is your guide, your roadmap to a state of wholeness unlike anything you've ever experienced. Let's begin this incredible exploration together!

Seven Steps to Wholeness

Are you ready to crack the code to vibrant health and a life brimming with well-being? This ebook is your ultimate health and longevity handbook!

Imagine this: slashing your medical and dental bills by thousands a year. This isn't a pipe dream - it's a reality waiting to be unlocked! This guide equips you with the knowledge to not only halt, but even reverse the aging process. Fountain of youth? It might be closer than you think!

But the benefits go far beyond your wallet and your physical appearance. Say goodbye to crippling anxiety, fear, and depression. This ebook empowers you to shed the shackles of suffering and embrace a life of joy and peace.

The secret lies in harnessing the incredible power of antioxidants. We'll delve into the science behind these wonder molecules and show you how to incorporate them into your diet. Paleolithic whole and raw food eating - discover the transformative potential of this approach to nourishment. And ditch the sugary snacks - pure, mineral water is your new best friend!

Knowledge is power, and this ebook equips you with the ultimate knowledge base. Learn to identify the harmful foods and substances that can derail your health journey. Discover the powerful foods and supplements that can skyrocket your well-being.

But this isn't just about the physical. We'll explore a range of practices that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Breatharianism, the law of attraction, the art of transmutation, the profound practice of meditation, the blissful state of samadhi, and the mind-bending possibilities of astral travel - all these topics and more await your exploration.

This ebook is an investment in your most valuable asset - yourself. It's a gateway to breathtaking breakthroughs in every aspect of your life. Are you ready to unlock a life overflowing with health, vitality, and joy? This ebook is your key - get ready to embark on this incredible journey of transformation!

Go here for more information about this ebook.

Eliminate Suffering

Have you ever yearned to break free from the grip of suffering and discover your highest joy? This ebook is your guide to a life overflowing with fulfillment!

It's true, suffering seems to be a universal human experience. We each have our unique struggles, our own ingenious ways of feeling pain. But here's the thing: suffering isn't the enemy. This ebook flips the script on this age-old concept.

Think of it like this: a sculptor needs a chisel to create a masterpiece. Similarly, suffering can be the very tool that shapes us into our most magnificent selves. It refines our individuality, carves out the unique contours of our being. Without it, life would be bland, a blank canvas with no vibrant strokes.

Now, don't be discouraged! This ebook isn't advocating for misery. It acknowledges the reality of suffering, but then offers a powerful message: you are not defined by your struggles.

We suffer, yes, but not in vain. Each hardship is a lesson waiting to be learned, an opportunity to refine our self-worth. It's a built-in feedback mechanism, a nudge that keeps us motivated on the path toward growth and joy.

This ebook is your roadmap to a life beyond suffering. We'll explore the transformative power of transmuting challenges into stepping stones. Prepare to discover the hidden wellspring of joy within you, a wellspring that no amount of suffering can extinguish.

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of suffering? Are you ready to embark on a journey towards your highest joy? This ebook is your key, your guide to a life that sings with fulfillment. Let's begin this incredible exploration together!

How to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Battling anxiety, fatigue, and depression can feel like an uphill climb. But what if there was a beacon of hope, a guide written by someone who has conquered those very struggles? This ebook is your roadmap to reclaiming your life, crafted from the author's hard-won experience!

This isn't just another theory book. You'll get a raw, unflinching look at the author's journey through anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, and severe depression. But here's the twist: it's not just about the darkness. This book is a testament to the power of the human spirit, a chronicle of finding therapies that truly worked.

Imagine a life-long dietary management system, a blueprint for optimal health tailored to combat these specific challenges. This ebook empowers you to take charge of your well-being, offering a system that's been refined through experience.

Alleviating the crushing weight of depression, the paralyzing grip of anxiety, and the soul-sapping drain of chronic fatigue - this ebook equips you with the tools you need. It's a treasure trove of information, a lifetime's worth of personal and spiritual insights distilled onto the page.

But the journey doesn't end there. We'll delve into the profound practice of meditation, a powerful tool for inner peace. Spiritual knowledge becomes your armor, fortifying your spirit against negativity. We'll explore the potential of alternative spiritual diets, along with the benefits of electrolyte water, powerful antioxidants, adaptogens, and probiotics.

Imagine recovering from the clutches of anxiety and depression, not just managing them, but truly recovering. This ebook offers a multi-faceted approach, a holistic path to reclaiming your life.

Are you ready to break free from the shackles of anxiety, fatigue, and depression? Are you ready to embark on a journey towards vibrant health and well-being? This ebook is your key, your guide back to a life overflowing with joy. Let's begin this incredible exploration together!

How to Heal Dental Caries

Frustrated with the traditional approach to dental care? Feeling like there's a better way to care for your chompers? This ebook is your gateway to a revolutionary perspective on oral health - alternative dental research!

Brace yourself to shatter the myths! This book exposes the potential flaws in what we've been taught about tooth decay. Is it really all about brushing and flossing? This ebook challenges conventional wisdom, presenting groundbreaking research by Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston A. Price.

Here's the kicker: the author is living proof! This book chronicles the author's incredible journey, a story of healing cavities without ever setting foot in a dentist's office. Intrigued?

The secret lies in nutrition. Forget the outdated fear of sweets - incorrect nutrition is the true culprit behind tooth decay! This ebook equips you with the knowledge to transform your diet into a powerful tool for dental health.

Imagine saying goodbye to the drill! This book outlines a roadmap to heal dental caries naturally. Correct nutrition, the elimination of mindless snacking, kicking excessive carbohydrates and sugars to the curb - these are the pillars of your new oral health regimen.

But it's not just about occasional treats. This book advocates for a lifelong commitment to a whole foods lifestyle. Think Paleolithic or pre-agricultural diets - these ancestral eating patterns hold the key to optimal dental health.

Special tooth remineralization paste becomes your secret weapon, a natural defense against decay. Brushing after every meal becomes a non-negotiable habit, but within a framework of a diet that nourishes your teeth from the inside out.

Are you ready to ditch the drill and embrace a revolutionary approach to dental health? Are you ready to unlock the secrets of healing cavities naturally? This ebook is your guide, your passport to a smile that's healthy and strong. Let's embark on this groundbreaking exploration together!

The Hidden Treasures Are Within

Are you yearning for a life brimming with wholeness, a life overflowing with meaning and purpose? This ebook is your gateway to a transformative journey!

Imagine a life that feels complete, a tapestry woven with vibrant threads of spiritual fulfillment. This isn't a promise of religious dogma - this book is a purely spiritual exploration, a compass for navigating your unique path.

Fifteen inspirational articles await your discovery, each one a stepping stone on your journey towards wholeness. We'll delve into the profound practice of meditation, a tool for inner peace and clarity. Feeling lost on the spiritual path? This book empowers you to choose the path that resonates with your deepest self.

But what exactly is wholeness? This book delves into the very essence of this concept, revealing the hidden treasures that unlock a life of profound meaning. Living a temporary and fickle existence doesn't have to be your fate. This book unveils the secrets to a life overflowing with wholeness and fulfillment.

Realizing Spirit in your life - this isn't about blind faith, but about imbuing your existence with purpose. Imagine transforming a meaningless and materialistic existence into a vibrant tapestry woven with spiritual connection.

This book draws inspiration from various sources, including passages from the Bible and meditation practices from the Path of Sant Mat. But at its core, it's a universal message: the pursuit of wholeness is the most important journey you'll ever embark on.

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of a life without meaning? Are you ready to embark on a quest for wholeness, a journey towards a life overflowing with purpose and spiritual fulfillment? This ebook is your guide, your key to unlocking the treasures that lie within. Let's begin this incredible exploration together!

Quantum Physics & The Law of Abundance

Are you ready to crack open the universe's vault of abundance and transform your life? This ebook is your key!

There's a hidden principle woven into the fabric of existence - the law of abundance (or attraction). This isn't just about empty wishes - it's a powerful tool you can harness to bring about wonderful changes.

Deep down, you've always known these truths. This ebook awakens the wisdom within, reminding you of the beautiful and inspiring potential that lies dormant.

Are you stuck in a rut, yearning for something more? This book offers a solution: refine, uplift, and purify. It's about elevating your emotions, lifestyle, mental state, and most importantly, your consciousness.

Mastering the law of abundance isn't about shortcuts or gimmicks. It's about inner transformation. This book unveils a powerful secret: freedom from addictions and attachments. Letting go of negativity creates space for the abundance you deserve.

And the journey begins on your plate! The healthiest and spiritually uplifting foods are more than just nourishment - they're fuel for your transformation. Imagine, every bite a step towards a higher state of being!

Transforming your thoughts and diet - this powerful one-two punch is the key to unlocking greater inner fulfillment. As your inner world shifts, so too will your outer circumstances. This ebook is your roadmap to a life overflowing with abundance, a life that reflects the beauty and joy you hold within.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the universe and create a life you love? Are you ready to embrace the law of abundance and experience a profound transformation? This ebook is your guide, your key to a life brimming with fulfillment. Let's begin this incredible exploration together!

Cosmology from... Consciousness

Brace yourself to shatter the boundaries of perception and see the universe with fresh eyes! This ebook is your gateway to a revolutionary exploration of reality, crafted from over thirty-seven years of deep contemplation.

Are you ready to crack the code of existence? This isn't your typical cosmology text. This book challenges the very notion of a universe independent of our consciousness. Imagine a reality where thoughts, feelings, and consciousness are not byproducts, but fundamental building blocks!

For decades, the author has delved into the very nature of reality. This ebook is a culmination of those profound insights, a compendium of compatible alternative cosmological concepts. Get ready to explore the formation of the universe and the creation of reality from a whole new perspective.

Mainstream science often operates under a limiting assumption: that reality exists independent of our minds. This book throws open the doors of perception, inviting you to consider a radical alternative. What if consciousness is not a passive observer, but an active participant in the grand play of existence?

Imagine a universe where the deepest mysteries - the very essence of life itself - cannot be unraveled through a purely materialistic lens. This book argues that consciousness is the missing piece, the key to unlocking the greatest enigmas of our existence.

Packed with alternative cosmological insights, this ebook is a treasure trove for the curious mind. It's a journey beyond the veil, an exploration of the profound connection between our consciousness and the universe itself.

Are you ready to embark on a mind-bending adventure? Are you ready to see the universe in a way you've never dreamed possible? This ebook is your guide, your passport to a reality brimming with possibility. Let's begin this groundbreaking exploration together!

Sacred Geometry... the Design of Creation

Prepare to be dazzled by the hidden language of the universe - sacred geometry! This ebook unlocks the profound secrets woven into the very fabric of existence.

Unlike any other field, sacred geometry reveals the breathtaking unity of life that permeates our world. Look around! From ancient temples to modern architecture, sacred geometry whispers its message in the form of symbols like the Flower of Life. This symbol, with its amazing beauty, has transcended time and culture, gracing churches, cathedrals, and pyramids across the globe.

The Flower of Life isn't just aesthetically pleasing - it holds a deep spiritual and natural significance. This book delves into the mystical and analytical aspects of sacred geometry, offering a comprehensive exploration of this fascinating subject.

Here's the beauty: there's no single path to understanding sacred geometry. Whether you're drawn to the scientific underpinnings or the mystical and spiritual enrichment, this book has something for you. Some may focus on one facet, but this book celebrates the wholeness of sacred geometry.

Imagine unlocking the secrets encoded in these timeless symbols. This ebook empowers you to explore sacred geometry on your own terms, be it for scientific understanding or profound spiritual connection.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery? Are you ready to unveil the hidden language of the universe and witness the awe-inspiring unity of life? This ebook is your guide, your key to unlocking the magic of sacred geometry. Let's begin this incredible exploration together!

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